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  1. I have the Ridge grappler 305/45's on mine. No issues and the ride is very good.
  2. Yep.. that's the place.. haven't been out in a few years. I bet Lahaina looks strange without all the visitors. Stay safe out there.
  3. Cool.. I'm anxious to hear how it does... is that little pizza shop on Prison street still open?
  4. How does the SuperLift ride? Been looking at them for a while. Truck looks great. Thanks
  5. Very cool. Thanks. Maui? I love it there...
  6. Borla is hard to beat. This is my 2nd truck with their system. Also have an X pipe on my Grand Sport. Very happy with them.
  7. Well.. I tried to join this topic this morning. Went to put on some Hostile Fury's. The new caliper would not let them fit. We expected that so we had some 6mm spacers. Still did not allow the wheel to turn with these. I'm not wanting to go with spacers in the first place, let alone something wider than what we tried. I guess I need to pick a different wheel.
  8. Congratulations on the new truck. I'm really looking forward to seeing the 24's
  9. It had a yellow and red line on the tach showing you the max rpms you should be going for the first 500 miles. The line went away as soon as I hit 500 miles.
  10. I've never really "broken in" any of my new trucks. Just drove them normal. Only car I've ever paid attention to the break in period is my '18 Grand Sport.. the tach pretty much reminded me the first 500 miles to take it easy.
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