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    Installed the "Denali" style cluster in my 16 LTZ Silverado
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    Not the greatest shot but Here's my Trail Boss. Wasn't planning on getting the Trail Boss until I saw it in person and kind of had to after that. Love it so far. Coming from a 2015 Silverado LT.
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    All the truck makers do it. CAFE, EPA, etc. IMO are to blame. The OEs are forced to pick fuel efficient tires in the AT category. The real aggressive tires are left for the "special" trucks such as Midnight Edition, ZR2, etc. You must be a joy as a customer. Its NOT the dealer's fault, its NOT false advertisement per say either. The dealer has NOTHING to do with what tire GM puts on the trucks.
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    .. just to add to the winter is here thread.. I may be in the minority but I wait all year for winter to arrive.. I'm an avid snowboarder and there is no substitute for a day spent on top of the mountain or in the glades. This year will be rough as I'm unable to get any snowboarding in due to my back injury... but like ShubiSnax said at least I can still go out and play in the snow with my Silverado
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    Added an OEM summit white shark fin 2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 6.2L 4.5" Zone w/ Bilstein and Fox 22x10 American Force Grips 33x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Instagram @wildchevys
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    uI've said it more than once on this site, but I'll be glad to say it again, 'coz it seems there's a new snowflake on here every minute . . . Why does the General supply Goodyear highway tires on the new Z71 or All-Terrain "off-road" package? Because over the years, buyers complained of even mild-tread all-terrain tires as being too noisy! And the General has to meet the CAFE fuel economy regulations. Don't like the General doing that? Negotiate different tires/wheels with your dealer at time of sale! But you better get it in writing from the dealer that they won't use that 'change in vehicle configuration from stock' against you to void your warranty later on down the road! Don't want to negotiate/would just rather b1tch from your basement on an online forum later? Buy a Ford instead! (But the Fords have the same Goodyear highway [Fortitude HT] tires, by the way!) PS Putting on a 6 inch lift and 35 or 38 inch Mud Terrain tires and then never even driving off the pavement (in some cases, not even on a gravel or sand road) is stupid. AKA working way too hard and spending way too much in an obvious attempt to overcome another shortcoming in your life. Just sayin.
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    I had a 2" MotoFab level installed last week and my wheels and tires came in today. The wheels are Method Mesh 20x9, 18mm offset. Tires are Falken Wildpeak LT285/55R20. So far, on the ride to work, no rubbing at all while backing into the loading dock or backing into a parking space. With the tires inflated to 50 psi, the ride feels just like the stock wheels and tires.
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    Almost 3 months old and 3000 miles and I am still happy with my purchase!
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    Gee whiz, another problem GM motor, like the other brands don't have problems also. I feel for the owners of problem vehicles but the fact remains they all build a bad one now and then. If there were posts from the owners of non problem vehicles this site would be many times it's size. I also believe the way a vehicle is used and maintained is a huge factor that needs to be included in the equation but is hard to track. I guess I'm luckier than the buyers of new vehicles because I've never had any major problems with my used vehicles all my life.
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    @pgamboa came through once again. I got his dl3 mirror conversion awhile back which has auto dimming. I wanted to make it work. And of course said lets add a Camaro framless rear view mirror so he go me the harness. Took me all of 40 minutes. And as you can see the mirrors dim
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    Upgraded exhaust from 3.5" single side to Borla Atak Dual Rear Exit. Added Baja Pro Ditch lights.
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    Sorry for the delay everyone, I will write up my install this weekend on another new thread.
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    Picked up some free red oak on the way to my father-in-law’s place. I took all I could fit. Generated from my Apple iPhone using tools.sportscard.trade Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Never listened to my wife on vehicles, uhm, ex wife...
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    yeah, its unfortunate that they do this. But its industry wide. No truck comes off the line with a real off-road tires anymore. If you don't like it, negotiate with your dealer to put tires you like on it before you buy it, or swap them on your own afterward. Going back to your dealer after you purchased to complain about the tires is pointless.
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    And then everybody at the dealership will be extra grumpy when you come in for warranty work...
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    A guy brought me a cluster out of a Volvo 10 ton yesterday saying he tried to fix it himself and now nothing works. I said: "I'm sorry I don't do Volvos I don't have the parts" Then he said "At least have a look at it to see what I screwed up" " I'm in town for a couple hours and I'll come back to pick it up repaired or not later" Well I opened it up and found his boo-boo, cleaned that up to find that the speedometer stepper motor was bad. Come to find out they use the same motors as the Ford Mustang 03-05 and I happened to have a few of these that were sent to me by mistake by a seller. I changed the stepper motor and fired it up. Everything worked. He couldn't believe it when he came back. What a happy camper. He was jumping with joy, I think it was his dad's truck, so I saved him a lot of aggravation and "I told you so". Asked for $50 and he gave me $100 and drove away.
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    .. that just plain sucks .. but I hear they make pretty good snow tires lol
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    That is active grade braking. It is supposed to do that to hold itself back and minimize use of the brakes.
