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    I've seen a few T1 around the Forum with quad tips and it's been tempting me. I love the look on my Vette and figured I would try it on my truck. Big thanks to @lapoolboy for providing the tips! Getting the factory tips off was a pain but putting the new ones on wasn't bad at all. I've got a friend who's a great welder and he made short work of the project. I really love the way they turned out and they made the exterior sound of my Corsa system just a hair deeper.
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    Installed a Runva 11000 lb winch on a Rough Country winch plate
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    For those of you not following along in the fantastic "What have you done to your T1 today" thread our newest offering for the T1 is on its way
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    Finally got my switches installed for aux LED lighting. Have had this dang panel for almost a year.. Details below! GM Switch Guy on FB makes these panels with the exact parts I used, but he wanted over $100 for the panel and switches. I'm too much of a cheap ass for that and enjoy the challenge. This only works if you don't have factory trailer brakes. I ordered the switch bezel from GMpartsdirect (part #22830877), 4wd switch and room for the trailer brake switch. Using a dremel, cut a square hole a bit smaller than what is shown below, then fine tuned it after taking dimensions of the switch bezel. Switches ordered from OTRATTW. High quality stuff! Might swap out the single upper dependent switches to a lower dependent so the text area is tied into the dash illumination. Reason I didn't do it in the first place is they don't have a lower white LED with upper red LED. Rigid Industries Ignite flush mount pods in the rear step cavity are next. Happy with the clean OEM look for less than $60!
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    Finished up the release version of our automatic heated and cooled seats with auto steering wheel heat
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    Finally picked up truck on 1-13-2021. Since then, I added a Lomax bedcover, EGR in channel Ventshades, Window tint, stubby antenna, carbon fiber overlay decals and dealership installed Rough Country front leveling kit. This Tuesday I am getting some Nitto Ridge Grapplers in 295/60/20 and then the week after that its getting ceramic coated. 2021 AT4 in Satin Steel 3.0L Duramax AT4 Premium Packge Technology Package Driver Alert Package ll AT4 Carbon Pro Power Sunroof Off Road Assist Steps 20” 6 spoke Carbon Grey Wheels Console Vault Wheel Locks Under Seat Storage
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    Washed it and ceramic sprayed it. Took the elevation badges off. The Sierra is next. Going to keep the GMC. Loving the color so far!
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    It's been a minute since I've posted here but I've definitely been lurking. Unfortunately my first post back isn't anything fun, but maintenance. Last night I finished my thermostat after working in the shop. Took about 15 minutes with 2 sockets, my ratchet and a pair of pliers. Super easy, and with a gallon of coolant it cost around 50 dollars total. Not bad for 91K out of the first unit. ( Part number if interested is 12674639 ) Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
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    some people like chrome some people don't but as long as the one that paid the $$'s is happy that is all that matters. This is my 2015 custom sport
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    Just a quick shot of my new to me 2017 Silverado CrewCab LTZ Z71. You can see the 91 RCSSB that was my daily driver up until about a month ago.
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    If you want the vehicle to be flawless, keep it in Jay Leno's garage. Otherwise, just drive it and wash it when it gets dirty. You'll never stop every rock chip, scratch, bug splatter, or other nuisance that comes from actually driving a vehicle without going crazy.
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    I work in the oilfield so I put a LOT of mileage on my trucks. Used to be about 70,000 km per year now I am down to an average of 45,000 km per year. So I go through a lot of trucks. 1990 ( high school truck) 2003, 06, 08, 10, 14, 16 and soon a 2021. All were gas engines, all GM ( some Sierras, some Chevrolet depending on how they looked that year) all were basically crew cab 4x4 other than the 1990 ( 03 and 06 were extended cabs) with few modifications except the 2014 that had a lift kit. Usually SLT type trucks so nicely equipped but not Denalis. Mainly highway and gravel roads with some offroad miles on them for pipelines and oilfield leases. I take really good care of my vehicles and repair anything that goes wrong. Engines broken in as per owners manual, drive line fluids , antifreeze, etc changed ( although not quite as often as GM would like as that would cost a fortune! ) Oil changes more frequently than needed, plugged in when it is cold and always warmed up 10 minutes in summer and 20 minutes in winter at least. Don’t tow a lot other than the holiday trailer and tractors/skid steers once in awhile. For those I had the 3/4 tons. My personal experience is this: 1. First of all I have noticed 3/4 tons seem to be built much better than 1/2 tons as my two 3/4 tons had the most mileage on them and the least problems. 2. I used to get rid of trucks at about 120,000 km to 140,000 km for the most part. My 06 and 16 were the 3/4 tons which both ended up with over 200,000 km on them. The only one I had drive train issues with ( other than front hubs which warranty doesn't cover anyway after 60,000) was the 2010 1/2 ton and it was at about 170,000 km the engine wore out (I believe this was AFM related) . As it was after 160,000 it was not covered. This truck I experimented with and kept longer than most of the others to compare depreciation vs. repair cost long term. Should have traded in sooner it turns out. 3. I only ever bought extended warranty on the 2006 3/4 ton. I used ( what work cost) about $1200.00 of the $3000 i spent on the extended warranty. 