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  1. Thanks CamGTP Ya I was thinking the same. Just wanted to see if anyone used the original as opposed to aftermarket. ive done quite a few over the years also really never had an issue with aftermarket. Sometimes there better than original OEM. Just look at mine not even 60,000 Klm on my truck and its gone. So far Ive had oil cooler lines done valve body in Transmission - power brake pump - rear top light for leaks - shark fin leak - fold in drivers mirror - New exhaust for the adaptive valve flapping around. rear sliding window track leak. plus a bunch of recalls. GM is really making crap these days. Funny thing is the dealer service guys tell you we don`t see these trucks in for much!!! YA OK (REALLY) seriously thinking to sell the truck. i know every make has some issues but it seems every time i have an issue with my truck there`s 100 rd of people maybe thousands all with the same issues.
  2. Well just developed the Rad Leak on my truck. this week it was in for the transmission they replaced the valve body for the 1-2 hard shift. needless to say truck still slamed into 2 gear right after leaving the dealership. Now i have the rad leak and not sure if they will cover it under the powertrain warrenty. (probably Not). SO dealer says it will be approx 1200 to repalce rad. i SAID YA I DONT think so. Should i get another GM Rad and thermostat with housing? Is there an updated rad and thermostat? or should i go with an aftermarket rad and stat. Buddy of mine has a goodyear center can get the rad Spector Brand for 240.00 plus 40 for thermostat.with housing. going to change it myself this weekend. anyone have a suggestions as to using original rad or should i use an afermarket. if i go with original will the max tow rad fit as another option for better cooling. Has anyone done this mod. Also if someone could post the original Rad product number and thermostat housing? thanks
  3. Can you put the max tow radiator in a truck without the max tow package? I Have the brake controller in my truck. Its an All Terrain. Would this be considerd a max tow rad for this truck? Thanks
  4. Installing a dash cam with the parked detection feature. So the drivers fuse panel does anyone know which fuse is constant hot? i know about the large 50 amp fuse for switched power but i also need a constant hot fuse tap for the parking feature. anyone know which fuse is safe for add a fuse to tap into for constant hot.
  5. LOL LOL LOL You sound like my dealership when i tell them all the issues that these trucks have are all documented on the internet all over the world. They say you cant believe everything you hear on the internet. LOL that`s what they teach the techs at the training seminars. Unbelievable
  6. 2017 and my warranty is up in august. Anybody try using a pry bar and gently prying it to make the weld pop. it would be a way to see if its weak.
  7. That’s how I feel . In an age we’re technology is involving daily we should not be having these issues. Especially as some have problems right off the get go. It’s one thing to have all this technology but it worthless if quality is not put into the product. Yes everything fails eventually but let be real at least it should last a few years As least. The order op’ state get it fixed and move on . Yeas that would be great but the problem is we take them in and they can’t or won’t fix them they say” it’s normal operation”
  8. The only good thing that came from them finding your electrical issue is now they know when the next one come in with same issue. My point is Gm nows all the issues on the trucks are the same but they refuse to admit there is a problem either with there suppliers of parts quality. I agree the older trucks pre 2008 were great . I’ve been in the automotive industry as an independent for over 35 years. My older truck was great other that normal wear and tear. Ew is not always better.
  9. Lol “a hand full” you can scout every forum and even Edmonds reviews along with other sites regarding these trucks. Same issues across the board. I suggest you remember these posts next time your truck fails bet you it will be one of the same issues everybody else is having.
  10. In the process. you wouldn`t believe how much they depreciate. I`am thinking people are doing there research on these trucks. realisticly I donrt think there is any brands that really have any quality. Always been a North American truck guy. But times have changed. I may just lease from now on and get rid of them after lease. But Gm will be the last vehicle I would ever buy. I understand things break , but not the first week. I have had nothing but problems with this junk. Its time there were class actions here in Canada also for there products. Seems the states build them there and ship them here without any accountability on there products. We as Canadians just pay and pay. At least the States have some balls to go after them for there shoddy builds.
  11. Get rid of it. I have a 2017 All Terain. Nothing but problems. Brake pump oil cooler lines transmission shifts like a farm Tractor. rusting running boards. Dash that makes a sound like a stone hits windsheild on hyway. power seat sloppiness.shark fin leaked rear top stop light leaked. rattling adaptive valve on exhaust. List WILL go on. Have a friend that`s a gm Tech. All the things that fail all fail on these platforms. hes accually gave me a list of things that go. problem is they replace under warrenty same for same so few years down the line fail again usually off of warranty. Gm dropped the ball on these trucks. Alot of die hard fans on gm on these boards are living in denial. they will all fail with same issues on all chevy`s and gmc`s. there 60,000 grand rattle boxes.
  12. Ford is being sued for there transmissions also? are they similar ? 8 or 10. what symptoms are the ford ones having?
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