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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Thanks man!! Actually I'm from Mass and funny you should mention it.... I guess I'm rolling the dice at the moment. Haha it's just soooooo clean without it.
  2. Looks soooo good. AT4 with a 6.2 will be the next rig for sure.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Railfanning in upstate NY. My new baby...
  4. Ahh I see! Thanks for the answer on that.
  5. I have done this mod several times in the past with a simple jumper wire. Both circuits are protected already so why the diode? Am I missing something?
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    You end up pulling the trigger on a level yet? I'm in the same boat now.
  7. Bittersweet but I traded her in today. Old is the sanoma red on the left and new is the dark slate metallic on the right.
  8. 3:23 towing and rating ?

    I've been towing my 30' 8k lb TT for 8 years. First with an '09 2500 6.0L and now with a '14 1500 5.3L... so call me "foolish" In terms of stability, yes the 2500 was heavier so naturally it was "felt" less. That being said... The 1500 searches for gears less (both 6L80) and the tranny runs consistently 10-20 degrees cooler. I also get 10.5 mpg as apposed to 9 mpg on my HD while towing. The 5.3 has plenty of power. I don't understand people who say the 5.3 is a dog. The 0-60 is 7 seconds... That's as fast as an Aston Martin when I was a kid. I did however upgrade to power stop brakes - which I highly recommend. It can be done safely but there are a lot of Yahoo's out there... Your trailer doesn't know what's pulling it... If that thing went over being pulled by a 1500 then it would have went over being pulled by a 2500... It looks like the truck stayed on 4 tires and kept you safe... That's a bad day regardless.
  9. 3:23 towing and rating ?

    A lot of it has to do with the GVW and braking power (and the government). HP has virtually nothing to do with it in there eyes except for the difference in GVW. Max trailering has a different leaf spring pack too supposedly. These trucks are impossible to find BTW and I read on here that people who have them observe poor mpg performance do the the gear ratio. Can anybody with a max trailering truck confirm that? I'm still in the market as well but leaning towards a Denali ultimate. 9300 lbs is still a heavy trailer.
  10. So I wanted to share this pic (and hopefully confirm) that the AT4 has a different UCA than the Denali/SLT/SLE. Everything I read online just said the strut assembly is longer but I haven't seen anything on the control arms. Does anyone have a pic of a non-AT4 UCA? Here's the pic of the AT4 UCA.
  11. This sounds very similar to the high pitched squeak/sound that the K2 (2014-2018) trucks have. There is a lot of info on this over in the K2 forum. I believe it was a 4X4 module under the dash. There was no solution to my knowledge but some owners insulated the module with sound dampening material or foam to mask the source of the sound. The sound only happens when in 4AUTO so if your sound still happens in 2WD then it's a different sound.
  12. I too was VERY disappointed at first but after seeing it in person the Sierra has grown on me tremendously. I think the SLT had too much chrome though. The AT4 and Denali are very nice in person.
  13. I think Silverado will always outsell Sierra because of brand loyalty - I know they are the same brand but people tend to stay with what they had. Also, GM's marketing caters Silverado's to the working class American. I think the people that buy the GMC don't mind spending a little extra, want something more unique (there's less Sierra's out there) and either had a GMC or they prefer the looks. In some cases though the GMC tends to get the cutting edge technology/amenities that the Silverado doesn't have. I know the trucks have the same brains and muscle but the leading technologies tends to flow from Cadillac to the Denali (and now AT4) and then to the High Country... which didn't even exist until a few years ago. For example, magnetic ride suspension, driver alert packages, and the rearview camera mirror... Plus let's face it, GMC is professional grade.
  14. T1 6.2 letdown?

    This is my opinion dude. The guy that does the trailering stuff is pretty good. But YouTube constantly puts these three guys in my feed and every time I watch their videos they are making asses of themselves and seemingly misinformed.

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