4. I never bought extended warranty on any of the other trucks as for me it never really seemed like it would cover anything that actually went wrong anyway or it would be gone quick due to high mileage. 5. I probably spent about $3000.00 fixing trucks where extended warranty would have saved me but had I bought warranty on each truck besides the 2006 I would have spent about $15,000.00 on unused warranties. For me they always seem to want about $3000.00 ( Canadian) for any type of decent extended warranty. 6. We have a 2017 Ford Explorer for my wife. She now has 150,000 km or so on it and I never paid the approx $3000.00 for extended warranty on it and it has been great, no repairs needed other than some small items that warranty would not have covered anyway. So more money saved. I also noticed a trend over the years that with every new truck they are getting less and less reliable of course (other than previous comment about the 2016 3/4 ton being better) I am pretty disappointed that with the 2021 AT 4 I ordered, the powertrain warranty is now only 100,000 km. So GM doesn’t believe their trucks are going to last 160,000 km anymore and don’t want to cover powertrain repairs up to that point? I hope my long winded story helps someone decide. It is up to you what you feel comfortable with. For me and my situation, I have saved money so far (knock on wood ha ha)
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    Here is the link to the Rough Country website for the winch plate https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-hidden-winch-mounting-plate-11004.html?find=2017-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-739399 and here are the other pics I took during the installation : as you can see below. You need to cut the tab off of the frame Ron then you attach the brackets i chose to attach the winch to the plate before mounting it to the truck
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    Just picked up my new Silverado LT Trail Boss today
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    Today was a good day to do some mods the truck in the shop. 60mph gusts, but the cattle have been fed. Washed the truck, tinted front door windows and a windshield strip, installed matte black in-channel window visors, wired in Boostautoparts, spot to high beam and the all lights on high kits. Replaced the plastic skid plate with the aluminum version on the front, and installed the transfer case skid plate. Took measurements for homemade skid plates for the fuel filter area, def tank and the fuel heater hoses.
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    https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijpr/2012/207532/ By 2010 the figure was 83.6%. The US population is increasingly and overwhelmingly concentrated in metropolitan areas. More than 90 percent of the country’s entire population growth in the last decade occurred within MSAs. This report goes on to say an additional 10% of the population lives in mirocurban defined as cities between 10 and 50K. SO nearly all the US population now lives in a city!!! That is some sad news kiddo's. Within the city is where most of the USA lives now. The new generation doesn't even want to drive nor leave their 20 mile circle. I don't know what to make of this. Long distance ability only matters to the OEM if the people buying are long distance drivers. Am I missing something? They don't make the connection between the hamburger and a cow so how do the make the jump from lithium to child labor and the carbon footprint to mine it? They don't care where the battery is junked. Out of sight is out of mind.
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    Anything you do aftermarket to your suspension, that is not a GM part, will void the warranty if they can attribute the part to the failure. No, a grill will not void your warranty. As for camper shells, no clue. Not sure what kind of work tools you keep in your truck, or how big they are.
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    That’s what happens when working from home and eLearning are combined. Art project for school turned into a new corporate logo [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I always decline the extended warranty because they always have a time and distance limit and I'm familiar with the bathtub curve of failure.
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    He went full chrome. Never go full chrome. [emoji1787] Hey, it looks nice and shiny. As long as you’re happy, that’s a good looking truck. [emoji1360]
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    Thank you sir....appreciate it!
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    Wasn't really needing new tires but didn't want to pay money for an oem that couldn't be patched so I pulled the trigger. Been eyeing these for a while. I couldn't justify the cost of the AT3Ws that I had on my 2017 Z71 since I never go off-road and do a lot of highway miles for work...I like the sidewall and the mileage warranty...anyway, no thoughts yet on driving with them but thought I'd post a couple of pics. They're not cleaned up yet but still change the look quite a bit and I'm please...thoughts on driving to come
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    Yeah now that it's available on Silverado's....would be interesting to see if people can start to figure out if it can be retrofit after the fact to non-equipped trucks. Even 2019 or 2020 models.
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    Ain't skeered[emoji24] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    I seriously pulled the bag and found one of the plugs not seated in all the way right after I posted it. No more issue. So you were right on the money.
