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    My 2 Cents Forgot to put oil back in it. Started it to park it. Motor damaged. Tried to start it, ruined the starter trying to turn over a damaged motor. Added oil and now a noise. Then discovered lack of oil damaged the motor.
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    Just picked up a 2020 High Country with the 6.2L, I love it!
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    Took a few pics today after installing my AVS hood protector.
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    I'll throw my work truck in there 2014 High Country 6.2L Full air ride with 3 link wishbone Accuair e-level Colormatched front end Painted mirror caps and debadge 26x9 and 26x12 billet specialties
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    Finally got a chance to put on the new tent
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    Here's some pictures of the most recent, long awaited 3500 Dually.
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    https://www.tfltruck.com/2020/01/only-one-truck-crushes-it-2020-ford-f-350-vs-gmc-sierra-3500-hd-vs-the-worlds-toughest-towing-test-ike-gauntlet-video/ no surprise given its down on torque by 140ft lbs. really disappointed GM didn’t update this engine along with the new body. This is what sets the Ford and GM sales apart. Ford throws everything at their trucks while GM plays games.
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    I got the update yesterday as well. Was really wishing they included the rear window leak bug fix in this release. Maybe it'll be in the next update.
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    Considering how many times the Duramax has blown the Ford AND Dodge out of the water, it was just a matter of time before the Duramax got beat. No big deal. The Duramax/Allison is still the best power train out there reliability wise.
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    Upgraded to the High Country Digital Cluster
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    Had gloss black MO970’s installed yesterday
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    Installed a rear sway bar The red looks sooooo good under the truck. Now I am not jealous of the TRD sway bars on the Tundras!! Feels really solid just driving around normal. I have it in the middle setting. Im going to purchase the front sway bar to match and the whole truck should feel solid even being slightly lifted Clears my full size 33" spare no problem. Air lift bags aren't in the way or anything. Everything fits great. The end-links are adjustable as well for higher lifted trucks, but these will only go up just a few MM more.
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    Added some dirt to the exterior. 100 at the Pacific Ocean over the weekend.
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    Pepper 2015 Silverado RCSB WT1 King Coil overs and shocks, Bell 2" drop spindles, Deaver 3" drop Leaves. Line-X, Lund, Go Rhino, IPSCO, K&P, Deezee, Weathertech, MOOG, 3M & more 107,000 miles and still looks like delivery day inside and out. Dent free. Scratch free. Rust free. Stain free. Trouble free. Still on factory tires (detail photos taken at 100K)
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    Installed the denali instrument cluster on my truck Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    My KO2s became deadly slippery at 30k miles and had to be replaced. They still had plenty of tread, but kind of pointless if they try to kill you in the wet.
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    My truck was only 1 and 1/4” higher in the rear than the front, stock. I kept mine pretty simple, I dialed in an inch on the front. That took out most of the rake. But didn’t put it dead level. I like my tread blocks flush with the fender and not sticking beyond. I went with a 20x9 +12 wheel and a 295/65/20 tire. That tire measures 35.3” tall. Which puts it right in between a 35 and 37. Tires labeled 35, typically measure in mid 34” range and tires labeled 37 typically measure in mid 36” range. I have zero rub. Off road at full lock, I would expect some fender liner rub. But have not encountered it yet.
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    I got a few things done on my 2020 Silverado 2500HD last week. 1) B & W Companion 5th wheel slider hitch with gooseneck 2) Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover 3) Kleinn HK5 Air Horns 4) Front windows tinted (legal) with partial windshield. 5) In-channel AVS window deflectors 6) Installed Silver decals on rear tailgate (Chevrolet) 7) Putco 60 inch tailgate light bar. Still on the list is a front brush guard with lights (none available that I like at this time) & Magnaflow Exhaust not available as of yet.
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    Here it is kids! I will need no response from TXGREEK as we all know AMSOIL is the best! Grumps.....I am also that "guy" so back history on vehicle usage. I drive mainly like you but probably 10-20mph faster, tow nothing and Rev occasionally 4-5K onto on ramps for HWY's etc. Differences would be ambient TEMPERATURES and Stop/Go in Heavy Traffic. Mountain grades are common for the truck too. My experiment from beginning was long OCI on decent Oil. ALWAYS 0W-20 nothing outrageous as Oil's & lubricants have come a long, long way in last few decades. I Have used mainly Mobil 1 EP but have used other major brands too as PRICE dictates my motives. Grumpy asked me if I would ever do a 5k OCI and my response... absolutely NOT! I don't lie but I noticed that in order to end on 100k it would be about 5k for OCI? Whatever what are you gonna do? I won't be doing another 5k that is for SURE! Why? PRICE dictates my motives. As we take a look-see into this dilemma of a V-8 running on Group III+ plus vs. Grumps V-6 on Group 4 we have some hair raising non-anecdotal DATA. Let us remind the viewing audience that Grumps is 267.0sq in VS. My 344.0sq in of Iron walls where the real McCoy's of Lubricating properties show their true colors? Especially, in GDI'S a real nasty environment imo. If anybody cares I guess it would be 22% LESS IRON Walls of friction in V6 vs V8 so I don't want your ONE PECK OF APPLE BASKETS TO GET MIXED UP! If you don't think VI's of Group III's are not high enough and Low enough NOACK's your absolutely drinking the koolaid! My next OCI is going to be done on 1.86 per qt! That is under 15.00 for Lubricant and I get nothing but the biggest smile reading these Highly Well informed Oil Threads!
