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  1. Yeah, not talking about AA or CP. It's an LT, and it has an apps icon on it in the base UI. I'll check on the version.
  2. Hey all, I have a 2019 Silverado Custom Trail Boss that I bought back in Sep of last year. I have noticed that on a friends version of mylink (same year, but a different vehicle), and I noticed it has the ability to have apps on it and such. Mine does not, and I have attempted to upgrade it on wifi and through the LTE connection.. no updates. Does the radio with the 7 inch screen not get any updates?
  3. Hey all, I have a 2019 trail boss with an awful noise anytime the rest suspension is used (all the time because you know...) I took it into the dealer and they "fixed" it with some grease.. but that has negative side effects, also it already wore off. So yeah. I just don't understand how this is even a thing. My 2013 didn't make any noises like this. My 2019 sounds like a 20 year old rust bucket. I went on Twitter, but now I question their ability to do anything. They are just going to tell the dealer to regrease it. Anybody else have this iss
  4. Had mine done today, I had no idea about the recall until they told me. I went in for an oil change. They did it pretty quick. Provided they have the parts, it shouldn't take too long from my experience.
  5. Finally installed my GMRS radio and antenna on the new truck. Did it the most non-destructive way I could.. I know I could have routed the cable through the bed itself by popping out one of the plastic covers, but I opted for just routing over the back and under the toolbox. Using the toolbox itself as an anchor point for the mounting bracket. Used zip ties along the bottom to make sure the cable didn't move around. The cable itself is 6M.. which was perfect for the route I took it. Also, excuse the dust, it's a losing battle here in Kansas.
  6. A few shots from one of my weekend adventures (I do a bit of Urbex stuff), bought it just over a month ago. I actually went down in trim level because I loved the front end so much more than the standard bowtie. There are some mods I'll be doing over time, so I didn't lose anything really.
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