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  1. Red Rally 2 build

    No new parts delivered yet. I am finding myself researching and building a parts list for future upgrades. The latest is dual batteries... my H3 had them and I had to build and design the set up in the spot intended for just one. When I popped the hood on my Rally, I spotted the extra tray in there. Wow, all that room. So off I go studying up on how to add it. Even went as far as to get ready to start ordering parts... then I stopped... what am I doing? The H3 had a winch, inverter, etc... hence the “need” for another battery. Keep in mind that in the 10 years I had it in there, not once did I have to use it. Ok, I still made the dual battery parts list, but for someday... Been looking at tunes as well... I think I may have Silverado upgrade disease...
  2. New to GM-Trucks

    Welcome, I hope you are enjoying your ride.
  3. new here

    Welcome, any pictures?
  4. Just found an online set of instructions here: GM bed tie down instructions
  5. Magnet on a flexible stick to remove it? I’m not sure the cost of buying one will justify if you don’t own one already. I would worry about it bouncing around in there if you leave it. There are GM instructons on how to remove them. I believe it is to loosen them up and tilt them to get one ear at a time out.
  6. bc-chris' 2014 Silverado SLZ Z71

    I did vinyl inserts in my H3 back in the day. Really jumped out at you and got a lot of looks everywhere I went. I had custom two tone leather seats as well. I loved it. I added a two tone wheel wrap as well. Smiling, just remember it was the 2006 time frame, so not so sure it is in style today.. I really like what you did with the lighting in general. Very cool modifications on your part.
  7. Red Rally 2 build

    Paint (red and clear) and matt black 325 cu decals came in today. I can see your point on black on black. My only thought would be black with another color graphics. Maybe charcoal as an offset? Might not be much bang for the buck though.
  8. Kellogg’s 2018 CC z71 “blueberry”

    Nice! Good luck with it. Looks like the mods are quickly piling up!
  9. Red Rally 2 build

    Well, I got side tracked last night and ordered a Caddy engine cover. Of course I had to order the studs and Chevy emblem to go with it... then the red and clear to paint it... I ordered a black Rally decal and because I am old school, a black 325 CU decal as well. It should be a fun little project.
  10. Red Rally 2 build

    I’m going to clay bar the paint. I notice that the hood and roof has a rough feel to it. It literally sat on the back corner of the back storage lot at the dealership for a year... I bought some touch up paint as a “just in case”. I’ve been researching cold air induction and exhausts.
  11. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Man that sucks... Sorry to see your self inflicted wound. 😩
  12. Crew cab vs double cab

    This is me... DC and in truck 99% of the time alone. Neighbor with kids has the crew cab with the short bed and loves it. I would have been fine with a single, but it is nice to have the room to be able to drive others if needed. Back seat is storage most of the time...
  13. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    Has anyone done a side by side comparison table or video for performance and sound that I can look up? My attempt to layout what I have found so far... Exhaust manufacturers in no real order: 1.) MagnaFlow 2.) MBRP 3.) Borla 4.) Flowmaster 5.) SLP 6.) Gibson 7.) aFe 8.) Corsa 9.) Match Fource-XP 10.) Carven 11.) General Motors 12.) Kooks 13.) Venom Seems to be three types of materials: 1.) Aluminum coated (aluminized) 2.) Black coated 3.) Stainless steel Seems to be five style choices: 1.) Single behind rear wheel side exit (factory design) 2.) Dual same side behind rear wheel side exit 3.) Dual same side in front of rear wheel side exit 4.) Dual both sides behind the wheel side exit 5.) Dual both sides straight out rear bumper How about best exhaust and cold air box pairing? Anyone done anything with that?
  14. bc-chris' 2014 Silverado SLZ Z71

    New to the site and just catching up on your build. Looks great! Love the bed dividers, fun idea, thanks for sharing.

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