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  1. I stated in the OP that I've tried that
  2. I've tried it from every possible aspect. Good full signal, WiFi, everything. It's so hit n miss
  3. Consistently receiving errors when I start the truck...yes I've updated my phone, yes I've updated the app, yes I've deleted and reinstalled the app. I've contacted onstar, and Chevy directly to no avail. If I stay in the app, it will start the truck and indicate as such about 80% of the time. About the same 80% success rate is had when I attempt to start the truck then exit the app, it then will start the truck, but give me a notification that "your truck has not started" even though it has. Are there any alternate apps that can utilize the factory remote start?
  4. @Fultonm11 so do you even have any of the factory reflector bowl left in there lol? Looks GREAT but appears like you took the whole low beam reflector out.
  5. Zone 4.5

    How much does it widen the stance
  6. Zone 4.5

    I'm thinking of doing it next year. Gotta see what my local shop would charge.
  7. Zone 4.5

    What was your total cost between lift and install?
  8. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    2014 Silverado (dirty) tungsten metallic 2.5" front level, nothing in back. 18x9 +12 Pulse P16 wheels. Made by Voxx. Also sold as the GFX TR6 when I believe.
  9. Well that's good cuz my main concern was getting a kit that keeps my ball joint and axle angles safe
  10. Nvm, just looked at their prices, no thanks lol
  11. TPMS relearn issue

    Why'd frequency do I need for '14 ?
  12. It seems from what Zone's description says, their 4.5" system would work too. The tires I'd LIKE to run are 295/70's so that would be 11.6" wide

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