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Red truck drivers only any year range!


  1. What's new in this club
  2. This is Banshee 2014 All Terrain. So far some minor repairs have been done and the live view rearview mirror upgrade window tint install next week
  3. This is "Scarlet", my 2020 RST. Freshly de-badged.
  4. This is my 8th Chevy Truck. 2022 1500 RST
  5. After an eleven month wait, I finally picked up this beauty at the dealership yesterday!!
  6. Nice!!! I remember the Sanoma Red club forever ago... 3 trucks ago haha...
  7. Nothing Fancy....Just my CCSB 20' LT.
  8. 1998 Z71 5.7vortec 4 inch lift 37x12.50.16s 4x4 (obviously) I just bought this as I for 2200 ran great for a couple days then I had no spark so replace ignition odule coil plugs wires relays and solenoid.now no fuel...new fuel pump fuel filter replaced all relays and fuses and diode in both boxes...next comes rails and injectoes.....to be continued...
  9. My 2007 Silverado regular cab long bed, McGaugheys lowering kit, 4" front, 5" rear, factory SS wheels, Falken ZO5's painter mirror caps and bumper ends, rolled rear pan....the "Red Matter II",...(from Star Trek)
  10. A 2018 SLT made in 2019.... So far a good machine...
  11. De-chromed red and black '19 RST
  12. I am new to the forum! Here's my red truck. Thanks!

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