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  1. Currently in a 20 AT4, very happy but ready to be thinking about its replacement. Really like the new 21 Z71 Sport package, but they won't let you add the power running board. Dealer has ordered me one in hot red, but probably April before it arrives, thinking might as well get a 22 in August???? Anybody have any insights?
  2. Took delivery of a Satin Steel Yukon Denali today, my dealer had to go get it last friday. No problem they said
  3. I went 20x9+20 Fuels with 295/65-20 Defenders no lift, no level, stock suspension, no rub
  4. Had another no start the evening before scheduled appointment for recalls. Drove in with the check engine light on, left it running within 20min the lead diesel tech had the truck in and read all the codes. I left in the loaner, called me next, day diagnosed bad ECU, had truck back the following day. All good so far
  5. Usually first thing I do, match tint on front doors to rear and top of W/S tint band
  6. Yes the cooling system has more capacity on the 2020, towing 17k I have seen it get to 185ish. I have a Derringer and idash on this truck and had the same on my 2018. The statement earlier about the dash lying is absolutely correct, dash was 210 all the time on my '18, but the Idash reported the actual temp which was 180ish most of the time.
  7. Amsoil is a good product, but for sure not the only quality product to choose. I am a powersports retailer, formerly stocking full line of Amsoil, now I stock mostly Lucas. Do your own research and choose what you feel is best My Duramax is full of Delvac 1, and either a Delco filter or a Wix. My choice is to dump oil at 1000mi new, then every 5000mi thereafter
  8. I have no advise for you, but in the same boat. I have had many P0700 general transmission codes set the light. Each and every time there have been multiple loss of communication codes. The no start with the same dash light conditions you speak of has occurred.twice in 8000mi Dealer has not been able to duplicate, of course. There is no issue running or shifting, and I tow 17k 5th wheel. But sure don't like wondering if it will start......
  9. Dealer had to order the cord for mine, was not in the truck. But it did come with the winter cover without the camera hole....lol
  10. 295/65-20 on m,y stock wheels for 5000mi, no issues. just installed Fuel 20x9+20, tight, but clears everywhere. no lift, no crank
  11. The Beta group has been full for months, so no they and not taking any additional 2020 testers. All I can say is that I would expect it before 6mo
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