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  1. This is actually a nice suggestion on some levels. Essentially this is a cheap buck boost transformer with a USB port. I may even order one and try it out but I can already warn you. USB is only 5V. So this may work for a very low amperage tool like a radar detector. I would expect it may burn out if used with a higher amperage tool like a tire inflator/compressor, which I always have handy in the truck. Who cares about the loss of a 12V outlet you ask? I could only answer, Not you. LOL
  2. Thanks I was looking at some of the 110V to 12V adapters as well. It’s kinda like adding insult to injury. LOL. I’ll be wiring in a 12V adapter I guess so I can use both 110v and 12V simultaneously. Just like the trucks in Jan 2022 were built to do.
  3. In a call yesterday, I was told I’m on my own. No GM suggested fix at this point. I’m hoping a service advisor can tell me where to safely tap into 12V. It will not be pretty but I can add a 12V outlet myself I guess.
  4. I so wish you were right and it was in the center console, as the dealership told me to look there also, but no, this is a deletion from the new interior. No 12V outlet in the entire vehicle. Only 110V
  5. Agreed. The dealer was as surprised as I was when he said he would walk out and show me where the 12V outlets were. Surprise. There are none.
  6. Multiple devices I previously used in my Avalanche. VHF Radio charger, drone battery charger, much higher end Inverter than the built in 400W model, Valentine One Radar detector, Garmin GPS with much better mapping system than this new system, and other misc items.
  7. After waiting several months, I just brought home a brand new 2022 Silverado LTZ new body style and I hate it after less than 12 hours. Would you believe there is no 12V DC OUTLET in this unit at all. I have asked the dealership to find a supported fix as this is a complete showstopper. Anyone know how to properly escalate? This means that almost every 12V accessory people have gotten used to for what, maybe 80 years, can no longer be plugged into a factory outlet.
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