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    Just wanted to say that I, for one love my new 2019 LT Z71 Silverado. She just keeps getting better and better it seems. Just got back from a trip today and, the ride quality was silky smooth. The handling and response from the throttle is like a sports car. To me anyways! When I went to get a new Silverado, I really had no idea what I was in store for. For all I knew they were the same as the year before. Alls I knew, is that I was coming from an 07 Classic, with 270k miles. And, I love the truck. I also had a 2003 Silverado. Well, when I got there, I couldn't believe just how nice and better the new 2019 Silverado is! Sits up an inch and a half taller I think, has the biggest cab it's ever had, the styling, especially the front end is just so dam cool. The interior- I love it. The cluster gauge to me, is nice and clean. Nothing too fancy, and I love that. The back up camera is great. And, I already mentioned just how good the ride and performance is to me. So, in a nutshell, I am extremely happy I wound up with a 2019. So, just gonna end by saying Good Job GM!!
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    From my roadtrip home after buying it out of state. Took the dealer mudflaps off as soon as I got home.
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    I already had the BDS 6” lift installed a couple months ago, then I installed custom length Icon CDCV Rear shocks... But today I Finally installed my custom Icon CDCV coilovers to replace the factory strut and BDS strut spacer and then of course added Icon billet UCA’s. Truck is super smooth now!!
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    My latest 2.7T fuel economy numbers..... 400 mile AVG 29.1 mpg life of vehicle (11111.1 miles) 22.7 mpg
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    There's so much exaggeration goong on about the ride that's hilarious. Some guys are making it sound as if the truck racts like it jumped a curb whenever you drive over a crack in the pavenment. Drive a half-ton with 10-ply tires and get back to me on how a 2019 Silverado rides. Yeah it's a firm ride if you have the Z71 package. The Z71 package has ALWAYS been best described as a firm if not jittery ride thanks to the twin-tube Ranchos. It should be re-iterated that most 2019 Silverado RST's have a high GVWR relative to the cirb weight of the truck. The truck is designed to ride level when there's a significant amount of weight on the rear axle. That's always going to result in a firm ride as your unloaded suspension travel is going to be less. It's an inherent trade-off in truck design and has been that way since the truck was invented. You can get a softer sprong rate, but then your truck is a floaty, unstable POS when hauling weight or towing a heavy trailer. That or even a little tongue weight causes the soft rear suspension to sag quickly and you end up blinding traffic with your low beams at night and your high beams are confusing pilots flying overhead. Riding rough on a dry, hard packed dirt road won't be the biggest concern. If a half-ton truck has a soft spring rate and softer shocks for driving fast on dirt roads, you're going to end up going through stock shocks a lot faster. I've seen trucks melt the seals on their Bilstein shocks by drivong down such roads in the summer. Want a soft riding half-ton that can run down a rough dirt road at high speed? Buy a lower GVWR half-ton truck. A 7200 lb GVWR truck with cheap twin tube Ranchos isn't what you need for that kind of stuff.
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    That might have been true 30 years ago for my new '60s era cars coated with a thick layers of enamel or acrylic enamel, volatile solvent based real paints, baked on at the factory and machine polished afterwards. This stuff on modern cars is an Earth friendly micro thin layer of colored electrostatic dust melted on and then coated with water based Jello-hard self leveling clear coat. Console yourself that every time you touch up a chip or vainly attempt to polish out a scratch in the Jellocoat you have done your part to save mother Earth and enrich GM coffers. Not a big deal anyway, in another 11 years and 10 or so months we may be forced to go the next step riding bicycles pulling red kiddie wagons for passengers and storage.........and not to worry about scratches then because they will be coated by the Chinese manufacturers with a nice thick layer of hand applied lead based paint. And, when tired of pedaling we can always take a vacation trip to Hawaii by train. Want to minimize scratches and chips? Park at the far end of the parking lot. Don't tailgate trucks without effective mudflaps and other vehicles with knobby, wide tires extending past the wheel wells. Stay out of car washes and use soap and a bucket. Avoid parking under trees, especially oak trees with %#$^*^$ squirrels that like to use play ping pong on your car with acorns and birds that crap battery acid that can not only cloud the clear coat, but if left too long with morning dew followed by a hot Sun can craze the clearcoat and then penetrate to and destroy the underlying color coat.
