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  1. Well i got the truck back from the dealership. they ended up replacing the Oil pump, as it was faulty. No other parts were replaced. I thought I was going to have to get a new throttle body however the other dealership that told me that I needed that was wrong!! Thank you for all the posts and info!
  2. Ok so im back to square one, I had one dealership where I was at when my truck threw a bunch of engine codes tell me throttle body was causing some issues along with a possible failing oil pump. They of course cleared the Check engine light. I decided I was not going to leave my truck 3 hours from where I live to get service (This dealer has had a lot of negative complaints). I brought it home and now the dealership local to me is saying that without any engine codes they cannot just use the information that the other dealerships diagnosis to repair it. So kind of set back to the beginning. Thanks for everyone's input! Will update this post if anything else comes up today while they are working on it.
  3. I got told my throttle body in my 2017 is failing and throwing codes. Has anyone upgraded throttle body on a stock truck? Any good options out there to fix it and maybe get alittle more "juice" out of their truck? Anything helps thanks!!
  4. How would one add in the HUD? is that standard on the Denali cluster or an extra?
  5. What does it cost? I'm not really ready to jump on this right the minute just tossing around the idea.
  6. Hey everyone, was just tossing around the idea to maybe swap a Denali cluster into my 2017 Silverado. How hard would this be?
  7. Jgraves what steps are you rockin? Also here's my summit white 17
  8. Here's another picture when I was up in northern arizona playing in the snow just after I got them all mounted.
  9. Factory rake no level and no rubbing anywhere at full lock. I will do that if It becomes an issue so far it is fine. Thank you!
  10. These wheels are imitation bead locks. Street legal. No rubbing at all drove it 65 miles to work today and I cannot complain about the ride. Only thinkgeek that may rub is the fender liner when flexing the suspension.
  11. Here is the finished product I love them. I dont really feel that the truck rides any different with the load range E tires. Also it irks rubbing the fender liner just a hair so I'll zip tie it back.
  12. Here's a sneak peak of the left front mounted. Only thing missing is the center cap.
  13. Finally some good news! I got a call this morning on my way to work from my local discount tire. My wheels are now in! I stopped by to check out the wheels and they look awesome to say the least. I'm taking it over tomorrow morning to have them mount the new tires and tpms and I'll get the truck back on Wednesday morning as I work weird hours and I have to commute to work about 65 miles away. Expect some pictures of it either Wednesday or thursday!
  14. The back space I believe is 4.79" and the off set is I think 1mm if I remember. I don't remember what come stock on these trucks.
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