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  1. Are these for a Silverado or Sierra? do you still have them?
  2. I just did the Eibach kit with 2" rough country blocks in the rear. First Rough Country sent me the wrong U bolts. A quick trip to the parts store for the universal u bolts and i got the rear done. I had the same issue of one side shifting forward during install but I expected it since the truck was rear ended a year ago. The fronts were easy enough to get out. Disassembly and reassembly however- might not have been worth it. I got a good lift in the front and rear. After driving it for a couple miles(without an alignment) just to make sure no rattles or noises on bumps and I dont think these are any different that stock. hoping after they break in and new tires with an alignment they will be worth the labor of assembly. Has anyone felt a slight vibration on acceleration after doing the kit with Rough Country block? Thanks, Nick
  3. That sounds awesome! You just made my decision for me. If the wife doesn’t like it, I got it for free from a guy at work! ?
  4. Excellent! Glad to hear it’s working for you! Would the wife notice if this was a surprise birthday present to myself? Did you disable AFM? If not how does that sound? Thanks for the answers, I appreciate it.
  5. Resurrecting a dead thread, looking to do this on a new to me 15 Silverado. When using the remote switch do you wire the light bar the same as if using a wired switch? Meaning tapping into ignition hot wire if you don’t want the light to stay on after you shut the truck down? Or can you simply go power to ground with the light bar harness and plug in the wireless transmitter in between? Thanks, Nick
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