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  1. I may be wrong, but I don't think you have a fuel issue. I would replace cam sensor with AC Declo and see if it still throws the same code.
  2. I didn't think much of it at the time but I have grown to love the HUD.
  3. I had to replace the cam sensor in my 01 8.1. 2001 cam and crank sensors were a known issue. I did both at the same time. The crank sensor was a "new, update design". The symptom of my bad cam sensor was hard starting and a backfire that blew the exhaust manifold gaskets. The only other sensor issue was knock sensors that has to be replaced. I will caution on one thing that I have learned. These motors are great, but they DO NOT like aftermarket sensors. Replace them with A.C. Delco only.
  4. Tried it today. It does still do it, but not nearly like it was before. It is harder to pick up on even when holding second manually. Seems more noticeable when tranny is still cold versus normal operating temp. The slight vibration prior to the second to third shift is what made me take notice in first place and start trying to pin point what was happening. But even that vibration was so short and quick I thought I was imagining things It is still a little difficult to determine what is causing what as I have the Wrangler Duratracs on my truck and they are much harsher as far as ride/noise compared to my previous trucks which had a more street friendly type of M & S tires. I am still debating bringing the truck back to the dealer to dig into it further. Operationally, it works well. No hard shifts, down shifts that I have read about. It's just that "feeling" that something just isn't quite right. But I really love the truck and the loaner I got last time was a go kart with doors. (compact car). The service manager I dealt with told me to drive it for a few hundred miles and let the system do it's "re-learn". If I was not satisfied with the results to bring it back and they will do what they have to to get it right.
  5. I had something similar. Over 3k RPM in 2nd gear, almost a harmonic, sort of pulsing. Had it checked. Was told the area G.M. rep wanted to check it out personally as a diagnostic scan while in operation showed a shift/don't shift situation. I was informed that the rep had them download some new program into the truck. I have put about 300 miles on it since. Much better than before, but I can still feel a slight vibration just a second prior to it shifting from second to third under high moderate to hard acceleration. Of course I am LOOKING for the issue now. Don't know if I would pick up on it normally. Normal puttering around it is absolutely fine.. My dealership has been excellent so far, they didn't pull the "thats normal" crud. Still debating if it should be looked into more or not. Got nothing to lose by going to a different dealer and it does document the complaint. Edit to add: I put my truck into manual shift mode and went through the gears, starting at first and going through all eight gears. In my case the higher the RPM the worse the second gear vibration was, but ONLY after the 3k threshold. It was weird.
  6. You got that right. Looks like I'll be keeping my loaded, Smokey Quartz At 4 Double Cab standard bed for the long haul.
  7. I bought a DU HA for my AT-4. American made and very sturdy.
  8. I'm thinking it's decal burble from downshifting. My Borla cat back makes it sound like more of a growl than a pop.
  9. If you get the 2013 expect to see a crack in the dash. They ALL cracked from the passenger airbag compartment to the windshield vent area.
  10. Absolutely correct. I wasted time checking the wiring before coming back to the actual sensors. Thank god they are mounted on the outside of the block and easy to get to and not under the intake manifold.
  11. I agree 100%. I. have a class A M.H. with the 8.1 Vortec engine. Had an issue with check engine light coming on. Scan revealed knock sensors. Replaced with aftermarket sensors. Several more instances of C.E. light with scan again pointing to knock sensors. Check wiring, all good. Remove aftermarket sensors, replace with AC Delco sensors. Couple years since with no further issues.
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