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  1. Hello, I have a question... do you have any experience tuning a vehicle where the owner was running tcw3, 2-stroke oil in their fuel at a 1oz to 5 gal (540:1) or similar? If so, what kind of readings did the logs show? Would you recommend this for performance? thanks
  2. Does anyone have dyno numbers from before & after a 87/89 octane tune for a 5.3?
  3. Very interesting conversation, anyone have any experience with GATE gasoline? Is it any good or should it be avoided ?
  4. ANY one have any success with rustoleum products in undercarriage/ frame? ... Michigan winters = rust. I was thinking of trying the rustoleum rust remover from Wally World for only five bucks
  5. I would be interested but I literally just picked up a moroso catch can
  6. I have a diablo Sprint, pretty much same exact thing. Has a red light though
  7. alright, just pulled the trigger on a black bear tune, I can't wait to receive the tune.... I'm fired up !!!!!
  8. I am definitely ready to pull the trigger on a black bear tune, but cannot decide between the traditional or autocal. I have a mostly stock set up, flowmaster, vette servo and modular intake tube are the only upgrades I have done. What would you recommend?
  9. Hello, I am also new to the forum as well. Proud owner of a stealth grey 2009 Sierra 1500 4x4 'Motor City Edition' truck !
  10. I know I am late to the game, but I am now convinced! Black bear tune it is!!!
  11. Hello Do you know if any events will be held in Florida or Georgia in the future ? thanks
  12. 75k miles on my 09 Sierra, no oil burning issues to speak of. Did the valve cover swap, added an oil catch can and got a range afm disabler once I got on this forum and realized how many people were having issues. I figured this is cheap insurance just in case oil consumption did start. I did notice a big oil stain on the block underneath spark plug 1 when I changed my plugs last year, that was before I added the mods stated above. No new stains since.
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