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  1. i ordered this yesterday... should be here between september 19 - september 26 for guys in canada - once you get usd to cad conversion, shipping, import fees the total is $56.54 (cad)
  2. i don't know - i think a lot has to do with what you are using your truck for. i had a 7.5" rough country lift put in over 3 years ago and have had no issues at all. now, with that being said, my truck is pretty much a street queen (ha!). if my plan was to go crazy off roading then i'd likely gone a different route. also - to the question in the original post.... my lift/tire guys said that 37s would not fit with my lift, so i have 35s
  3. i'm sooooo going to get these!! great find - thanks for posting the link!
  4. i got my first roll up cover in 1997 for my '89 chevy truck. i still own that truck and i have never lost anything out of the box (and the tailgate doesn't even lock). i got my '14 silverado in 2016 and immediately put a roll up cover on it (truxedo) and have had no problems at all
  5. thanks! template - yup.. pretty much here's what i did: box divider
  6. i made a 2x8 in to this: you are of course restricted to the 'bump outs' (or whatever they are called) in the side of the box for where you can put the divider
  7. i used plastidip on the one on my grill. turned out great... why not just use plastidip on the door ones?
  8. i bought my first truck (an 89 chev) in 1997 and immediately put a soft cover on it. it was the only vehicle i drove for 19 years. not once was the cover ever damaged or anything ever taken from the back of my truck. in 2016 i bought my second truck (a 14 silverado) and like my '89 i immediately put a soft cover on it too (truxedo truxport toneau cover). like my other truck - so far absolutely no issues with damage to the cover or stuff getting stolen out of the box.
  9. ebay! i think it was this stuff... glow strip colour would have been blue
  10. there is lots of room to run wires under the center console. pop the trim pieces off and there is lots of access i added glow tubing inside my cup holder for kicks!
  11. had to buy a new battery today for my '14. not exactly what i was planning my next post in the thread to be - ha! **oh... and what a pain to get the battery out - man oh man. i guess i'm just used to my old '89... disconnect the positive and negative wires from the battery, lots of room to get a good grip on the battery and out it comes. not so with the 14!
  12. cool topic!! lots of changes for my truck.... and not just on the outside... the day i brought it home: and now: the interior has also changed a bunch. from a totally stock LTZ interior to this... change LEDs in dash and added inlays added lots of blue interior lights: added blue tube lighting inside the cup holder: changed all illuminated buttons inside the truck from stock white to blue: and still one of my favourite things i did was make my bed divider (i just love this thing!): the list of mods is long - lots of details and a bunch of 'how to' posts in my build thread (link below in my sig)
  13. Hey, man! Where did you get that bed divider? I can't tell if it's handmade or if you bought it but I can't find it anywhere! It's awesome! 

    1. bc-chris


      hey Corey


      thanks!!  it's hand made  :)


      this will take you to what i did....   bed divider





    2. Corey Frenzel

      Corey Frenzel

      Very cool! Thank you!! I'm a woodworker so I will "work my magic" and hope to come out with a cool piece like yours! Thanks again!

  14. i have a bunch of oznium bolts. i don't think there is enough room (depth) for the back of the bolt on the back side of the grommet. that cavity is not very deep. i was going to use bolts on my truck but after putting one in the cavity behind the grommet it sure looked like the bolt was too long.
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