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    9 hour detail session on the truck. Interior vacuumed, leather conditioned, floor liners cleaned, engine bay detailed, foam bath, hand dry, full clay bar, and extreme depth carnauba wax + x seal, windows cleaned and topped off with extreme wheel shine.
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    Be careful... pulling a pgamboa means you’re truck will never be 100% intact. LOL!! [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had my front valance off for a while and was really happy with it but still wanted it to be even at the bottom, so I cut the bottom of the valance off and reinstalled it. Got the idea from Swirvn
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    Painted my moustache Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Try out the red mustache see if I like it, going to take another swing at getting my tow hooks off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mmmm payment shoppers... a stealership's wet dream. Lol
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    This sounds like one of those adds that gets you into the dealership and once you get there they tell you it was sold.
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    Installed...thanks Chris White!
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    I used some black mouse pad material , carefully cut with rounded corners, attached with silicone adhesive, no more noise and hardly noticeable.
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    Right. But if you have a trailer back there it is difficult on some to drop a normal tailgate as well. So just don’t do it with a trailer. Now if you drive around with a hitch and ball sticking up that may be considered negligence then. Sent from device. Excuse errors.
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    The mustache. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My OCD tendency got the best of me. Found a center console lid that has the double white stitching that matches my seats. The only issue is that is didn’t have the wireless charging module. So I swapped over the module and made a video on it. Some pics too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked up a set of brand new replicas to replace my factory wheels and immediately the truck began to wobble at 45mph then shook like hell at 65mph.Soon as we tried known working set of wheels the problem would go away.Then the moment we introduced even one of the four replicas into the mix the shake would start right back up which is how we discovered it wasnt an issue with any one wheel but rather with all of them.We balanced them three times at different locations and they always checked out good for runout and balance but never rode smooth on the road.These really had us chasing our tails measuring drive line angles and driveshaft balance thinking it was the infamous chevy shake problem but it was not.I know alot of guys use replicas with no issues but I would be very careful running them especially the OE Creations brand.Hopefully this helps someone
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    I changed my front differential and transfer case fluid the other day and I was surprised at how many shavings that were in there. I did it at 3K in order to put my favorite fluids in there. I used Liqui Moly Full Synthetic 75W-90 in the front and Top Tec 1800 (Dexron-VI equivalent) in the transfer case. Most people wouldn't really be doing this as early as I am, but I was bored and my buddy had the differential in his Silvy with 15k on it lock up because the factory didn't fill it enough! So anyway, to my surprise, there were quite a few filings on there, much more than I would expect with a truck with 3k on it. Nothing big on there (no chunks), but the magnet was definitely full on the transfer case. The front differential (which doesn't get exercised much) had little on it. I'll be doing the rear differential when the extra fluid shows up since I underestimated! Edit: I forgot to mention, I also did this because I bought it new and wanted to get any break-in shavings and manufacturing oils out of there.
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    Been lurking here for awhile, just wanted to read and learn before I asked any questions. Traded my 12’ Ram 2500 6.7 for my 17’ SLT. Rides so much nicer.
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    Your truck looks great and mine looks dirty. Good job. It must not be too hot in Massachusetts. Not sure I could spend 9 hours on my truck this time of year in East Tennessee. In the 90's and humidity makes it feel above 100. I spent about 5 hours in the pool if that counts for anything.
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    How can you use it offline? I thought it required a data connection. Im not a tech guy so I'm sure there is a lot I dont know. I just think for the cost of the truck the nav system should give you a couple alternative route options. Is there really no way to get that?
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    when i did my ambient lighting i just tapped into a fuse that has power when the truck is on. so the lights are always on when the truck is running - they're LEDs so i'm not too worried. something you might want to consider is to add a dimmer (and make sure the lights you are putting in are dimmable). i found my ambient lights too bright for driving at night (they light up the footwells and the little cubby holes on either side of the center console) when i did the ambient footlighting i just used a string of 3 LEDs... passenger side: driver's side - the illuminated LEDs are the ambient. the other string comes on with the dome lights (when the doors open) and this is a brightness comparison: door LEDs: ambient LEDs:
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    Took the valence off last night for a little change of pace.
