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  1. I upgraded to a RCX 5" lift and thinking of upgrading to 35's now on Vision Bomb 415 20x9.
  2. I found what I though was a great deal on weathertech front & rear over the hump mats but it said only for vinyl floor, what would the difference be in floor mats?
  3. I got my Rough Country 5" knuckle lift last week with the bilstein 5100's up front. Had them on 2nd notch from bottom and it sits perfectly.
  4. Good deal, I just ordered that setup on rockauto
  5. I've got just shy of 60K on my 14 and I started getting what sounds like indicator squeal on my diver front. Goes away instantly when I apply brake, pedal still feels great. Guess I'll get under there and look but I seem to remember putting Wearever gold pads on it few years ago. Anyone ever try Bosch pads? They have the best rating on Amazon(not that that's an end all be all indicator).
  6. Ahh ok, my bad. I just hope it is indeed level of I have the perch set on stock notch. Don't wanna have to tear em down a couple weeks after I have it installed to start experimenting lol.
  7. What notch do you have the perch on? I remember you saying it still has some rake but I rarely have enough weight to make the rear squat so I wanna make sure I'm level when I have them install it
  8. Can I pull the TREC fuse to disable 4WD and drive with no harm? I'm stuck in 4H and I'm only driving to work but turning is still making me nervous.
  9. ReplaceOk well hope this helps someone.... Was just told by Rough Country that with the 5 inch lift from them, the rear block is indeed 3 inches. And the shock travel lengths are as follows: Extended: 33.07 inches Compressed: 19.29 inches Replace
  10. I thought for a second your method had saved me. When I plugged the fuse back in as per your method, I could hear the solenoid retract(at least that's what it sounded like). However, went to take it for a drive....nah, still got 4wd engaged
  11. Did you have to press bushings into the mounts? I found some Bilsteins that will work via someone else's thread on here but I need to order the correct bushings such I also found through that same person's post. I'll just get the Bilstein 5100's for the front for now
  12. They do. And I think what I'll do is just use those and save up for good rear shocks/struts over time. That way I'm not so stressed
  13. Apologies if not in the right spot but it is suspension related, move if necessary. I've tried searching Google, forums, etc for days and to no avail because results are flooded with posts about 2.5 and 3.5" kits... I'm getting the Rough Country 5 inch knuckle lift and I want to replace struts/shocks when they do it. I was initially going to go with Bilstein 5100 all around. However, I was then told the rears wouldn't have enough travel. So then I looked at the Bilstein 5160(reservoir shock) but was told by Rough Country that the travel dimensions need to be: Extended: 33.07 inches, Compressed: 19.29 inches. I think they're feeding me some bull because the only shocks I've found that are close to those dimensions are from.....you guessed it, Rough Country. So, long winded post out of the way, anyone with the 5 inch lift able to tell me what rear shocks you're using and how you feel about them? Much thanks in advance.
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