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  1. Aux switches

    May be a good starting point... https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/604/UI Bulletin_110h.pdf
  2. Below are the ones I would go with based upon budget allowances... Cognito actually has 2 types, I only linked one of them as the other is more money... https://www.readylift.com/tubular-upper-control-arm-kit-2017-2018-chevy-silverado-1500-gmc-sierra-1500-1.html https://cognitomotorsports.com/i-30499048-cognito-ball-joint-sm-series-upper-control-arm-kit-gm.html#!submodel%3DTRUCK||model%3D1500||make%3DGM||year%3D2018 https://www.bajakits.com/i-26380443-14-chevy-silverado-2wd-4wd-upper-control-arm-aluminum.html?ref=category:1339923
  3. 2018 Silverado Paint

    My Cajun red 18’ has it as well. As stated above this paint is very soft and I have chips all over the truck. I understand the front of our trucks will get chips but I agree it is excessive. I have 13k and I have so many chips it looks like I have 100k+
  4. 6.5" Lift

    Check out CST if you’d don’t want tires sticking out. CST does a full drop of upper and lower control arm mounting points so no wider spindle is needed
  5. Clunking

    Inspect the upper control arm ball joints closely. 18’s have unsupported ball joints that are prone to fail, especially when leveled.
  6. It may have to do with emissions, which are based on wheel base. Smaller wheel base means stricter emissions.
  7. Roof rack

    These are two systems I found that are capable with covers (not all covers)... they both have their pros/cons https://www.max-modular.com/shop-max-modular/utility-rack-for-tonneau-covers https://www.yakima.com/overhaul-hd
  8. My 18’ has electrical steering as well. The vacuum pump controls the brakes. When my pump failed it gave the same 2 codes you got, BUT I also got a service ABS as well. Weird response about off reading tho. I guess I may understand if you were jumping it or doing extreme angles, but I doubt that...
  9. Paint falling off a brand new truck

    That doesn’t look right, the paint is clearly peeling away and separating from the grill. I would be sure to point that out. Only way to know is to take it in.
  10. My 18’ gave the same errors when my vacuum pump failed at 8,500 miles.
  11. Bed misaligned

    Wow, and I was annoyed that my 18’ had misaligned rear doors... sorry man I hope they figure something out for you.
  12. Both of my rear doors (crew) are misaligned at the bottom rear portion. I didn’t notice until after driving it off lot (new veg). My dealer adjusted them to the best of their ability. They are better but they are still misaligned. I can tell you from my research on these trucks that many have this issue. Some say the door panel itself is warped and therefore it can’t ever be perfectly matched, while some say the wrong door “pins” were installed and that is the reason... IDK what causes it but I went back to the dealer and 80% of the trucks on the lot had misalignment to some visibly noticeable degree. Tell them to fix it AND YOU inspect it BEFORE signing, or accept you may have to live with it... *I just saw you are talking about front door, regardless the same advice applies...
  13. Truck bed sport tent - camping

    My only apprehension for this is everything will have to be unloaded from the bed prior to setting the tent up. Then you will have to take the tent down every time you want to drive your truck somewhere. But sleeping off the ground for cheap is really attractive...
  14. Stamped steel control arms

    I’ve researched almost every lift/level out there that I could find and A BajaKits is BY FAR MY DREAM BUILD! I know the stamped UCA have ball joint issues, but how about the stamped LCA? I like the Prerunner/race kits BC they have awesome UCA and LCA included. 2 kids and a mortgage make those kids cost prohibitive for me tho so that leaves me to kits that replace the UCAs only, but that leaves the stock stamped LCA... so is the stock stamped LCA having issues like the stamped UCA? Or is the LCA sufficient?

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