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    DILLY DILLY I was driving down the road and a deer ran out in front of my Chevy. .Piece of crap, never happened with my Jeep.
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    Sounds as if there may be a loose nut behind the wheel, or something like that.
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    It's evident that you can't be experienced in driving a variety of trucks in a variety of off road conditions. Every truck, will react differently on a surface due to a number of factors. Those include but aren't limited to: the surface itself, tires, suspension, wheelbase, and weight. Now considering you have a z71 suspension, it's relatively stiff compared to other models. Every truck will do what you experienced under the right conditions. My 2014 z71 our main highway would rattle your brains out due to its lack of dampening. The pavement wasn't broken but heaved due to frost and freeze thaw. I put some 5100s on it, and she handled the same bumps like a champ. Still bumpy mind you, but no need for traction control to kick in. My Crew Cab Standard Box NHT reacts extremely different on the same stretch of road. I used to have to drive down dirt roads for hours at 40 to 50mph to go to work. Everyday for weeks at a time. I drove a 2014 Ford FX4 crew cab standard box and 2014 Sierra double cab all terrain. Hit the right bumps and the rear end kicks out. Sometimes violently. Always in the exact same sections of road. The right bumps will cause conditions to have the rear slide out. You don't have perfect traction. It's simple to understand. In my expereicne the Ford would more commonly kick the rear end out, but the GMC was much more violent when it did. You even stated yourself that you let off the gas. You do realize that would cause a weight transfer forward. Resulting in less traction from your rear wheels. The only logical conclusion is you were driving too fast for the conditions. There is no safety issue with the truck. You're the safety issue.
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    Were you more sober when you were driving than you were when you posted this?
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    Couldn’t be happier with how well the wireless cab lights went on! They match the Boost Auto switchbacks real well. Here's the link to the install, honestly really impressed with how well these guys installed. Pulled our the SLR for a better night show. iPhone night shot Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
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    Getting my engine cover hydro dipped. Should have it back next week sometime after he does touch ups and clear coats this weekend. So far I think it looks awesome!! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks to those with helpful responses... I’m glad I didn’t take it to a professional detailer or worse to get repainted lol. I bought a gallon of GYEON iron remover off amazon. It was waiting for me when I got home from work. I tested it out for 10minutes on the passenger door. The immediate results were unbelievable. It is very expensive and the rotten egg smell is terrible (will have to store in sealed bag as garage smells bad now) but well worth it for the results. I shouldn’t need more than a half gallon leaving me plenty to take care of the rail dust on the rest of the truck..
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    Here is my RST with a 2.5in front level and 1in rear block on stock 22s
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    First paint correction and seal on the AT4 now that winter is over. This blue looks even better after a clay/polish/seal.
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    Finally got some free time to install my 7" lift. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    2019 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab X31 Off Road GM Accessories 2 inch lift (AT4/Trailboss) Rough Country Leveling Lift (1311)
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    Is that the new WILLY WONKA antenna mod???
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    What for? The interiors are great. Not as flashy as that car interior on the Dodge but it is a truck, extremely useful as such. Good materials that will be durable as opposed to flashy and worn looking in a short period of time. It is threads like these that make me realize you can't make everyone happy. They add new storage, features and tech and someone will complain about something a different version or another truck has and those people no matter what will never be satisfied or happy. The trucks are great, are there a few things they could have added? Sure, there are also things the other brands are missing, most importantly in the truck realm... Tyler
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    I'm new to this forum, my apologies for the intrusion. I just traded in my 2016 Ford F-150 for this.. a 2019 Silverado RST Z71. That was when it was just a day old.. last week. Since then, I've added in running boards and spray-in bedliner. Probably will remove the "Silverado" in the back and change it to "Cheyenne" like the Mexicans since I'm usually down in Mexico. Really impressed so far, getting used to it right now but it's all good so far.
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    Put on the matte black “Chevrolet” tailgate insert. Very subtle on a black truck, but when the light catches it right, it really pops.
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    With a heavy heart I'm leaving the GM team for the first time since I started driving. I have seen numerous threads of people abandoning GM and never thought I'd have one Between the 8l90 clunking, the torque converter chattering non stop, and the rest end giving me a back massage I couldn't deal with it any more. I knowingly voided my warranty with my mods so I rolled the dice. I have paid for a rear end rebuild and triple transmission fluid flush with the updated Mobile 1 fluid without success. Had GM found a guaranteed way to fix these issues I would have no problem paying out of pocket for what would have been warranty repairs because I love the truck and all the mods I put into it. I wish all of you the best and those that still are having issues with your trucks I hope you get them all figured out. GM can really build nice stuff when the bean counters don't force quality cuts and avoid admitting bad designs. In the next couple months I'll be taking as much off as I can so anyone that wants some well taken care of mods for a fraction of the cost new, look me up. I'll also start a thread in the classifieds once I do the teardown. I'm moving on to a Dodge Durango SRT. It checks all the right boxes, rear biased awd, adaptive suspension, massive brembo brakes, 475hp V8, AND it can tow 8,700lbs!
