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  1. Just picked mine up after the first service. I told them I wanted to wait and do the recalls later. They said to bring it back whenever I was ready. I did not have to sign anything.
  2. Mercy.. my truck is going In for the first oil change on Thursday. The dealer mentioned they will need it for a little while to take care of the 4 recalls. Reading this thread has me concerned now....
  3. You have the wheel I wish I had.. love the chrome.. I just wasn't patient enough to wait for them. I run the 305/45/22 Ridge grappler on mine. Gives it a more aggressive look and still rides great... Good luck...
  4. I think you will really like it. I've had mine for 6 months with zero issues or complaints. I've had more trucks than I can count over the last 30 years, this is by far my favorite. Good luck with yours.
  5. Very nice. I really like the color matched fender trim, to me that makes a big difference in the looks of the truck.
  6. I like them very much. The ride is good and the road noise is negligible. I had the Open Country R/T on my last truck and I think these ride and drive much better. The Terra is a great tire, as well. I just liked the more aggressive look of the Ridge better. I'm also an avid bow hunter, so i get off the beaten path from time to time and wanted the added traction with this tread pattern. I'll put some chrome wheels on this Spring and know the aggressive tire with chrome will look pretty good. Good luck with your choice.
  7. I have 305/45/22's on my stock 22"s with no issues. They fit at stock height without the level kit.
  8. He still has his old truck on there.. not his new one...
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