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  1. Dome Light swap?

    yes - they aren't just a bulb, they are definitely mounted
  2. Dome Light swap?

    i'm trying to remember becuz i did this a couple summers ago.... for the front lights i had to drop the over head console. once it was down, pop the dome lights out, put a piece of the blue gel over the bulb and then snap the bulb back into place with the blue gel over the lens. you can see it a bit in this pic.... for the rear lights, i popped the plastic cover off around the lights and just put a piece of the film over the holes the bulbs go thru and then snapped the cover back in place (don't have a pic of the cover with with film, but here is the rear lights with the cover removed... the clearance of the holes the bulbs go thru is minimal - so once you add the gel you really have to push to get stuff to snap back together - but it will work
  3. What’s some ideas?

    i'd recommend checking the build section of the forum - there are sooooooooo many awesome ideas in there (i've copied many!!) https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/171-vehicle-builds/ and welcome for the forum!!! nice looking ride!
  4. Dome Light swap?

    i'm not sure if the '18 cabin lights are the same as my '14, but when i wanted to swap i took stuff apart and was stumped. couldn't find anywhere that had a similar 'bulb' and then 'not white' on top of it all. what i did was use a coloured 'gel' (like they use to change the colour of stage/production lights). a friend of my in that industry gave me a bunch of blue gels so i cut some small pieces and just put the gel right over the existing bulbs to make them blue... so stuff like this: coloured lighting gels and this of course then meant that when i added floor lighting that i went with blue....
  5. Park Assist Painting

    i'm pretty sure i remember reading that guys have said it's fine to paint them... but you might want to have that confirmed
  6. Added Bed Lights

    i made the divider... box divider
  7. Added Bed Lights

    on the drivers side of the bed by the tailgate. i have a tonneu cover so i'm not worried about it getting wet and i don't usually haul stuff like rocks or gravel in the box... usually just groceries, hockey gear and band gear i've circled it in the pic below....
  8. Added Bed Lights

    when i did mine, i pulled power from inside the dash and have a switch inside the box to turn them on/off. in the spring i plan on also adding a magnetic switch. the toggle switch will be 'first', that way if i want to leave my tailgate down for a few hours i can still turn the lights off here is what i did: bed lights
  9. this is soooooooooo true (not being able to put a price on some things). my mom loves irises. my dad had bought my mom an iris stained glass window a few years ago that they were going to hang/mount in a window, but the stained glass window broke somehow before my dad could do that (not sure on the story of how it broke). i found the broken stained glass in my dad's shed when i was cleaning it out last winter and asked my mom about it - that's when she told me the story (while crying... sorry mom!) i kinda 'stole' the broken stained glass window and took it to a local glass repair shop. got if repaired and then i built a shadow box for it and wired it with lights. i gave it to my mom for her birthday - she bawled and i might have teared up a bit too. she absolutely loves it and now it hangs in her living room and she always has it illuminated
  10. you might want to contact kemper kustoms. https://www.kempterkustoms.com/new-products/ they made a hitch cover for me and it's AWESOME!! my men's hockey team logo: my hitch cover:
  11. thanks! soooo close... you got the rims (or wheels... i've always known them to be rims... but i guess other guys call them wheels): moto metal mo951 20x10 tires are 35" hercules terra trac mud terrain
  12. i don't think the handles and mirror caps will overdo it. this is my truck...
  13. not really memorabilia, but stuff i always want to keep in my garage... two years ago this past week my mom and dad called us all together for a 'family meeting'. that was one of the worst 'meetings' i could ever ask for - my dad told us he was terminal with liver cancer he passed away a little over 7 months later. as sucky as that time was, we made the absolute most of it and i wouldn't trade it for anything. my dad made sure pretty much all of his tools made it to my place and now they sit in my garage. i use them tons and every time i use them i'm sure he's looking down smiling at me. doing projects with my dad was were we shared so many good times and memories.
  14. in my best 'french canadian' accent (coming from a guy that lives in western canada! ha!) "shoot da puck" "score da goal!"
  15. i also have the recon tail lights - they've been great and i've had them for over 2 years now.

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