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    Well I went to the dealer and put a down payment on a 2018. It’s the exact truck I wanted. It was a little more than I had hoped but there were few other trucks optioned the way I wanted. I pick her up Saturday. I’m super excited. The only question I have now is I can wait to buy an extended warranty correct? I was planning on just saving up and paying for the warranty out of pocket instead of rolling it in to the monthly payments just to keep the amount financed lower. Thanks in advance.
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    It’s my b day today so decided to treat myself to some tint! Not totally in love with the front windshield strip, but it’s a $20 experiment. Front windows tinted to a legal 35% here in Illinois. Midwest glass tinters in oak lawn did an awesome job! Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
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    Quick and dirty video from an old phone. Thank you everyone for your patience and following along. PM me for inquiries, I'll have pricing available shortly
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    Not my truck. Had a local fellow drop his truck off for some work. Illuminated Handles with LED Switchbacks Installed. 1A/AM Auto Mirror with LED Switchbacks installed. Mirrors retained Power Fold, Mirror Memory, Key Fob Fold, Reverse Tilt and all the other functions of his DL3 Mirror (except driver side Dimming of course). I didn’t perform any of the retrofits, just physical installation and wiring. Before: After: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New to me 2015 Midnight Edition. Waiting on 2” front level and need to match the front windows to the rear.
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    🙄 I wouldn't go that far.
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    LOL! I ended up sending my handles off to Monty Crisp (Crisp GM Customs). He retrofitted switchback LEDs to them. So, I ended up having to run new circuits (Turn Signals and Running Lamp) to the doors. So when my headlights are on, the handles are on (white), then go to amber when Signal is used. Just like how the switchback turn signals work on LTZ/HC LED Head lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Once you have the heated steering wheel, you'll never go back.
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    Took my 2017 Silverado Z71 5.3 to the track tonight. I got pair up against a Shelby GT500. My mods ProCharger P1SC, Circle D 278mm 3200 stall, Klug Performance tune, and a Black Widow 250 custom cat-back. Launched the truck at 1500rpm in 4wd and ran a 12.74 @ 106.51 with a 1.81 60ft. The GT500 was stock soft launch and said he missed 3rd. He ran a 13.01 @ 113.46 with a 2.48 60ft. I held him off in the end.
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    Washed and waxed Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    So I'm just now getting around to posting about it but finally got the McGaughy's 4/6 deluxe drop installed on my 2018 double cab. Also got my Status Journey 22's wrapped in 285/40/22 rubber and put on as well. I think I'm gonna call this truck Vaderado The kit is very well made and went together pretty easily, I did initially drop the front end 5'' just to see how it looked but couldn't even get my hand in between the bottom of the fender well and the tire, so I adjusted the strut with the spacer rings provided up an inch and shes sitting quite nicely. If anyone has any questions about the kit feel free to ask!! oh and before anyone points it out, yes the rear exhaust tip is lower and not perfect, we ended up bending it down and busting the hanger slightly in the process of doing the rear as it didn't quite clear the leaf pack
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    Well darn it. Got to work on my soft skills with the snowflake generation.
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    like all dark colors... fantastic to look at when they are clean for the first 12 hours after you wash..
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    Don't worry about the lube guy. Do it for yourself. Pull the truck in the garage, open the hood, grab a beer and just stare at the engine cover
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    Hi all, new to the forum. Just purchased a 2018 LT Z71, let the building begin. Love seeing what everyone else has done to their trucks. The forum and others builds really helped me select the look that I was going for. I really just wanted to "beef up" the stock look, but not too high. 4inch is perfect for my taste, I really liked how It turned out, love to hear your thoughts... Started with Front Window Tint LLumar Paint Protection Film (Full coverage full front end) 4 inch BDS Suspension Factory GMC Denali 20s Nitto Ridge Grapplers 295 60r20 (approx. 34x11.5) AMP Research Powerstep retractable running boards This will probably be It for a little while. Before After
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    Finally got a chance to get some good night pictures. Rigid industries ignite Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I'll second 2 of the above posts: 1.) I love my 6.0. Tows my trailer with ease and is an all-around awesome truck. 2.) With a max tow rating of 13k/14k (5th), I agree - would not want to tow 13k with the gas engine. Diesel will be much better. These questions are same-old same-old. If you haul 12-13k or more on a REGULAR BASIS, a diesel is the best option. If you're 12k or less, and maybe not a daily/weekly haul, then a gasser will most definitely do the job IHMO.
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    Yes we do cause it will sell . Just because you dont need it dosent mean everyone else dont need it either. This is why the AT4 is offered as a SLT , otherwise it would be LT Trail boss. I get your GM Passion but please take off the GM sun shades for a moment . GM trucks have many issues too. Heck i lemon Lawed my 2014 Sierra SLT because of so many problems. My 2016 Denali has had multiple issues as well. ( one being a whiny transmission in first 3 gears in which they cant figure out what it is) Point is No truck company is perfect
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    White overlays and rear badge delete done.
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    Why not? At the very least, the upper tier models should be. People don't buy the LTZ, SLT, Denali and High Country to use as a supply truck for their masonry company.....
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    My new ride. Replaced my totaled 2015 with this BEAUTIFUL 2018 Midnight Edition.
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    .. finally ordered a set of running boards for the truck today. After much back and forth on a couple different drop step options I pulled the trigger and ordered the Westin HDX bars. Truck finally goes in tomorrow morning to dealer to have the console power socket replaced which shorted out couple weeks ago.. been holding off on installing a sub/amp and a few other things until the dealer is done messing around with my harness and pulling my console.