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    This still ongoing? Clean your shorts and move on.
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    Enough said...go back to Ford or better yet...UBER
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    Color matched badge decals Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Get the clear bra before the front end looks like it was hit with buckshot.
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    I own an older GM truck and recently a 14 GMC. I was fortunate and loved my 14 especially after a tune. I have family members and friends that own Rams. Contrary to what some people say here they love them and nothing falls off. Please come back a report your experience with the Durango. Some of us own different brands at the same time and would love hear your experience with the SRT. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This^^ I'll be the first to say I will not spend $1600 for ceramic. But, you will never hear me say someone else shouldn't. Each person buys and maintains their truck to suit their needs. My needs do not include ceramic, diesel's does and I respect that. Frankly, I can clearly see a big difference even in the pics and feel like he (and others) should be proud of the fact they're taking that kind of care of their truck. Over the years I've been on enthusiast sites for Mustangs, Jeeps, and now here. The one consistent problem is people who can't show respect for other people's choices and have to speak out against it. Even when they ask for opinions, you can still be respectful. Rant over.
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    Hey where in socal are you? i need to make sure that i don't ever take my truck to your shop! hahhahhahh
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    I ordered a crewcab standard bed last week. Really tired of this One of the main reasons why I wanted a new truck. Not my truck but one i test drove a few weeks ago, similar to what I ordered except 20” wheels Ryan B.
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    That looks awesome Tech510. I’m always trying to do a Close Encounters of the Third Kind with my vehicles. My camaro had grille, trunk and footwell lights. There’s a lot you can do with a truck. On my initial install I set off the computer in my Silverado because the light strip interfered with the grille vent closure mechanism so I had to adjust and reset the computer. I got my light strip from diodedynamics and fixed it to the back of an aluminum channel I got from homedepot and slid it behind the grille then fastened it. I wired it to the fog light fuse so that it only comes on when I hit the fogs. I also placed a couple of strips on the roll rack and have two red strips wired behind the rack which I may just hook to the tail light running wire.
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    Finally finished the bumper project! And also painted the tow mirrors. Don't have great pictures yet but will soon.before and after Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got my center console swapped in today using a new console and pgamboa's harness.. Also got his rear view mirror harness to swap in an auto-dimming mirror and installed that this evening as well...
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    So trade out and go back to Ford...End of thread...Who cares
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    All I know is every truck I have owned slowing down stopped the back end from dancing and going sideways on wash board dirt roads. Or going faster when it's safe also works.
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    Thanks guys I appreciate it. Good note she wants nothing but her stuff so I’ll get house and keep truck and boat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Better trade it in on on a Tesla
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    Finally got to use my front mount hitch today
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    Been lurking thought I'd post a couple of pic's of my Red Z71. 2017 GMC Sierra Z71 SLT 6.2
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Made a box for the under the back seat btw I can’t wrap a Xmas gift so I think it turned out good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Regarding all the diff covers convo. Banks power did a pretty interesting series of videos on how the flat backed covers mess with fluid dynamics and heat up the fluid, while overfilling or filling more than the 4qt set amount can cause excessive aeration in the fluid which weakens it's performance. Seems like the most performant setup for longevity, regardless of towing or not, is to keep the stock cover.
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    Two bucket wash. Makes the ceramic coat really shine.
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    Picked up my 2019 LTZ with trail boss levelling kit today.....very very very satisfied!!! will share more later.6.2L and had dealer install duratracs. GH
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    Too late for me. Bought mine with 13k miles on it. Had a few small chips. This winter has been brutal. Looks like crap. I always wished I had a body color front end instead of chrome. Now I wish I had the chrome back!
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    I found out from GM corporate that the Bumper to Bumper rust through warrantee does not cover the bumper. True story.
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    Personally I'd cruise it for a few thousand miles and see what you like and what you may not. Appearance stuff is always something you could do in the meantime if you feel the need.
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    After reading everything I could find, I finally made a decision. I chose 285/60/18 BFGoodrich KO2's, no lift, no leveling, stock everything. Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. It was nice to see what others have done with their trucks. I've had my share of lifted trucks (some of them crazy high like 12" on 40's)...I'm enjoying this one a bit closer to the ground. The ride and handling are much better...especially the handling. I'm impressed with the KO2s.
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    20% is about as close to factory as you can get and it looks great. And you can still see pedestrians at night. I personally wouldn’t go any darker. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yep she talked to lawyer and wrote paperwork up herself says she has no interest in my house,truck, or boat. Which the house and boat were bought premarital but I know how some can be. It sucks but is what it is I’ll get thru it. Thanks Guys sorry to get off topic in the thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I use the bikini car wash here in Orlando. The manager makes sure each employee actually knows how to detail a car. And... well... you know. It's girls in bikinis. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
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    I use Gunk engine degreaser then hose it down. Then hit the plastics and what not with Gunk engine brite
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    So there can be an end to the diff cover debate. If the OEM cover is made anywhere else then here's a good enough reason for me to replace it! [emoji631][emoji631][emoji631] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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