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  1. wow!!! those look great Carl!! will you also be doing white face plates for the 4 upper gauges?
  2. you could always plati dip the chrome if you don't like that idea, what about just getting a lower valence from a different trim level?? is the chrome there on the LT or WT levels??
  3. i run studded general grabber AT2's - i've been really happy with them (this will be their 3rd winter). i find i rarely have to go into 4-high.
  4. HA!!! i'll show you mine if you show me yours!!
  5. the kicker for me is this is usd... so add 30% to get it into canadian $.... and then the lovely $32 customs charge compliments of canada post... but i still LOVE it! Order Summary ITEM QTY UNIT PRICE SUBTOTAL Custom Kelowna Colts Trailer Hitch Cover SQ4268752 1 $140.00 $140.00 Item Subtotal Shipping & Handling Tax TOTAL $140.00 $25.00 $0.00 $165.00
  6. a while ago in this thread one of the guys showed some pics of some new hitch covers he got from kempter kustoms they looked AWESOME so i checked out the link above and found a part of the webpage where you can order a custom hitch cover. so then my dilemma was 'do i just order the awesome boba fett hitch cover or go full custom?'... well, i went full custom. after a few emails back and forth i placed my order and today my hitch cover showed up - it's AWESOME!!!! this is my men's hockey team jersey (i've run this team for 9 seasons now - just a great bunch of guys - they are like brothers!) and this is the hitch cover that showed up today.... what i LOVE is that they left the eye 'hollow' and there is a cutout in the back of the hitch cover so i can add an LED. i'm going to use a red LED and wire it to my brake light! ha! ha!
  7. Ponch and Jon AWAYS get the the bad guys!!! ...wow... i'm sooooooooooo showing my age! ha! ha!
  8. Lift/Larger tires

    hey Artie i've got a '14, 5.3, v8. not sure about the ecotec?? how big do you want to go? i went up 7.5" and added 35" tires. to me it still drives fine (it's a truck, not a luxury car - ha! ha!). i'm the first to admit that my ride is a total street queen! ha! ha! even in the pic below the paved road is probably only 50' to the right of my truck. i never tow, but i do use my truck to haul stuff around in the box. i know lots of people on here say bad things about rough country lifts, but honestly, i've had mine for over 2 years without any issues.
  9. Second chance Z71 Silverado

    wow!! truck looks great!!! i LOVE the bumper - your friend is dumb! ha! ha! definitely recheck the new parts - i had issues with my '89 a while ago and took it in to get looked at. i guess my distributor was going so the mechanic ordered a new one and it was faulty. ordered another one and it worked great. i can't remember what my mechanic said, but something about all the cheap crap that comes out of china now! ha!
  10. is the front end out of alignment?? it might be worth getting it checked also - i know you say the wheels are balanced, but it might not hurt to get a second opinion. a number of years ago my wife and i went on a little road trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary. on the way back home i got hit (we were about 2.5 hours from home). insurance wouldn't pay to transport my truck back home to get fixed becuz there was an "accredited" shop close to where the accident happened. that shop was brutal! they missed that the gas sending unit (near the top of the tank) was cracked so when i went and filled up to drive back home gas went everywhere at the gas station. they didn't reconnect the rear tail lights so unknown to me i had no rear driving lights, turn lights, reverse lights OR brake lights! they also said they had the front end aligned - not a chance! so all that to say, 'not all shops are created equally'. so yea - if you have a shop you trust then i wouldn't worry too much about rechecking the tire balance, but if you're not sure then getting them checked somewhere else might by an idea. **in my province (british columbia), auto insurance is a crown corporation - so everyone uses one company that's run by the province (icbc). you can get additional coverage thru private companies if you like, but all basic coverage goes thru icbc. becuz of that, they have 'accredited' shops all over the province. icbc did call me after i got my truck back and asked about my experience with their accredited shop - they got an earful!
  11. bc-chris' 2014 Silverado SLZ Z71

    i used the glossifier on the bowties and left all the other 'badging' with just plasti dip i find that if i'm using a really fuzzy towel that it will leave a little fuzz on the bowties - so instead of 'wiping' the bowties i usually just take the towel and push/pat the bowtie. the wiping motion seems to leave waaaaay more 'fuzz'
  12. got an email from recon this morning.... Columbus Day • 15% Off • Free Shipping! promo code.. CD15 **the free shipping is just in the U.S.
  13. ha... forget about "new car smell" when STRM opens up his truck door... i thought they smelt bad... on the outside! ha! ha! also - STRMTRPR.... you mentioned white leather interior.... my neighbour had an old mustang a few years ago and got the interior redone and did white leather. he LOVED the look but it was brutal to keep clean. he often wore jeans and quickly noticed the seats were becoming blue. he tried everything to keep the seats white but it was a losing battle. odds are they will discolour fairly quickly. heh... perfect time to use another classic solo quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYX-NSZMqt0
  14. 100% plug and play! pop old lights out and disconnect the wiring harness, connect to the recon harness and pop in new lights suuuuper easy
  15. when you did the log-in did you enter your email address? all the promos i know of are emailed (make sure they aren't going to your junk mail) if not, try the "contact us" feature: https://gorecon.com/contact/ and ask them to add you to the mailing list i would expect the next batch of promo codes will come out around either halloween, u.s. thanksgiving or remembrance day

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