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    Next upgrade coming soon 2014 Silverado LT
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    I don't know if any other current 2019 Ram 1500 owners have responded yet, but here goes. I have had Silverados since 1992. 4 of them to be exact. My last one being a 2014 LTZ. When the lease was up on my 2014 in September of 2018, I first wanted to get a new 2019 Silverado or Sierra. Dealers were wanting top dollar. Would not come off their prices by even $1000. So, I drove my 2014 silverado over to the Dodge dealer to look at a 2019 (redesign) Ram 1500 Laramie. It is the Delmonico red with sport package, e-Torque Hemi, 4x4 black interior. No 12 inch screen, no panoramic sunroof. I had read about sunroof leaks and big screen issues. We were able to get this truck for $48k out the door and they gave me another 5k off for the silverado even though it was a lease buyout. No way I was going to pay nearly $10k more just to stay with GM. I have to tell you, after 13,000 miles and 10 months, this truck has been trouble free. Yes, I know there was a seat belt recall. Big deal. No problems with the U-connect system or the e-Torque system. I see where some are warning you about the AC system. I have not had any problems with mine. My wife drives it 90% of the time as I prefer to drive my ZL1. But she loves this truck. It is comfortable, roomy makes good power and can tow my Camaro to the track. So, let the haters hate, this has been a fine truck. If I had one thing to nit-pick about, it is the "promise" of e-Torque. It was supposed to save about 2mpg. That is bull. I see really no difference between the gas mileage of the e-Torque and non-e-Torque engines. I think it was a sales gimmick to make more money. So, get whichever truck is the best deal. That is really the best advice anyone can give you.
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    I noticed when the a/c is set to “auto”, and you take a hands free call, the a/c temporarily slows the fan down so it isn’t so loud. As soon as you hang up, it resumes cooling at the rate prior to phone call. Doesn’t shut it completely off, just turns the power down so you can hear. I thought it was cool.
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    Thanks to those of you who patiently waited for testing to be completed! As most of you know we have been doing these for dealers with new clusters since launch but we hadn't had a chance to test a used unit due to scarce availability (people aren't wrecking these things which is good!) and with the base radio as dealers were ordering these for higher trim level trucks. We have now completed our testing across both brands and all infotainment systems and as such we are now taking orders for used units as well. We are also offering a "one stop shop" if you will with new clusters as well if thats something you are interested in as well. You can also chose between High Country or Denali style depending on which physical gauges suit your fancy. You can see the product and important details here and as with the K2 platform we are proud to offer this is an approved modification with no impact to your factory warranty https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/2019-t1-denali-high-country-cluster-retrofit/
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    So I woke up this morning to an email asking about our service relative to some questions that were raised early this morning. Rather than thread crap I figured here was the best place to address them head on. Some background first: We have been doing this for almost 20 years at this point and Global A Secure clusters since the first platform launched in 2010 for Dealerships and numerous customers worldwide both commercial and individual. So to get to it some of the questions that have come up: 1. Pricing - If you haven't checked our all new website since I posted the operation efficiency update; you should. I think you'll find some statements being made elsewhere interesting when you look at that especially when you see we are now selling brand new clusters at barely over dealer cost (when you factor in shipping and sales tax on our end to get them). 2. Differences in cluster model years - the notion that we've been just saying you have to use the proper model year for the heck of it. Well thats simply not the case, not sure the logic behind that statement but GM doesn't like to make part number changes if it doesn't have to; this costs everyone in the supply chain money and complicates things for everyone. They would much rather build one part number for 2016-2018 for example with minor revisions if it were possible and not 3-6 each year; if there is a part number change there is a change somewhere. It may be a base software change it may be hardware but the push to keep the proper part number for your year is for YOUR benefit as you'll see below. Another giveaway on this is check the additional options made available between model years....We will do it 100% OEM perfectly or we wont do it at all, even simple things like text running off the screen or a missing icon/asset; we wont do it. We test on a minimum of around 5-6 types of vehicle prior to releasing anything including full and no content vehicles. 