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  1. No bubbles, no wrinkles, I am very pleased
  2. Another Vivid headlight tint application
  3. Really have not driven it more than 5mi, but I have always believed they were quieter and smoother....and wear like iron. This is the 4th truck I have ran them on.
  4. 8x180, bolt pattern is the same. production wheels have been +44 offset for years, the only change is on the 2020 20" which is now +47. +20 wheels should be fine, as many have installed them.
  5. I mounted and balanced 295/65-20's tonight, measures the same as 35/11.5-20. Stock wheels, stock suspension zero issues Michelin Defenders
  6. My uncle has an '18 dually, factory flaps look good on that too. Don't have a pic handy, but they have decent coverage
  7. I have the factory set, look good and good protection. Blend perfectly with factory wheel molding.
  8. I towed a 5th for two years 2500, 16400 actual weight 2900 pin weight. It did a wonderful job, after the air bag install and tire upgrade to handle the weight. I now have a 2020 3500 single wheel
  9. Yes that is the harness needed, too bad thats not the harness included with the light bar from GM. They send a easy connect harness that plugs into the 7pin connector, and say it is good to go. I'd be really pissed if this wasn't one of the perks I got for being a GM business choice member.
  10. I am working on a different issue, I think it is stupid to have the 4 pin trailer connector in the bed and the camera receptacle in the bumper. we tow a 5th wheel, so I have swapped the position of the plugs, but the truck camera harness is too short to get the the back of the bed plug. the connector pictures shown are different connectors than what is at the back of the bed and bumper plugs. Parts manager at dealer where i bought the truck says GM has no breakdown on service parts for the harness or connectors.
  11. Truck is looking for a load before energizing the circuit. i went thru this installing a tailgate light bar, had to tap the actual tail lights to power the light bar. i'm betting a correctly placed resistor is what is needed. when plugging a trailer into the truck it takes 20 seconds or so before the trailer lights actually come on
  12. I'm looking too Steve, but not too hard. It really is fine the way it is.
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