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  1. Price includes the OEM LTZ housings, ballasts, Osram CBB bulbs, and relay harness. Once I get them out I'm going to finish plastic welding the extensions onto the stock bulb caps. These have FAR exceeded my expectations.....but I'm trading the truck so I'm putting the factory halogen housings back in. NHK G5-R projectors swapped in with brackets from Phil at fastheadlights. High beams are halogen with the HIR bulbs modded and installed Ballasts are Morimoto 35watt, relay harness is also morimoto. Price everything out if y'all like. Not too bad of a price. CBB bulbs alone are $100+ Asking $700 shipped
  2. Might just go with these https://www.suspensionconnection.com/985-24-194-silverado-1500.html
  3. Would like to get some new rear shocks to replace the ones that came with the kit. I have Bilstein 5100's up front that seem to do pretty well for the last year. Has anyone bought their own new rears for a 5" kit? Need to know what length shocks to get, etc. Thanks all!
  4. I added some R134-A cuz it was a little low now I have ZERO cold air
  5. This is 4300k from Morimoto. I used the brackets from Phil for the oem LTZ projector housings. Perfect rotation and alignment. I like the color, nice and warm but doesn't match the SL1 fog light bulbs. May switch to 5000K in spring.
  6. Just started happening to me on my drive home from work. Happened six times in ten minutes already
  7. I upgraded to a RCX 5" lift and thinking of upgrading to 35's now on Vision Bomb 415 20x9.
  8. I found what I though was a great deal on weathertech front & rear over the hump mats but it said only for vinyl floor, what would the difference be in floor mats?
  9. I got my Rough Country 5" knuckle lift last week with the bilstein 5100's up front. Had them on 2nd notch from bottom and it sits perfectly.
  10. Good deal, I just ordered that setup on rockauto
  11. I've got just shy of 60K on my 14 and I started getting what sounds like indicator squeal on my diver front. Goes away instantly when I apply brake, pedal still feels great. Guess I'll get under there and look but I seem to remember putting Wearever gold pads on it few years ago. Anyone ever try Bosch pads? They have the best rating on Amazon(not that that's an end all be all indicator).
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