3. The notion that we don't do metic clusters. We most certainly do; for trucks that have metric clusters to begin with lol But the bulk of our business is as you would guess US based so we put the list together for those. We generally do not participate in putting metric clusters in US spec trucks as it has caused customers issues with one of our big selling points UNLESS its an export. 4. There are some added features that I believe we may be the only place that offer such as some of the features we've recently posted in here such as odometer lock removal, engine hours etc. 5. Extra menus - Yup we've been doing those for what 8-9 years now? (check our youtube channel LOL) If they work and are valuable they are there. 6. What we alluded to above: Our biggest customers are dealers and in case you forgot we are GMDN and because of this there are NO WARRANTY IMPLICATIONS. This is why we do things the way we do, we have a strict set of guidelines to adhere to. So thats our stance on this, not to knock anyone in the least but we dont suggest anyone simply race to the bottom so to speak on something that can have warranty and potential legal implications for the end user; we run a tight ship for a reason and if you've read most of or even some of this thread you know why. Thank you all for your support over the years; we greatly appreciate it!
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    Went from 24”s (top) to 22”s (bottom), no more rubbing haha! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got back from the window tint shop.
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    Take the hitch out. Problem solved. Many states its technically illegal to leave it in the receiver anyway.
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    why can't you take the hitch out when its not in use? Or if you use the hitch daily, just don't drop the inner step on the tailgate. Step on the tongue of the trailer that is attached. You shouldn't need to use both the trailer hitch and tailgate step at the same time.
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    Hey guys, new guy here. Just signed up today. Figured I’d show you fellas what I’ve got. 2017 Sierra SLE elevation Z71 I've done a few mods 2” RC leveling kit tint antenna relocate tinted headlights and tail lights debadged fog light mod so they come on automatically with the headlights and stay on with the high beams Soon to come is a CAI and a new set of shoes. Gonna be running Discoverer AT3 XLT 285/55R20 I have a bunch more plans for this toy to come. Baby steps for now
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    Got mine in today. Tried to install them on the higher set of holes and found that I still had about 3/4" of rake so I went ahead and went with the lower set. Also flipped around the shims just to be safe. no vibrations. Just need to adjust the headlights not and all should be good. Before: After:
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    Wheels on! 285/55/22 ride quality improves pretty damn good.. zero notice of all that increased rotational mass which i was worried about.. more composed, softer transitions on road changes, less noise, no rubbing, no wheels sticking out 4 inches past the fender. got the oem black lugs as well.. they look to be anodized or/coated very high quality.. as they should ($200 or something) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks good . Spinning the shim does clear the vib. I like the looks of dropping the rear to level than raising the front.
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    Put the shackles on mine on the 2" setting. I also experienced some vibration and spun the shims around.
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    Truck did some light lifting, taking the new surfboard to catch a few from the hurricane Barry swell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nothing extra special but, imho, less rake really makes the truck much more appealing.
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    Just picked up a RST All Star Edition Silverado on Sunday! Satin Steel Metallic with the matching painted bumpers. It's a definite upgrade from the commuter car (Jetta) I was driving. As it sits right now, I plan on adding the 4" Readlift kit, some AT or MT tires, Amp steps, and a Tonneau cover.
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    It’s quite entertaining. Don’t like the Sierra front? Don’t buy it. Don’t like the Silverado? Don’t buy it. Simple.
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    Work Truck in satin steel. Love it!
