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  1. I have been able to take the old rear bumper off but cannot get the new one on.  How did you gain the extra couple of inches for the bracket to fit?  I see in your photo you are lifting up on something near the spare tire holder.  Can you give me some additional insight?  JB


  2. LTZ. I don't want to get into all of that. I like my low beam setup. Im just looking for a good LED or high performance halogen recommendation. Thanks you though.
  3. Hi guys. I have the morimoto HID kit in my 15 Silver low beams, but don't want HID highs. I put some LEDs in the highs but they really don't do that good of a job as high beams. My question to those of you who have upgraded your headlights and are not running HIDs in your highs, what did you go with as high beams? Am I best off just using a good halogen in there or is there an LED you would recommend that does a good job in the 14-15 Silverado high beam housings. Thanks!
  4. Frame rusting

    They all rust here and there. Mine did. Yours has more than mine, but it's just surface rust. It's not affecting the integrity of the structure. Even if you did nothing about it, it would take a very long time to compromise structure. That being said, what I did was go over the rust with a wire brush and got all the loose flakes off. I then painted it with Permatex rust converter. Once that dried for about 24 hours, I applied Daubert Nox Rust, which is the factory wax coating. It looks brand new. One question in your situation is what product did they spray on your frame. Some of the products degrade the factory wax protective coating and actually leave your frame exposed.
  5. Lo pro tonneaus and using the bed

    Good evidence to show the wife so shell let me get one!
  6. Anyone have the Gator SR2 roll up tonneau cover? Looking to get a nice roll up and this one looks nice plus easy to install. Looking for reviews on durability, functionslity, and effectiveness at keeping out water. Thanks!
  7. Everything installed fine. And I used the appropriate torx bit. One of the screws was so tight in there that the head began to strip, that's all. Good lord. I need one screw. Thought maybe someone would know the info on the screws to help me out so I can just order some or go pick one up without having to try to match. I dint have any problem doing that, just thought maybe someone would know. Just looking for a little help. Geez.
  8. Anyone know the size (not head size) of the torx screws that secure the corner steps and the bottom corners of the step pad into the bumper? Like the M number, diameter and length? They screw into U nuts so they have to be the exact size. I stripped one out swapping out one of my corner steps. Thanks, Jeff
  9. New bumper and pad

    Or does that retainer thing attach to the metal part of the bumper? Sorry for all the questions I just want to be able to get this done and not break anything lol
  10. New bumper and pad

    Thanks! Do I need a new retainer for the spare tire thing for the new step pad? Or does the old one transfer over to the new step pad? I guess I can't figure out the mechanism there since I haven't pulled the bumper apart yet.
  11. Ok guys, I am replacing my rear bumper bar and top plastic pad. I want to do the work myself. I watched the video on how to take off the bumper and will also raise the bed to make it easier to do so. I don't think it will be too hard to get the old one off or the new one back on. What I am concerned about is the new plastic pad obviously does not come with the tube/flip-up "door" for the spare tire and also the flip-up "door" and housing for the trailer plug receiver. Has anyone replaced the bumper plastic pad on their truck and swapped the spare tire tube/access flap and the plug housing/access flap? I read that i should get a new retainer ring from the tire tube but im not sure how either assembly attaches to a new plastic step pad/new bumper. If anyone out there has any experience with this could help me out that'd be awesome, thanks!!!!
  12. How did you get the tire tube to come out. Does it just slide out?
  13. Does anyone know what color gm uses to paint the sensors and brackets that come with the chrome bumpers? The are silver but is it actual silver ice metallic or something else?

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