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  1. finally had time over the weekend for a few things.... - gave the truck a bath - replaced the cabin air filter. i last did that when i bought the truck - two years ago (only 16,000 kms and it was still pretty dirty) - added the dee-zee tailgate assist.
  2. Ambient lighting?

    thanks! i added a separate dimmer for a couple reasons... i didn't know what wire was the dash dimmer (ha!) and i also like the ambient light really dim (i wanted them very subtle and a lot lower brightness than my dash) i used this: https://www.oznium.com/switches/rotary-led-dimmer the wiring was really easy - pull power from the fuse box into the dimmer, then that to a splitter here and then to the lights you want on the dimmer. the dimmer is hidden on the drivers side under the dash near front of the center console. it's out of site but still adjustable (the only way to see it is to have your head down by the pedals) - you can kinda see the bracket it's attached to here (circled/arrow)...
  3. Ambient lighting?

    when i did my ambient lighting i just tapped into a fuse that has power when the truck is on. so the lights are always on when the truck is running - they're LEDs so i'm not too worried. something you might want to consider is to add a dimmer (and make sure the lights you are putting in are dimmable). i found my ambient lights too bright for driving at night (they light up the footwells and the little cubby holes on either side of the center console) when i did the ambient footlighting i just used a string of 3 LEDs... passenger side: driver's side - the illuminated LEDs are the ambient. the other string comes on with the dome lights (when the doors open) and this is a brightness comparison: door LEDs: ambient LEDs:
  4. bc-chris' 2014 Silverado SLZ Z71

    i used oznium lights in my truck - i've been really happy with them - great lights and a great company to work with the footwell lights aren't really a kit - i got these: https://www.oznium.com/flexible-led-strips/led-ribbon and tapped into the wires for the dome lights. i just cut the ribbon to whatever length i wanted (i think you can cut it every third LED) the tricky part was finding stuff to attach them too becuz the double sided tape wasn't cutting it...
  5. honestly - i don't have a clue (ha! ha!) i'm pretty sure this is the kit that was put in my truck... https://www.americantrucks.com/rough-country-75-suspension-lift-kit-w-shocks-1417-4wd-w-stock-cast-steel-or-aluminum-control-arms.html like i mentioned in my original post - it's been fine so far and rides great... well... as great as any truck with 35" mud tires will ride
  6. i've had the 7.5" RC lift in my truck for 2 years now i think it rides fine and have had no issues with it... now, with that being said, my truck is a total street queen (bahahaha!) and i don't do any off roading with it. if you are looking at doing some serious off road adventures, i'd definitely lean to a much heavier built kit
  7. Black z71 emblems

    i left mine on my truck when i plastidipped it - just 'taped' off the surrounding area to reduce the cleanup time with over spray after the first pass... and after clean up. i'm not sure what #M is?
  8. i'm pretty sure it will be something like this....
  9. Black z71 emblems

    i'm guessing you could get one on ebay or amazon, but why not just plastidip it? i did that with mine a couple summers ago and it still looks great
  10. Floor Lighting Question...

    i've used those connectors in my truck - they work great!
  11. DIY bedliner

    it did turn out really well - i was/still am really happy with it... but again, i'm putting mostly 'light weight' loads only in the box the sprayer worked fine (did the job). it's nothing fancy. if i recall, you can change the texture by adjusting the air pressure. i think it was lower pressure = chunkier and higher pressure = smoother (but don't quote me on that). one thing i will recommend is make sure your compressor has a large enough tank. mine has a 25 gallon tank and it worked great. also - this stuff stinks!! one really good thing about spraying it outside is that it helps dissipate the smell. i think the box really stunk for a few days - maybe a week, then it was fine. and finally.... wear shoes that you don't mind throwing away becuz if you get some on your shoes it's not coming off.... and absolutely wear gloves! i didn't get much on my fingers at all, but man that stuff was sticky!
  12. DIY bedliner

    i used the raptor liner on my old truck. i have linex on my 2014. the linex is definitely better, but the raptor has held up fairly well on my old truck. there are a couple spots where the raptor liner has chipped, but over all i'm still quite happy with it. i don't haul crazy heavy/sharp edged stuff though. mostly just boxes, goalie (hockey) gear, bass guitar gear, groceries. as others have mentioned - prep is key. i sprayed mine outside, and while that's wasn't too bad, the wind kicked up for a couple minutes and blew some little things into the box - not the end of the world, but a controlled environment for spraying would be ideal. i can't speak to how 'uv-proof' it is as my '89 has a tonneau cover
  13. Most useful truck mods?

    ^^^well there's the problem! i will let my wife know the bigger (more expensive) mods, but anything under a couple hundred bucks she usually finds out about after it's in! ha! ha!
  14. Overhead Console

    if i remember correctly the bulb is soldered to a circuit board i'm sure you could swap it out (i changed a whole bunch of surface mount LEDs in my dash) - i just don't have a clue as to where you'd find a new LED. i don't know what size the LED was but it was pretty small (smaller than the surface mount LEDs in my dash)
  15. Overhead Console

    i took my overhead console stuff apart in my '14 when i 'blued' my interior lights/switches. check out the pic below - it's not a great pic of the light you are referring to - but it will give you an idea (circled in the background)

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