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    It was finally time to get a new setup Fuel Blitz 0 offset Ridge Grapplers 285/55/20 Bilstein 5100 Top Setting No Rubbing
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    Hey guys new here posted a couple times. Here my new 2019 ltz cc standard bed. Wanted the rst but soooo glad I went this route. Cooled seats was the deal make . 2.5 in front. 2 in back. 285 70 18 ridge grapplers. No trimming.
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    Lol.. all good Nah my $88,000 SRT sat while I drove around in a Jeep Compass for months..... Got a lawyer, we sued and won. Got all my money back, including sales tax and lawyer fees. I would not buy a ram. Not a chance in hell Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As of last night there was a dropdown menu for an additional $99 fee for used clusters. It's since been removed. In that case I'm happy to lower the cluster programming to $175. New or used. Again, healthy competition is fantastic for this industry.
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    Removed Trail Boss stickers, blacked out Silverado LT, BDS trims simulated carbon fiber inlay, Z71 badge replaced / de-chromed, KO2's 305 65 18 no rub with mudflap bracket removal, backflip MX4 tonneau.
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    I tow quite often. I never feel inconvenienced and its added safety for my hitches.
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    I could have done with out the profanity. You usually knew what you were getting into. One slip today you’re done. Instead of it being called a bad night. People in the spot light today are being judged by something said 20 years ago. Tom Jones singing she’s a lady at a college. He probably wouldn’t make it out alive. People are too quick and angry these days. We need to lighten up. One man kneels and points to the sky, run him out of football. Another kneels during the national anthem, he’s a hero and gets richer. Backwards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry, I absolutely cannot stand the dotted toolbox. Option 2 and pocket the 900 bucks.
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    Installed the cst 3.5” spindle, k&n intakr, carven progressive cat back, 17x8.5 methods wrapped in 295/70r17 ridge grapplers.
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    Lol It's show us your 2019 not the whole mall parking lot 😲
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    Debadged my typical heat gun/fish line technique was not working... ran a hose from my garage (which is hot/cold) on pure 100% hot. Blasted part of the badge for 4-5 minutes with that hot water and the badges and glue cane off in 1 piece. I highly recommend this.. also let the area cook in the sun as long as you can.. you need the metal panel to get as hot as possible for the glue to come off real nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here's mine leveled and after putting 22's.
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    Just guessing. Aftermarket brake controller plug in? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Heh. I stand corrected. Talk about solving a problem no one needed solved. They have been putting a defective vacuum pump in their trucks for the past 10 years, putting everyone lives at risk, and now that it has come to light they still won't issue a recall unless they are forced to. They are still putting the pump in their new trucks. But their tailgate can do yoga now, so all is good.
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    I say you’re overthinking it. Guarantee you 99.9% of the buying public isn’t dumping oil after 500 or 1000 miles, so to me it seems like a non-issue, or engines wouldn’t be living as long as they do anyway. Personally, I don’t pretend to know better than the manufacturer, I just follow the book. My first oil change on all my trucks has been at around 6 months or 6000. Granted I don’t keep them forever but not many people do, and nobody yet has shown proof that dumping the factory fill early will lead to a longer engine life. The debate will go on until the end of time. In regards to the AC Delco..it is full synthetic and every bit as good as Mobil 1. Plus it’s free...
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    Stock suspension (for now) 285/50r22 19 OEM Replicas No Rub, No Trimming
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    What do you expect? This is a forum for GM trucks. Buying a truck every 1-3 years is pretty common across the board but it's still a legitimate concern. Some of the regular guys here are previous Ram owners than left the brand for quality reasons. Guys left Ford because of all the problems with the 2018+ F-150's. Should we just pretend that all of FCA's brands aren't at the bottom of every quality survey, so as to not offend anyone here? There are quite a few recently registered members that seem to have an agenda from the start to try to sell us on Ram trucks. Ram makes ok trucks, but the guys that are making ridiculous claims about Ram trucks are going to be corrected when the facts say otherwise.
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    how long before pgamboa has this ready to mod into older trucks? Ill be first on the list hahaha
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