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    I got my tires installed yesterday. Ridge Grapplers 35 x 11.5 R20
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    So had to do the dad thing and go move some things for my son who is a sophomore in college. Drive was 90% at 67 to 72 mph. Last 15 miles or so was a 55 mph zone (when pic was taken) entering Raleigh. I always take it easy there as lots of blue potential blue lights are always near. Tough to beat these GM V8's on mpg in the real world; she's not even broken in with less than 400 miles.
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    I agree What makes them(UAW) so special? They get awesome insurance, make way more than the average American worker, for an assembly line job any (trained monkey) (maybe not but you get the idea)could do. Get back to work nobody feels sorry you. I feel sorry for the guys that ordered a 2020 HD $70,000+ truck and now they got to wait. That new Dodge HD don't look so bad now. Oh well back to work for me now, nobody going to give me a raise. Or give a rats ass for that matter.
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    I just picked my new LT Trail Boss last week! Had the off-road running boards and sports bar added as part of the deal.
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    Progress update.! Finally had the time to do the pre-install work measuring and fitting HUD to our gen 5 dashboard frame and dashboard itself. ***Note*** After doing measurements i realize what I wanted to do wasn’t going to work then I went and go ahead a cut the dashboard which I didn’t want to do in the beginning and as I was cutting I found the solution in the mistake I made, making everything come together like I wanted. Cheers!!! I know you all want is pictures so here the are.. I know this dashboard was cut But it won’t be once is finish since that’s not my dashboard, it’s the experimental one. But it’s sort of the finish product without the cuts. Here’s the speaker cowl after I fitted and install the HUD trim. No glue used, HUD trim has pressure tabs that need to be cut in order remove and install. Here’s the speakers tray, top one is the oem and the bottom one after fitting hud. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally here. My 2020 AT4 Carbonpro Edition, isn't she beautiful.
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    Who said lowered trucks on 24" can't do work 12 bags 16 blocks and still no rub and that is on lowest air bag pressure. Full air lifted it 2" more. Air bags on all my trucks from now on. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Had my exhaust tips Hydro -dipped in carbon fiber! Turned out awesome, now just need to get them installed!
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    I’m not anti union everything had- has its place. I remember an amusing but true story. In the seventies we were working a project next to a union one. I was site super parts runner. 8:00 in the morning I saw an operator standing next to his D-3 dozer on a pad. I walked over and ask if I could help. He says he thinks he needs fuel. I saw their fuel truck and ask if he needed a lift to it. He says he can’t he’s an operator he’s not allowed. I drive by later there’s the truck they’re both standing. I say what’s wrong. They need a laborer to handle a fire extinguisher. A little later there’s now three. Ok what’s wrong now. Well there’s 3 people we can’t do anything without a supervisor, union rules. I go back by at 10. It’s just him drinking coffee and a bunch of guys with shovels. Evidently they expected him to be done so they could set forms, but it coffee break. Union rules. Now it’s eleven he’s still standing, what’s wrong now? I don’t have an check list. For what!? It may be low on oil! The dip stick is right there. His answer, I’m not an oiler, I’m not allowed, I’m an operator. This is a true story. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is purely a political move. The UAW is closely tied to the Democrat party and they desperately need something to move the needle on the economy. UAW contributes to Dems and Dems gave billions in bailouts to the UAW. Never was there a whiff of a strike during the previous administration. curious isn't it.
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    Fortunately I have some small clipboards so I can go through my pre-drive checklist.
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    Looks like Echomaster add on. https://catalog.echomaster.com/catalog/lane-change-assistance/fc-gmld101-mc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You know you have your truck pretty much how you like it when all that’s left is silly little things to improve like adding these XPEL door sill guards. Comes in a roll, I cut it at 16” for the front doors, rounded off the corners, and stuck it on in a manner that covers the two edges of the door sill that were taking some small shoe scratches and scuffs.
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    Think you have GMt800 and 900 confused. AFM killed the GMT900 The rest is clearly opinion.
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    No need for what?? Since when has telling someone bye become a bad thing? what there is no need for is the cliche the OP is committing by leaving one brand for another then dogging said brand and recommending others ditch said brand. That my friend is what there is no need for. So with that I say Bye. No point in starting a thread in a GM forum just to trash GM trucks and go on about how Rams are better.
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    They all have problems guys
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    No need for that, man. There’s no denying that GM trucks have had more than their fair share of problems.
