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    I said goodbye to my 03 Chevy Trailblazer had it for 14 years. Hello 2020 6.2L Trail Boss LT Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Your TDS is showing. May want to get that checked out. When it gets that bad, it hinders the ability to produce facts and one’s voice becomes that of Charlie Brown’s teacher.
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    Well, I traded mine in on a 2020 AT4.
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    Installed my AMP power folding steps over the weekend...
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    I usually look through the windshield to see if there's a vehicle in front of me.
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    How does this make you “screwed”? They’ll fix it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Changed to summer wheels and new Toyo MT’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Joe Diffie died from it. Thought you and Kix Brooks oughta know. Sent from my SM-J810F using Tapatalk
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    Finally did the conversion to LTZ headlights and taillights on my 2017 Rally 1. Huge upgrade!
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    You're sure worked up for someone who is in Canada
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    I'd never take delivery of a new truck thats is or was damaged To all those who say its just a truck, come by my place and let me kick your door in, because its just a truck. SHlT happens now move along.
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    There is no way they missed THAT when it was checked in. That happened on their lot and they are bull shitting you.
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    first scratch is out of the way... after dealer fixes it, you can enjoy it & not worry so much & you should get a nice discount...or maybe have dealer add some extras
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    Are you guys saying that it's safer to pass someone at 28-50mph above the posted speed limit? How is that safer? That just sounds completely stupid. If someone is being so crazy in front of you I wouldn't even attempt to pass them for fear of them trying to do something dumb, makes more sense to just back off and create distance between you and them. Since when has 10-15mph not been enough to pass someone in a small amount of time?
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    I fold my mirrors almost every time I park, I'm not worried about it.
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    New to the club.. but I'm super excited about this truck. Bought on Wednesday and leveled it today.
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    I got to put in a few hours on my front end today made decent progress I’m just waiting for my front and rear differentials to get back from being regeared.
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    Bull$hit...here's my .02, earned with 35 years living in NYC. Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Had his dad Mario as Governor and got my family the hell outta Dodge after he overturned the results of our death penalty referendum and while I still had two nickels to rub together. Andy's simply following in his father's footsteps forged in the '92 Convention, now Andy's turn to cry for public attention to gain notoriety preceding the Democratic convention to rise as the Party savior to rescue them from their undesired candidates, confused Joe and Commie Burnie. It was his and NYC mayor and officials' mismanagement over the years that aggravated this problem. In early Feb. the City management health official clowns said there was no fear of the virus and were actually encouraging attendance at the Chinatown New Year's festival, to prance around in public parks, visit tourist attractions, and frequent crowded restaurants, museums, and theaters......if you've ever been to one it is a simple formula, jamb 20,000 people into 4 square blocks (maybe 10 acres of congested streets so narrow you can't fit two Silverados side by side), get coughed on and sneezed upon and set off fireworks to spread the bacterial, viral and sulfur contaminant soup all over the place. First Andy blames Trump and now we find out he's stockpiling ventilators in NJ while others go needy.....what's wrong with a: "you'll get them when you need them policy"? This is just another effort to get the Government to supply more free $hit so they can pi$$ away future tax dollars on one of their prize projects ....because when they previously had the chance to stockpile supplies when initially offered, they instead pi$$ed away NY'ers tax money on boondoggle projects. This is a State and City which is the prime target of terrorists and should have been ready for this and a lot more!....they didn't learn after the '93 WTC bombing (I was there).....at least after 911 they beefed up police and fire....seems they didn't follow through with stocking adequate hospital supplies........now they have the temerity to claim that they are receiving more patients than on 911.....of course they are because the majority of the victims of that tragedy and were vaporized in the collapse and never saw a hospital residing mostly in the rubble transported to the S.I. landfill. One clown even had the audacity to state that he was particularly offended of the "Chinese virus" moniker because of his ancestry should people fail to avail go out and avail themselves of NYC activities because of the non threatening virus. Simply no excuse other than mismanagment for a Sttte and City with such a huge population and staggering tax revenue to be so ill prepared. Plenty of blame to go around, and not with Trump either. If he didn't close the border when he did, and with the concurrent existing NY policy need 100,000 ventilators wouldn't be enough.
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    Installed black AT4 badges and removed the Sierra. I think it came out well.
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    Another story to tell. "See that little scratch sonny? That was the time some guy named snork kicked my door and I planted my knuckles across his chin..." LOL
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    Exactly. And yes, it can be as thick or thicker, all depends on the shop. A good quality shop can make it better than factory without all the orange peel. Let them fix it, take a discount or extended warranty or something and move on. You weren't "screwed" by anyone. ****** happens, it is a vehicle and a truck at that. Big tough guy over here. Those are two completely different things. ****** does happen, they can fix it better than new if done right and you can get a discount or some added perks. It wasn't deliberate, it was an accident. Take a step down off the high horse and stop making a mountain out of a mole hill as it does no one any good. Life is much more enjoyable with realistic expectations. Tyler
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    I could personally care less if you bought a new one or not.
