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  1. Two quick questions: Is a catch can the same thing as an oil separator or is this any additional benefits to one or the other? Also is anyone running the JLT 3.0 Oil Separator? Pros and Cons https://www.jlttruecoldair.com/jlt-3-0-oil-separator-2014-18-chevy-gmc-trucks-suvs-with-5-3l-v8/ Been reading up on the concept and thinking of putting one on my 2018 5.3 silverado. Thanks in advance!
  2. Does this really make a difference? I always regret CAI after i get them cause i wasted a decent chunk of change on basically some some but they do make the engine sound good. I've been debating on picking one up for my 18.
  3. Quick question and someone point me into the right direction on the dome light wire on the BCM. i want to add additional lighting to come on with the dome lights. Also whats the best way to tap that wire/ Is there anyway to do so without cutting into the factory harness? Thanks
  4. So i was looking for a shackle mount tow hook replacement for my truck and realized AMI Styling sell one for the 2019 silverado 1500 does anyone know if the mounting it the same on the 16-18 silverado 1500. i'm running a valance delete so not worried about length. Thanks https://amistyling.com/demon-brackets-chevy-19-silverado-1500-19-gmc-sierra-1500
  5. Can you take a side shot showing if they stick out any side profile wise? thanks
  6. That a good idea! Im guessing the steps are easy to remove just a few bolts. Thats a sharp looking truck love the black and red
  7. is anyone running something other than the putco or opt7 bar?
  8. They look good are they up as tight as they go? I feel like the D6's are even a bit tighter to the rockers.
  9. i like how these hug the body just wish the ends tapered in a bit. They look great tho
  10. So I'm in the market for some running boards to help others get in the truck/stop the wear on my door sills. Whats my options on a running board that's tight fitting to the rockers don't want to give up to much and don't really want to spend over a grand for power steps either. Just looking for suggestions i like the dominator d6's but have read several stories of them coming damaged so just seeing whats out there. Thanks in advance!
  11. Love the D6's just curious did they come with any damage? Where did you order them? i want a set but keep reading stories of them coming scratched and dented. Thanks
  12. Looks great i see you have a different spare what size is that? any mod to fit it?
  13. I really like the D6's im in the market for some boards to help others get in and out. These are what i want but i just hear everyone that gets them there damaged so im undecided
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