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  1. Factory 5th wheel prep

    What dimensions are unknown, only that they are different.
  2. Factory 5th wheel prep

    I just got conformation from Curt, the pattern has changed for 2020. So our hitches or ISR adapters are now useless.
  3. Read on another forum that GM changed the pattern in the bed for the hitch? Anyone know if this is true, and if it matches anything else?
  4. I may be wrong, but my understanding was the BCM needed to be factory programmed for the trailer tire monitors to function. I ordered mine with PTT
  5. I ordered 6-27-19, Accepted by GM 7-2-19, has now gone to 3000 TPW 8-5-19
  6. GM's Rear Camera Mirror Is Fantastic

    Drove a Blazer a while back, the mirror is fantastic. Glad my new truck will be equipped when it arrives.
  7. I really hope so too, trip planned to Daytona for Biketoberfest
  8. Loaded AT4 order was submitted and accepted 10 days ago, still no TPW. First truck since '95 I have ordered to the tee........ Really hope to have it early September...........
  9. Nice to see the auto case come to the HD's, as long as it's dependable. I ordered my 2020 3500 last week, so I will see...
  10. GM Invests In Silverado and Sierra Assembly Plant

    The paint on my '17 Mexican SLT sucked, if you looked at it sideways it would chip. My '18 Indiana truck has been far superior in terms of assembly and paint quality. Looking forward to my 2020
  11. Looking forward to my new 2020 AT4 3500, first truck since '95 I've ordered rather than off the lot.
  12. Emblem Removal

    Another vote for fishing line.
  13. No ETA yet, hoping within a week to have more info.
  14. Stock height front, 2" rear drop
  15. As stated above, there is no "proportioning" valve on a 4 wheel drum system.

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