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  1. Feel your pain ! Wish you luck with the solvent.
  2. Bring the truck back to the dealer to check out the transfer switch motor. Might have to be lubed or might be a bad motor, out of alignment. Some damage could have taken place. Have it checked, before it happens again. Good luck on the resolution.
  3. I have found, that when traveling off road in winter, dedicated snow or winter tires are the way to go. They grip the snow and ice better and provide greater control. The rubber is made for the cold, as well. Having a dedicated winter, is the best way to go. Michelin and Nokian are good choices. Work well in timber country or city streets. Worth the extra money.
  4. It might be a bad steering rack. I believe there was a tsb or a recall. You have to find out what’s wrong. Take it to a good front end shop for an alignment and diagnoses. Research the recalls, as well. Bad part might be covered by GM.
  5. Check out EBay. Purchased a set of 4 original 18 inch take off rims for my winter tires. They have great choices. Had wheels shipped to Boston from Oklahoma.
  6. Are there grease fittings on the new trucks, or all the factory components sealed from the factory. Cannot get a straight answer from dealer. I am a handicapped person and cannot get under the truck to check. Thank you for all assistance.
  7. Love the Red Hot color ! Always receive complements on my LT. Added Michelin Latitude winter tires, seem to work fine in the mountain snow. Have the 18 inch factory rims. Good luck with the great truck !
  8. First snow expected this week, cannot get Nokian tires wanted until the end of December : Hakap. 3 SUV .. Everywhere I go are anti-stud tires required. Will have to go with something else at this time . Thanks for the response.
  9. I believe I went to the menu and checked the update availability.. The update showed on the screen and proceeded to update the system software. You have to have network. ( WiFi ) activated on the vehicle. Now have an Exxon app and Shell app to purchase gas. There are a few others you can activate.
  10. In my area and travels, winter tires are required, due to poor snow plowing, by the city, as well as, access to the mountains. Has anyone tried the winter tire, planning to purchase next week - Michelin Latitude X ice xi2 tires. 265/65R /18 ? Have been reading mixxed reviews on this tire, reaching out to see if anyone could give advice on this purchase . Thank you.
  11. Tell the dealer staff you want the wipers replaced, period ! They will replace them. They will replace them, if asked, while performing the two free oil changes. They will only replace one pair, during the free maintenance program. My 18 1500 has the chattering problem, as well.
  12. I usually use 87 around town, but when traveling long distances with hilly terrain on the highway, will switch to 93, to prevent knocking and lousy power band. The truck always seems to run better on the highway, with 93. Always use Top Tier Gas, as well. You will pay in the long run, if you do not. Have not had fuel injection or emissions issues, following these guidelines. Make sure you use a good fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank, at least every six months or 6000 miles. Install a good catch can, as well. Just try different octane ratings, then you will find the octane sweet spot, for your truck. Good luck.
  13. Wow! That is one black truck ! The Darth Vader special ! Looks great, so jealous!
  14. Just purchased a new truck, the dealer had trucks with the Eassist, the price on the sticker for this option, was $2500.00. I went with a regular truck, when the salesman could not properly explain the system, to my satisfaction.
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