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  1. I don't see why they would take it out... At least have it in the center console. Honestly the USB ports are annoying because they are typically low wattage and charge slow and automatically connect to the radio every time... and that's annoying as hell. 2 USB and 2 USB-C seems like too few also, no? Are there ports for the back seat still?
  2. Nice!!! I remember the Sanoma Red club forever ago... 3 trucks ago haha...
  3. It's really disappointing that you can't order the factory steps. They weren't available due to the chip shortage but I really wanted them - so now I'm SOL.
  4. I opted for the new Weathtech HP. They are great. The rubber is more pliable than the original Weathtech so they are much easier to install/remove. Jon
  5. I understand and agree. I'm just frustrated because they opened the road with the tree branch hanging to begin with lol. Thanks for the reply.
  6. So far so good but we haven't had hardly any snow yet in Boston. Not complaining.
  7. They are excellent for the stock tires. I don't get any slinging on the side of the truck that I've seen. When I go to 35's I may go with a different look.
  8. I find it hard to believe nobody has had to fix a tow mirror on here. No dealer techs on here either? This website used to thrive where did everybody go?
  9. So during the nor'easter I hit a hanging branch that broke my mirror. The only thing that's broken is the injection molded plastic piece (see red arrow). It's essentially the frame of the mirror. I cannot find a way to order this piece separate. Just about every other piece can be ordered... but not this one. (That I can find.) The question is for anyone with experience with these mirrors... Does anyone know if I buy the "cheap" non power version of this mirror will the frame piece that I need be the same?
  10. Installed the magnaflow 12909 and it sounds fantastic. Not super loud but sounds great and has a super deep, low tone. It's in the cab a little at 1500 rpm but it's hardly a drone. Like mentioned above, it sounds like a truck! I posted videos on my Instagram but make sure you use headphones to hear the difference. Videos are here: https://www.instagram.com/sierra_jon_bongo?r=nametag Cheers!
  11. This is cool man. You gotta go visit 0fx2gv Instagram or website and complete this build!
  12. Took a fresh pic the other day. 2021 Denali Ultimate with the L8T. Love this truck!
  13. So Prime "fixed" mine but I have to hit the button sometimes ten times before the thing opens. I usually use my key fob now. SMH.
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