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  1. Had anyone done the jumper wire between cargo light switch and reverse lights similar to the K2 mod? Turns the reverse lights on with cargos when the switch is turned on. Thx!
  2. Ok thank you! I had the 12909 on my 6.2 and it sounded amazing but I'm afraid it will be a lot louder on the 6.6.
  3. What model Magnaflow did you go with? Its offset/offset 3.5" right? Do you tow with your truck? I don't want any drone but would love a little more sound.
  4. Agree. Anyone who complains about the ride in these 2500's has apparently never had one before. It's unbelievable what they can pull off with these trucks. I haven't had an HD since my GMT (2009) and that felt like an HD. These T1 HD's are amazing. Especially on the highway... even with the gas motor I creep up to 80 if I'm not paying attention... and my last truck was a 2017 Denali with the actual magnetic ride control and a 6.2. I'm pleasantly surprised if you can't tell. Lol
  5. These are 3.5" piping right? I'm shopping for a muffler now and will report back. I don't want anything too loud as I will be towing a TT. Had a Borla ProXS #40359 (5.3L) and a Magnaflow #12909 (6.2L). Both were great, deep sound with absolutely zero drone.
  6. What is everyone doing for smokes side markers? I've seen the vinyl overlays and the boost auto with signal mod (which I like a lot) but it replaced the lenses and I don't want to give up the GMC logo. Thanks in advance! Jon
  7. I have one of these I'd be willing to sell. It made a massive difference on the 2014 5.3 (K2 body) and a little on the 2017 6.2. It's been uninstalled so license is available. Just need to install it. Thanks, Jon
  8. I thought I saw something on here that enables people to track their VIN but now I can't find it. Truck is still in transit. Anyone do this without harassing the dealership every day? TIA Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  9. Just buy a stainless muffler... I've never had a muffler swap rust out. You can buy the same exact muffler that is incorporated in most of these full systems... You're just paying a fraction of the cost. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  10. This was a great read. Thanks for sharing! Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  11. I inquired about this because I just put a deposit on a truck (still in transit) without the power steps. I was told that they cannot be installed by the dealer because the wiring harness required to tie it into the OBD is not used if you don't have the power steps from the factory. Not sure how valid this is... Also not sure why you can't just install them without the center stack switch for the carwash...
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