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  1. The Beta group has been full for months, so no they and not taking any additional 2020 testers. All I can say is that I would expect it before 6mo
  2. I am one of the Beta testers, Have had a functioning Derringer in my 2020 for several weeks now. Each week we have a new version of firmware to evaluate, it is coming along nicely.
  3. Idash is available now, several beta testers have had the new firmware for months now. Works great. Derringer will be available in the near future, Beta testing starting probably next week.
  4. 2020 is damn near impossible to tell if it is doing a regen. My '18 was slightly more noticeable, but much more frequent if doing only short runs. city or short runs in the '18 regen could happen as often as 150mi, or my longest was 710mi. My 2020 the shortest (all city) was 525mi, been averaging 750mi between.
  5. The 10 spd is the main issue, major firmware changes to accommodate. It is looking good for the current derringer owners to able to update for 2020
  6. You're thoughts have been passed along. You CAN use the 4" exhaust with the coof cuff. The 5" exhaust consumes too much room, between the spare tire and air bags just not enough space left
  7. I am getting 1-2 less with my '20 than my '18 got, same conditions. BUT i had the Banks Derringer on the '18, not yet available for the '20.
  8. I am getting 1-2 less with my '20 than my '18 got, same conditions. BUT i had the Banks Derringer on the '18, not yet available for the '20.
  9. Dark Sky Black White White Diamond Primer (same price as paint)
  10. I put together an '03 2500 6.0 Suburban last fall for plowing, to replace a '94 454 2500 Suburban. Good luck, happy plowing
  11. Sure they will, I think the only change is on 20" wheels there is a 3mm difference in offset. I had to sell my winter wheels and tires, 17" wont clear the 3500 brakes but 18" does.
  12. They are an improvement in several ways to last generation. Can now finally see down the side of an 8'+ wide trailer
  13. We like it very much, don't think we'll be trading soon.
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