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  1. My experience with the SRAs - terrible in the wet, but okay in the snow. I did get 53k out of them, so no gripes there. Replaced them with Coopers, which have been MUCH better in all weather conditions.
  2. Yours is the first time I've heard of a problem w/ the app. Sorry for your issue; I'd be upset too if it didn't work correctly for me. I've used an iPhone SE and my current Galaxy S9+ and have no issues with either. With the knowledge above, I'm at a loss as to what you can try next.
  3. I've got a 40"x60" pole barn that is home to my truck and the SO's SUV, along with 4 other cars, an ATV, etc. The field mice and spiders got so bad that I had to have an exterminator come out once a year and do his thing. Cost me $200 a year, but I have almost zero mice and spiders now. In my experience, the dryer sheets are best for spiders, and then rodents. Peppermint oil also works very well in repelling mice - they hate the smell of it.
  4. Which Tuner?

  5. Leveling Thoughts

    I did the same. Zero issues.
  6. The electronic systems have been proven to be worthless. For me and others in my family, we've been using Ziebart for better than 40 years. While not perfect (nothing is), it's done a good job for us over the years. I've had my '15 Ziebarted and taken back each year for reapplications. I even pull the fender liners so they can get inside the rear wheels real well. Time will tell, but I'm happy with my choice.
  7. Manual shift gear numbers

    You can see your current gear in an F150, but not a Silverado. At least not from the factory.
  8. Which Tuner?

    Yup. That's why I'm waiting for the 100k mark.
  9. Which Tuner?

    I'll admit it! Messing w/ a tune scares the sh!t out of me. Bolting on a superchager/turbo/intake and carb, fine. Tunes? Clueless. All I know is that w/ my truck, once I hit 100k, I want to tune it to improve trans shift, and overall performance. Just make it run better with out spending $1000. But after reading through this thread, I'm more confused than ever (not that it takes a lot to confuse me...).
  10. Oh the humanity!

    Meh. Only marginally less ugly.
  11. Oh the humanity!

    Talk about getting hit with an ugly stick...
  12. What tires to buy?

    I just did the same thing. My experience with the Falkens was not good, so I went with Cooper ATP in 275/65R18. A little louder than stock (emphasis on a LITTLE), and less than 1 mpg hit.
  13. Happened 3 times to mine when it was about a year old. No sound from anything - no radio, no turn signal 'click', nothing. While the sound was out, I called the dealer, they got it in before I shut it off, were able to diagnosis it, and reloaded the radio software. Haven't had it reoccur since. EDIT Found the link to my problem.

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