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  1. $1.319 per litre.... so $4.99/gal gotta love living in bc
  2. no clue what the noise is - but it sounds nasty!! but seriously... 39-42F is cold??? bahahahahahaha!!!! sorry.... i can't help myself. i was outside earlier today in shorts and it was -18C.... which is around 0/-1F. that's almost pants weather. hope you figure out the noise
  3. i bought the hypetech recalibrator and it worked perfect. i put on 35" tires and my issue (other than the speedo being out) was pretty much every time i did a hard left turn the stabili-track system kicked in (sooooooo annoying!). it was super simple to do - it just plugs into the truck, follow the prompts, enter your wheel height and wait while it does the install/update.
  4. my oil pan was leaking while still under warranty so i contacted the the dealer i bought it from (kelowna, bc) and they did the repair and it didn't cost me a cent. sounds like your dealership is being a dork... which sucks.
  5. that's weird that the link isn't working?? seems to work ok for me. if you go to my build thread (the link below in my sig, under the pic of my kids below)... page 3 has a whole lot of "how to" posts on what i did to make stuff blue. page 4, a little past about half way down there is a post from october 23, 2016 that shows my cluster mod. the needles came with the cluster overlays. i just painted them black.
  6. which lights are you referring to?? the control knobs?? if so, see above.
  7. popped everything open and covered the white LEDs with blue 'spot light gels' you can see here: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/189651-bc-chris-2014-silverado-slz-z71/?do=findComment&comment=1866049 photobucket is being dumb and wants a crap load of $ to see the pics... if you right click on an image "copy image location" and paste that address into a new browser window but then delete everything to the left of 'photobucket' you'll get an in focus pic
  8. i removed my lower valence too and didn't like the look.... so i trimmed off the lower part on each side so it's straight across on the bottom - i like this a lot more! another one of my favourite mods was adding 3 red "running' lights above my back license plate. i just tied into the license plate light wires for power.... as mentioned above, footwell lighting is a must add and easy to do! i also changed my interior control knob lights from white to blue and added a bunch of other interior lighting.... i think my favourite though would be the cup holder... another one of my favourites was getting inlays for my dash (and changing a bunch of the LEDs in the dash to blue)....
  9. i thought maybe he added a drop kit so his truck was going down down down down or he might have added a lift kit to get the rising maybe it's a work truck and he's busy working on the highway might have been on a road trip down thunder road to darlington county, the badlands or the river thought it might be a classic truck and he's thinking back to the glory days i'll stop now
  10. typ0... you don't have your location showing, so i can only assume that you are in michigan and your truck is possessed. you would have been on a highway.... perhaps the highway to.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l482T0yNkeo
  11. i ordered this yesterday... should be here between september 19 - september 26 for guys in canada - once you get usd to cad conversion, shipping, import fees the total is $56.54 (cad)
  12. i don't know - i think a lot has to do with what you are using your truck for. i had a 7.5" rough country lift put in over 3 years ago and have had no issues at all. now, with that being said, my truck is pretty much a street queen (ha!). if my plan was to go crazy off roading then i'd likely gone a different route. also - to the question in the original post.... my lift/tire guys said that 37s would not fit with my lift, so i have 35s
  13. i'm sooooo going to get these!! great find - thanks for posting the link!
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