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  1. Thanks for the input, I ended up going to a Ram 1500. My decision was decided after test driving a 19' chevy 8 speed. The thing was slamming and vibrating like crazy at 65 mph. I didn't even bother mentioning it to the salesman, although there was the awkward silence after the first two slams while cruising at 65.... I really wish Chevy had their stuff together, I have always been a chevy guy, but after loosing my brakes twice in the last gen and now the 8 speed issues I was forced to look elsewhere...
  2. The increase in MPG comes at the cost of towing capacity in comparison tho, but 9,000+ towing is plenty for a 1500.
  3. I’m going to guess Chevy will be offering something good so they can take 2nd back from Ram. The again they said high prices are here to stay...
  4. I’d wait until the end of the year for the best discounts.
  5. I have been looking all over the internet with this same question. There is NOTHING out there about the release date. It seems Chevy likes to keep everyone in the dark and release stuff overnight so it "could" be any day... Or it could be at least a few months... I wonder what availability will be like tho... Ive read they have been investing in their plants but that news is recent so who knows if the improvements are operational or when they will be. With that said I think the 20' TB is worth whatever wait it is going to be. I've read way too much negative stuff about the GM 8 speed to buy a truck with one. I just test drove a 19' ram 1500 8 speed and its shifting was AMAZING compared to my 18' 6 speed. It shifted quick, smooth and at the right times with no slamming...
  6. My guess is they offer it for heavier loads (IE snow plowing), campers, etc. there isn’t much available payload on the front axle, at least in prior years. I would think it makes the rider firmer.
  7. Sorry I don’t have them but post up your pics when it’s done! I love that CST lift!
  8. Yeah I understand each truck has its own ratings for many things, but I don’t understand what lowers hitch rating when there is enough payload, rear axle weight, and tire rating to support the full 1,250.
  9. 18’ didn’t have a door tag for any weights at all. The 1,250 is per the manual. If I recall correctly the 19 manual lists it at 1,250 as well... I’m curious what math goes into the downgrade for the rating. It’s odd as I’ve seen 19s with 1200+ door stickers for hitch. It’s not a payload issue as the 19s have plenty of rear axle, tire, and total payload to support a rating of 1,250...
  10. Dang... well guess no 19’+ for me... why would GM lower the rating????
  11. Did GM reduce the 1500's tongue weight for 2019? My 2018 has a tongue weight of 1250. I keep finding labels of 950 for the 19s.
  12. The pedal went all the way to the floor the first time, started picking up speed really quick as I was going down a steep dirt decline. Pumped pedal and it got EXTREMELY hard for a few seconds then power brakes return. Second time was down a very slight decline. I didn’t immediately apply brakes so it’s unknown if it would have went to the floor but the pedal was extremely hard again for a few seconds. They replaced vacuum pump after first one, said it was putting out low PSI. The second time the tech noted the pedal was harder than normal but they only updated the EBCM software. I guess time will tell....
  13. Don’t even think about towing a travel trailer without a brake controller! You will likely end up in a collision. It really has to do with stopped ability as stated above the trailer will push your truck forward... also the trailer will want to travel faster than your truck when slowing which will induce sway and possible roll over. I’m not trying to be drastic but it is the truth. My truck doesn’t have the integrated controller but my after market controller is plug in and play into the black box near the peddles.
  14. Man... I have lost brakes 2 times in my 18 now. I was hoping this wasn’t a problem in the 19s....
  15. Maybe everything needs to settle in? I felt my 18’ was rough early on but it’s smoothed out (or I got used to it...)
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