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    The wife got tired of my sons knees in her back from the double cab and said it was time for more room. Can't complain about that!!
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    Full exterior detail.. clay bar, ceramic, wax/sealant plus fixed what chips I could on the front bumper. 6 hours later and I’m totally exhausted lol.. the most time consuming part was cleaning/waxing/sealing the wheels. All of those nooks and crannies on these honeycombs really takes a bit of time.
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    Best protection against salt is to move to Arizona.
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    Picked it up yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took my truck to the middle of nowhere and lived an entire weekend with no electricity or indoor plumbing... Great way to spend a weekend in my opinion...
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    Got the 22s installed. Totally changed the look from the stock 18s. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    32” light bar installed Amazon purchase: Shop installed and supplied easy to get to switch: Sent from Above
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    Got GM accessory fog lights wired up and activated. Installed Tyger Star Armor side steps. Motofab leveling kit came today (2” front and 2” rear) but can’t get it installed until Friday.
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    Just installed my Rough Country grill inserted dual 10" light bars! Looks amazing and the light output is pretty solid for a couple small bars. Very clean look and the instal wasn't overly complicated at all.
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    Not the best picture, but here it is (tightly) tucked in the garage. Brand new, fully loaded black/black 2019 GMC Sierra SLT Short Box Crew Cab. X31 with 5.3 engine. I shopped for six months and waited towards the end of this year in order to get the best possible year-end deal. Had to drive an hour and a half to pick it up from the dealer, and paid cash in full at time of purchase.
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    Just wrapped up a simple DIY on installing puddle lights under the mirrors! Cost like $20!
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    Hi Everyone, Here's my new toy that I picked up in late September. My 2007 Avalanche started to have some challenges, so made the jump to a 19 TB LT. Love this thing!! At the Dealer: Now:
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    Traded in my 2017 Silverado Rally 2 with the 5.3 - 6 speed for a 2019 AT4 with the 6.2 - 10 speed. What wise decision that was!
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    Congrats...love the color as well. Lucky you...I got under wear for my birthday
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    my 2019 RST wrapped in 3m Satin Ocean Shimmer, on 24" replicas with 35x12.50 MTs. Leveled. Bought it in March and already have 17k miles on it!! I have a Youtube channel where I do how to videos and blogs on it as well as instagram! www.youtube.com/leamangriffin Instagram @LeamanGriffin
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    Drove this home on Thursday. 2020 SLT X31.
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    Added a flag decal. Nice and subtle, just how I like things...
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    My Diesel "Trail Boss" on the cheap. 2" front level with 2" rear blocks on 275/70/18 duratracs Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Washed it and put new wheels on for a few days while it's nice out. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I too went with this KIT . Its an excellent kit and easy install. I would strongly suggest utilizing the firewall plug on the passenger side that will bring the wires just inside the cab on the passenger side. Its a cleaner install and factory looking. I used tin snips to cut my grille and a file to make it nice and flat. The switch they provide I see as a temporary approach until someone designs a proper GM replacement switch. I strongly suggest that while you do this install you wire in the auto stop harness and this is a perfect time to wire in power for extra usb for my console wireless qi charger . Brian
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    My father was forced out of school in the eighth grade. Later we learned he was dyslexic. He built two successful business. I was lucky to be involved in the second one. I don’t put much stock in spelling in terms of intelligence. I’ll absorb useful information without judgement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lack of update is for not coming on the forums daily. Parts were supposed to be in a couple weeks ago, just came in today. We figured shipments would happen sooner than they did after the strike but everything is still very delayed. Plan on installing tomorrow or Thursday. Don’t worry, it will work.
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    OP, you don't need one. Search, all answers you asked are out there, plain and simple. TXGreek, I applaud you for not hawking an Amsoil product in any of your responses! Tyler
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    Here’s my 2020 Satin Steel AT4 with the 6.2L. I absolutely love this truck so far. I told my wife that these AT4s are the best looking trucks I’ve ever seen.
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    Turned out pretty nice IMO. Still trying to decide if I should blackout the badges and side mirrors or leave them chrome...
