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  1. Red Rally 2 build

    Just checking in at 6,700 miles. Nothing new, other then using her. I’m still intending on changing the exhaust at some point, but other then that, I’m not finding the need to modify anything else at this point. I did just take a 215 mile round trip and averaged 21 mpg. I hit a new high of 28.1 mpg on the trip.
  2. Red Rally 2 build

    Had my first check up (oil change, tire rotation, etc...) at 3,500 miles/6 months. No issues. The debate on an exhaust system is raging in my head. Is a Flowmaster 44 dual exhaust system “good enough” or do I get the Corsa... Flowmaster is one third the cost and trust me I know you get what you pay for, but by the time it needs replacing I will want to change it anyhow... I can pick up a cold air box and still spend less then the Corsa. The real issue is my ego... want vs. need.
  3. Red Rally 2 build

    Merry Christmas to all! Here are some big and little shots.
  4. Red Rally 2 build

    This one is a personal note... I have a two year old grandson who is in total love with my truck. He looks for it when I visit and loves to sit in it and play driving. I could not resist buying him this so he will have one of his own.
  5. Red Rally 2 build

    I’m a fan of black in general. All black, black and chrome or black with bright accents like red, blue or even green. I’m sure it would look good under the hood of your truck.
  6. Red Rally 2 build

    While I am breaking the truck in and trying to decide what it wants to be when it grows up, I’m board and looking for small touches to make it mine. This is a real small one, but I kind of liked it. I sanded the area down with 600 grid paper, cleaned and then wax and grease removed it. The color looks a little off in the pictures, but it is spot on in person.
  7. Who makes an air dam replacement?

    I thought about going with the WT black lower bumper?
  8. Harvey The Hurricane Truck Build

    You are really making quick work of this project. I’m enjoying being along for the ride. It looks great!
  9. Harvey The Hurricane Truck Build

    I’m enjoying your work. Should be fun to drive when you are done.
  10. Bosethus68's 2018 Z71

    Nice and welcome. Keep us updated on any changes you make, none too small.
  11. Very sorry to hear that. It looked good on there.
  12. I’m a fan of custom, so I love it. Did you put one out back also?
  13. Red Rally 2 build

  14. Red Rally 2 build

    As fate would have it, I saw my buddy tonight that had the 2016 LTZ that he traded in on his new 2019 High Country. He brought me the set of frame plugs he had on his 2016 along with the floor mats. I’ll give them a try tomorrow. The 2019 is gorgeous! Perl white with every bell and whistle Chevy offers. Black and brown interior and I love the heads up display on the windshield.
  15. Red Rally 2 build

    Well, the plugs came today and did not go well. I don’t know if I bought the wrong ones or what. They did not fit and when I tried to tap them in with a rubber mallet, the ears all broke off and it won’t go in.

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