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  1. Hello everyone, I have a Silverado RST with a non power passenger seat and everyone that rides with me complains how low the seat is, is there any kit that will raise it up ? Thanks
  2. Just my opinion, but just didn't care for the the grill and over all huge front end of the GMC is why I went Chevy
  3. I was looking first at the GMC SLT , but changed my mind the GMC looked more like as my son would say a grandpa truck with all the chrome and I just didn't like the huge front end on them , couldn't justify the $65000 for the AT4 so I went with the RST Rally with the 6.2 and leather ,moon roof and 22 inch wheels MSRP was $60600 and I got it for 48000 , I do miss the folding mirrors when I go through the bank drive through and the none power passenger seat but I have had the ventilated seats and they really didn't do much and I have the safety features so I`m very happy with my purchase, the 6.2 is a beast.
  4. I ordered a Truxedo tonneau cover from them , called and offered less than what they had for a price on it and they took the offer , and it came with in a week. So no problems here.
  5. What size lift and size tires you got? and is that a 7ft or 8ft garage door?
  6. Never heard of not having 4 low , I got a RST Rally with the 6.2 and the 10 speed transmission going to add the 2 inch TB lift the MSRP was just over 60K and I got 12 K off so $48000.00
  7. Discount Tire will test fit for you and actually I had a appointment to do so until this Covid -19 crap hit lol lol lol
  8. The ALENZA A/S 02 - SIZE: 275/50R22 are 41 pounds to the Ridge Grapplers are 62 pounds
  9. Yes I too have been researching this. I also have a RST with 22`s and been looking at the 285/50/22 Ridge Grappler its a little over a half inch taller and looks like about a half inch wider, but they are expensive around $1900.00 with everything so if you can get a test fit up before purchase that would be the best.
  10. I went back and forth from GMC to Chevy and I just didnt like the front end on the GMC Too big and the front wheel openings , so I went with the Chevy, but there both nice.
  11. I Love the Truxedo Low pro I have had 3 now , one on a 2012 ,2017, and now on my 2020 , cost was about $450.00
  12. Did you sell your TB wheels? and if so what are they worth?
  13. Nice !!! Love to see more pics of the black High Country , does that have the Chevy wheels ?, if its possible , thanks for the responses .
  14. Hey Drew, thanks for the pics , truck looks great !! so If I go with the Trail Boss lift I may have to go with the 285/50/22 `s the ridge grappler is a little taller and you have a 3 inch lift,
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