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  1. FS factory running boards

    USPS IS saying $183.63 FedEx is saying $212.32
  2. FS factory running boards

    Honestly I have no clue. But if your willing i will ship em'
  3. Anybody running move bumpers on their 2016+ 1500? Post some pics!
  4. Aftermarket support?

    Right, I have checked out a few of those sites. I wont order any thing from carid after my last encounter with them. I'm just really looking for something to do to the truck with out spending $1000 bucks here and there. Thanks for the feed back
  5. What are some companies that provide aftermarket parts like level kits, exterior parts like bumpers or skid plates? For a 2017 z71 1500 I only have done window tint seat covers and all wheather floor mats so far. I have heard of Mazzulla, SDHQ, Move bumpers, CST, and rough country. Any others I should know about *-EDIT-* Also interested in a catch can but know nothing about them or where to buy them or how to hook it up. Only have a general idea of how it works.
  6. Factory running boards 150 or Shoot me a best offer
  7. DIY bedliner

    It looks like it has turned out pretty well. I would he spraying mine outside in the middle of an arizona summer. I dont think I'll use herculiner or the dupli-color one if I were to do it I would use the u-pol raptor. How was the quality of the material and provided sprayer?
  8. DIY bedliner

    Yeah i dont think I would do the herculiner. Thanks for all the good information. I think i may get some quotes from a few towns around me and see who can give me the best offer. The shop in my town uses vortex liner and not line-x. I'll have to keep looking and just wait to have a shop do it rather than I do it. Thank you again for the info
  9. DIY bedliner

    Yes I do realize that
  10. DIY bedliner

    Yeah they are charging 600 bucks to do it and they use some stuff called like vortex liner or something. It cant be hard to spray it in your self I would think. Majority of the work would be prep.
  11. So I have been looking at doing my own spray in bedliner or roll in bed liner. I'm just nervous that it wont hold up after 6 months. The few I have been looking at are : 1 u-pol raptor for right around $100 2 dupli-color bed armor for about $80 3 herculiner for about $70 Does anyone have any experience with these or have any better opinions? Is there any better products out there? I dont want to pay a shop close to a thousand bucks to do something that i could do with alittle bit of elbow grease and time. If any one has photos please post them. Thank you
  12. I have a factory set of running boards. Make offer will ship at buyers expense. Only have been on the truck for 10 thousand miles.
  13. Center console swap?

    Ok thanks so much!
  14. Center console swap?

    I saw that video. I'm just curious as to what part numbers go to what colors and color stitching, and I will shoot gmpartsnow.com a email requesting Corbin to get ahold of me thank you.

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