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  1. I have my 2011 SL 4x4 and it has a couple bubbles under the paint above the rear wheels. Very tiny at this point. I was thinking about sanding them down and trying to fix them before they get out of hand. I figure my paint matching won’t be wonderful so I was looking at putting smallish fender flairs on to cover it up. Has anybody done this and what flairs look the best on our trucks? Pictures would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    After all the advice and research, that is definitely the way I will go. I agree that going more than I need will just be overkill. Thanks!!
  3. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    Thanks. I am very happy we made the move. I would have been stuck on our lane at least 2-3 times with my old truck. Thanks for info on the tires. The ones on here will get me through the winter and then I think we are going to go with Cooper AT3 LT in load range C. They have E but I think the C is plenty for my use.
  4. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    I got the build sheet. It does seem I have a mutt. Very interesting. 3GTP2UEA3BG378622 - 2011 Sierra - Tim.PDF
  5. Same here. I emailed them and got my build sheet in less than a day. Was very interesting.
  6. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    Yeah, she does seem to be a bit of a mutt. 😂 The emblems say Nevada Edition. The tire guy seems to think it is a beefed up suspension. I agree on the color, once I saw it I had to make it mine. 👍
  7. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    Thank you. I was leaning towards the C. My only real concern was if it was a negative to run a tire with max psi of 50 at 45 all the time. Or even if running an E that is max psi of 80 at 50. Didn’t really know if either way was better or negative. Thank you for your opinion.
  8. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    So now I am thinking...is it better to get a C rated tire (50psi max) and run it on the high end or get and E rated tire (80psi max) and run it on the low end? Which would hold up better over time. The prices are very similar.
  9. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    I was just at my local Farm and Fleet and they have an LT Cooper AT3 that is C range. They also showed me I have more life on the current tires than I thought. Money to put elsewhere for now!!
  10. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    I attached the picture of the stickers. There are LT. stock says 245/70/17, has 265/70/17 now. I will see if I can find the RPO sticker.
  11. 2007-2009 Factory GMC/GM Service Manuals

    I would love to find one for my 2011.
  12. 2011 1500 SL 4x4 tire question

    That is where I got the 45. I had the light on and checked the tires and thought they should be fine. The jam said 45, filled the one that below 45 and light went off.
  13. Sorry if this has been asked, searched and didn't find much. I am looking to replace my tires in the near future and am a touch confused. My truck calls for 265/70/17 tires and wants them inflated to 45lbs. I look at tires and anything under a C load range says max inflation 44lbs. If I get lower rated tires, will I have problems with my TPMS? I have no issues with getting the LT tires, but I live in BFE and choices are often limited. Thanks for any guidance.
  14. https://www.crutchfield.com/ That's where I get all my stuff. Enter your truck info and it will tell you what you need.
  15. Purchase advice needed

    I made the offer and got them down to 14,500. They upped my trade-in another $1000, so I pulled the trigger. Ended up around $1000 under with the F150, I can live with that. Kept the same payment and terms as the previous. The Ford is gone and I am back with GMC!! Thanks again for all the helpful advice. I did get the radiator flushed after pushing that also. I hope we made the right call, but I have to say I am happy with the choice and the truck.

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