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  1. Actual height 2500HD

    My 2018 goes in. But my antenna scraped the door. It was a week old, and I bought a shorter antenna. Other than that, length,was my issue! Good Luck!
  2. Yes I wish I was that guy! Lol I'm pretty picky. When I was going to lay out that kind of $$$$, I wanted to get it right! I drove the 6.2 eight speeds, 3 different times. Two were fine, one (Chevy) seemed liked it hesitated and kicked. They were new trucks, so I took that into consideration. I didn't like the aspect of the cylinder deactivation. I liked the power of the 6.2. My 2005 had,5.3 Flex, headers, tune, cold air intake, 3 inch exhaust, etc. I am going to leave this 2018, stock. GM has flowed the heads almost to the max, and I do like the quiet! Guess I'm getting older! Lol! I've kicked it down a couple times to pass on a two lane highway. It sounds like it has a cold air intake. I'll have to say, the transmission, shifts smoother than my wife's 2013 Terrain Denali AWD. This truck surprised me, I knew I was going to like it. I didn't know I would fall in love again! She's made to pull and please!
  3. I've had 1994 GMC , 2000 Silverado LT, 2005 GMC SLT, all 1500's. the 2000 & 2005 were 4wd. I ordered a 2018 GMC Denali 2500HD CC z71 4x4, October 1, 20017. Got it in November. I went back and forth on a 1500 max trailer 6.2 and a 2500HD, for three years! I didn't want or need the diesel. I was hoping GM would make the 6.2 with a iron block. Didn't happen. So I read all I could find, about the 6.0. Pretty much bullet proof, if you service it. The ride around town, is a little stiffer, if you have to go on rough roads. The ride on the interstate, unbelievably smooth and quiet! (Also; my neck and lower back are fused!) The gas milage around town, not much different than the 5.3"s. Interstate at 68 - 70 mph, 13.7 - 14.6. Not what I was hoping for, but I already read it probably would be less than 15mpg. I have 8600 miles on it now. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! I Love this truck! I will never go back to a half ton. Bigger and better brakes,frame,etc. The price difference between a 1500 and 2500HD, is really small. I'm not pulling anything right now but a 3500lb utility trailer. Loaded with 3 cubic yards of mulch, I can't hardly tell it's back there! Looking for a Sea Ray 280 Sundancer( 8500lb) now. I think if your willing, to give up a little ride comfort around town and know your milage, is not going to be great. You will be happy you got a 2500 HD. Good Luck! here's a pic. of mine.
  4. Intake tube

    S & B Intake!
  5. Mods to my 2017

    Where did you get your front camera? Do you like it where it is vs in the grill? Very nice truck!
  6. New 2018 GAS 2500 HD

    Congrats on the new truck! I drove a King Ranch, twin turbo. Nice truck. Drove the SLT 6.2 max trailer. Nice truck. Ordered a 2018 Denali 2500HD, 6.0. I LOVE this truck!
  7. I waited two years for GM, to go bigger than the 6.0. Did not want or need a DMax. I drove both. Liked the power of the DMax, but just didn't need it. I always thought GM was going to make a 6.2 Iron block. Got tired of waiting! So, in Sept 17, I ordered my 18 Denali 2500hd, 6.0. I absolutely Love it.
  8. Hey guys, I have a 2018 GMC 2500 Denali, look on Ebay. Fit perfect & look good!
  9. Have a 2018 GMC 2500hd Denali. Complete front bumper,lower chrome,headlights, chrome grill surround,24" back on hood, same on front fenders, A pillars,chrome on tow mirrors, roof from windshield to marker lights. $900 ,LLumar, 5 year warranty. I think it was worth it!
  10. clear bra paint protector

    I have the LLumar on my 2018 Denali HD. Love it!
  11. What did the gear swap cost you?

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