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  1. Very clean, always been a fan of the GMC look.
  2. My 2013 Silverado after I visited Dodge City, then stopped in Greensburg to see the well before I came back home.
  3. Very good looking work. Awesome truck. I really like the engine cover. Brings it together under the hood.
  4. Gas tank normal now. Everything all fixed and ready to do. Glad to have it back. Seems to be getting 1mpg better than before. Going around 20-25, usually on the latter half more than not. Not that it matters a whole lot to me, but I'll take it.
  5. They did, everything else is spot on. I'm having them check it out, I was merely curious as to why this would happen. The gas tank has not changed shape. No warping or dents. Unless something on the inside has changed. Unless they changed the pump, but did not change the fuel level sensor. Edit: Thanks for responding, by the way.
  6. Hey guys. I have an issue with my gas gauge. 2013 Silverado 5.3L.. I was rear ended.. which caused the issue. The pump assembly was replaced. Yet the gas gauge is still off It basically thinks full is a quarter away from F. Been doing lots of searches.. not finding much other than replacing the pump assembly, which was already done. Unless the gauge cluster is an issue? Any ideas?
  7. Looks like the gas gauge is still off.. have to take it back in. Bad sensor more than likely.
  8. Finally managed to get everything repaired. Original GM parts, no third party stuff. Feels good to have it back.
  9. Finally had some time to level out the push bumper.. not 100% perfect, but best that can be done given the placement of the factory frame holes. I like the look.
  10. Kharhaz

    Silverado Build

    Doing small upgrades to the truck
  11. Oh, and the gas gauge is off after that hit. Seems to be a quarter of a tank off. Good times.
  12. Well, as I was planning to level the guard as I came home from work. I was rear ended. Dodge ram hit a suburban, which in turn hit me. I see part of the rear frame is bent, where the hitch is attached. The rest of the frame seems straight, everything lines up. I had my dash cam going.. while you can't see the hit.. You see me move.. I didn't hit the guy in front of me. But I got damn close. http://1drv.ms/1N8V598- It should stream from that. No logging in required. It is about 5 minutes.
  13. I decided to put on my avs aero hood skin as well. Considering my truck seems to be a rock magnet.
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