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    Just got my RST today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Although I still look at them, I'm desensitized with individual graphs and statistics. The back and forth distorted my view. The only info that interest me today is if for some inadvertent reason FOX, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc, link satellites and transmit the same news at the same time. For example, cases are increasing. Then, that's probably believable.
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    Installed my Highcountry grille along with black bowtie, the truck had the chain looking LTZ grille which I hated so I removed the chrome links and put a black billet aluminum tube grille inserts in and I liked that a lot better but still wasn't what I was looking for. Really happy with the look, now I'm thinking I may change the bumpers to body color like the Highcountry model. Also finally got and installed the driver's side assist handle, I'm a hundred miles behind a lot of you guys [emoji38] Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Most of the early deaths unfortunately can be attributed to politics. With the varying messages, took me a few months to find my legs. There's really nothing else I need to read or hear. Pretty much set in my ways now that it's spreading again. I'll wear a mask or I don't. I'll get sick or I won't. I'll recover or I die. Ironically, wearing a mask doesn't mean I won't get sick. It means the chances increase the next fella won't.
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    Trim levels exist so those that don't want all the ''extras' don't have to pay for them.
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    Pennzoil Plat or Ultra Plat Mobil 1 Amsoil just to name a few. No particular order Actually you could blindfold yourself while in Wally on the oil aisle and grab any synthetic brand off the shelf and be ok. imo If you also are buying trans fluid and diff, I'd lean towards Amsoil
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    My wife tells me every car or truck I buy is a mid-life crisis purchase. So apparently I've been having one since I was 25.
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    A mid-life crisis purchase is often difficult to recognize when it is happens to ourselves. It is easier to spot in others. Sometimes we recognize ours long after the event has passed. It's like aging. When my parents and grandparents were my age, I thought they were old and fragile. As long as I keep away from a mirror, I'm still young!
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    Should start a new thread Frankie's gas pump adventures[emoji857][emoji2957][emoji40] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Got the front side windows tinted to match the rears.
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    Pic as promised but it doesn't do it justice. I can't believe how well this stuff makes it shine! Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    The brighter bulbs tend to flame out sooner, but for me the improved light output is worth it. My most recent set of Nightbreaker Lasers flamed out at 6 months or 23k miles....I have NO problem seeing anything at night though. That's awesome you get to drive old sections of US 66. I do that a lot with US 30 out here. Some is service road, some is WY highway (that is a huge project all its own I thoroughly enjoy) and some is being lost to mother nature. Last week I covered a stretch of the old Lincoln highway as designated by several maps. Near the end of the stretch, NE of Green River, I felt like I was getting the full 1913 experience....washouts, mudholes to avoid, and washboarding that turned into repeating potholes!
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    Got my wheel package installed last week. I’m happy with it. Not bad for a leveled only truck.
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    Maybe? Purchased when i was 39 My thoughts are you can’t take it with you Ryan B.
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    07/04/2020 Operational Note: 90 F day. 50% humidity. Interstate at 55 mph. A/C on. I wanted to know how much the A/C was going to effect the fuel economy and operating conditions. Water temp 175 F. Oil Temp. 199 F. Transmission temp 160 F. IAT 90 F. So a few degrees of oil temp. Literally 4 degrees oil and about the same on the transmission. Water temp average for the conditions. On fuel, I ran 300 miles with a couple of short breaks. Had 12 miles on the tank for 312 total and used 10.279 gallons of Murphy's finest 87 E-10. 30.35 mpg for the test. Second highest tank it has recorded this year. Very efficient HVAC system. Guess I'm done with the window cranks.
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    From this...to this. Pretty happy on the deal I got. Rough Country leveling kit, 295/70/18 Nitto G2 Grapplers and AMP Research steps. Love how the new design rides in comparison to the 2017 that I had.
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    I have Katie a bath and Bilstein 5100s today.
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    I love mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well folks, I gotta thank you all for the wise council on many sides of the debate. I took a plunge and traded my old Cummins for a GMC Sierra 6.6 gasser, I have not yet taken delivery but it is a crew cab 8 footer and the price was perfect. I will enjoy/suffer with my decision for a few years now and some of you will likely get to say ‘told you so’ . I live up north in Alberta and I guess I won’t need my Espar heater anymore. I got it in white, in Fort Mac that is the equivalent of camo for trucks as every second one is Contractor white, if I do something stupid, I’ll be harder to nail...
