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  1. Clutch packs/torque converter filling with fluid causes this. Vehicle sitting overnight allows fluid to drain/settle. Letting truck warm up a bit prior to driving usually alleviates the issue. Colder climates=longer warm up. Known quirk and normal (according to GM)
  2. I had the range from my old 2012 Sierra updated to use in my 2019 Sierra. The Range disables the auto stop MOST of the time, it's not 100% with the auto stop, more like 98/99%. That is just a bonus.The real intent of the box is to disable DFM. In my case I can tell by listening to my exhaust tone.(Borla S type cat back) Even with the aftermarket exhaust it is still hard to pick up on. Having driven the truck for a time without the Range and now with it I can detect the difference in tone that tells me it running on all eight cylinders. That and the throttle response difference to me is noticeable. Lifter replacement at 4500 miles is not a good thing!!!
  3. I have to say, that is one fantastic looking truck!
  4. Why not find a quality stainless steel muffler? There are plenty out there with a lot more than a 90 day warranty that sound just as good if not better. JMHO.
  5. I actually prefer the Denali style Gauges over the High Country style. To me, seeing the blue band vs red needles is easier and more desirable.
  6. If they are they better pay real attention to the leaky rear window issue!!!!
  7. I love it. Had it in my 2012 Sierra with AFM. I sent it to Range and they reprogrammed it for use in the 2019 Sierra with DFM. I will say that it is not 100% effective on the auto stop feature. More like 99%. If the auto stop activates I just hit the dash button. I have a Borla S type cat back and prefer the tone when it stays on all 8 cylinders.For long highway trips I will unplug the range for the added MPG's
  8. No, put your shift indicator into M, not D. Then press the + on the shifter to the desire gear, 7 (eight speed) or 9 (ten speed) The transmission will shift as normal BUT it will not go into the final gear(8 or 10). Doing this keeps the DFM from activating. It will not harm anything. I did this until I got my Range box DFM deactivator.
  9. Have HUD in my AT4. It is a great feature!
  10. After having Corsa systems on my last two trucks I went with Borla this time.Very happy with it.
  11. I had the Range box from 2012 5.3 AFM Sierra updated for my 2019 5.3 DFM Sierra. The DFM is much less noticeable when activated than AFM is. This difference alone translates to a harder time detecting the improvement the Range box makes. It is most noticeable to me in throttle response and in exhaust tone. (Aftermarket system) To me it also seems to shift better. An added bonus for those of you in colder climates is a quicker time to full operating temperature.
  12. I am very curious about what you discover if you do this.
  13. I had the Range box from my 2012 Sierra 5.3 updated to run in the 2019 5.3. It does block the Onstar updates, but that is fine with me.
  14. I have an AT4 with the multi pro gate and an Extang 2.0. I do not have any issue closing either gate with the cover latched. You might have the "latches" too tight. They can be loosened by unscrewing the handles a few turns.
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