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  1. Ebay grille

    Says it's for 16 to 18
  2. Anyone have any pictures of this grille mounted on there truck?
  3. Can anyone on here photoshop bedliner on the grille headlight and bumper on a 16 silverado lt siren red tintcoat
  4. 2018 Silverado chrome front bumper

    Ok let me know zip is 07701
  5. 2018 Silverado chrome front bumper

    Interested if you could ship to new jersey
  6. Buying my lease

    It is a crew cab dont know why i posted double cab sorry guys
  7. Buying my lease

    No i have a crew cab
  8. Buying my lease

    Didnt mention financing the truck was asking if 28000 was a decent price . I leased this because i needed a pickup was coming from a tacoma wasnt sure if i was gonna like a full size truck (i love it) . I dont know how you guys are finding new 4wd crew cabs trucks for 28000 . Cheapest im seeing are high 30s low 40s in new york/new jersey . Spoke to the dealer tonight said to wait till lease is over in a 2 months they can sell it to me for less than $28000 with the extended warrenty .
  9. Buying my lease

    Wow this really got off topic lol
  10. Apple Carplay Issues

    Having the same problem with android auto works one day next day it doesnt use to shut truck off start it up and it would work now that doesnt work anymore.
  11. Have a 16 allstar lt crew cab in siren red only have 12000 miles on it my buyout is $28000 . My lease is over in a few months dealer is offering me a 18 for same payment i have now with 3000 down . The 18s are pretty much the same truck i have now . Leaning towards just purchasing mine is 28000 a good price for it ? Thanks
  12. Thanks Trucks siren red tintcoat have the bumper shellz already never really got them to match the paint
  13. Has any one sprayed raptor liner on grill and bumpers.looking for pics .was thinking about spraying my bumper shellz bumper covers and with raptor liner and doing the chrome grill and headlight surrounds. Been searching raptor liner coming up with black and metalic black anyone have picks of the difference .
  14. Thinking of adding tow mirrors to my 16 1500 allstar lt that has heat and power adjust . What brand mirror is everyone using or are they going with the gm mirrors. I know to get the wiring harness pgamboa to make everything work . Is there anyone that sells painted caps for them . Thanks

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