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    Ford doesn't. The largest tires offered on a 2018 Ford F-150 are LT275/65R18's. Any tire larger than that would constitute an "oversized tire". If you install a lift kit or "oversized tires" on your 2018 F-150, Ford says the following: This a direct quote from the warranty guide for a 2018 Ford F-150. https://owner.ford.com/tools/account/how-tos/owner-manuals-search-results.html?year=2018&make=Ford&model=F-150 Ram offers up to a 33" tire stock. The largest wheel and tire combo available on a 2018 Ram 1500 is LT285/70R17 or P275/60R20. FCA does sell a ridiculously overpriced Mopar lift kit for Ram 1500 trucks. For $984.00, Mopar will sell you a 2" lift (Part #P5155797). With it, you could install 35's, but what does the warranty for the lift say? In the Mopar lift kit's warranty fine print they say: Wow, a 2-inch lift that costs $984.00 isn't covered under warranty at all. FCA/Mopar then goes on to state: So while Ram 1500's can fit 35's with a small lift, the modifications required to fit 35's, even when using official Mopar parts to lift the truck, can void your warranty. Damage to the weak Ram IFS, the steering system, transmission, etc can easily be blamed on the little 2" lift they sold you.
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    Guys, -UPDATE- I dropped my truck off at the dealership because the noise was the worst it has ever been. Well as I'm on my way to the dealership of the course it goes away and they can't replicate it. I did take a video when it was doing it so I had that to show them. Well anyways they reported it to GM and asked what they should do and it turns out that GM has created a service bulletin 6 weeks ago looking into a fix. Their engineers are currently looking into all options. They claim it is related to the Active Fuel Management. Which in turn is affecting the transmission, drive quality, and everything else that is tied in with fuel delivery ect. So, fingers crossed it gets resolved soon. The dealer is going to contact me when they come up with a fix. They told me the bulletin was for 2017 and 2018 models of Sierra/Silverados. It was for the V6 and both V8. I was to the point where I was going to start test driving Fords. I guess I will wait a month or so.
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    Been wanting to make a top end video of my truck with the ProCharger. Trying to fight that wall of air the truck is pushing is a constant battle. No vibrations or issues. They do a 1/2 mile race at one of the airports near me. If I can find a set of tires for it I might give it a try next year.
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    Please excuse the mess during the remodel. Installation and operational details to follow soon. Real soon.
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    To the op, I too was leery when I purchased my 2014 crewcab with 6.2 and 3.73 max tow package. The then new DI engine with AFM was an unknown deal and I had intended to have it disabled if it gave me any problems. It never did. Truck now has 60K and it still runs and operates as smoothly with the AFM active as the day the truck so new. And that includes pulling a 7K trailer on occasion. The switching between 4-8 cylinders is seamless and has never drew attention. Engine runs strong as ever, doesn't use oil, and gives me an actual 17 MPG average. Now, maybe I'm one of the lucky ones, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.
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    This is mine. 14 ltz z71. Almost every option except the 6.2. Absolutely love this truck.
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    ***VACATION MODE*** I will on vacation on from 7/12 - 7/21. All booked Mirror Harness orders have been shipped. Thank you all for the continued support! I will have access to the inter webs so I will periodically monitor things. LOL. I will also be accepting orders while on vacation but won't be able to begin building until I return. All booked orders will be processed in the order they came in. If core harnesses are received during this time, I will process those as soon as I return. Thanks everyone! -Phil
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    it's awful... if your gonna build something like that, build it right, not with a bunch of tacked on fender flares and horrid grill. Pic courtesy of Fiberwerx.com
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    I don't know if that statement accurately assesses the value of AFM. Many of the people who disable it do so because they have either tuned, or lifted/leveled with larger tires and/or modified exhaust and probably drive a certain way. Let's hear from some people who disabled AFM on an otherwise stock truck and see if it made any difference for them. AFM is only useful for those who are fuel conscious. The bulk of people on this forum are more concerned with the look & sound of the truck. I would estimate that said group probably doesn't care or want the v4 mode anyway.
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    The idea of running cylinders as necessary is brilliant, imo. There may be some "growing pains" but the idea is sound. I remember when engines were introduced that burned "unleaded fuel only" were wrought with criticism. I'm sure the introduction of EFI (electronic fuel injection) had haters as well. Reduced fuel consumption is a good thing whether it is mandated or not as it leaves more money in my pocket.. Being easier on the environment is a bonus!
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    Seals are covered under the 5 year , 100,000 mile drive-train warranty.
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    Nope. sadly they are wrong. There is no BCM flash that will move circuits. You’ll waste your time. And $. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Apologize for the double post, I hit the wrong button. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So if that's the mustache, what the heck is this... the dental dam. Maybe we should start a new topic where we give all the truck parts names. Now that could be interesting..
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    ill never go back to anything less than a crew cab
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    I wanted a crew cab (kids and car seats) and standard bed (hauling) when I was looking. I found very few in that configuration so I had to end up ordering mine. Crew cab, standard bed, Max Trailering package is what I wanted, and ended up ordering. I love it though!