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    I bought a Viair 300P compressor. It is very well suited to inflating truck tires quickly. On my last off road trip, my compressor inflated my 32" tires faster than the compressor at the gas station inflated my buddy's 33" tires. The flow rate is very good, so I even use it to blow out the water lines of my travel trailer when I winterize it. Viair compressors are very commonly used to feed air tanks for bagged (lowered) street trucks too.
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    Got my Midnight Edition a couple of months ago. Added Weathertech mud flaps and Romik RAL-TB running boards with many more mods planned for the future.
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    4.5" Zone Suspension lift with 295/65r20 Well worth it and the ride is awesome
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    2018 Silverado 1500 Z71 LTZ "Midnight Edition" My best friend and I both got one.
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    2 guys, 1 truck [emoji50] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I have had mine for 8 days now. I scrolled past it a dozen times on their website thinking it was black but then when the November incentives came out I went and looked at it and was super happy when I saw the actual color. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’d rock the regular ZR2 and pocket the difference...the mods done aren’t worth $6k to me. I’m prolly in the minority, but given the choice at the same price point, I’d still stick with the standard ZR2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    That's what I call an ignorant statement right there. How would a catch can void your powertrain warranty? Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act protects you from exactly this. Further, to not even have that become an issue, you can simply pull it if taking the truck in for warranty work. DI only motors (like the L86) don't have fuel to wash down the valves. These poorly designed PCV systems allow oil into the intake tract, resulting in oil baking onto the valves. Some motors (like the N54 in my BMW) can be badly impacted by this, which is why I put a catch can on it days after I purchased it and also have an upgraded PCV valve. I only have 737 miles on my L86. I have already installed a UPR single outlet catch can. OEM grade fittings/hoses. Other than the need to drill the mounting hole out slight to fit the bolt, it was a 5 minute install. Simply pop the quick connects off on each side of the short PCV hose. Single bolt to mount the can, attach new lines. Only tool need is a 13mm socket or wrench to remove/install the can. Even if your truck blew the motor on the side of the road you could put it back to stock well before the truck driver arrived...
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    Got my cluster swapped in my 16 LTZ Silverado
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    My girl said I can't. Once. I sure am gonna miss her.
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    Because 3.23s, 3.08s and 3.42's give excellent mileage number in wind tunnels and bogus non real world EPA testing.
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    Just to give you guys more to hate on, My Hideous 19!
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    It is also proved that the front to rear accidents can be reduced by 100%, by simply keeping the safety distance and paying fu**ing attention. so long j-ten-ner
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    I’ve been preaching the about what I think is a scam for years, I’m happy there are so many people that understand it now. 0% off or $xxxx cash back is the same thing as charging interest. Fundamentally, all they are doing is increasing the price of the vehicle when you get 0%.
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    I have/used a couple of compressors from HF for years. the current one is ~$50 and the motor has ball bearings so they last a long time. I don't think a tank is needed nor really helps bc the larger tires will swallow up a few gallon tank on the first tire. So you may as well not bother carrying it. for the price you could burn out 4 or 5 of them before costing as much as some of the on board systems i have seen cost. IMO all those higher dollar compressors are the same Chinese ones as HF. Additionally I rigged up a 4 valve/hose system with a pressure gauge I connect compressor to and fill all 4 tires at once and the pressure also equalizes between tires.
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    Karnut, Agree. My 93 Silverado was real simple to maintain and repair. I miss the 8 foot bed to. Grumpy, The fluid difference is minor compared to the maintenance IMO. Agree about the mechanics we have today. It was 5 degrees here this morning with 8 inches of snow. My Honda ATV that I use to plow snow with fired right up. I bought it used and the carb. was a mess. I rebuilt the carb. jetted it for altitude and it came with a K&N air filter. I run it with the air filter box lid off to get max air and a sock over the air filter. I did the plug color tune and spent the time to get it right. My neighbor has 2 of the same ATV 's. One is the same year with a carb., the other is 4 years newer and is fuel injected. Mine will out run his stock one and keep up wit his fuel injected one.
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    Me too, but I like the second row buckets! Here's the 22's and the dog! LOL
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    I had a 2014 Sierra 6.2 AT and now have a 2016 Sierra 6.2 AT. Both have been solid, only issue I had on my 2016 was a bad injector recently. Took the dealership a week to sort it out. To counter what was said in regards to a CC, GM will not void or deny any warranty in regards to one. All of my vehicles since 2001 have used a CC in some way, shape or form. GM even puts them on the new Corvette and Camaro with the 6.2 from the factory, it works similar to the aftermarket system but doesnt pull from the oily side. When my truck went in for the injector the tech had to look at the pistons, valves and inside of the intake manifold as part of the process to determine if it was the injector or a cracked head. With 26k miles on the clock he said my engine was the cleanest DI engine he had ever seen at that mileage. The tops of my pistons were clean, the inside of the intake was dry and the valves had zero coking on them. He saw my CC and said that was the best move I could have made from the get go, otherwise you need to have a top end cleaning done every 2 years or 25k miles. If you plan on trading in every 3 years then do as you want, if you plan on keeping the truck long term put a CC on it. Plain and simple. My truck has the Airaid CAI kit on it, Katech ported OEM throttle body, a E85 sensor kit, deleted the secondary cats, Magnaflow muffler and no flapper valve or resonator. It is tuned on E85 and I have tuned the transmission as well. AFM has been turned of since day 1 and the truck drives perfectly. I forgot I did just have the trans flushed as part of the shudder issue, waiting to see if it comes back or if I wait for the 2019 Q1 fix that is coming out.