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    Okay! I'll get some pictures up and write up how I mounted them soon
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    Great progress today... I was able to locate a complete front dashboard to experiment on the HUD install, and it came with great rewards. I should be getting my Denali cluster sometime tomorrow and start on this install as soon as I can. Special thanks to[mention=191422]jadscoop[/mention] for his amazing work on bringing the Tahoe/yukon visor cluster and the Silverado/Sierra visor hood cluster. Here a few pictures of what I worked on today. The dashboard will need to be cut. There is no other way around the HUD itself is pretty big and there’s not enough room to fit without cutting into the dashboard once cut it will fit like it was meant to be there. Here’s a better picture from above. The HUD has 3 locations where it needs to be attached or screwed into. 1 on the tabs is already there at the main metal bracket support. From the picture above you can see where the one of the screws is solid screwed into. The second one will need a spacer in between to mount it properly but it will be enough to support the HUD (picture below) We will loose the driver mirror defroster vent. There’s no way around. (Not a big deal for me) The cluster hood visor will complete attach to our Silverado/Sierra cluster trim with the difference of adding the Tahoe/Yukon to cover where the dashboard was cut and it fully matches where the HUD location is. Now the next challenge is to make a cast of the the 2 cluster visor hood together and make a one solid piece and leather it to match as close as possible to our dashboard finish. Visited a few local shop in Dallas area and I’m confident it can be done. Stay tune for the retrofit. thanks to[mention=159655]pgamboa[/mention] for getting the harness covered and[mention=191422]jadscoop[/mention] for his work done on the cluster visor. It’s coming closer to reality. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What's wrong with a little " La Cucaracha" now and then?
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    I will keep on driving, none of this self driving electric car bullshit.... F that... Give me a gas sucking 4x4 pickup truck till the day I die..
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    Duel: A fair fight between two gentleman having a disagreement. DUAL: A pair. As in DUAL exhaust pipes.
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    The styling cue similarities are uncanny. It's not a bad thing. All brands imitate each other to an extent. Anyone who doesnt see any tundra styling cues in the T1 needs their eyes checked. Lol.
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    When the steering is lost it is followed buy girlie screams and white knuckle syndrome just as the truck is entering a curve. Other than that, steering is overrated.
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    If your thinking about doing this conversion, the dynamic duo of Phil and Corbin at GMPartsNow can't be beat. Both guys are top notch and Corbin will make sure you get all the right stuff, email or call him and he'll get you set up. Just got mine installed and both guys offer excellent support and quality service. Could not be more satisfied.
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    Love the this color! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Painted my garage, also removed tile and painted the garage bathroom (couple days ago) Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Well all I can say is that I am glad that I will be not driving anymore when this shit happens. I will just be sitting around being happy to remember my name. hahahaha A sad commentary in my view anyways. But then again we heard all this shit in the 1970's as well.
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    Doug, Please keep us up to date on the mods section if you would like. There is a thread for what have you done with your T1 today. You can post any mods there that you make to the rolling root beer float Paint color reminds me of that root beer flavored hard candy.
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    35” Toyo Open Country AT 2 on 4.5” Zone lift.
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    First day it came home to the next week. 2018 graphite metalic with pro comp leveling kit 33x12.50r22 toyo mt tires on 22x9 gloss black snowflake replicas. Also had all the windows and windshield tinted. Debadged the whole truck and vinyl wrapped the front and rear emblems.
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    I don't work for them and I actually didn't buy from them, but the last time I priced the GM Warranty there was a dealer in PA that had the best price I could find. My purchasing dealer actually matched their price and that's why I went that route. But at least worth a check. http://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html
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    Grumpy - so far it seems to be functioning fine. I haven’t adjusted any shift points on the tuner, it’s still the stock settings. It’s not searching for gears. Downshifts are much more noticeable and effective to slow the vehicle down. Ski - I haven’t taken it on the freeway yet. Right now I don’t drive more than 20 miles before letting it cool down. I’ll take a short trip on the freeway tomorrow and get back to you. Centex - If you found a shop that is willing to install your own parts you could probably get it done for a little bit cheaper. The cost of my parts through the shop was over $1200 and labor was just over a grand. I probably could have bought the parts online for $800. To me it was worth it to have this particular shop do the install and give them the ability to order exactly what they needed. Everything is warranted by them for a year and I get peace of mind that the job was done right along with knowing the money went somewhere local. If you’re going to do 4.56, you may want to consider a new driveshaft. With 33.5” tires (actual measured diameter, not factory new specs), the driveshaft will self-destruct around 95mph. The reasons why someone would be traveling that speed are another topic, just know, if you hit that speed, it’s almost certain the shaft will catastrophically fail.
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    GM trucks are the closest to a "Truck" you can still buy. Even the new 2019 T1's Speaking of Lexus.... if you want one go buy a RAM The Heated Steering wheel is great. I love mine. As well as the Cooled Seats. Love mine. Both heated steering wheel and cooled seats are something very rewarding here in the Midwest Summer Heat and Winter Cold.
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    I have always had good luck with Stoner Invisible Glass.
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    You are obviously not an average consumer of vehicles. The items that have no use for you have a lot of use for most others. In other words, the World does not revolve around you.
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    One makes your neighbors hate you, the other kills the old guys on the block! Jokes aside, the 6" will be louder than the 10". Might as well just straight pipe if you're thinking of the 6". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has to be a good feeling. Especially since there are not many out there just yet. I recall when I had a 2004 Silverado 4x4 with the QuadraSteer Rear Steering. Talk about garnering the eye of the public! Everywhere I went people would tell me my truck was broke, that my rear wheels were "Catawampus" Especially with older people. I use to love cruising and circling gas station pumps with the wheels at full turn just to see the surprised look on faces
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Beautiful truck. What front bumper is that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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