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  1. Got a little tired of the stock exhaust look... added Borla quad tips exhaust...need to do some final adjusting....
  2. Yes.. I have the box and the packing material..
  3. This was from the crew cab/short bed. So I believe that fits this setup or the extended cab 6 1/2' bed.
  4. I'm down by Evansville. Around 300 miles from Ft. Wayne
  5. Sorry.. I didn't add that.. Southern Indiana.
  6. It was mainly the tone difference. The S type cold start was a little annoying as well..but not terrible. Other than that the S type sounds really good. And... I wanted the system with the square quad tips too...
  7. For sale is a Borla S type catback system. This came off my 2019 High Country with a 6.2 engine. The system has around 3500 miles on it. This is the system that uses the factory tips. I have no idea what shipping will cost so I would prefer a local.. or close to pickup. I will sell for $500. If someone needs it shipped they will pay the actual shipping costs.
  8. I figured you might chime in.. they ARE good looking wheels...
  9. I've got a set of 22" off my High Country if interested.
  10. yes.. I've had the 1.5" front level on since Iast year. Hard to tell with the angle of the picture.
  11. Thanks.. I had a feeling you might say that
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