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  1. This is what I’ve been scrubbing the interwebs to find. Awesome write up and detail my man!
  2. Thanks! However, I must be doing it wrong. Every time I clink the link it keeps bringing me back to this thread!
  3. Here’s my two cents. Like most on this forum I was trying to save a buck. I had an IO4 4.2” screen in my 2015 2500 Sierra. Although I preferred the OEM setup, I didn’t want to do the IO4 to IO5/6 swap because of the up front $1,000 to $1,500. So, I found a Linkswell Gen 3 T-Style radio at half price. Usually I am pretty skeptical of aftermarket radios (even reputable ones). However, the seller was very reputable and I’ve bought from them before. I really liked the radio and it had a lot of functions that I wanted. A year passes by and the radio starts to malfunction. Although out of the warranty period, the seller is helping me as an intermediary with Linkswell. Long story short, Linkswell can’t/won’t help me. They couldn’t even repair it because they don’t have a repairer anymore. So, I source a HMI and 8” screen from a salvage yard. I sent the HMI to WAMS for programming, Chris was even able to provide a radio. Don’t mess with the aftermarket mess. Email Chris at WAMS whether you use his all brand new option for the IO4 to IO5/6 swap or go the salvage option. He’ll do a professional job and back his work.
  4. I currently looking at doing the same thing. I saw a post (with no pics) on how to remove the faceplates and blue tics and recover with transparent film.
  5. I’ve always bought from eBay as well. I wondered if there was much difference between Morimito and eBay. Didn’t really look like much of a difference to me either.
  6. I like those a lot. Looking to do something similar with my AT clone
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