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  1. Ok My new truck has the new hitch and I'm wondering who the genius is that designed it, he obviously doesn't own a trailer. None of my 3 trailers work without adaptors. Dan
  2. Ok here's the mpg, empty 17.6 highway at mostly 77 mph, towing a loaded 22' Interstate enclosed car hauler that weighed 10,000 pounds I got 11.2 at 65 mph so compared to my 1500 Denali I'm down 3 mpg empty and up less than one mpg towing. Power is better and climbed the hills with less effort and the ride is better, the 1500 had a lot of frame and hitch flex even with the weight distribution hitch that caused a rough ride, this one is smooth. So here's the rub, don't ever say that you're buying a diesel for better mileage, this thing is way more expensive to operate than a gas 1500, fuel, fuel filters every 22,000 miles, a very expensive transmission fluid change due at 44,000 and big buck oil changes much more frequently. And let's not forget the 7 1/2 gallons of DEF I've added in the last 2 weeks! Dan
  3. I’ll have an update on towing mpg next week. The 1/2 ton got 20.6 empty and 10 towing my loaded 22’ enclosed Interstate trailer. Dan
  4. I just bought a leftover loaded 2019 Denali for $12,000 off msp.
  5. Just traded my 16 1500 5.3 Denali for a 2019 2500 Denali. Here are some observations, old truck got 20.6 mpg on the freeway burning the cheapest 87 octane I could find. New truck is getting 18.4 so the gas truck is significantly cheaper to operate as it has no DEF, cheaper oil changes, tires etc. The new one drives nice and not too much stiffer, it had 75 psi in the tires and I lowered them to 62. The rear ride height is insane and totally unnecessary even towing so I ordered a 2” rear lowering kit, I’ll report back after I install it. Dan
  6. The Trailer is a 20’ Interstate Pro Series. I ordered my truck new and there was no max tow package option. I read the manual last night and it doesn’t list the hitch max weight but does say #7000 max without a weight distribution hitch. I know I’m over the max weight but it tows great. Why can the new ones tow so much more? I don’t see any real differences?
  7. I had my brake gain on 5 with a loaded trailer and only 2.5 empty or it would lock the trailer brakes. I was surprised to see that the transmission never got over 195 even pulling the long mountain grades. The engine temp would creep up about 20 degrees on a long pull. The only complaints were from my wife about the hitch bounce.
  8. Thank you! Finally a real weight. I’ve been guessing at #6000. Dan
  9. See my post about truck curb weight. I just towed a 10,000 car trailer from Palm Springs to Seattle. I ran the first day at 62 mph and got 10.6 mpg then got bored and drove 70 the second day and got 9.2 all with the tow switch on. On flat ground the 8 speed stayed in 6th gear, I used the cruise a lot, small grades would kick down to 5th and the big mountain passes I pulled in 4th where it turned 4000 rpm at 60 mph. Have fun.
  10. Yes I know I’m over the 7200 truck limit some. The trailer axle weight was 8500 so total is 15,700. Assuming a truck weight of 6000 and a trailer weight of 9800 means I have 1300 lbs tongue weight. I have a weight distribution hitch so the truck sat level. Do you all know that the hitch is only rated at 5000 without a weight dist hitch?
  11. Exactly! That's how I've stayed married for 35 years.
  12. Has anyone had a loaded 2016 Denali over a scale? I scaled mine with my 20' enclosed trailer behind and the truck was 7640 pounds with a nearly empty bed. If correct I have over 1200 lbs tongue weight! I'm guessing my empty weight is close to 6000 or maybe 6400 with wife and I with suitcases. Dan
  13. So my question is why level? I have had new trucks every couple of years since my 1976 F250 Highboy and all have had a nice unloaded rake, when I see trucks leveled I just don't like the look and don't get it? I guess I'm just too old. Dan
  14. 2016 Denali 5.3 8 speed with 6000 miles and no complaints. Are the 6.2 people having more issues than the 5.3? Dan
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