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  1. I emptied my JLT 2.0 catch can for the first time since installation. I had only put 2500kms on. I bought the one with the extension sleeve. Fortunately I did as it was filled up to the extension sleeve seam. Looked like chocolate milk. Glad I did this install!
  2. I run 285/55/20 on my 18 Sierra Elevation. I would say no rubbing, but one time backing up at full lock going over a bump I heard a touch. I run Toyo Open Country C/T's which are a commercial truck version of the A/T's. I noticed at least 1 L/100km (about 2.5mpg) less on hwy. Up to you and what you need. The Toyo's I have are winter rated and "10 ply". I live in Canada and tow a trailer for work. I also like the more aggressive look, so the mileage drop in no way bothers me. If I didn't care for the look and lived in a better climate and never went off road, I would definitely have kept the Continentals that came on it. Quieter and better economy. My .02c
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