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  1. Get back to work.... https://www.foxbusiness.com/industrials/gm-strike-offer-uaw-workers
  2. I have only seen one 2018 that is included in this recall....Most are prior to 2018 model year. If your VIN is not on the list, it probably will not be added.
  3. The recall is a software update to the ECBM in case of complete vacuum pump failure. If the vacuum pump were to fail, the hydraulic system takes over and provides braking ability. This software update just programs the hydraulic system to come on faster if the vacuum pump fails.
  4. We have had one come in with this issue so far. Had to add some dumdum between the roof and spoiler bolts. Customer is very, very particular about his truck and have not heard back from him on the sound in over a month.
  5. It really kind of blends in with the factory bed rail covers. I guess it's kind of a personal opinion, but it doesn't bother me at all. I liked enough to take it off my 15 when I traded to my current 2017. When I upgrade again, I will go with the same style on the new truck. Some of the flush fit covers require you to open the lid up every time you open the tailgate, then close the gate, and then the lid. Mine has a seal on it that does not require you to do that.
  6. I have an Extang Solid Fold 2.0 which is a lot like the Rough Country. The sit on top works good for me and has only just started to slightly leak since it's about 5 years old and lives outside. The best thing about it is how easy it is to remove and install when I haul mulch or whatnot.
  7. I have never been contacted to change my insurance at any time over 6 or 7 leases. All GM leases. ..Maybe it's something they changed over the years and I have been grandfathered-in. Gap insurance is typically included in your lease payments so you would not be on the hook if you wreck it.
  8. Soooo many things wrong with this... 1. Go buy a new vehicle and try to get rid of it in the first year or two of ownership and not pay a penalty. You will more than likely be upside down by quite a bit. 2. Leasing has 0 effect on the cost of insurance. 3. Unless you have money down or trade equity going into a purchase, probably not going to have much, if any equity when you want to trade. 4. Or turn it in, walk away and get a new one for usually the same payment. 5. If you're smart, you know how many miles you drive every year and build that in at the beginning of your lease. I lease all my wife's vehicles, she's on number 6 or 7 and have never been burned. Her Acadia Denali would have been $675 payment for a 72 month purchase or $450 for 36 months taxes included. Don't have to buy tires, brakes, or any major services. Turn it in, walk away and get the new one.
  9. EGR is probably getting sooted up. Some diesel fuel injection services may clean it up, or it may need replacement if it is too bad.
  10. We charge $299 for the 4x4 service using all BG synthetic products. They do carry a warranty, but never have seen an issue with any of them.
  11. I turned off lane keeping assist after the first 2 weeks of owning my truck. It's annoying as hell.
  12. It is a "if you have a problem" fix, or special coverage if the issue occurs to your vehicle. Your signature shows a 2018, so you wouldn't be covered....
  13. I work for a GM dealer and that is a true statement on both ends. Customers like them, but they do not last longer than about 35-40k, depending on how you drive.
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