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    Since we are going to stoke the fire, here is my $0.02. Both the workers AND the CEO is overpaid! I agree with the unions in keeping the US plants open. Hell, they need to reopen some closed ones and move production for the Silverado out of Mexico. Only 8 billion in profit last year...pathetic right? How about lowering the cost of cars and trucks and only make a billion. The workers need to get back to work and be damn glad they have a $63.00 per hour job.
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    Grabbed a 19 Trail Boss Custom about a week ago. Wanted a strong base for an Overland build out. Love it so far. But a little hard to find Overland Parts.
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    Well I finally had enough of my 2017 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate and its never ending transmission issues. I traded it in over the weekend for a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited. I gave the GMC at least 5 tries to fix my truck and they couldn't solve it. It was a pain in my butt since day one. The Ram's 8-speed shifting is flawless which completely boggles my mind how GM botched their 8 speed. If any of you guys are having the same issues I had, just get rid of it and get a Ram. Trust me when I tell you that this is how a truck should drive. Good luck everyone with your Chevy and GMC trucks. I'm a Chevy guy and will always be, but for now I had to go to another brand.
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    As some of you know we make adapter harness to upgrade head lights and tail lights, 60 days ago we got a new 2019 Trail Boss Custom in RED i liked the look a lot, but the headlight are real old looking, so we had to do some thing about it, last week we did, we replaced the the head lights with new GM LED that come in higher trim models, and they make this truck complete, nice color light output, and it fills the road with light, some things to know GM said you have to pull the bumper off to do the install that is not what we did to remove the headlight and install the new ones, we reused the stock Grill with 2 mods to make it fit, we are working to make i filler for the 2 as i call them Vees >Chevrolet< to go on the lights. More info soon on the Parts, what do you all think, and by the way we add lights that come on at night that show off the Chevrolet in the grill.
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    Ok, I know folks are going to ask how I did this so here are the details. So I thought I was going to be able to tap into the lighting circuit for the LED lights but our trucks are so smart now that when I did that I was pulling too much current and I got an error message in the system. It subsequently shut off bed the lights to protect the system. So if you want to put this type of lighting kit on your truck you will need to have a few wiring skills to get started with this. As for materials you will need a few things. Grab any 20 dollar set off Amazon. I went with the: AUTUNEER 60Inch LED Truck Bed... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073ZGNDTC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Then you are going to need a 12V 4 pole relay. I grabbed a whole box of these on Amazon, as I have a few more projects to complete that I will need these for. MICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H5NMFGR?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Get some good quality 16 or 14 gauge wire. I used silicone but if your on a budget get the cheap PVC stuff. 16 Gauge Silicone Wire Spool 50... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CMYVF3J?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Finally, you are going to need some splicing clips in different sizes. Between 16 gauge and 10 gauge. Procedure: I used the trailer connection wires to splice into for constant power and ground to feed this setup. It's your call on where you pull power from, but this was the most convenient for me. Pins 1 and 4 are your ground and power respectively. Tap into those power connections as well as the wires for the existing LED bed lights in the corner of your bed. The Bed lights are going to be the trigger signal for your relay. Wire up pins 85 and 86 to the ground wire and positive wires of your existing LED lights respectively. Wire up the power wire from your trailer hitch +12V to pin 30 of the relay Wire up the new LED light positive input to pin 87 on the relay. Connect the ground wire from the trailer hitch to the ground of the LED lights. Now when you hit that switch in the cab the relay will trigger and power will flow to the lights. After it's tested that it works fine zip tie everything up to the existing wiring harnesses underneath the tail of the truck. To protect the relay, since it's outside in the weather, I bagged it to make it more water resistant. Works great!! It's a simple job really. Just wish the trucks were not so smart that I had to do this. Pretty soon we won't be able to make any mods the way things are going. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    I live in "sunny" California with no snow and little rain so I never really thought much about the Stabiltrak until today. We had a first light rain in quite some time and while turning to go on the freeway at the same on ramp I use twice a day the truck unexpectedly broke loose when I hit the freshly painted sidewalk stripes sending me right towards the curb. I immediately corrected but it kept sliding and all of the sudden the truck did a few "jerky" motions and straightened itself right out! Props to GM or whoever invented this feature that just saved me from a couple of bent wheels as well as possible suspension damage!
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    You could be right, but if you are I think you have a problem. I think as long as you are in manual mode 1-7, it disables the V4 mode, shifting to 8 enables it again even in MM.
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    You go on strike, you now work for the union, not the company. You want company benefits, go back to work.
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    I have the factory set, look good and good protection. Blend perfectly with factory wheel molding.
