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  1. good luck man try the software update and the twin trans fluid flush. it helps a lot. however it seems that GM phoned in the development of the 8 speed as the 10 speed they were co developing with Ford ate up resources. Nothing pisses me off more than spending 50K+ on a truck and having us be beta testers on a piece of equipment that they have not fully ironed all of the kinks out of. Do they think we're Tesla fanboys willing to be testers on a half assed piece of engineering? My fear now is that they will stop releasing software updates for our problems because they have the 10 speed coming out now...
  2. I'm getting the fluid flush and software update on Monday finally!
  3. anybody know how much a cleaning would cost?
  4. Hey Guys, Has anyone had to clean their intake runners yet? I know that with the DI injectors there can be an issue with carbon fouling as the miles rack up. Has anyone had a problem with this and had to have it cleaned yet? Ive got about 35K on my truck right now. Thanks!
  5. nice! thats a good burn right there. and you do need a new dealer
  6. so is this the fix we have all been looking for?
  7. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    when is blackbear in town to do a tune? any other companies that tune the 8-speeds?
  8. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    what type of fluid? exact model number?
  9. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    what type of fluid should we use then? specific weight and type
  10. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    mook its honestly 95% better so I never took it to the other dealer. i dont have that much time in my day. Im taking off for a whole week in mid april over good friday so i might meander my way into the other dealer then to take a look at it. as far as the bilsteins they are firmer but also not firmer. its tough to explain. hitting speed bumps the truck doesn't bottom out like it used to which would make it seem like it is softer however you feel more minor road imperfections which would make you think that they are firmer, its not harsh at all. very little body roll compared to the stock ranchos and almost zero squat or dive. honestly it drives like a 50K truck should have from the factory. money well spent in my opinion.
  11. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    after my most recent software update it is def better but i still think im feeling the TC issue. I'm just sick and tired of dinking around with this... on a seperate and totally unrelated note i installed bilsteins 5100's on all 4 corners and it handles like a dream now!
  12. i like the idea of the procharger kit! i guess im just overly cautious because im dealing with some transmission gremlins right now.
  13. quick question. WHY? its a truck...
  14. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    imagine a rough road/ rumble strip/ surging/ misfiring feeling that goes away when you back off of the gas. thats my impression anyway
  15. lack of understanding is just killing me. for all of us on the forum there must be thousands who never log on and commit to comment. did they ever test these darn trucks? i mean come on!

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