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    Washed and waxed before Winter sets in. Stepping up from the GMC Canyon to the Silverado, waxing it took a bit longer. Love this truck though!
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    AMP power steps. No regrets, stealth look and perfect location to easily get in and out of TB
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    Here's a before and after of my new-to-me 2016 Sierra with a 2.25" leveling kit installed. Really liking the way she sits now!
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    And I’m the pompous king? Here trying to help
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    Check this out!! Fits perfect in the sliding glass window. I have a no sticker rule on my vehicles... but every once in a while I make an exception... Got them here! https://www.ebay.com/itm/113939215327
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    I don’t think either of you read what I’ve typed. Here is what you need: Spoiler assembly with camera (black) 84515287 Mirror 13532977 Coax cable 84335461 You do NOT need to buy the PN I ACCIDENTALLY put for the camera, that PN was for just the lamp/camera assembly. It does not have the additional length harness to reach inside the cabin. This piece being on the roof and not wanting to slice thru the grommet and throw some cheap silicone on it in fear of leaks, I would suggest getting the spoiler assembly PN above WHICH COMES WITH THE LAMP AND CAMERA & ADDITIONAL LENGTH HARNESS. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and the clips will be tighter than before so it won’t do the spoiler pop we all experience. You guys are making this way more difficult than it is. It’s 3 parts. Yes they’re pricey. Yes it’s cheaper to buy these options when built new. You want to save $20 by making your own coax cable and splicing off ends go right ahead. The lead off of the mirror is about 1”. Try not to screw that up on a $500+ mirror. If you’re already spending close to $800, what’s another $20 to make it as factory as possible with a pre terminated cable.
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    I received a letter from GM. Due to early vacuum pump failures, GM is recommending not following the "recommended" oil change intervals published. 5000 or less max on changes.
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    Headers would be a waste if your building a truck for towing, typically all high RPM gains from LT's unless you get shorties, not to mention around $1500 for a good set. You would be better off putting the money into the suspension as that is what these 1500's need to improve on for towing. If the 6.2L is not powerful enough for towing, your truck is too small for the load. My 6L is gutless in comparison but can tow more than my 6.2L and feels better doing it. Sway bar, helper bags, equalizer hitch is what you need to improve your towing capability, HP of the 6.2L is the furthest thing away from being the weak point of a 1500's towing capabilities.
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    I have always followed the OLM down to around 5% or so. This is where you usually get the "change oil soon" message. Usually comes out to around 7,300 miles. I have primarily used Mobil 1 in 0W-20 AFE but also 0W-20 EP, 0W-30 AFE and standard 5W-30. I have had a few UOA's done from Blackstone and have never seen any issues.
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    I did a little write up for the Baja Designs Fog Pocket kit on a 2016-2018 Silverado. https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/Chevy-Silverado-16-18-Fog-Pocket-Kits.asp Here's the fog pocket bracket. Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Next you're going to use the U bracket and hardware included in the kit. Here's the proper orientation. Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr We're ready to put in the Squadron light, using the M6 bolts and serrated washers. Make sure to put in the light from the front. Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Just like that, your done with the bracket setup! Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Behind the bumper, you'll remove the 4 bolts and utilize 3 for the new light. It's a 7mm socket. Use the plug and play adapters, and you're good to go! Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Stock LED headlights on my 2018 Silverado LT Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Amber Squadron Sports Wide Cornering Lens with stock headlights. Huge Improvement!! Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr Untitled by Paul McGrath, on Flickr
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    Rackin skulls!!! Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
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    Falken Wildpeak AT3W
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    Whatever you decide to do, quit focusing so much on mpg. 1 mpg does not matter at all in the long run with the Range device. 17 vs 18 mpg driving 12k miles a year is a difference of $8/mo with gas being at $2.60. If an extra $100/yr puts you in the poor house, you have bigger problems and should not be looking at a new truck. Even 13mpg with a Tundra (that is accurate) versus a best case scenario of 20 is about $70/mo or $840/yr. That's marginal if you really like the Tundra.
