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  1. Thanks. Nitto Ridge Grappler.. almost went Terra Grappler.. 305/45/22
  2. Thanks amigo. And thanks for the sizing tips. The wider tire looks better than stock street tires it had.
  3. Put some new tires on it. Its starting to look like a truck.
  4. Thanks. I asked about Superlift a couple of weeks ago with limited response. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for posting.
  5. For those that have lifted or leveled their new trucks. Did this require a camera or sensor recalibration? Just curious to how the increased height affects the camera angles, blind spot sensors, etc. Let me if you have done anything. Thanks
  6. I'd be curious to know what would fit without any level at all.
  7. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.
  8. Hello all. I'm STILL looking into what to do with my truck. (I appreciate the answers to my questions so far). I'm looking at the Superlift 3" kit they have available. It appeals to me because there is no cutting required for installation. Does anyone have any experience with this company and their products? Thanks
  9. I got mine a few weeks ago. Tried installing.. and watched the video. Either my eyes are bad or I'm color blind because my colors didn't match, and the plug even looked a little different. I'll try again another day.
  10. Okay.. so after reading all this.. how much rake do the trucks really have? 1.5" or 2"? Are they different between models? Thanks
  11. Never mind.. I had not read all the way to the bottom of the topic...
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