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  1. I like the fender or the running boards...
  2. Not gonna work, he doesn't have both fobs and this does not apply to his type of key. Going to have to visit the dealer. We charge $32.95 plus tax to program fobs.
  3. AT4/SLT vs Denali Ride Qualtiy

    Found it...Installation includes re calibration of camera and electric power steering..... Part No . 84629787 - Lift Suspension Upgrade System for 4WD Vehicles Part Only Price : $1,295.00 Installed Price: $1,823.00
  4. AT4/SLT vs Denali Ride Qualtiy

    I believe you can get the AT4 lift installed on an SLT.
  5. Tire Wear Cause?

    I would venture to say they were never cross-rotated, just straight front to back.
  6. 2011 Silverado - P0454 Code

    It's typically the purge solenoid...pretty cheap and easy.
  7. 2019 Seats

    Sorry, but seats are the same from 2015-2018...so the size of something else is changing.....
  8. Lockable Pistol Storage

    Lock'er Down safe is a complete steel box... I think Console vault is just 2 sides and a lid. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. 2016 Denali cluster mod into an SLT

    Search is your friend....
  10. Lockable Pistol Storage

    Lock'er Down and Console Vault...I'm going with a Lock'er Down
  11. I write service for a Chevy/Cadillac dealer. Personally, I would let it go for a little bit and if it happens again, pick up the relay. It would cost just a few bucks.
  12. Here ya go... Condition/Concern Some owners may comment of an intermittent crank / no start concern. When checking for DTCs, the ECM will have a P1682 set. If after normal diagnosis a correction is not found, this concern could be caused by an issue with the KR75 Engine Controls Ignition Relay #70 (ECM Relay). Recommendation/Instructions If no other root cause is identified through normal diagnosis, replace the KR75 Engine Controls Ignition Relay # 70 (ECM Relay located in the UBEC) with part number 13595908
  13. Go shop a new one like L86 said. You'd be surprised what you can get one for. Plus finance rate may be better, but most banks will treat a one or two year old truck as new as far as rate goes.
  14. Better get them chrome door handles and mirror caps to complete the look...

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