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    Not sure if Black Bear Performance can tune it. Doesn't hurt to ask them. Other options is to look on YouTube to see what others might have done and posted them.
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    get 2 more cylinders
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    Been under my truck all day, the chrome on the front was a Big Pain In The A$$ to get off! Also took off the lower part of the air dam Before After Also got one tow hook off, went to the next tried to take the part of the “frame/bracket” out of the way but thing wouldn’t budge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And thanks. Skid plate it is even if it's worthless as a skid plate
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    Nissan called, wants their Titan back
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    Good call. For those of you old enough to remember the tv show "Married with Children," I feel like we're all Peg with her whining voice saying "Phiiiiillll, can you...?" Like when she used to say "Aaaaaal, can you rub my feat...?"
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    i still haven't found time to do this~..grrr... . but i will be tapping the dome lamp... .. i want them to fade out.. i like rolling dark!
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    My 18 6.2, 323, 8 speed works flawlessly (knock on wood) and with new heavier aftermarket Fuel 20X9’s wrapped with 33’s KO2’s, 2.25 front level, 1” added rear and I get 22-23 mpgs on road trips. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That was a 4-speed though right? The 8L90 has much more aggressive gear reduction compared to the 4L60 or even the 6L80. By doing that, it makes the axle ratio much less important. The 8-speed+ 3.23's has a better final drive in every gear compared to a 4L60 + 4.55's.
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    We would never recommend replacing hub assemblies as maintenance items. Unless they have play, make noise, or the ABS sensor is shot, there's no need to replace them.
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    If only GM was listening. This is by far, the BEST advice out there! ;) @GMCustomerService, the GM-Truck community has spoken. I will gracefully accept a donated 2019 GM Silverado or Sierra for the purposes of continued community support. Lower trim would be best please so we can see what can be done to them
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    Goal of my upgrades was to have a better "stock" look, not void my factory warranty (still some risk), and actually have a truck that could go down a fairly rocky dirt road such as in a National Park. Stock truck rode perfectly on pavement but off-road bounced so much that it felt like the truck was ripping itself, and me, apart at just 20 mph. What I ended up doing is like what GM is now doing with their "Trail Boss" package (package has 2" lift, 33" tires, Off-road struts/shocks, skid plate, Eaton locker rear end--I think). This forum was key to helping me and I want to give back and hope it helps others in any possible way. Other site I used was "CustomOffsets.com" gallery--I tried posting these photos there recently but they no longer allow "stocker" truck postings. Summary: Bilstein 5100s front (highest setting) and rear. Stock rear blocks. Toyo MT Load Range "E" model (exactly 33 x 12.7 per Toyo site). Stock GMC rims (18 x 8.5; +24mm offset; NO spacers). Bilsteins: I got 1.5 inch lift in the front (others are reporting getting more than that). It would look better to me with another 3/4" but I got what I got and don't want to add anything other than the Bilsteins due to my GM warranty concerns. Bilsteins eliminate the body roll in turns, take bigger dips great, and have cut my dirt road driving bounce in half versus stock--they ride fine on highways at speed also. Given the Toyo MTs have such deep tread and have some "tire squirm" in higher speed turns (ex: highway entrance ramp), the elimination of body roll with Bilsteins is very helpful to keep the truck "planted" so it doesn't feel like it will get away from you. I also think the Bilsteins are better for the suspension because the Toyo MTs weigh twice as much as the stock tires and the Bilsteins handle that weight better. Toyo MTs: I have not had any rub except for on the liner on the passenger side and it was only at full lock--one zip tie fixed that. I have at least 1/2 inch clearance on sway bar and upper control arms in all directions at full lock and with the suspension "articulated" as in an off-road situation. For you tire shoppers, I did NOT have to do any NorCal mod and do NOT have any rubbing, but if the tire diameter was any greater than 33", I would have had one point of contact on the driver side at full lock with suspension articulated--again, I have no rubbing with what I bought. Each of these trucks seem to have slight build variations. Some folks report using greater diameter tires but my truck would have an issue with any bigger diameter tire. It is critical to look at the exact tire specs for each tire considered on the respective manufacturers website as well--one might be labeled 33 x 12.5 but only be 12" wide. For looks, I wanted a "wide" tire also along with that aggressive and functional tread design (I do not tow and am never in snow) and sidewall puncture resistance. Never had off-road tires before and was surprised at how fine the Toyo MT rides, even at 80 mph (I am a lifetime Michelin LTX guy before this as comparison). Tires have triple ply sidewalls and the tread is beautiful but it does burn off quicker than you would like it to--you gotta pay to play.
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    Couple bucks of tinted vinyl really changes the look of the front. Few more dollars transforms the interior.
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