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  1. those mirrors are suuuuuper easy to swap out. there's 3 'bolts' on the mirror that attach them to the truck. depending on your door panel, you can either just pop off a small piece on the inside or (if your doors are like mine) you need to pop off the entire door panel here's a couple videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_vU_6UnHu8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zdUa-2Bumg i did mine years (more like decades) ago. this is my '89...
  2. i'm trying to remember - it was a couple years ago that i added the LED. i think i remember saying to myself, "well that was easier than i thought it would be!"
  3. i have a 2014 silverado and added grille overlays that i got off of ebay - they worked great and were waaaaaay less than replacing the grille! i can't speak for the overlays you are looking at, but mine fit fine
  4. i popped mine out a couple years ago to add a light inside the "cubby hole' (my kids love it! ha!) as mentioned above - 4 screws and then it's just clips that hold on the piece
  5. this video is great for showing where you can grab power.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0ZNOFpDTEo around 8:40 is where the guy talks about the power supplies
  6. you mean like this... https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/179750-regular-cab-short-box-pictures/
  7. ha... don't even think of buying gas in canada... not that you can cross the border right now anyways! 'regular' gas (87 octane) is currently at $1.309 per LITRE!!! there's 3.78541 l/us gal...so that's a measly $4.955 per gal welcome to canada!
  8. i can't remember which guy it was, but someone installed e-track on either side of their tailgate (like where the hinges are) and then got different clips to go in the track depending on what he wanted to strap down. i plan on doing this mod in the next couple months - it's great for strapping stuff down when the tailgate needs to stay down e-track: https://www.princessauto.com/en/1000-lb-stainless-steel-e-track-single-track/product/PA0008526295 strap: https://www.princessauto.com/en/2-in-x-8-ft-3500-lb-e-track-ratchet-strap/product/PA0008841553
  9. i have a 2014 that i put snap on overlays - they've worked great.
  10. there is a guy in town that has a truck just like that and he must live somewhere out past me becuz i see him a lot in the summer in my neighbourhood. i can't believe i haven't had an accident yet when he drives by becuz i'm usually paying more attention to his awesome truck than the road!
  11. $1.319 per litre.... so $4.99/gal gotta love living in bc ?
  12. no clue what the noise is - but it sounds nasty!! but seriously... 39-42F is cold??? bahahahahahaha!!!! sorry.... i can't help myself. i was outside earlier today in shorts and it was -18C.... which is around 0/-1F. that's almost pants weather. hope you figure out the noise ?
  13. i bought the hypetech recalibrator and it worked perfect. i put on 35" tires and my issue (other than the speedo being out) was pretty much every time i did a hard left turn the stabili-track system kicked in (sooooooo annoying!). it was super simple to do - it just plugs into the truck, follow the prompts, enter your wheel height and wait while it does the install/update.
  14. my oil pan was leaking while still under warranty so i contacted the the dealer i bought it from (kelowna, bc) and they did the repair and it didn't cost me a cent. sounds like your dealership is being a dork... which sucks.
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