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  1. I need 3.5" now that I have the 6.2. [emoji106]
  2. Anyone else have issues with moisture build up in the tube? I thought there were other smaller holes throughout the tube that would prevent this. Thanks in advance!
  3. I had it really bad on my '14 (also first year if a redesign). I would definitely bring it to the dealers attention because they re-apply it in many cases. I noticed the '16's and up seen to have better adhesion. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  4. I had this in my '14, 5.3L. I left the flapper clamped open and get the resonator. It had a deep tone and wasn't too loud at all. Sounded awesome. I would just take the valve out though to prevent the fffffff sound... There was NO drove anyway. I have the 6.2L now so unfortunately I couldn't buy this again since it's 3"piping.
  5. I haven't thrown a pic up in a while. Happy Friday!
  6. I'm talking about the K2 Sierra. Not aware of anything other than the intellibeam headlight with LED projector. Even the work trucks have them.
  7. I had the same problem that's why I went with MagnaFlow. I had the Borla 40359 in my 14 with the 5.3. but now I have the 6.2 so I needed 3.5"... So I went with the 12909 from MagnaFlow. No regrets though, it sounds great.
  8. 16 to 18 K2 headlights are LED projector. Not HID...
  9. I had an early 2014 truck. Build date was October 2013. It had LED daytime running lights around the halogen projector. The DRL were great but the halogen sucked. I swapped for HID. Million times better. Take a picture of the lights on. Hard to tell from this picture but those don't look like SLT headlights to me. Looks like your missing the LED DRL. VIN or Carfax should identify your trim as well. Not sure if someone said that already. Thanks, Jon
  10. The power stops are excellent. Z36 truck and tow pads and drill and slotted rotors. I've run two sets so far. Night and day improvement over stock. I tow a 7600lb TT so I needed something better that didn't warp in one season. Thanks, Jon
  11. Thanks man!! Actually I'm from Mass and funny you should mention it.... I guess I'm rolling the dice at the moment. Haha it's just soooooo clean without it.
  12. Looks soooo good. AT4 with a 6.2 will be the next rig for sure.
  13. Railfanning in upstate NY. My new baby...
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