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  1. I'm sure you talking about using the switch at the drivers door, so try this. Roll the window up by holding the switch, not using the auto up. Keep holding the switch for about 8-10 seconds after the window closes. If it stays closed, try open and close with the auto function. If it still opens back up on its own, it may need to got to the dealer. If you have tinted windows, the dealer may try to blame that.
  2. Yes, you must have the key in a certain proximity to the truck for it to respond to any input.
  3. Depending on the flush chemical provider, i.e., BG, they will usually carry a warranty when using their chemicals for flushes.
  4. Have never charged a customer for the oil that has to be replaced when repairing an oil pan leak under warranty...GM has become a d*ck about what they consider "trim issues."
  5. We've done bunch of these recalls and have had no issues with vehicles returning with problems. Not only are we doing the recall on customer units, but all of our inventory as well.
  6. 24-186636 found them on Ebay for $160 for the pair.
  7. I like the 4" BDS kit on mine, just upgrade the rear shocks.I just put Bilstein 5100's in the rear, the BDS shocks were shot with 32,000 miles on the truck.
  8. If the cam lobe is wiped, it will usually make a high pitch squeal at idle. It's very quiet, but it will have an intermittent squeak or squeal when that lifter contacts the cam it the right spot.
  9. I certainly hope so... I have an LTZ now and I honestly don't think the new interior is as nice as mine is now. Even if they don't change much, I will probably pull the trigger anyway.
  10. Our first 6.2 TB is a Midnight and is due in February. I am waiting to drive it before I make a jump, but will probably wait until the mid cycle refresh for 2021. Hopefully they use the interior from the 2021 Suburban/Tahoe.
  11. They are supposed to show it to dealers at 8:00 pm today. I am strictly prohibited from sharing information with y'all...
  12. They could come from the factory with Goodyear Fortera SL's with the 22" option.
  13. We do about 75 of these a week, the recall has been out since the first week of September and we have not run into this issue. If your dealer has 2 out the 100 or so that supposedly have this issue, out of the probably million plus that have had the recall completed already, my money says the problem lies there.
  14. That tech has been in use in GM trucks well before the T1's came out. Goes back to at least 2014 or so.
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