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    The mask movement is really interesting to observe. In my area, it is enforced in specific venues. The pressure to wear a mask elsewhere on a consistent basis comes in part from peer/public pressure. There are also some very cool looking masks that are appealing to the fashion conscious! A couple of months ago, I thought those wearing a mask were "over doing" it and now I think the bare faced people are behaving selfishly. I know masks can be problematic for some health issues but not in the numbers we see on the news. The issues of their effectiveness, comfort and appearance have all been addressed. It is unfortunate that at this stage in the pandemic that fines need to be implemented in order for some to comply to basic, common sense, safety measures. The message is arriving very slowly to some people.
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    Hooked up the duck boat to take out to the lake this weekend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shout out to Classic of Denison TX. They have built their name on being honorable and it was tested today but they stood tall. Long story short, I've been shopping a while and have insomnia due to spinal steroid injections. At 3am this morning I was checking prices for the new month and saw some large mark downs at Classic. I may have thought it was a mistake but it was on all of the service loaners so I figured they were clearing them out and I had gotten lucky catching the clearance at the right time, there was actually a discount listed as (5) which said clearance. They had one truck I wanted and I got there at opening after driving down from Oklahoma. Current mileage on the truck was 3,750. 5.3L RST CC Texas edition with some extras. MSRP $45975.00. Selling price $28,121.00. (Not including TTL) Total savings $17,854.00 I'm happy. Edit: The price was very very wrong, by a lot but they honored it.
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    I've tried that twice already with two different dealers, this is what I got back.... Hi, Vance. After speaking with your dealer, it has been found that the shift concern you are experiencing fits within the expected vehicle operation for the specific components and technology present in your Silverado. Therefore, no repairs will need to be completed at this time. Since we rely so heavily on the expertise of our dealerships to provide a proper resolution, we must stand by the dealership's decision. I'm driving a $55k truck that can't shift properly.......
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    Working on all the upgrades and it’s back at the dealer now having the fabtech leveling kit added to the fabtech stealth 3in lift that’s currently on it. Running 35’s on fuel 20x9’s. I’ve added led highs and lows along with DTL LEDs above the tow hooks which are tapped into the headlamp fuse block, hard tonneau cover from GM, 5% ceramic tint all around, entire windshield tinted at 35% with 5% strip, and I’m waiting on the off road steps to come in so if anyone would be interested in the chrome ones currently on mine I’ll make a good deal on them I live in SC.
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    Dirtbikes & more dirtbikes. Got back in the sport at 38 after a 23 yr absence and am now 52. IMO, not many things can clear your head like a good spirited ride in the woods. It's also a relatively cheap way to blow off steam compared to many alternatives- and it's a hell of a good physical workout to boot. Dirtbikes also accidently created the impetus & foundation for my current business.
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    Tire rotation yesterday and changed the oil today.
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    You can lift a 2wd easy. Check out Frankielozano214's 2wd on a 9" McGaughys.
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    15 minutes from now someone else will produce a study saying just the opposite. That's been one of the issues throughout this. The info keeps changing and the public loses faith in information. Like the boy who cried "wolf". Only now that the numbers are climbing again, hopefully what needs to be done will finally set in with these people. What a shock, many of our protestors are sick now and of course they've already spread it to their families. That's where a huge portion of our double digit numbers are coming from. Couple that with Memorial Day weekend get-togethers TV interviewed some dick on TV over the weekend, his quote...."if I catch it, I'll get over it". He's participating in a huge drinking party out at the lake, where no one in sight is wearing a mask nor distancing. In fact their were plenty of bodily fluids being exchanged.
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    2020 SIlverado 2500HD WT - Reg Cab Long Box 3" Superlift Suspenision Lift, 35x12.5 Kenda Klever tires, 20x10 Fuel Cleaver wheels, TrailReady Bumper, Smittybilt Winch and Hooks, Blackout emblems and black tailgate lettering, short antenna, Rev Tonneau cover, and tinted windows. Also have recon taillights on order and will add recon third brake light when available later this summer
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    It's interesting how things evolve/change. I can now walk by a store display of toilet tissue, hand sanitizer and/or masks without purchasing my daily limit! Most stores and services that I use are open and operating in a very safe manner. I went to a foam shop on Saturday to purchase firmer material for our couch. I laughed when the owner told me how busy he was filling similar orders. People are spending a lot of time at home and realizing their furniture is uncomfortable. He also says his requests for boat and RV material are the highest ever! I know that there are people who still resist complying with a new normal but resistance only serves to slow down our ability to get and keep this virus under control. The owner of this small foam shop was employing exceptionally safe practices. You had no choice but to comply! The upside is that when it was my turn, I had his undivided attention and my needs were handled in an extremely efficient manner!
