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  1. 6 inch or 4.5

    I run the 4" BDS...98% on road with 35's and have no issues and rides awesome...
  2. Condition/Concern Some customers may comment on a high pitched whine noise from the vehicle noticed when driving in auto 4wd. The customer may comment that it is an intermittent noise and no noticeable pattern to when it can be heard. Recommendation/Instructions The transfer case control module on these vehicles is located next to the accelerator pedal and is not covered by any close out or hush panels. When the transfer case control module has to move the transfer case actuator motor the higher current passing through the module causes an "electronic buzz or whine" within some of the capacitors in the module that can be heard by some of our customers. The latest transfer case control module in service parts has provisions to eliminate this noise. Replace transfer case control module with current part number in the catalog. When programming the module ensure that the description for the calibration installed states the following "New software (Version 9.2) to address field issue of setting DTC C0398 while being driven in AUTO mode for 1 hour due to the IPS sensor drifting." Might have something to do with your issue, but you're still gonna want to service that front diff. It is not designed to be driven in Auto for long periods of time on dry pavement.
  3. GM dropped the ball

    How many are you looking to buy? We have about 15 or more in stock...
  4. Why o why are you driving around in AUTO all the time??? YUUUGE NO NO
  5. I've had 3 trucks with the 5.3....I have the 6.2 now and will never go back!!!
  6. Generation of 2019 Traverse/Acadia?

    Acadia came out in 2017, Traverse late 2017 as a 2018. They are different vehicles though. The Acadia is now smaller than the Traverse. I own a 2017 Acadia but work for a Chevy dealer.
  7. 4" BDS...35x12.50r20's....Barely get a rub when backing up and turning while going over a curb at the perfect angle. No trimming. 4
  8. Crazy code issues...

    The newer trucks have "smart alternators" for fuel economy. It is perfectly normal for the voltmeter to drop to almost 9 on the gauge when full amperage isn't needed.
  9. Crazy code issues...

    Will probably have a code C0710 for steering wheel angle sensor. GM's first part of diagnosis is to check for suspension modifications..... Some owners may comment on unwanted Stability Activation and/or a Service Stability message. The EBCM may have set DTC C0710. This concern may occur if the vehicle’s suspension system has been modified (Lift or Lowering Kits – refer to latest version of PIT5403 for further information), wheelbase length modified (limo, etc...), wrong steering gear installed, and/or other than stock size wheels and tires installed.
  10. Shifting issues

    Find another dealer to look at it. If it all of the sudden starting acting different than what it used to, something is not right....You do not have to take a GMC to a GMC dealer for warranty repairs, you CAN go to a Chevy dealer...
  11. I have the 4" BDS with the BDS shocks in the rear and am very happy with the ride. This is my first lifted truck and expected it be pretty harsh, but not the case. Little stiff in the rear, but not terrible by any means.
  12. Sounds like there are some idiots out there. As long as it's not a Cadillac, we don't care if and how you want your tires rotated. GM does not dictate the interval or wear on tire rotations on pre-paid maintenances unless it's a Cadillac. 2 services = 2 oil changes and tire rotations, if they don't rotate your tires, kick some ass....
  13. Did you not try loading the converter to about 2500 to 3500 and matting the gas on green?

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