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    I got rid of the dealership logo’d rear mud flaps and installed the GM molded splash guards. I also removed the vinyl letters on the tailgate that the dealer installed. I also stopped by the Xpel dealer to talk about PPF and ceramic coating.
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    My rear window hasn't leaked yet, my brakes haven't failed, my interior isn't falling apart. 8 months and just shy of 9,000 miles into the ownership experience, the only problem I've had was the SD Card glitch in the Nav system. Happened once and hasn't happened again. I'm happy with my January 2019 Ft. Wayne built Sierra Crew Cab. I can't be the only one who's truck isn't a total piece of crap, can I?
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    My 2020 6.2 Trail Boss finally arrived on Friday! Pic is after first coat of Ceramic Shield.
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    1. When I remote start my '18, I can tell the seats have been on as they're super warm. Of course they're not on after I put the key in and turn the truck on, but they've been running, I can tell. I'd be surprised if they changed that behavior for '20. 2. Heated steering wheel, I guess you have me there. But it only takes 10 seconds to warm up, so net zero issue for me. 3. You got me there, same issue here. Not really a big issue, but something I've gotten used to turning on when I start the truck and it's dark out. 4. Got me there too. I can see how it would make you anxious, but if it hasn't come back you should be alright. By the by you drive around in 2WD mode and not Auto 4WD, right? 5. That's GM truck life for you. It's an average sized tank for a truck this size. FWIW, I get better gas mileage in my '18 Denali with 6.2L than I got in my Chevy SS 6M, and CTS-V Wagon. And the Chevy had a "big" gas tank at just under 18 gallons. CTS-V had a tiny gas tank in comparison. So I went from filling up more than once per week to once per ~2 weeks. 6. Yeah that's sucky. But why are you needing to go over 100MPH in a truck? 7. Yeah that sucks too, but for what it's worth with the GM sprayed in liner stuff still slides around in my bed as well. I have bungie cords that I use on the hooks at the rear of the bed by the hooks to keep things in place when I need them to be. 8. I have no answer to this, but is there a mode that it is switching between when you're scrolling stations? Is this behavior mentioned at all in the manual? Something you can bring up to the service dept. if it's not normal and found in the manual. 9. Well, again it's a truck, I wouldn't expect this behavior in a truck unless it were a Raptor. 10. Yep, auto-stop can suck. But you're living in 2020, and the manufacturers need to try to eke out as much MPG as they can in their vehicles now. Count yourself lucky you can still get a 6.2L V8 in a truck in 2020.
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    2018 GMC SLT Z71 Standard bed, performance tuned 6.2. Fuel 20x9 +1 offset, 33” BFG KO2’s, CST 4.5”-5” Lift with front CST Coil Overs and CST rear Piggy Backs, front CST Skid plate, RollNLock Bed Cover, G2 Rear Diff Cover, etc etc etc... Sent from Above
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    My 2019 custom trailboss and I love it.
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    Yes! Goo Gone. I have a black truck and I used Goo Gone. Can't even tell. I actually had some shadowing in my clear coat that I had to do a Step 3 with but seriously, Goo Gone and a trim removal tool will do the trick. For my shadowing I just used some Meguiar's Scratch X. Looks so much better debadged. Also, some people here have recommended using a 3M eraser wheel with great success, may even be easier than using Goo Gone and elbow grease.
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    Think it all depends on where you are driving, if these were NASCAR trucks, probably would make a huge difference. City driving, you will never notice a difference, and if you are loosing a 1.0 - 1.5 on the freeway, but like how your truck looks without it you won't even care. Day 2 mods are still the best thing about any vehicle, you make it your own.
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    Got my tires today. Didn't want to wait 2 or 3days for the falkens, Cooper. Purchased the Pathfinder AT. Looks good thanks for the help. $777.00 Out the door. Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
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    Have never had so many people comment, wait for me in grocery store parking lots to tell me how much they like the 2019 Trailboss.
