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  1. What tires to buy?

    Check out Michelin LTX A/T 2's...Have the aggressive look but not loud and heavy.
  2. You better watch your angles with that much level....
  3. I do what I want Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. 3:08 gears in 6.2 ...huh?

    Yep, if you buy one down south, you better sell it down south.
  5. 3:08 gears in 6.2 ...huh?

    You can get a 6.2 with 3.08's...in 2wd
  6. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    I've had 3 5.3 trucks and now have my first 6.2....never going back....
  7. 3:08 gears in 6.2 ...huh?

    He may be looking at the standard equipment....Before 6.2 is added...it is only available with 3.23 in 4x4 NOPE, DISREGARD...ITS A 2WD!!
  8. Don't let some folks scare you about the 6.2 and the 8 speed. The people with the problems are always the loudest. I have a 17 with the 8 speed and the 6.2 and love it. Did I have a slight converter shudder, sure, that's what the warranty is for. Was it so bad I thought the world was gonna end? No. I write service for a Chevy/Cadillac dealer and I can tell you the issue is not nearly as widespread as this forum would lead you to believe. I drive the ever-living sh*t out of mine, mildly off-road it, and have no issues. My neighbor bought a 2018 Ecoboot that he says is faster than mine, but from seat of the pants feel, I think he's under the influence of the sticker price he paid....
  9. Sierra DeMod Sell

    Are you selling the whole headrest or do the screens need to be installed into my factory headrests?
  10. Cargo containment?

    Yeah..what he said
  11. MSD Atomic LT1 intake swap on l83

    Hot Rod magazine recently did a test of 20+ intakes for LS motors and I believe the test mule was a 5.3 with a mild cam in it. It may have been 2 or 3 issues back.
  12. 4" BDS, 35's on 20x9's. Rides slightly rougher than factory in the rear...but very impressed.
  13. 2019 Four cylinder

    You guys are missing the point of this engine in the lineup....it's there for GM's CAFE numbers for the EPA. That and it's a price leader to advertise with, they don't give a shit if anyone buys one or not.
  14. Drawing time for some really cool stuff 2018

    Reading comprehension was never my strong suit....
  15. Drawing time for some really cool stuff 2018

    Put me in coach

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