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    Took her out around the pond to check some of my deer cameras, and couldn’t help but snap a pic. Beautiful day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today I finished installing bus bars in the bed. Right now it is covered with a tonneau, but I plan to order a topper between now and Black Friday. I plan to keep the truck for a long time, so I don’t trust T-taps for a permanent wiring solution. These bus bars will help with modifying the bed lighting for a switch in the bed. It will provide a solid ground for my CHMSL circuit. It will also make it easy to wire an air compressor and accessory outlets in the bed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I honestly think that most of the T1 Debbie Downers who are K2 loyalists would have a much softened POV if they actually sat in a T1 and test drove it. I went to my dealer in March 2019 with the intention of buying a loaded out 2018 heavily discounted, or a gently used Denali. Once I sat in the front and rear of my RST, it was a done deal. I just knew I would have buyer's remorse if I bought a K2. The T1s are improved in every single way. It's not even close. No disrespect to those who enjoy their K2s. I enjoyed my 2007 GMT-900 for 12 years, and was pleased with it. But when it was time to upgrade, I'm beyond happy I skipped the K2 and went straight to the T1 platform. I've been lucky in that, after 9 months and 6500 miles, I haven't had one single issue. No electrical gremlins, leaking windows, nothing. Did my 8 speed have some harsh shifting for the first few thousand miles? Yes. Did my crappy Ranchos bother me with their terrible rebound performance on the rear end? Yes. Have both of those issues dissipated since then? Yes. Transmission shifts like butter now, and my $20 exhaust hack makes my truck sound nearly like it has performance exhaust. Fun as hell to own and drive - not to mention it looks smoking hot going down the road with the new, aggressive front end styling.
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    Now I know the color, reminds me of the mid 80's Fiero's, always really liked that blue. Had a friend paint a 68 Camaro in that blue, looked great.
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    OK, you got me. I know they're used on/in areas other than farming and hunting. I just thought I had you figured out to one of those two things. Oh well, turns out you're considerably older than I had you pegged for too. I don't know exactly how old or young I had you figured for, but surely not old enough to have gone in the Army 50 yrs ago. I think I remember seeing somewhere you wrote that. Assuming you were 18-20 when you enlisted, that would make you probably 4-6 yrs younger than me. I joined at 17 in early 1965. Got out in '69 and married the same year. Have just celebrated our 50th anniversary. In case you're wondering how I made it to 50th .... I learned early on there has to be two sides to every argument ............... her's and her mother's! LOL! Naw seriously, it's not been a real bad road, a few ups and downs. But we made it. Anyhow, back to the Gator and hunting. It makes perfect sense why you would have one and how you would use it, being out in the country and all. Until a few years ago we still lived in the country and could do a lot of things that simply are not acceptable where we are now. He11, I could set up a 100 yd range in my back yard and shoot till dark if I wanted. Most of my neighbors would come over and join in sometimes. Now, if I want to shoot I have to load everything all up in my truck and drive about 8-10 miles to the nearest range. It's all OK I guess, just not nearly as convenient. I'm gonna have to cut it short tonight. I'm pretty tired .... he11 I was up at the crack of noon today. I'm worn out. It's been fun but I gotta tell you I haven't changed my mind even one little bit about ethanol. I'll still give it's pretty good with a Jack Daniel's label, but just don't want it in my truck. Pretty sure TXGREEK hasn't been swayed either. He seems about as convinced as I am. Oh well, we can pick it up again on the other side. And one last thing about making it to that magic 50th year. I remembered way back when young and first married, everybody always said the same ol' thing .... "Love is Grand!" Then I figured divorce would be probably 100 grand, so I just did the math! LOL! Regards, and look forward to another good discussion, jumpinjoe
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    I tried to get those CK157 wheels on my new truck and they wouldn't clear with a 3/8" spacer. I didn't want to go any bigger with the spacers because this truck will be dropped 2/4 or 3/5 so I picked up a set of 22" new body style OEM Snowflakes. What a dramatic difference wheels and tires make. Wow. Anyway, I'm listing my take off wheels and tires on Craigslist and I'm not sure what years they will fit. 1999-2018? 2007-2018? A little help here please And of course here are the before and after shots......
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    Sprayed my a pillars black with SEM Bumper Coater
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