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    towed a tandem axle enclosed trailer last night temp got to 122, will see what it gets to loaded today
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    Yes I have. My college girlfriend many years ago on a road trip driving back from nyc to Maine somewhere on I-84 outside of Hartford, Connecticut at around 1am with her father passed out snoring in the backseat.
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    Not really sure yet. Still learning a lot about Chevy and the truck world... I plan on keeping this truck for a while. That being said, I had to get the front windows tinted. Got them to match the rear windows.
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    If anyone is looking for some 6.2 badging but not wanting to go as far as adding emblems I found these which to me are more subtle than badging or emblems but still have nice look. And 100% removable if you every want to! Just picked up a set and looking forward to putting them on!
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    It ain't slow and it's been happening for a while now.
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    Sounds like the right fix is that they should just go back to a true key system! Those that want the vehicle to run will run those that don't turn them off pretty simple. I don't know why things need to be complicated. f*** this auto stop and push button b******* and traction control (when I turn it off I want it off.. I don't want it to come back on at 35 mph wheel spin) save us all some money. some of us actually know how to drive and use our vehicles the way that we want them used..... You do you and let us do us. You can let your vehicle run all day and do your jobs..... For everyone else who doesn't use their truck in this manner you might actually have to use your brain and remember how to turn it on and off and remove the key out of the ignition probably too hard for some.... Sorry for my rant but I'm just tired of the government And big brother imposing everything at a higher cost to us all And then all the sheep that defend them. It's amazing how and what we do to protect the stupid, And then when they still kill themselves the lawyers win a financial settlement in court for their families yet again costing us more. Smh Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    the “tuning” statements i made can be found on google do some hp tuner research. Never claimed to be a tuner or even said i did the stuff myself but i know what ive been told by my tuner (@shuetuning on ig of you wanna check his credentials too)because ive already done my research and looked at logs and asked lots of questions before modding my own truck look
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    That is why I built this. Out of all the oil changes I do I get a couple of qts every month from what drains out of the bottles after an oil change. I use it in lawn equipment or when I get an old beater that uses oil every 1000 miles. I can add more to it to hold as many qts or jugs as needed. I just stopped at 5.. What I do is let the qts sit on their side over night then dump them on here. That way the oil is on the side and then drains right out and not trying to drip from the bottom of the container.
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    Got it 99.9% finished sunday. Needs little tweak to the top layer. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
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    It seems they believe one can pick up one end of a stick dipped in crap without picking up the other.
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    Ended up doing something similar to what @YYC-SIERRA said. Drained the pouch into a cheap clear pitcher, the tiny piece of soggy paper floated out on the last drop, used a spoon to lift out of the oil, then used the pitcher into a funnel to put oil back in the pouch. We'll call that East TX Engineering. Thank you @YYC-SIERRA!
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    So this subject is based on whatever impulse/emotional state that the buyer is in at the time of purchase. I, personally, don't get pulled into these. Yes, I have done a ton of work on vehicles in my life... some building from the group up. Having said that though, I am getting older and vehicles have a ton of technical electronics added, especially in the past few years. A week ago, I purchased a 2020 Silverado LT Z71... and I did not purchase the additional stuff that the dealership was pushing. My reasoning was as follows: 1. The vehicle was a certified pre-owned vehicle from a Chevrolet dealership. 2. The vehicle had only 1295 miles on the clock when I bought it. (no, I don't know why the previous owner sold/traded it in after just a month...maybe they wanted a different model?) 3. Not only did the vehicle come with 34,705 miles and 35 months of the original warranty left and passed on to me, but (according to the dealership) the GM certified pre-owned process also adds an additional 12 months and 12K miles to what is left and the powertrain/roadside assistance warranty expands to 100K miles. So it appears that I bought an almost new (could we say new-in-the box) truck with almost 4 years/47K miles of bumper-to-bumper and 6 yr/100K miles of powertrain/roadside assistance. (all this has to be verified/validated (or argued) once the actual myChevy files get updated. 