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    Finally took my ordered parts to the dealer and had them paint my door handles, mirror caps, and the radio bezel to break up some of the monotone of the interior. Will get them installed when the rain stops hopefully sometime today.
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    What is shows is he isn't willing to be morbid betting on death. You make some weird deductions.
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    I didn't dance around it at all. You just missed the point. Driving is a voluntary activity and a privilege. We have laws and we have standards that make it a safer activity. We have police on the roads actively working to make sure the laws and standards are applied and followed. Driving is not a free-for-all. You are required to be educated about driving safely, and you are tested and licensed to prove you received that education. There are calculated risks in life we take upon ourselves, and there are activities that put others at risk. This virus is an exponential risk factor, car accidents are very typically a 1-on-1 risk. Accidents rarely infect bystanders. Nothing about car accidents is really comparable at all. It's really a terrible argument to make in favor of infecting everyone around you with a deadly disease.
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    Nah, you're quite wrong on many points there. We socially distance ourselves to flatten the curve. Once enough of us get the virus and recover, it'll be generally better for those who continue to get it each year even without a vaccine because hospitals will have the resources available to help them. Today there are too many infected and the hospitals aren't able to help everyone who needs it. Car crashes are also something we continually invest in preventing and making safer every day. Cars today are quite different even from just 20 years ago. Driving is a calculated risk/reward people optionally sign up for every day. Getting infected with a deadly disease is hardly voluntary for most people. The reason there is good potential for millions to die is simply that there are so many Americans resistant to common sense and reason. They insist on living their lives as if there is nothing to worry about. They encourage their friends and family to do the same, and even have parties to spread it around. There is good potential because for the last two months our own President was one of those people, and even today as he walks back and pretends he never said what he said just two weeks ago he still doesn't acknowledge the gravity of the situation, and his followers oblige.
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    Picked up this one about 3 weeks ago, just got back from ceramic coating, now waiting for the rain to stop to install Rotofab intake.
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    I really wanted to buy this truck but now I think I would be foolish to do so.
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    I stopped watching news about 15 years ago and don't regret it one bit
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    First, your murders/people go hunger points are irrelevant. Second, all the other ones, those people in the US get access to health care that give them a chance at living, if it's possible and mostly even if they don't have a lot of money. This social distancing is about giving the system enough time, and reducing the peak number of people at one time that get COVID19, so those people that do get it and need hospitalization, can get access to health care that give them a chance at living. And so everyone else that don't have COVID19, but happen to have cancer, or get in an accident, or have some other health problem, also can get access to health care, and it's not just "Sorry, try another hospital, maybe they can help you".
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    I'll buy a GM vehicle again. I guess this means there will be one more for me to choose from now.
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    I hear what your saying and agree to a point. Stat's are samples. Samples represent, statistically, populations. I have a dog shelter with three boxes of puppies. All three boxes have six pups each. First box has two white, two brown and two black. Second box is all black and last box is five brindle and a yellow pup. As a shelter a sampling of pups from all three boxes would give a much different picture than a sampling from any one box. To that end I agree. What I disagree on is that any sampling of any one box (USA) paints a picture of the shelters (World) inventory of puppies. That is what this tread is trying to do. IMHO of course. Let's say I have a country with 100 people and 100 confirmed cases with 3 deaths. I could say the MR is 3% but I can only say that IF ALL cases have reach a final resolution. That is the other 97 have totally recovered. If the other 97 are still in limbo they may recover and prove the 3% MR. They may also die and prove that stat wrong. 100% MR. Stat's like these can only be viewed in the rearview mirror with 100% accuracy. 97,028 confirmed cases in the USA (just looked). 1475 deaths. BUT ONLY 816 have recovered. We still have 94,737 people whose fate we do not yet know! They could live, they could die but what they are not is proof of anything substantive. Yes I tossed this into a hornets nest and did just as I say aught not be done. It did as I thought. It lead to this post. Neither side is wide awake. NO ONE can say the MR is 1.5% based on deaths / conformations. You still have 94,737 undecided data points and it is fluid. As soon as you resolve a few thousands more data point enter the population. What we do know is that is KILLS people and at a high enough number to cause alarm. Ya' all are worried about MONEY instead of LIFE. Forgotten are the lessons of WW I / WW II. Shattered economies survive anything IF there are people around to rebuild it. Not so much the other way around. Extinction events have no recovery. We can look back now at 1918 and say what happened. In the middle of that fight no one knew anything. 7.8 Billion people need food. Need water, Need medical attention. These things ARE NEEDS. Cars rolling out of Detroit or a lawn care service are not. Funny how in the middle of this everyone's work becomes indispensable. Same type of people that run back into a burning building to grab their valuables.
