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  1. I only used my grill cover on the '18 when we were forecast to be -20 or so for a few days, and never did plug it in. The 2020 has active grille shutters, shouldn't need the cover at all if the shutters work.........
  2. I had a '17 NHT maxtow 6.2, pulled 8800# TT, NY to FL couple times a year. Did the job well and was a blast to drive when not towing too. Traded for a 2500 Duramax Denali, it didn't even know that trailer was back there. Then traded for a fifth wheel........had to air bag and increase tire load ratings........ Now traded for 2020 3500 AT4, It has a nicer ride than the '18 Denali did...... Catch where this story is going..........go drive a 3500
  3. Correct, camera will not function without trailer plugged in
  4. When you are in call, turn the radio volume up.......must be using the phone to do so
  5. I agree the Blazer name does not belong on this vehicle. having said that I drove an RS last week and was impressed, sporty ride, great looks, very quick with 305hp on tap. Wish they offered an all black wheel option in a 20" that wasn't $2000 Seriously considering one as a replacement for our '13 Subaru Outback. Had a '20 Acadia as a loaner the 2 days before going to drive the Blazer, it was nice driving the two back to back as the Acadia is the other choice we are considering. Wish the Blazer wasn't made in Mexico..........
  6. The HD AT4's are not lifted, same height My last 2 were Denali's, I'm over it, got sick of the chrome. GMC finally let another trim have all the options exclusive to Denali. (about time)
  7. I suspect the ecu or bcm are at fault, or a pushed pin in the bcm harness... Yes I was a dealer tech for many years
  8. I am curious why you did not buy a black AT4? Would be a lot less work..... Looks good tho.....
  9. Any and all brands have issues, and the issues are increasing because of the Tech, the tech most of us demand.
  10. It can be turned on in vehicle settings for remote start. Once vehicle is being operated by you, auto climate does not turn on seat cooler or wheel heater. But yes both can be set to come on for cooling or heating depending on temperature.
  11. Nothing so far. Had a scheduled appt. a week ago, nothing could be found, nothing in history. Light came back on yesterday, I was only 20min from dealer. Read the truck, loss of communication in several modules, truck couldn't see it's own wifi, XM had complete loss of signal. Tech was scratching his head, said he was going to call tech line for an answer where to go next. I have not got the call back for resolution.
  12. check my post history, don't have a good enough connection to upload this morning
  13. Yes I do, 295/65-20 Michelin Defenders They run nowhere, no mods.
  14. Tows great, 10spd know exactly what gear to be in. Pin weight between 2900-3200# depending how I have it loaded. Truck is a 3500, i believe it rides better than our '18 Denali 2500 did
  15. I ordered my 2020 AT4 3500, the option is there to delete it but they give you no credit for it. So I left it on the order, they charge to add it to a lesser trim truck........ It is nice, but would have opted out if there was money off for it.
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