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    Twice a year I remove my rear liners to clean up there. There are 3 rubber plugs in both rear wheel wells, pull them out and hose the area out/spray undercoating. Dirt gets trapped between the panels and causes the rust above the rear wheels on these trucks. Usually pull my tail lights to hose out as well.
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    One month update. Added: Rough Country LED grill lights Rough Country fender flares Windows tinted darker Westin custom fit rubber bed mat Replaced 32" old school radio antenna with 14" one
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    Ugh..... I know something you don't know about your ram. But I hate yo spoil the suprise. Also it would seem you are happy and that is all that matters. Enjoy. [emoji870] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Here is what irks me. The CEOs make too much money. The workers are over payed, all things considered. The trucks are getting lower/cheaper quality while the prices rise. Only person getting the shaft is the buyers. Keep the jobs here, pay them reasonable pay (mid 20s for line work). Stop over paying the CEOs and BUILD BETTER PRODUCTS!!! Everyone wins. GM is so stubborn they will always demand their extreme profit levels, so they keep making the products cheaper so they can maintain their lavish lifestyle. Market share slips... Perhaps if they were more realistic with how much they wanted to make they'd sell more vehicles and then their profits would rise and everyone would be a winner. Nah, that makes too much sense.
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    Well, I have generally been in the 3/4 camp for most of my life. Early on had a Chevy C10. I ventured into 1500 territory in 2013 and found I was inventing new swear words. I got rid of it and went back to the 2500. They have complicated things even more so in the 1500 line that there is nothing being made in that line that appeals to me. It has a lot more to do with just drivability. Reliability is more of a concern of mine. And even with the new 6.6L L8T in the HD line, it does not have AFM and is still a cast iron block. While there is some argument that the 6.2 in the 1500 works on regular fuel instead of the recommended premium fuel, there is more behind the scenes one needs to consider. LSPI (Low Speed Pre Ignition) can be an issue with a high compression GDI engine like the 6.2 if one does not use premium fuel. It is a micro version of knock or ping that many times cannot be sensed by the operator. The ECM will try to compensate and reduce the occurrence of LSPI when using regular, but there are many, many anecdotal examples and case studies of internal engine damage due to LSPI. Not just GM, but the Ecoboost line is plagued with it also. It is one of the reasons that GM updated dexos1 to the Gen 2 version along with API updating to SN+ as a possible help to reduce LSPI. There is no substantive evidence that the oil spec change has delivered the desired results. The only safe way to mitigate the problem is to use high octane fuel. The 6.6, while it is GDI, it also has a lower compression ratio than that 6.2, so it actually can meet full power output with regular fuel with no LSPI issues, producing power that is almost on par with the 6.2 using premium. So while the 2500 6.6 will have lower MPG, the lower cost of using regular will make up for the MPG difference. And the 6.6 is designed to be a commercial capable working engine with corresponding reliability while working daily in less than ideal conditions. Not a street rod motor crammed into a 1500. And being an Old Ex-Cavalry Sergeant in the Army, I just have issues with the AFM thing. I paid for 8 cylinders and I expect them all to work all the time the motor is running. They all need to pack the gear with none of them taking OEM or Union inspired smoke breaks while the others are doing the work. On another level, it introduces a unnecessary complexity to engines and there yet to be any substantive delivery of fuel economy results that is the focus of this nonsense. Maybe in a controlled testing scenario, but not in the real world. And a general wandering thru the forum and AFM and associated problems, lifter failures, etc is not hard to find. I choose to avoid that nonsense since the HD engines don't have that goofy stuff. Given the direction that GM and the other OEM's have gone with their 1/2 ton lines, I will never consider a 1/2 ton pickup again unless it is a restored classic. One can make a 2500 ride almost as good as a 1500, and it doesn't take a lot of effort and money. Some better shocks and running the proper tire pressures based on the actual loading on the axles and not on the door jam is a good start.
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    Sorry to hear about your problems with your truck. When I was shopping around for the last two years I was really confused and undecided. I work for the local road authority (non highway) and only trucks in our fleet light duty are Rams and F150’s. They are basic trucks Rams sxt mostly 6 cylinder, 1 hemi, and 1 eco diesel. I must say the Eco diesel is my favourite of all of them. The six bangers have been nothing but trouble since day one, electrical, fit and finish, etc. The Fords have very high mileage as they get slot of usage. 3.5 eco boosts also many problems, truck shutting down out of nowhere, not speaking about auto/start shutoff. So they went with a new 2018 5.0 coyote motor, I’ve never seen so much oil consumption in the first three months. Had to add a quart pretty much every 1,000 miles. so I ended up getting a 2018 new left over Sierra Denali Ultimate with the 6.2. It’s still early barely 2,000 miles but I’m very happy with the truck. I may be eating my words in a year, who knows. I know the new Ram is a gorgeous looking truck, see them in herds daily. I’m not so sure about the really spaceship dash layout. I honestly don’t need that, my Sierra is more than illl ever need. Never really like the ford interior, layout reminds of a cube van dash. as for the dial shifter on the Ram, it belongs on a toaster oven not a truck. Good luck with your new truck, Sorry for the long post ...
