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  1. Actually that's why I decided to trade at this time. They offered me 36k on my 2016 LTZ with 40k miles. I almost couldn't afford not to trade. If I can just solve this nav and HD problem I'll be good. Might go to OBGenie.com and see what you think. Thanks for the reply. (I'm in Tulsa. Maybe trades are holding up better here,)
  2. I've seen some ads, specifically from OBDGenie that claim to add factory nav and HD to IOS code radios through the OBD port. I'm in the same boat, having ordered a 2021 LTZ with IOT (full nav, etc.) and then having the factory come back and say they don't have the computer chip or something and downgrading me to the IOS, so I'm looking for the best way to upgrade the unit. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.
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