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  1. Does your Denali have 20x8.5J rims? My stock Silverado 2500HD does. I'm interested in seeing the replies to your question.
  2. Thanks redwngr but I'm paired and plugged. If you look at IOR, all those features are available through buttons on the steering wheel. I just don't have them showing in the DIC. I think it's the "in-vehicle apps" feature in IOS that covers the options being available in the DIC.
  3. Thanks Josh! I figured it was something like that but the RPO codes don't go into that detail. Bummer, because I hate flipping between CarPlay and Audio to figure out which Favorite I'm tuning into.
  4. Let me ask it another way. Does anyone have the 4.2" DIC and have the Audio and Phone options? Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone, New owner of a 2022 2500HD LT with Duramax. My driver information center only has 3 menu options, Home, Info, and Options. No Audio or Phone. I have the 4.2" DIC option and the 8" Info Center on what Chevy calls the Midlevel instrument cluster. Anyone else have only these menu options? I've looked at all possible settings and can't find anything. Thanks, Tony
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