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    I've had three Hemi Rams, 2004,2016, and a 2018 and all of those trucks were all around better driving trucks than my 2017 Silverado, had my Dad had a Ram when he passed away I'd still be driving one. I don't have any problems with mine but I put a level on it and bigger tires just to get the same look, put a tuner on it just to make it run more like the Ram and shift better. I like the truck and really miss my Dad but it's not in the same class as the Ram.
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    Wow, you have a 19 year old truck and just starting to see a tiny bit of rust... Whatever your doing keep it up. I had a 2003 but the rocker rust got so bad I could stick my foot in it a few years back, now I drive a 2017. Original owner and would have like to kept it a few more years for sure but once it starts it goes fast. But I live in IL where the salt is absolutely horrible in the winter.
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    I havent purchased one in my life. After 33 years of buying things and new vehicles I am WAY ahead of the game. I doubt I have any risk at all of regretting not buying one for my 2019.
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    I don't think so. You can change to view to a straight line, or the grid, but you cannot change it from the lines that bend. I'm not sure why you would want to, anyway? Once you adapt to this, you'll really appreciate being able to see where your a** end is going when you're backing up in tighter spaces.
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    I wouldn't buy a vehicle with that high mileage or one that has been modded. Stock vehicles only.
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    I can relate to this 100000000x over. Happens on my jobsite a lot. As soon as there is real work to do (and the talking is over) no one takes responsibility and just expects the next person to do it. "Well that's not my job." In saying that, we do have a few managers who are of the mindset that, everything is your job. That saying should never be said - rightfully there are boundaries of your job but you should try to work through problems regardless. Sometimes a simple phone call or ask and you're back on your way. It's a piss poor mindset that corrupts people. Hard to have pride in such an environment.
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    Well...traded the '14 in, which was a GREAT truck. I never experienced the new model year issues that others had with that body style... But there are things the T1 body has that you cannot mod into those trucks (interior cab size, AC vents, etc) So, here you go: 2019 RST CC Std bed Z71 with convenience pkg II. Good mix of options.
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    I understand the extend warranty due to all of the items that were disconnected and reconnected, a lot more room for later issues.
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    Reading reviews and some on the forum should help you decide too, there are lots of tire threads to browse through. Here are three tried and true tires. Michelin Defender LTX Bridgestone Dueler RHS Firestone Destination LE2 I've run two out of those three and I live in Minnesota, I'd have zero issues with running any of those.
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    I hope they go all out. Like a blown 6.2. Why not. We already have the light off road models , give us a true raptor fighter
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    Solids in our oil are in two different states. Soluble like sugar and water and insoluble like sand and water Part of the reason we change oil is to remove the accumulation of soluble substances both solid and liquid, such as acid, water and fuel. Lip won't prevent their removal. The other is to remove insoluble solids such as wear metals and soot, carbon, varnish and so on. Part of the additive package is a dispersant. Dispersants hold solids in suspension that don't want to be in suspension. The caveat is that they need be finely divided enough to remain in the fluid. Heat and agitation assist greatly in keeping things that don't like to be suspended, suspended. (Think snow globes). And those final few that are too suborn to be held by chemicals are also large enough to be filtered out. Watched an oil pan drop once on one of fathers cars he drove 18 miles home whose oil pump shaft had broken thus it ran home (undamaged I might add) on nothing but splash lubrication. That isn't the interesting part. This motor, a 390 FE Ford had well over 100,000 miles on the clock and used Phillips Trop-Artic 10W30 on 2K OCI's. These pans are stamped uncoated steel and when removed you could have used the bottom of the pans interior as a shaving mirror it was that clean. I'd say the filters and dispersants did their job quite nicely. This is the motor that went 750,000 miles before being taken out by a dump truck. I'm not worried about a few ounces left behind. More than that never leaves the motor anyway; hiding out in the valleys, pump and galleys of the motor. BTW diyer2, I found that pan straight away. Thanks!
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    Just installed the GM CAI, sounds great!
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