4. The cost of the add-on packages were pricey and, other than looking at the 150K mile bumper-to-bumper package didn't make any sense... but the powertrain was already covered to 100K...so why bother... Now... a recommendation that I could offer to others might be to consider a method that we used as part of a small corporation that I was part of that shared ownership/usage of a set of aircraft.... While the planes were owned outright, we still needed to pay for fuel, insurance, annual inspections, repairs required by FAA updates/regulations/mandates/breakage, and also for engine rebuild/replacement as the powerplant approached/exceeded the TBO hours. For each aircraft, we set a 'per hour' rate... which meant for each flying/engine hour of usage logged by each pilot in the aircraft, they were charged/contributed/paid the 'per hour' rate (example $32.50/hour or whatever), This rate was set by analyzing all the costs for each craft and was adjusted up/down, annually. If you still wanted the peace of mind, but didn't want to purchase the add-on, you could just determine an amount that you wanted to save/put-back each month into a kitty /savings account. Yes, this would require discipline, but it would pay you back, instead of the dealership/insurance company etc... figure out your annual insurance policy costs, an average monthly gas cost and then add in a reasonable monthly contribution amount for repairs/maintenance. Example: (may be high/may be low)... Annual insurance estimate - $800. Monthly fuel $150($1800 annually), and then add in say another $100 monthly ($1200 annually) into the account. Assuming the fuel money is depleted each month, then at the end of the first year, you would end up with $2000 in the account. If you pay your insurance annually, you may find out that you actually save a little, so after paying that, you end up with $1200 in the account to pay for any repairs. At the end of the Bumper-to-bumper period, you would have $3600 in the account (plus insurance savings and fuel money unused, plus a little interest). Now add in 2-3 more years , assuming the powertrain is completely covered through 60K without you having to pay for that...and you have between $5K and $6.2K in the account... which could cover a new engine/transmission/etc... or use to add to the trade-in/down payment for your next vehicle... You could break it all down into a 'per mile' basis cost... and just contribute that amount each month based on the miles you drove that month.... but that requires more analysis to be accurate... Any way, just a comment and a potential approach that could be take... but then again, this is an opinion and like rear-ends... everyone has one, right?
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    Thanks for posting, these look great. I am looking for a good highway and towing tire while trying to maintain a good look. The AT3Ws, Ko2, Ridge Grappler, etc are just too aggressive for what I want... but these I will have to look into! Please keep this thread posted with your opinion as you get some miles on them!
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    I had this argument with my wife. I think they are a scam. Like redwngr said, they don't offer them because they lose money on them. Those plans are huge money makers for the dealerships. The best salesmen get promoted to the "finance manager" who takes you in the back room to sell them to you. Similar to insurance, you hope to not need it. But if you ever do need it, it can help you out. Personally, I'd rather stick $2000 away in a bank account and not touch it. End of the story, we bought the extended warranty on both of our vehicles because my wife wanted the peace of mind. Happy wife, happy life. I agreed to it because I plan to keep my truck for 10+ years. Halfway in, I haven't benefitted from it one cent. So what helps you sleep better at night?
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    If it makes you sleep at night, it's worth it. Imo, extended warranties don't make economic sense. They are offered because they make money for the seller....who would be out of business if they weren't making money.
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    If you keep the rear resonator, you can pretty much put whichever muffler on it and only gain a little bit of sound. My borla xr1, was barely noticeable with the resonator it place. Once I removed that it was way louder. Just find you a single in/out 3" muffler and and go to a muffler shop and have it welded in.
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    My new baby...... 21 LT Trail Boss with the 6.2
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    I was just about to update my build thread about my low oil pressure and remembered you posted in mine so I decided to check yours out...... ......To my surprise........I went to college for automotive engineering but have since switched careers to an electrician so automotive is more of a hobby than I would like it to be right now(studying for electrical license). But reading your "oil rant" made me go and find my old reference books so I could refresh my memory on this subject a bit. Honestly I enjoyed going through trying to remember all the chemistry references and the ASTM tests which in college I actually got to do some of those tests. Im by no means an expert but I am forgetting a lot as I just found out going through these. After opening the bottom of my engine and seeing the carnage I wanted to go and look at these books but it was this post that got me to do it! Anyhow it was refreshing to see such detail and my head also hurts now! Lol Cheers! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I suspect so much of this is based on how our mind works. I find my attention is disproportionately drawn to trucks similar to ones I've owned. I see a large number of 80's style Ford SuperCabs but I wouldn't place a bet that they are more common than any other.
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    I believe you are the first person to do this, well at least the first the posts about it online. if you wouldn’t mind, spend like a 1/2 hour when you’re finished and do a full write-up. Pictures are great if you have them. Not sure if you realize how valuable it is to people. 1/2 hour of your time donated could collectively save people 1000’s of hours of time and $1000’s of dollars replacing blown 6l80’s, especially as k2xx’s get older and more people mod them. For example, any idea if I can swap this into my 2014 6.2? 8l90 didn’t get released until 2015. What you leaned about compatibility, the software and hardware hurdles would be appreciated!
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    Have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and my truck has no wireless charging so did the mod to the armrest - (center lid indentation) bought the MagSafe charger and double sided tape - works great.
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    Looks awesome! Got anymore pictures of it during the day?
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    2021 SLE DC w/ 3.0 Duramax and X-31 Off-road
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