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    I tossed mine in the trash when I upgraded. I would feel bad trying to sell someone such a crap product.
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    At least they didn't fix it before you came to pick up your truck and try to hide it from you like a certain stealership I dealt with once...
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    Its impossible for China not to have had hundreds of millions infected - millions were bolting wuhan weeks before the shut down jan 23. This has not just begun. Testing just began, but the virus has been around us for months now infecting almost everyone. You will be told this later. Stop watching the news (just stick with local for weather). They are not correctly testing all people - only the sick - and they are assuming a virus somehow waited until now to start spreading (maybe it hung out at the viral lounge). Gotta see bright side. I got in on a nice energy fund a few days ago, and its doing really well. Gotta love driving to work in this post Thanos snap traffic with gas at a bone fiddy. Pollution is way down helping to keep copd patients off the edge and out of the hospital. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
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    I think lots of whisky would be the answer.
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    LOL. Quit calling people liars. Thank you so much for posting that picture. Just because one person didn't get the deal they wanted does not mean no one else will/does. I got the exact same for my 2018 selling it back to the dealer as i paid for it. Owned it for 2 months. I just was not happy with it. I have purchased a bunch of vehicles from them and i have a good relationship with the used vehicle manager. He had a buyer that was looking for a truck like i had and he flipped it for $500 to the dealership. Seller happy, buyer happy, dealer happy.
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    My 2011 Silverado was color matched. It was a black truck. Sorry... had to...
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    Today? Drove it like I stole it because gas is like $1. Hammer down!
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    15 days ago there were 200 confirmed cases in the USA. Today as of now...68,572. Yea, we got a handle on it. Chicago Mayor has the boys in blue in force on Lake Shore ramping up compliance. Next move. Close the lake front and city parks. People are bringing it on themselves. Earlier I crunched some numbers for the USA and made an assumption that the USA was like China with a single point of origin. Ground zero if you will but the truth is there were multiple first persons in several parts of the country. That multiples the geometric progression by the number of first case incidence. I get people making the choice to "Live Free or Die". To put THIER economy head of safety. For themselves. Question is, do you have the right to make that choice for everyone else.
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    It's that or plant based burgers,I'll take the paste
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    Polish the face plate out today I’m liking the combination so far!
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    Picked up my truck last night. Everything looks good, body shop did a great job, and believe me I inspected it... They said they replaced the rear window but also discovered a leak in the front A-pillar where the sunroof drain wasn’t properly connected. Also noticed the carpet and padding was wet so they replaced that and all the carpeting. I guess I should say thank you that they actually took the time to inspect everything and replace what needed to be but REALLY.... Why do we spend $60k and buy brand new trucks? It’s supposed to rain for the next couple days so I guess we’ll see. Fingers crossed... Btw, the service rep was very apologetic and felt really bad, even though none of it was HIS fault. Nonetheless he gave me the next 4 oil change/tire rotations for free. A nice gesture...
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    So, your bored and want to be entertained. Okay, I'll watch.
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    Today the wife finally got the message, local Martins has special 6-7 AM hours only for senior food shopping when the store has been cleaned and restocked. Told her a waste of time with 2 stocked refrigerators, freezer chests and 1000 gal of propane sitting in the ground for heating and cooking. But, she insisted she needed milk, bread and eggs. This is a rural area with only 2 positives in the County and at 6AM the half the parking lot was already filled and seniors are running around like crazy, so time for a "U" turn for home......forget the masks, gloves, shopping bags and credit card shopping.......we're going and staying home and she can make bread, use powdered eggs and open up cans of condensed milk.....don't even have to worry about toilet paper shortage with one of those pressurized ass washing toilet bowl seats........and after all the frozen, dry package and canned goods go there is always the canisters of 10 year emergency rations. ......so good until 2021 at the least. Until this situation resolves itself - it's time for sequestering-in-place. Plan on putting my time to good use growing a beard, watching cable and DVDs, and staying out of the wife's way except for eating and conjugal purposes.
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    Here mine with the GM 2” lift...level is next, as I want to reduce the rake. No fear of tweaking here!
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    After many months, finally cleaned off the boat and did a bit of fishing... as usual, my wife (who is by far the better fisher-person) caught 2, I caught none - but it was a nice day on the lake
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    This is the angle GM should have used for their marketing pictures. Looks good Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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