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    I think that color combination looks great Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    As a percentage off MSRP, the Escalade deal is much worse than the others listed. But I’m pretty sure there’s more than $7k in total incentives available for the Escalade. And yes, the new Navigator is dope. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    TMI LMAO! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Have manuel crawl under the truck and get to removing the screws that hold the light in.
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    The Corvette uses a torque tube and transaxle set up, the Camaro features a standard style transmission that bolts directly to the engine. The reason the Vette uses a transaxle is to distribute the weight more evenly throughout the car. With the C7 platform they managed to achieve a 49-51% weight split biasing the rear, which is a remarkable achievement for a front engine car with a large V8. Makes me wonder about the purpose of the mid-engine car a little. There is no transaxle version of the 10L90 as of yet.
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    Another VERY Satisfied customer! With the help from this forum/thread I am now the proud owner of a GM. Chevy Suburban LTZ/D The final part was received today, and 2 hrs later - I have HUD with a Denali Cluster installed and operational Special Thanks to: Chris [GTPprix] for all you have done to help guid us to the correct Clusters for our applications as well as the programming magic you do so well Thanks cmatt for sharing your adventure and advice - thanks to you I was able to find and order the correct parts the first time (color/finish) Thanks to pgamboa for the well made wire harness at less than 1/2 the cost of the dealership price
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    I don't know why yours is doing that, mine works much better. If its cold out (30's) I leave temp set to 70 on AUTO. fan blows very little until engine is warm, then it cranks up until reaching desired temp inside, then the fan slows way down again. I'm happy with it as my first vehicle with the "auto" thermostat. It also reduces the fan if you get a phone call on bluetooth. its nice for being able to hear, but sometimes i don't want to turn the fan down. Side note: if you remote start, I think it just blows on max fan speed, and does not adjust until you put the key in.
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    So, no one figured what was wrong with the picture I posted so here it goes. My partner didn’t realized she put the stickers backwards on the clear marker lenses. Our printing guy wouldn’t charge me for those so imagine going back and say we needed new ones. I was like just charge me twice and don’t get mad at me haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lived in New England/MA all my life, travel up north to ski country on windy mountain roads, some no salt areas, lots of SNOW - VT/ME/NH etc. I've driven RWD(2WD) trucks like Ford Ranger, RWD muscle cars like G8 GT, & FWD cars like honda accord but have mainly been driving a 4x4 1/2 ton last 5-6 years. IN ALL scenarios above I would run snow tires - IMHO opinion if my choice for a ride up to VT in middle of Feb snow storm was between my old 350rwhp G8 GT w/ studded blizzaks & 250 lbs of ballast in the trunk or a Denali ultimate 4x4 on 22"s w/ "all seasons" or "all terrains" I would choose the G8 GT on snow tires 100% of the time. That being said - in a 2wd truck I would run sandbags in the bed - but DO NOT put them at the tailgate - jesus...physics anyone? Suspension loads? What is Porsche's handling quirk? riiiiight. YOu wanna put the bags just before or on top of the rear axle, right behind the cab is fine too. IMHO I would run snow tires in WI if you can afford to do so. My 2015 sierra AT 6.2 4x4 w/ 33" 275/60R20 General Grabber studded snows + eaton diff & 3" of lift is an absolute BEAST in the winter. NOTHING I won't drive through. I got a tongue lashing from NH state trooper one time for passing snow plows (you can do that in MA but not in NH) during a legit blizzard w/ 6" of snow on the hwy doing 60 mph in 4wd HI - slam on the brakes if ya want - thing just stops. Nobody was on the road @ the time trooper recognized my truck gassing up @ rest stop then relaxed when he noticed the studded snows on it. You don't need weight in the back w/ snow tires - doesn't hurt - but not necessary, plus remember you're can carry up to 26 gallons of fuel too - that's a lot of weight, keep a full tank as much as possible during winter anyhow. Lastly, I work in the scrap biz so little easier/more accessible for me to do this, but when I was driving my 2WD Ranger beater in winter (had snows) instead of sand bags I used a 3/4" thick 3x3' plate of steel w/ a padeye welded on it to help drag it out @ end of the season. A hole would suffice too. Takes up way negligible space in the bed, doesn't break open & spill sand everywhere, doesn't shift around etc.
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    guy complains about 19 silverado, buys an 18 ford which looks extremely similar, lol
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    Had a 2" MotoFab level installed last week. Truck sits darn near perfectly level. Still have stock 20" wheels and tires but that's gonna change this week. I'm going with Method Mesh 20 x 9 with Falken Wildpeak LT285/55R20 tires. Can't wait to get 'em on.
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