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  1. Hello Ryan, Just to make sure I emailed Range before I plugged mine in and received the following message.. “Rich, We unfortunately do not officially support these vehicles and do not recommend using our products in them. We unfortunately are not able to guarantee what your results may be with the unit and you potentially could have severe drivability issues with its use. Range Technology Support“ I understand this is a generic response and one that a lawyer would write but I still intend to give it a go. You’ve been running yours for awhile now, still having the same success. Rich
  2. I purchased the Range device, I just need my truck.. After an exhausting search, I take delivery of my 6.2 LTZ today. I plan to plug this device in the moment I get in the truck. I hope I have the same experience as others here. I'll report back.. Rich
  3. Well Steve, I hope I have the same success as you. I have a '20 6.2 w/10spd and i just ordered unit RA003B, I'll be plugging it in the moment I take deliver of the truck next week.. Thanks for researching this and trying it out.. Rich
  4. Thanks again Nick, Now the million dollar question, do you think we're going to be able to tune these trucks any time soon? I've tuned my last three trucks and the difference was night and day.. Hey Blackbear Performance, are you hearing this? lol
  5. Thanks Nick, That being said, wouldn't any CAI require the same?
  6. Steve, which transmission do you have? Thanks.. Rich
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but I recall reading somewhere that GM's Performance Intake requires a dealer calibration?
  8. Truck looks great! Just to confirm you went with BellTech drop spindles and rear hangers? Also, It appears your running the stock 275/50-22 tires, and rubbing? I'm going to be running the same wheels but would like to jump up to a 305/45-22'' thanks for your time...Rich
  9. Any updates? I'm thinking of installing this same beltech set-up you mention above, thanks...Rich
  10. And I agree, I would really prefer to stay away from spacers, I'll fork up the money for the correct wheels instead..Thx
  11. I have not bought them yet, I'm just doing my homework.. A new style snowflakes run about $2500 to my house, older ones about $1500.. Here is a photo of the new wheel... Thank you Sir..
  12. 22" Chrome Snowflakes from a 2016 truck... Part number 20939984 Thank you....
  13. I was just told you would need a 10mm wheel spacer on the front wheels.. Can anybody confirm this? Thanks in advance Rich
  14. Hello, What is the difference between the previous generation wheels and the new ones and is it possible to fit the older 22” factory wheels on the new trucks? Thanks....
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