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  1. Bad axles?

    I’m no mechanic, but this is what’s been explained to me; Did this occur when you were on a high traction surface (ie paved road, maybe hard pack dirt)? If so, it’s likely because you are in 4wd high mode. 4wd high and 4wd low locks the transfer case which can cause binding when making turns on high traction surfaces. The Auto mode (aka all wheel drive) allows for slippage in the transfer case so no binding when turning. Since you don’t have the problem when going straight or when in auto mode I suspect this is what’s going on. Just don’t use 4wd while on high traction surfaces, unless you are ONLY going straight (ie pulling a boat up a boat ramp and need more traction).
  2. 2016 Leveling Kit

    Ready lift also makes a level kit with UCAs. It’s less $ too. https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-w-control-arms-gm-1500-truck-suv-6-lug-2017-2018.html
  3. 2016 Leveling Kit

    Cognito has a good level kit with UCAs and Fox shocks. I’d go 4/4.5” lift tho
  4. CST 4.5” lift- what stops down travel?

    This how I was thinking, seems like a lot of stress to the shocks/mounts/bushings otherwise. The below article talks about overextended suspension and adding straps to limit down travel. I wonder if straps should be added to CST lifts given the removal of bump stops. Check out the pic and description of the messed up bushing on the shocks lower mount, which was caused by excessive droop/extension/downward travel. https://www.drivingline.com/articles/how-to-protect-your-ifs-with-limit-straps/
  5. CST 4.5” lift- what stops down travel?

    I’m not even sure bump stops are what stops downward wheel travel. It may be the shocks themselves for all I know. This is just the only thing that gives me pause on going with the CST lift until someone can explain what stops downward suspension travel. I really wish CST would have written me back.
  6. CST 4.5” lift- what stops down travel?

    @TXGREEK Are you able to get a close up pic of this area? From your pic I can’t see any bump stops.
  7. CST 4.5” lift- what stops down travel?

    I’m not trying to bash the CST lift. I think it’s the best lift out there for what I’m looking for in a left kit, but this is holding me up from buying one in the future (unless it’s not a problem).
  8. CST 4.5” lift- what stops down travel?

    Check out these pics and the lack of bump stops for the CST brackets vs the stock ones. The CST only has the think price of metal that is low and recessed, it appears to be there for structural support/boxing of the bracket. It does not appear to be a stop. STOCK; CST;
  9. CST 4.5” lift- what stops down travel?

    @TXGREEK can you take take a pic of your CST stops please? The pic posted above was taken from CSTs website and it does not appear there are any stops. I’m not worried about bottoming out as that’s compression (upward travel) of the suspension. I am curious what stops the wheel and control arms from going down when the wheel is in the air.
  10. CST 4.5” lift- what stops down travel?

    The new kit does not include straps like some Baja kits do. Looking at pics from their website (below) the new brackets do not appear to have new bump stops. There is only a thin line of metal below to bottom of the UCA. This line looks too low and close to the frame to have any impact on the UCAs movement. Stock bump stops are much thicker in this area too.
  11. Excuse me if this is a dumb question, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere, and CST never responded to my email. Since the CST lift (full bracket lift) requires the cutting out and removal of the bump stops; what stops downward suspension travel, say if your front end got air ? The bump stop remains intact and useable with the spindle lifts (bds zone etc), so its a non issue for those lifts.... right now as i *believe/guess* the shocks would stop downward travel? If so is this really ok?
  12. NO, it is still a problem. Mine failed while using hill descent control on a fire road. 2 errors on my display, brakes disengaged, and the truck quickly picked up speed rolling down hill. I attempted to apply the brakes but the pedal was extremely stiff. Luckily power brakes returned quickly and I was able to press brake down. I have no idea how much force would have been needed to apply the pedal during the failure to gain any level of reasonable braking. I only applied brakes for 1 second when my power braking returned. I am *unsure* if the brake pedal could have been pressed hard enough to slow the truck given the hill and lack of power brake assist. 2018 1500 5.3 CCSB Z71.
  13. Zone 4.5” Lift Pics Silverado!

    https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/152356-2014-suspension-lifts/?page=319 If you haven’t already look through this thread. There are a ton of pics from users. Last page Buckeye6 has some good pics of a Zone 4.5” with 33”, looks awesome!
  14. Zone 4.5” Lift Pics Silverado!

    Check out Custom Offsets (.com) searchable gallery.
  15. 19 Factory Tire Size - Lift

    Good catch! To be clear; 33” over 31” will net you a .7” higher truck for ground clearance (you have to half the diameter difference).

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