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    The Michelin Defenders were originally engineered for higher torque vehicles and are imho the best bang for your buck, they’re not a good snow or OffRoad tire. Sent from Above
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    I don't understand why you guys will not lower the headlights? They are clearly too high from the factory. People are flashing you because your headlights are blinding them. Like I said before... just because "it came that way" doesn't mean that it is right. Go measure it on a wall or garage door. You'll see that they are aimed a tad too high.
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    I have been following this thread for ~ 1 month. I own a 2010 Sierra Denali, and was just about to pull the trigger on a 2019 before the Jan 2 cut off of employee pricing. I though I should start reading some first. Glad I did. My finger is off the trigger for another year. BUT...I was watching a YouTube video of the 2020 Silverado production line. I grabbed some screen shots of the body. I count at least 16 holes of various sizes under that new rear spoiler. That wind driven rain at highway speeds could be getting under that spoiler and dripping down one or more of the various poorly sealed holes under it. Very cool video
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    Bagged by Finesse Concepts out of humble 26x9 26x12 3 link wishbone
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    my buddy took them with his iphone 11. Very professional lol
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    Apparently it's cold outside when your truck starts growing ice Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
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    Removed the air dam. Sure glad I did too, looks like it sits higher and cleaner IMO
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    Thief's want a quick and quite job. Make it noisy and delay the job. Wire your horn to the interior light and install a switch somewhere hidden on the outside of your truck. They may get confused because they think that they have disabled the alarm and run for the woods. so long j-ten-ner
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    Train him well and you're set. And if you want your dog to lick a thief to death, then go this route.
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    I have OnStar but gonna put a tracker on it before I do any major major upgrades to mine, OnStar suckkkkks
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    I keep nothing of value in my truck, just jumper cables, tow strap, ice scraper, small tool set and some clothes. If someone wants to steal my truck, it wouldn't hurt me that bad. I may not have a ride home but I'll get that sweet insurance check and move on to something else lol.
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    Not today, but last week, added bcd 4” at4 lift with fox coilovers and dsc adjusters, 20x10” hostile rage wheels, 35x12.5 Nitto ridge grapplers, amp steps, and corsa exhaust. Loving it!
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    Ok, don't yell, it's a Ford, but it's a classic, 51 year old Cougar, been in the Family since bought new in North Hollywood, Calif. Just got it to spruce the old girl up a bit. Outside & Mechanical are in pretty good shape, interior, well that's another story. all I will say is leaking Heater Core. should keep me busy this winter.
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    I'm running my 275/55s at 45 PSI and they seem to turn better than my oem SRAs
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    This was OTA patched (as was the app) yeeeeears ago ;)
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    I picked up a GM accessory illuminated front bowtie ($275 list price) from the dealer and installed it today. Looks awesome at night! Here is a step by step to show anyone else that wants to install their own. Open the hood and remove the hood safety latch handle, it uses 2 torx bit screws. It needs to be removed to get the upper radiator cover off. Take out the push-pins holding the radiator cover on and then remove it. Then take out the 10mm bolts that hold the top of the grill in. Next pull the top of the grill out, it has a little catch on all the top parts. You have to lift it up then pull it out. Then grab the grill above and below the main bar next to a light and pull the grill away from the light. It is tight and you will probably think you are going to break it but it will come loose. Do the same with the other one. Once the grill is pulled back you can get to the backside of the emblem. Now you can get the old bowtie out, reach in there and 4 tabs hold it in. Just push the tabs and it will pop out. Once it is out put your wiring through the hole, hook up the new bowtie and snap it into place. Now run your wiring along the upper radiator support and in behind the left headlight. Then disconnect the truck headlight connector and connect your illuminted bowtie wiring harness to it, then connect the bowtie harness into the headlight. Secure all the wires and turn on your lights and test it. It should be fully functional. Ok, now you just put everything back together in reverse order. Getting the grill all snapped back in is easier with 2 people to line everything up. Make sure you have all the tabs and pins lined up before you push it in or you could snap them off. The grill is sort of at an angle and you have to lift, line up all pins and tabs and then push it in.
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    I watch you on youtube bro, been subbed for a while.
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    The press release says $2495 because that’s what it costs over the 5.3. A reliable GM diesel you ask about? The Duramax has been a staple in the GM brand now for what 17, 18 years. Did you forget to take your meds before you posted this? Plus in many places diesel is within a couple cents of gas (like mine) and there’s times it’s the same price or cheaper. Just because you don’t want the 3.0 doesn’t mean it sucks and it couldn’t be a god option for other people.
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