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  1. I have an AT4 with the multi pro gate and an Extang 2.0. I do not have any issue closing either gate with the cover latched. You might have the "latches" too tight. They can be loosened by unscrewing the handles a few turns.
  2. IF you leave hitch in receiver and open BOTH portions of the tail gate it WILL hit it. If you only open one part (just the top or the whole gate like a standard one) no problem. I always remove hitch when not in use.
  3. Which means I'll be keeping my heavily optioned double cab AT4 for a long time...
  4. Shot in the dark but did you try to disable "absolute volume" on the Galaxy? I had some odd issues when playing music with bluetooth. I activated the "disable absolute volume" on the Galaxy (S-8) and it cured my issue. (issues were volume related, changing volume on radio also changed volume on phone) The "absolute volume" toggle is in settings under developer options.
  5. Tell them to check it for leaks AFTER they are done with the "repair" Soapy water sprayed on the outside of the window frame, a little air from the air hose nozzle blasted at the inside of the window frame top and sides better not produce bubbles. If it does.....they have failed. It must pass the test prior to being returned.
  6. I took mine through the car wash today to get all the nasty road salt off. Checked the rear window, so far so good after using the permatex flowable silicone in the leak the tech found.
  7. In my case I do NOT need or WANT a crew cab. I want double cab standard bed. Not the longer wheel base quad cab standard bed. And for 21 the SLT is NOT available in double cab. Only Elevation, SLE ,Etc. SLT, AT4 and Denali are quad cab only, but different bed lengths are available.
  8. I have the double cab, standard bed AT4 ,5.3 heavily loaded but without a sunroof. (Don't care for sunroofs) Almost exactly what I want. The only thing I would prefer is a 10 speed tranny but it was not available with the 5.3 at the time. Now that it is I can no longer get the AT4 in double cab. I wonder if the 8 speed could be changed to a 10 speed??
  9. A new headliner for your truck is a must have, period. Sealing the entire gap between glass and cab should, in my mind, stop any water from finding a way in. Remember, you can bring your truck to ANY GM truck dealer. I have found a HUGE difference in service between dealers. Some are great. Some should not be allowed to go anywhere near a new vehicle. (I used to work at a dealership many years ago, saw it first hand even then.)
  10. You seriously need to find a different dealer to bring your truck to. No way in hell would I find that even close to acceptable!!!
  11. O.K., now that's funny. B.T.W. the decals came out very nice. I like them.Well done!
  12. I have to ask. What's under the mirror on the driver door?
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