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  1. Harvey The Hurricane Truck Build

    I’m enjoying your work. Should be fun to drive when you are done.
  2. Bosethus68's 2018 Z71

    Nice and welcome. Keep us updated on any changes you make, none too small.
  3. Very sorry to hear that. It looked good on there.
  4. I’m a fan of custom, so I love it. Did you put one out back also?
  5. Red Rally 2 build

  6. Red Rally 2 build

    As fate would have it, I saw my buddy tonight that had the 2016 LTZ that he traded in on his new 2019 High Country. He brought me the set of frame plugs he had on his 2016 along with the floor mats. I’ll give them a try tomorrow. The 2019 is gorgeous! Perl white with every bell and whistle Chevy offers. Black and brown interior and I love the heads up display on the windshield.
  7. Red Rally 2 build

    Well, the plugs came today and did not go well. I don’t know if I bought the wrong ones or what. They did not fit and when I tried to tap them in with a rubber mallet, the ears all broke off and it won’t go in.
  8. 22s????

    Factory 22’s with no issues. I have a couple of highway trips under my belt where speeds were over 65.
  9. Red Rally 2 build

    Ordered a set of rear frame plugs...
  10. Red Rally 2 build

    Not much going on for now, so I thought I would share the only little item I added, a Rally Edition plate frame. Dumb , I know, but it matches the truck. My friend with the 2016, just traded it in for a new 2019 High Country he ordered in July. He had a new set of factory Z71 mats he took off the 2016 when it was new and a set of WeatherTech mats that he is giving me. I need to go pick them up.
  11. MontyUSAs 18LT Z71 BDS Build

    Looks good, thanks for sharing the pictures.
  12. Red Rally 2 build

    Return trip and trafic was ugly. 23.3 mpg average with a best of only 24.1 mpg. I was surprised I even got that much in the heavy traffic patterns. Not complaining though, was just hoping to hit no traffic and see if I could push my best a little higher.
  13. Red Rally 2 build

    Took a 170 mile trip yesterday with mixed driving, but mostly stretches of highway and averaged 23.8 mpg. Best I got was 25.4 mpg along the way. Some cruse control at 70’ish, but we hit traffic and an accident In route. Considering I’ve been getting about 12.4 mpg around town that looks pretty good to me. My window sticker said 16/22 mpg average, so looks like I am on the extreme end of both city and highway with my driving. A friend of mine with a 2016 5.3 told me his best was 27.5 mpg with cruse on at 65 mph.
  14. Reposting parts needed so you will not need to dig through the thread. I ordered mine through GMpartsdirect.com, but a dealer can get them as well: GM Caddy engine cover: 12643295 engine cover 12620295 correct bow tie emblem for cover 11611691 cover studs @2
  15. Red Rally 2 build

    Finally got around to clay baring the hood today. I did a good detailed washing of the truck, then used the clay. I had never done clay before and I can’t believe how much dirt came out of the paint. The hood was very course when you wiped it down and would “catch the rag. Now it is smooth as glass.

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