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  1. This is my first "non-black" truck in 15 years.. have had several over the years. And like everyone says, when they are clean there is nothing better. However, I went with Cajun Red on my High Country and could not be happier. Sure, I like the black... and was really tempted with a Black Denali, but the Cajun red is a nice change and much easier to keep clean. My dad always liked red or dark red trucks, so this is kind of a tribute to him, as well Both are great colors..so good luck...
  2. Yes,.. there are not that many that seem to fit without spacers.. and I'm not a fan of spacers
  3. I hear you.. it's one of the better looking HC wheels they have had in a few years. Of course when I go looking at tires I always look at the shiny new chrome wheels too... so no telling what I'll end up doing
  4. are you going with a larger tire or staying with your Terra Grapplers?
  5. I don't want to do spacers.. so I doubt I can go that route unless I change wheels.. I'm used to my 20" wheels on my old truck.. not 22"s on the new one... I should probably delete this topic.. I look like a guy that is clueless now..
  6. Well.. when I go and look at the 305 45 22 it does not list it as F.....
  7. I was looking at the 33x12.50 22.. it showed it only as F on discount tire and custom offset websites.. Where are you finding the E's?
  8. Okay guys.. I'm coming down the home stretch on figuring out what to do with my truck. One question I have is about the Nitto Ridge Grapplers. How is the ride, road noise and drive with these? Any feedback would be appreciated about any sized Ridge Grappler and your experiences with them. Thanks
  9. I actually like my 2019 interior. The only thing I wish they would have done better is the tilt wheel. I wish it was more like the Tahoe tilt wheel that telescopes and is automatic.
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