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  1. Construction hazard lights

    what about something like this.... Emergency Hazard Warning Strobe Lights i've never used these, so i can't comment on quality - but something like that might work?
  2. Side molding delete

    i think black badges on a silver truck look deadly!! i absolutely love that look!!
  3. Have you always driven a truck?

    i have always driven a truck. when i first started driving i borrowed my folks early 80's chevy s10. in 1997 i was able to buy my first truck (my dream truck)... 89 chevy stepside! i bought my second truck in 2016 when my wife was pregnant with our second kid... having a 2-seater wouldn't cut it with 2 kids so i got my '14 silverado crew cab (i still have my '89.... love it too much to sell it) i drive my wife's car when i have to, but honestly i'm not a fan of her car... or any car really. i love my trucks... both are lifted and it makes such a difference when seeing what is going on around you on the road.
  4. Joke Thread

    log into the forum this morning.... a gm forum... to see an add for a ford
  5. Lifted stabilitrak fixes?

    i lifted my truck 7.5" and put on 35s and i started getting the stabilitrak track issues... but only turning a hard left. i read of others having this issue somewhere on this forum and it was mentioned that a tire calibration would fix the issue... but only the hypertech recalibrator would do the trick - so that's what i bought and it worked. this is the one i bought: hypertech the stabilitrak has only kicked in once since i did the tire calibration... and that had to do with me having a lot of fun in the snow one afternoon
  6. why not just get any old bowtie (from a wreckers) and paint it? i picked up a 'chrome' bowtie a while ago (below) so i got my old bowtie painted blue to match my truck.... just haven't ever gotten around to installing it
  7. very minor - but the 'caution - ice possible' notification. yea... it's minus freaking 20 outside... i know ice is possible! ha! maybe right around freezing, but anything else i know... it's cold outside and there might be ice. **at least give an option to turn that notification off
  8. i've got a 2014 and added it to mine - i LOVE it!!!! i wish they made one for my '89 step side
  9. what kind of stuff do you anticipate doing with the truck?? hard core off roading or just a street queen? i put a 7.5" rough country kit on my truck becuz i love lifted trucks and my truck is a total street queen if i was planning on using the truck off road at all i would definitely put in a heavier built lift... but for what i do, the rough country kit has been fine
  10. Thank you!!!

    awesome!! i know i've watched a number of them! that's some "good watching" right there i tell yea!! ha! ha! looking forward to many more!
  11. $50 and under modifications

    i've got stuff planned... just need some time!! my wife had to get foot surgery about a month ago. still can't put any weight on her foot so i've been doing everything (and she has been going NUTS on the couch). it wouldn't be too bad except that we've got two young kids (6 and 3.5 yrs) - so that keeps me hoping!! my wife should be good on her foot again in the next couple weeks!! can't wait!! ha! ha!
  12. Lighted Tailgate Emblem

    and the only weapons allowed are tailgate emblems, 3M tape and plastic rivets!
  13. i've got a 2014, but looking at pics online, the steering wheels look pretty similar i wanted my controls to glow blue throughout my truck, not white - so pulled pretty much all the trim stuff off in my truck at some point! the trim pieces on the steering wheel were a pain to get off, but it's doable - here is a link from my build thread for the steering wheel... steering wheel
  14. console disassembly

    i know i'm a little late to the party....but for others wanting some pics.... i added a little LED to the back cubby.....
  15. i've got a 2014 ltz z71 (so yea... i know ... not the correct grille) i bought chrome inserts for my grille. cost was minimal (right around $120 canadian) i found mine on ebay: overlay link (ha... wow... the price has gone since i bought mine a couple years ago!!) maybe see if ebay has something for your 2017: 2017 overlays pics of mine below....

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