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  1. Got a scare from the gas station

    Well, it's been a while since I've even looked at this page as I just posted about the gas station making an error. Now we are currently at $4.01 for regular and $4.32 for premium. Diesel is currently sitting at $4.19 as well.
  2. Got a scare from the gas station

    Guess you didn't get the humor in my post... But hey, interpret things how you'd like. The post was a simple case of The gas station messed up, not that I don't want to pay gas prices. I live in Hawaii, I pay a premium price on everything.
  3. I've got a corsa sport on my 5.3L paired with an S&B intake. My BBP tune took care of the chop from the AFM, and honestly I can hear my tires more than my exhaust. Living in Hawaii, I pretty much go through hills all the time, and with the AFM on, it felt like I was piloting a helicopter rather than driving a truck. Towing with my truck, you can definitely hear the exhaust note a lot more, however it's not excessive.
  4. FS: 2014+ K2XX DL3 Mirrors

    Sold! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. FS: 2014+ K2XX DL3 Mirrors

    $300.00 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. FS: 2014+ K2XX DL3 Mirrors

    Still available, make me an offer.
  7. Sierra Exhaust Sound

    I so agree with you on this... just doesn't look right.
  8. New

    That's a nice truck right there!
  9. Key Fob Swap

    So, the fob swap should work on a 2017 year model, correct?
  10. Key Fob Swap

    Lol, I got yours to work asaibel. Thanks for the information you two! Hopefully it'll work on a 2017..
  11. Key Fob Swap

    Ahhh thank you! Funny, I guess I can't search forums anymore either as I've been trying to find something like that. Thank you again.
  12. Has anyone taken the higher level SLT and Denali chrome trim key fob and swapped the shell of it onto a lower trim level? If so, was it easy and how do you like it?
  13. FS: 2014+ K2XX DL3 Mirrors

    **$315 shipped**

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