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  1. Just ask dealer to perform 21-NA-228 (Idle timeout disable) should cost about $60 for the change. Once completed motor will run until you shut it off, like a normal vehicle.
  2. I have the Du Ha posted by Chrisr2021 above. Very sturdy. Wish it had a lockable top but other than that I'm very happy with the amount it will hold.
  3. F.W.I.W. I checked onto this at my local dealer. The service manager wasn't aware of it but was able to locate the info on it. I was told the cost would be about $60 to perform the change. Worth it for me.
  4. Looking at the ICON web site most of the kits have a little footnote that states the adjustable lift height for the AT 4 is 0" to 1.5" , not the 1.5 to 3.5 (regular trucks) Could it be cranked up too much?? Also have the installer check how severe the front axle angle is.
  5. I don't think the dash icon comes on in daylight if the lights are set to auto.
  6. If you decide to level the truck I highly recommend changing to aftermarket upper control arms when the level is done. DO NOT USE JUST SPACERS!! Many companies offer level kits with the upper control arms. There is a very good reason for this. The factory upper control arms are O.K. for stock AT 4. If you level it the stock upper control arms are at too much of an angle and put a large amount of strain on the ball joint. This WILL cause the ball joint to fail catostrophically. (Ask me how I know) Even then be careful on the amount of lift as the front axle angle will be steep. Some lifts recommend not using the "auto" 4wd feature to prevent damaging the axles/transfer case. Obviously all this can still be done, and done correctly. It just depends how much $$$ you want to spend.
  7. A buddy gave me a "bottle opener" that clicks into the clasp instead of the seat belt. Love that little gadget.
  8. If you have the center console open the top of it. The S.D. card is in the little slot just behind the latching area of the console top. Owners manual has this information in it.
  9. Most likely torque converter/clutch packs refilling with fluid after draining from sitting over night. 8 speed known for it. G.M. says "normal". E.T.A. If truck built prior to 03/19 truck should have been taken in and tranny fluid swapped out for the synthetic fluid.
  10. 2019 AT 4 with 5.3 DFM disabled. Borla S type cat back. Absolutely love it. Cold start is loud but it quickly settles in and sounds great! Was installed shortly after purchase of truck in 2019. Zero complaints.
  11. 2019 AT 4 bone stock. I don't do a lot of night driving but when I do I get flashed often. The L.E.D. headlights are bright.
  12. It's slow opening, but not powered. The buttons power the tail gate release mechanism (unlocking) the gate to open.
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