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  1. He still has his old truck on there.. not his new one...
  2. Hmm.. I would be anxious to see this... been wanting to add chrome to mine but not wanting to take the mirrors apart...
  3. Wish I was closer... I like that wheel better than my wheel....so I guess it will be a new Hostile for me in the Spring
  4. Yep... he always seems to "bring it" with his trucks....anxious to see how this one turns out...
  5. I measured mine several times and the rake was 1.5" I know some models are different. My brother in law's RST was a little over 2". These are just the bottom mount spacers.
  6. MotoFab 1.5". Eventually will probably go 3 or 4" lift... just got tired of seeing the nose down on it.
  7. Finally put on my leveling kit. Still undecided on what lift or how high, so this will do for now.
  8. That is the wheel I've been looking for.. not sure it will fit the 2019 High Country though...
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