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  1. LOL i hear you brother. they just blow off customers as this is normal operation. Has anyone hear been contacted by a member here claiming to be a law firm in London Ontario. wanting to talk to people that have had issues with these transmissions? They contacted me wanting to know more about these issues i was having. they said theres a class action law suit in the USA. Thinking there trieng to set one up here maybe thats why they want to speak to customers of thes vehicles.
  2. Lol welcome to the club. All you guys forget about what the service advisors tell you. There all former mechanics that haven’t been under a hood I’m years. Dealerships bump them up to service advisors so they can upsale services most probably don’t need. Your transmission and hard shifting will never go away regardless of how many re-learns and trans flushes they do. It’s a bad designed transmission . They won’t put out a recall as it’s not a safety issue they will just keep stinging you along with let’s try this let’s try that. In the end they will tell you it’s normal operation. You really think the tech is talking to gm tech support about a fix for your transmission there trying to get confirmation if they can change out the entire transmission for a new one which is no better it will string along for awhile and do the same thing . It’s not that your trans is a defective one. There all defective (bad design) . So you would be getting the same crap installed and the dealer makes more money off of warranty. That’s all.
  3. Well you seem to be one of the few that have had good results. Bad design is a bad design . We should not have to go through all this crap after spending over 60 grand. Again they should be ashamed of themselves
  4. Come back after a few weeks you’ll be pissed it will be back . Sorry just the way it is read all the previous posters posts. Everybody in the same boat or should I say wobbling barg truck. Lol
  5. New TSB is 18-NA-355 not the old TSB which was triple flush the trans. If they did that triple flush that's useless. the new TSB requires a dump of the old fluid and exchange with Mobile 1 lv HP synthetic oil, but I don't think a trans oil change will fix the transmission issues these gm trucks have. its just a string along till warenty is up that's all. they cant even figure it out what does that tell you. Just a bad design.No oil or updates are going to fix this junk.
  6. LOL welcome to the club my 2017 has the harsh shifts 1-2 and shuttering. went to the dealer 3 times. truck sits there a whole day for the idiots to tell me the updates are done. Why do you think they have 0 %/84. months. there tring to get rid of all these trucks to unsuspected buyers. I don't think there is one person that I have spoken to that owns a sierra or chevy that doesn't have a problem.
  7. Does anyone know if there doing this TSB 18-NA-355 here in Canada. My dealer called me yesterday after i complained to the owner about them booking me in and not doing the fluid exchange with the new Mobile 1 HP fluid. Service managed emailed me back and said they would do that TSB for me to give them another chance to make good. they also said they would give me a loaner truck while it was being done. Iam sceptical whether they even have this fluid yet here in canada. or are they just tring to get me in the service bay again. Can anyone confirm if GM has this fluid in stock here in Canada? Part number is 1935349 i beleive.
  8. wasting your time . I was just there today to do the trans flush with the Mobile 1 HP fluid. I was re assured by the service manager that he would do the so called fix. So I drop the truck off last nite. I called around 2 pm in the afternoon he tells me there was no shutter so the 18-NA-355 TSB cant be done. WTF I said my truck sat there all day after you tell me there doing this fix> Now you tell me its not being done. There reply was the transmission is normal operation. So they drove my truck 25 klm all day probably when for luch with it. kept it there all day only to tell me there are no updates which I already knew and no trans flush so basically a waste of time. there plain liers at the dealerships especially at the service departments. its all about how many customers they can reel in and rip off or charge GM under warrenty.
  9. 1000 miles ? No kidding mine was good for about that too. Then one day rolling out slow from a gas station BANG like someone rear ended me. First thing my dealer service guy said it’s an adaptive transmission . Try not to let off the gas when you roll away . He told me to adjust my driving habits . Lol . I don’t even know how any idiot in his right mind could even say that . They must be brainwashed to believe this crap even themselves. 58 Grand to adjust my driving habits to a vehicle. All I can say is that this day and age with all the forums and internet searches the days of fooling customers is over. They should wake up . Cus there truck line is we’re the money is at for them . There car lines are ugly other than corvette and Camaro .
  10. check out all the issues with the transmissions you may change your mind.
  11. Honestly your better off just trading in for another truck manufacturer. Your going to waste your time and get so frustrated. gm will never admit to a shotty design build on these transmissions. they should be ashamed of themselves. Thats why they offer 0/84 financing the banks get a a cut of the sales of the trucks. thats how they offer that financing. If you look at my earlier posts. not much can be done with the trans. they brush you off as normal operation. I will never buy a GM product again. I know every manufacturer has problems ,but you can usually get them remedied. I had a Ram with an 8 speed. could`t even here it shift through all the gears. spread the word about these crappy truck designs to everyone you now. Maybe Gm will wake up and do the right thing.
  12. They couldn`t even get the 8 speed Transmission right and still tell customers it because its an adaptive transmission. I can make the truck shift with a bang every time now. there is no fix. all the fluid flushes with Mobile 1 synthetic converter replacements Updates relearns wont do a thing. Its a bad design. Ive spoken to many Techs in the industry that are employees and all same the same thing. There horrible they get dozens in a week with same complaints. there told to go thought the same steps - flushes relearns torque converter change - outs. all temp fixes some had transmissions replaced only for them to do the same thing. Bad design is a Bad design. You can Change all the parts you want. still going to run the same. even they dont want to admit it. all they can say is hope your dealership has taken care of your issue. LOL what a joke.
  13. Like the truck just don’t like all the issues and potential issues that will develop down the line. I can understand some minor issues when it’s a new build but the truck don’t run right by the time you get it home from the dealer. I have always been a GM guy but how can I stay loyal with all the problems they have . If they would at least fix the issues properly instead of just brushing it off as it’s normal operation. The lies about “we don’t see many with transmission issues” really it’s all over the internet everybody with same issues. There response is don’t believe what you read on the net. So everybody all over the country just wake up and post these same problems with transmissions with same symptoms Out of the blue . I had a ram 1500 sure it had a few issues but company fixed problems correctly didn’t hide behind there known trans or other problems and fool customers into thinking it’s normal . They just don’t want to make it a recall as it’s not a safety issue so just string along everyone
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