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  1. Opinions on towing?

    I am 24040 combined in my 2500. 3200# on the pin, actual weight not what trailer manufacturer says. I added Firestone bags, and all is good. Have had the trailer Fla to NY and pulls like a dream. The only place I was really over was the rear tires, cat scale said 6900# on rear axle. stock 20" tires were 3190# rated. Swapped to 285/60-20 Michelin Defenders at 3700# each . I am very happy with the combo, but next truck will be a 3500 SRW
  2. Service 4wd message?

    also had problems with the 110v port in console, also a pin problem in the same harness connector.
  3. Service 4wd message?

    Yes it was a pushed out connector on the harness.
  4. Mexican vs American assembled trucks

    I can say without question the paint quality on my '18 Flint built Sierra is far superior to the '17 I traded. you could look sideways at the '17 and paint would flake off................ I can't say that Mexico had anything to do with the crap torque converter behind the 6.2. Wasn't so sure i would love the DuraMax as much as I liked the 6.2, but this diesel sure does run
  5. I was hoping this would be Colorado/Canyon based.......... I like the RS version, but would buy an Acadia
  6. what tonneau cover?

    It is a tri-fold, material is great and very tight top when closed. This is my truck
  7. Fuel Mileage L5P

    10000 miles on my '18 Duramax now, traded the TT for a fifth wheel. Combined weight truck and trailer 24040lb averaged 11.1 from Fla to NY, fantastic in my book. No trailer loaded box and tonneau cover did 21.3 on a 1400mi trip running 75mph cruise set.
  8. what tonneau cover?

    Same here, installed it a month ago. I tow a fifth wheel and folded it stays down well and when covered the bed stays very dry. The canvas looks much better than the vinyl IMO
  9. 6.2 Badge Opinion

    Not really, i traded that truck Replaced it with an '18 Denali Duramax
  10. Fuel Mileage L5P

    1300 mi. upstate NY to Daytona Fl. towing 8500# TT 12.0mpg. Return trip, bed full tonneau on, no trailer 20.2mpg. I am very pleased with this truck, 4500mi to date.
  11. no leave the handle alone drop the tailgate, access panel is on the inside
  12. I forget which two it is. But easy enough, remove interior tailgate panel, only two go to the solenoid. It is a low voltage circuit (5ish) so make sure sol. will operate that low. Plus if you tap the wires there they are more protected from the elements Thats how I did the remote lock for my Leer topper
  13. Reverse lights in towing mirror

    Yup, thats how they work. ;)

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