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  1. Now at 3400 on one, 4200 on the other... Decisions Decisions.....lol
  2. That is a very good question, I'm going to go visit the dealer with the in transit this week.
  3. Ordered 12/28 Tpw 3/22 Went 3300 This week, no vin yet Got an interesting call today from a dealer i specked the exact same truck at 10 days before I ordered at another dealer, Same spec truck is in transit at 4300.....
  4. This is my current 3500, keeping the candy red wheels for the Sport
  5. Am still at 3000, tpw 3/22 Only white, hot red. And blue for the Sport. Black makes it a midnight, but exact same package content. I have seen all colors in person, blue might as well be black except bright sun. White does not work at all for me Red Hot with all the gloss black has great contrast, and looks great. Mine is a fully loaded 3500 LTZ, fifth prep and technology This is not my truck, but just like it. I got the 18's as well beacuse I have a set of Fuel 20x9+18 and 295/65-20 Michelins to install
  6. On 12/28 I ordered a 3500 diesel Z71 Sport LTZ in Hot Red, had been searching a 2000 radius for sports for weeks and only finding one. Truck sat at 1100 till 2/11, went 2000, this week 2/17 went 3000 and tpw of 3/22. Once it moves it moves. I also wonder about dealers and the whole only order white/black trucks. Hot red is tough to find, especially well optioned.
  7. Love my 20 AT4, 18000 trouble free miles, but ordered and awaiting a 21 Z71 Sport LTZ in hot red
  8. Currently in a 20 AT4, very happy but ready to be thinking about its replacement. Really like the new 21 Z71 Sport package, but they won't let you add the power running board. Dealer has ordered me one in hot red, but probably April before it arrives, thinking might as well get a 22 in August???? Anybody have any insights?
  9. Took delivery of a Satin Steel Yukon Denali today, my dealer had to go get it last friday. No problem they said
  10. I went 20x9+20 Fuels with 295/65-20 Defenders no lift, no level, stock suspension, no rub
  11. Had another no start the evening before scheduled appointment for recalls. Drove in with the check engine light on, left it running within 20min the lead diesel tech had the truck in and read all the codes. I left in the loaner, called me next, day diagnosed bad ECU, had truck back the following day. All good so far
  12. Usually first thing I do, match tint on front doors to rear and top of W/S tint band
  13. Yes the cooling system has more capacity on the 2020, towing 17k I have seen it get to 185ish. I have a Derringer and idash on this truck and had the same on my 2018. The statement earlier about the dash lying is absolutely correct, dash was 210 all the time on my '18, but the Idash reported the actual temp which was 180ish most of the time.
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