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  1. Under Seat Storage

    I have the rubbermaid one from target it fits pretty good is little to tall but its a softer plastic so it folds on top a little i might trim it .with the baby seat on the passenger side i figured this was the best bet to stick under the drivers side
  2. Not for the 18 inch wheels when i searched alot of posts for the 20 and 22 inch wheel . If you know the answer and seen it a few times why not just answer the question or it really bothers you move on . Obviously i didnt find the answer when i searched .
  3. Not for the 18 inch wheels when i searched . Thanks
  4. Have a 2016 silverado allstar with 18 inch wheels whats the biggest tires i can fit on the 18 inch factory rim with a 2 inch motofab level lift .been searching threads but cant find anything for 18 inch wheels just the 20's
  5. Was speaking to grant evans from bumpershellz (ecoological) about making a grill and headlight overlay for my 16 silverado to remove the chrome. He said it is something they are interested in making if there is a market for it . Just looking to get an idea if anyone other than me is interested in something like this . It would overlay the chrome like the bumpershellz do thanks

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