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    So the previous gen Silverados and Sierras with bench seating had these pockets on the under portion of the dash. Whether for storage or an ash tray: Our current gen has this blank piece of soft plastic. I thought, man, they could have really put some storage there. But if you remove it, you'll find there really isn't any room for storage behind it: So, picked up this. Its a mesh pocket from a Honda S2000. Its mounted on the passenger side of the transmission tunnel: A little modification to the pocket's mounting clips and 4 small holes drilled in to the panel and viola: I mounted them using short machine screws and bolts. They sit nicely behind the panel's mounting clips so they clear the stuff behind it when reinstalling: And here it is installed: And here it is with a few things put inside it: Very easy, simple, and inexpensive mod for anyone wanting a little something extra in that region. For me its the perfect place to stick my phone when its hooked up for Android Auto since I dont like my phone sitting in the top dash tray cooking in the Florida sun. I also frequently use the jump seat (family of 6) so I dont always have the arm rest area to use.
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    I found a great solution to the weight capacity limitations on the mid section of our tailgates after nearly breaking mine while loading an ATV (snapped and popped like crazy - definitely lucky it held). Our owner's manual calls for a support beam of some sort to be placed across the bed so heavy loads are spread to the outside section. I need to load with the center section up depending on where I need the ATV in the bed (side to side) and if I have my hitch on the truck. I happened to find the Latch-n-Load while searching for ideas. Funny thing is, the company is based right here in the town I live in (Oakdale, CA). I drove out to the location and found the owner - he's a 1-man shop that does a lot of custom fabrication. Great guy and quite the inventor - has a patent on this. I picked one up from him and modified how I use it to get it to the back of the tailgate. I simply used the support arms to hold it in place and did not click it into the tailgate latches. Works perfectly and does not want to move around like a board or something not anchored. As you will see if you check out his site, it does all kinds of other stuff as well. https://tailgatetiedown.com/
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    I got a viper alarm, can start, lock, unlock (pretty much whatever function the factory fob has) from anywhere with the phone app or from my watch and fob gets really good range but it is pricey..
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    He may have gotten better range with the new battery. I didn’t notice any difference on range. My remote has always had pretty good range. But I just like the way they look. Here’s a link for them. https://www.ajtdesign-llc.com/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Heat wrap the hard brake line from the master to frame rail and Methanol lines. Also got some of the heat reflective gold tape for the meth tank and reservoir. Up next will be ceramic coating the exhaust system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FYI The CR-V has been good.Wife loves it now. Oil is not getting dirty as fast. Checked the mileage yesterday. 31.2 MPG. That's mountain driving, not flat-lander. Also not in ECO mode.
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    Covid is not our worst enemy, we know how to manage by now. It's what we can't manage during this pandemic that's giving us problems, it's people.
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    Tomorrow is a big day in the US! I hope not to see our Saturday evening news focus on huge crowds defying social distancing practices! I know it's easy to excuse good habits because it is a day of celebration and "everyone else is doing it" but doing your part to battle this crisis demonstrates a far greater loyalty, imo. I celebrated Canada Day (153rd) without breaking any rules of our new normal and in a manner that made it the most memorable since our 100th! Have a safe and happy Independence Day, friends!
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    You would think after spending in excess of 50k on a new truck, you wouldn’t have tranny issues. My 15 Sierra shifted perfectly. No jerking or clunking.
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    Concerns are well documented. Start shipping out SU5 replacement units with a build sheet addendum.
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    So update after drive.... 800 miles a few weeks ago with stock 275/60/20. Avg 18.9 mpg speed around 73 tonight 800 miles 35/11.5/20 nitro ridge 4 inch sst lift (which looks great I’ll post some pics once I clean the car from the billion flies once I hit the Michigan border). 16.8 mpg avg speed around 75 not as bad as I thought for hwy, in town more like 14-15 before was 17.... putting the Hypertech on tomorrow when it gets to the in-laws and I’ll update after the ride home. thanks for all of your insight!
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    I think in 1500 comparison , they both look good...Its a toss up . It really is . Now once you get to the HD trims, the Silverado is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. Kudos to GM for going out of their way to make the HD different then the half tons but my goodness the people that came up with that HD front clip design need to be taken in back alley and beaten...Its awful .
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    I can't choose which is better looking. They are both ugly. Must have sketched these up after a nightmare. Now that's pretty.
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    Finished this year’s mods. 2 inch Trail Boss Lift, 2 inch leveling kit in the front, Roadmaster Active Suspension (No Squatty Potty here), 305-55 R22, Nitto 420v tires on factory wheels.
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    Pictures are worth a thousand words.....right??? Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Kinda went off the deep-end on my 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain X...
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    More US Route 66 (above) Odell Illinois. Oldest station in this section of the route. (below) Sprague's Last of a breed of stations when the were ma and pa affairs Google it. It has a rich history. Re-post of Dwight to put them all in one place.
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    Finally got around to swapping my front end to the high country LED headlights
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