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  1. So I wanted to share this pic (and hopefully confirm) that the AT4 has a different UCA than the Denali/SLT/SLE. Everything I read online just said the strut assembly is longer but I haven't seen anything on the control arms. Does anyone have a pic of a non-AT4 UCA? Here's the pic of the AT4 UCA.
  2. This sounds very similar to the high pitched squeak/sound that the K2 (2014-2018) trucks have. There is a lot of info on this over in the K2 forum. I believe it was a 4X4 module under the dash. There was no solution to my knowledge but some owners insulated the module with sound dampening material or foam to mask the source of the sound. The sound only happens when in 4AUTO so if your sound still happens in 2WD then it's a different sound.
  3. I too was VERY disappointed at first but after seeing it in person the Sierra has grown on me tremendously. I think the SLT had too much chrome though. The AT4 and Denali are very nice in person.
  4. I think Silverado will always outsell Sierra because of brand loyalty - I know they are the same brand but people tend to stay with what they had. Also, GM's marketing caters Silverado's to the working class American. I think the people that buy the GMC don't mind spending a little extra, want something more unique (there's less Sierra's out there) and either had a GMC or they prefer the looks. In some cases though the GMC tends to get the cutting edge technology/amenities that the Silverado doesn't have. I know the trucks have the same brains and muscle but the leading technologies tends to flow from Cadillac to the Denali (and now AT4) and then to the High Country... which didn't even exist until a few years ago. For example, magnetic ride suspension, driver alert packages, and the rearview camera mirror... Plus let's face it, GMC is professional grade.
  5. T1 6.2 letdown?

    This is my opinion dude. The guy that does the trailering stuff is pretty good. But YouTube constantly puts these three guys in my feed and every time I watch their videos they are making asses of themselves and seemingly misinformed.
  6. T1 6.2 letdown?

    Most of the reviews I've seen have favored GM's shift behavior over Ford in the ten speed.
  7. T1 6.2 letdown?

    As stated before those TFL guys are morons. That being said TC is extremely intrusive in these trucks. I bet if Andre had the TC off he'd be doing a brake stand.
  8. For 2019 they did place the (new) AT4 above the SLT unlike the All Terrain that could be optioned as either an SLE or SLT. It does not have magnetic ride control like a Denali however.
  9. It all depends on the muffler you buy. Not all muffler swaps are loud. Look at a Borla ProXS if they're still available.
  10. Old pic but MotoFab 2" lift/level and Hellwig 987 helper springs. 275/60R20 Duratracs
  11. Power Stop Brakes

    Similar to others my stock rotors warped around 40k. I also tow a 7600lb TT and came from an HD truck so I felt an upgrade was needed. I replaced them with Power Stop drilled and slotted rotors and Z36 pads and have never looked back. The improvement was night and day and the performance is excellent (not "big brake kit" upgrade excellent, but excellent). I just crossed 100k miles and replaced my fronts. The only downfall is you need to replace the rotors when you do pads due to the drill/slot life span but 60k - no complaints and they never warped. Yahtzee!
  12. Rich codes

    I have a '14 5.3 and it just starting throwing this code this past summer. I just got 100k miles. It happens when I let the truck idle for 15 minutes or more (while hooking up my TT) but the CEL turns off after a couple normal drives. My truck has a Diablo tune btw but I don't think that's the RC.
  13. That sucks man, sorry to hear. Any update?
  14. Sorry for the late reply. They are duratracs. 275/60R20
  15. Was able to clay bar and carnuba half the truck last night. Loooong overdue!! Looks so good.

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