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  1. You need to dremal the plastic rivets and epoxy things back together
  2. Always painted. Black plastic looks unfinished and cheap - which is exactly what it is
  3. If you PM me your address, I will ship you a new adjuster. I won't be home for a week however.
  4. The adjuster consists of a ball and socket joint mounted to a gearset that allowed you to adjust it. Take the headlight out and you will find that the adjuster is removable with a quarter turn counter clockwise. You will see the arm with the ball on it. Extend it out fully by turning the adjuster and insert it back into the headlight, feeling it click back into the socket joint. Carefully adjust it in slightly to make room for you to reinstall the adjusted into the headlight housing. Adjust carefully or you will pop it out again, but no lasting damage should have been done
  5. Ordered some new parts for the big Denali Royalty Core RCX Grille all gloss black with gloss black studs And the LED Halo for the lightbar from LEDConcepts
  6. Install the Diode Dynamics LED DRL replacements
  7. They're unreal. The clear lens and tuning for the color band was so worth it,
  8. 260 for 20 minutes. I can open the headlights in half an hour a pop. TRS has the straight adapters, as does eBay.
  9. DRLs only come on when vehicle is in gear, thats totally normal.
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