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  1. 4cyl Silverado?

  2. They did not. They had the work done by a local company up the road from them, (they do that sometimes), they indicated the warranty would remain in tact because they had the work done prior to selling the truck as new. I suspect if I had an issue and went to another dealer like out of town or something I would have a problem getting them to honor it. But I'm not too concerned I have my truck serviced at this dealer as my brother in law works there.
  3. It is the 5.3, it is definitely better than the 2013 I had that was lifted like this. I haven't had any issue with it. You can definitely tell the difference over driving one stock, I have only towed once with it. My friend was out of town and needed to move his 30ft bumper tow travel trailer, dry it is 5k. I only towed it 25 miles. I just put the tow haul on put the truck in gear and let it do its thing. Obviously if I was going tow on a regular basis I would maybe get a 2500. However this truck will pull my 3k boat to the lake and back 50 miles twice a month no problem. It was too good of a deal to pass up.
  4. 2 month update. The Rough Country 7 inch lift rides better today than it did on day one. Over the past two months I'm averaging 15.8 MPG city and highway combined back and forth to work, (50/50) city and highway, with the 7 inch lift and 35's One longer trip 400 miles all highway round trip I got 19.1 MPG. Hand calculated. Still love the truck. 3300 miles so far.
  5. Actually that's the only reason I bought it. They had all that done to the truck about 6 months ago and couldn't get it sold. It was marked way down.
  6. Define "off road" does the grass in my yard count? No not really yet. I've only had it two weeks.
  7. The bowties front and back and all chrome logos are now black. The Z-71s are slightly larger and also black now. And I added the ventvisor window vents. I believe I am done for a while.
  8. For sure, I took care of every logo on the truck last weekend they're all black now including the "SILVERADO" and the LT on the sides and back and the bow ties. The only chrome left is the spot of chrome underneath the front License plate. I am removing the silver z71s on the back fenders this afternoon and replacing them with all black z71s I got this weekend in the mail from amazon.
  9. Speaking of the Height....In this picture it doesn't look like it will go in the garage but I swear it does. I brought the truck home and the Satellite Radio antenna wasn't clearing by about 1/2 an inch. The truck measures 83 1/4 inches to the top of that antenna. My garage is is now 84 inches (after a minor house modification to the garage removing a trim board from the top of the door and sanding and painting behind it.)
  10. Thanks man, Saturday I blacked all the "Silverado" letters out on the sides and back and the bowties went from gold to black as well, I have all black Z71's coming in the mail tomorrow to replace the silver ones on the back fenders too.
  11. Thank you sir, Finally able to compress another pic. My brother in law works at the dealer. He's in the photo with me.
  12. Good Morning Gents Bought myself a Bday present last week. 2017 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 Dealer had done a bunch of things to it listed below and kept dropping the price after they couldn't move it for several months. Finally had to pull the trigger. Rough Country 7 inch lift and step bars Paint Matched Fender flares Moto Metal 20's Nitto Terra Grappler M/Ts 35/12.5 Dealer removed the factory cloth interior installed custom road wire leather interior Back to my Family Chevrolet Roots from my 2015 Ram.
  13. The "Rally Edition" SIlverado's have color matched logos and grilles from the factory. I was going to plastidip the bumpers black but i'm not sure now after plasti dipping the factory wheels.

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