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    Cruising this morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Moved from 2014 Z71 LTZ to 2019 RST 4x4 and could not be happier! I think Chevy knocked it out of the park with the redesign. Shes a a month old now and 2300 miles already. 6” BDS lift dealer installed 20x9 1 offset Fuel Schism wheels 325/60/20 Fuel Gripper A/T ( A. Didn’t know Fuel made tires. B. Was really hesitant about these since they threw them on in the package. Tried to talk the dealer into throwing KO2s on there since I’ve rolled BFG for the last 20 years, but they actually ride really well)
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    No mods yet, but some Fuel 20x9 rims are in my near future.
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    As promised, here are the pictures of the finished project. I will definitely be looking for a quick disconnect for the antenna.
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    Door handles replaced. Pick it up Saturday Ryan B.
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    Added some red to the grill. Thinking about color matching the grill bar and front bumper to same color as the truck
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    Dam! Over the last few months of looking around here and seeing all these great trucks you corrupted me lol. Just picked up my AT4 Yesterday. Couldn’t be happier!
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    You really think the engineers who designed this gate didn’t foresee the thing hitting a trailer hitch? Seems more likely that they either didn’t think so many people leave their ball mounts in, or they didn’t think people would be dumb enough to drop that part of the gate down if they did. Next thing you know people will complain that the doors are still capable of opening all the way even if you’re in a tight parking spot. Really no different.
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    Better pics forthcoming... just received today from Everett Buick GMC. HIGHLY recommend!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I went from a 2007 to a 2019. Huge difference, happy so far. Swapped the Good Years for Cooper discoveries 295/70R18. No rubbing, drives good. Bunch of nice trucks on here
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    2.5" leveling kit, 24x10, 35x12.50R24
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    Eibach Pro Truck lift, Rough country upper control arms, Moog end links, and motofab 2inch block. Then got my Method mesh 17s ceramic coated and wrapped in falken wildpeak atw3 285/70 and an alignment. Busy few days. Next up is installing some infinity kappa speakers I just got in.
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    Finally the truck is back on the road. -6 inch fabtech -35/12.5r22 -Minor metal trimming
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    Small garage, trail machine, parks easier, more agile, better in traffic, there's a couple.....
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    FREE. I found a use for the crappy front shocks I removed for new 5100s. Didn't have a helper to bleed some brake fluid so an old front shock compressed between pedal & piece of plywood against the seat worked to push the pedal down for me. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
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    I just want some goddamned tow mirrors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So today I swapped the red GMC lettering out front and back... much better!
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    New to the club! Last pic is not mine but was previously posted here and has the Fuel Assault rims I'm going to add! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    In keeping with the actual theme of this thread. What exactly did you do to your K2?
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    I’ll get better pics soon. At4 6.2. Loving it.
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    My LTZ 6.2 with the 2 inch trailboss lift, and 2 inch level. Have 22” Chevy RsT wheels, and toyo open country M/T
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    Picked up my Dark Sky AT4 6.2 last week. I think it has about every option except for the 20” wheels (I like the look of the 18s much better) and performance exhaust / air intake. I traded out of a 2014 Denali 6.2 with 89,000 miles. Other than the A/C compressor going out at about 70,000 miles it was virtually flawless. I was reluctant to trade but decided i didn’t want to go over 100,000 miles. I had the ‘14 leveled and went thru a set of 285/60R20 Duratracs and most recently had 285/65RR20 KO2s. The AT4 was ordered back in February by the dealer. We didn’t cut a deal then but the dealer told me i’d Have the first shot to buy it when it came in. On April 3 i got the word that the truck was in transit and would be at the dealer imminently. Fast forward to mid-May and the truck had been sitting at a rail yard 100 miles away for almost a month. I was happy to wait as it allowed me to get thru Turkey season and the inherent mud in my ‘14. The truck finally made it to the dealer Thursday and i went in Friday. Cut a fair deal on the trade of my ‘14 and took delivery on the AT4 with all of 2 miles on the odometer. Went straight to Discount Tire and swapped out the tiny Goodyear tires for 285/70R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Discount Tire did not have the proper tool to reprogram the TPMS but the dealer did it in about 10 minutes and also bought the old tires off me. All i can say is WOW. This truck is awesome. The 10 speed is smooth as silk (my 14 was the 6 speed that i drove in M5 all the time), the technology (HUD, better/more responsive touch screen, improved DIC, cameras, rear view mirror, Intellibeam, wireless charging, much better NAV, Apple CarPlay) is a significant upgrade over the ‘14. I have not used the various driving modes yet - virtually everything has been in “Tour” mode, but the 6.2 continues to impress and has just the right amount of growl compared to the 14, even without the performance exhaust. The truck also rides significantly better. The Nittos are E rated just like my old KO2s, but the combination of the larger sidewall on the tires with the 18” rims and the factory lift as opposed to an aftermarket level makes a huge difference. The Nittos look great, make just the right amount of noise (more than the KO2s, less than the Duratracs) and at 60lbs each haven’t been too much of a drag on the gas mileage. I got 17 on my first tank of mixed country back road driving, which is better than my 14 was doing I find the interior to be very nice. The black leather with kalahari accents is a nice change from my ‘14 with Dune interior. The factory all weather floor mats are perfect and saved me from having to buy weathertechs. My kids appreciate the rear air and heated rear seats. I thought i’d Find the tailgate to me a little gimmicky. Then i used it on some home improvement projects over the weekend and found myself using all of its functionality. I don’t tow much but will have to remember to remove the hitch from the receiver when i do I don’t have any pictures to post but look at the thread about the 18” wheels and 285/70R18s and picture the same truck in Dark Sky. Hope this helps anyone on the fence. I was reluctant to trade given how much i loved my 14 but am very glad i took the plunge. Happy to answer any questions anyone has
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    Dude the constant trolling is old. You sold your “Sad Chevy” so move on and enjoy your Ford. Really- head on over to that Forum and enjoy your truck and let us enjoy ours. Every brand has problems. Get over it. BTW. Congratulations on being the very first member on here to join my ignore list. See ya.
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    I am happy to hear so people are pleased with their 5.3/8speed. I probably don’t need 6.2/10speed either. Just concerned about the negative press in 8 speed. I am sure there are a lot of happy campers out there and the unhappy tend to chime in on the forums more. Since I want the standard bed, cloth, buckets and Bose the RST z71 fits my want list fine. My dealer says he can order what I want for $10K below MSRP. I plan to drive the 5.3 and 6.2 back to back and then decide.
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    I shopped both. Was REALLY REALLY wanting the Diesel Colorado to work out. I really liked the look/feel of that truck, and it had all the capability I needed/wanted. The interior just didn't fit me. The Sierra had more interior space, and that sold it for me. I'm 6'2" tall, and can't have a rear facing child seat behind me. In anything, even the Sierra. In the Colorado though, we test fit the rear facing seat, and it put my wifes (5'9" tall frame) knees into the dash, and the front seat a very severe upright angle. The Sierra she can comfortably ride in long distances with the seat behind her. The overall layout was better for me. Liked the column shifter instead of the console shifter. Liked the actual key instead of the push button start. And there is actually usable storage in the center console area. Not just a couple cupholders, and a small tray. I made this same jump back in '06. Had a 2004 S10 ZR5 4dr 4wd truck. Moved to an '03 Yukon. Paid the same price for fuel, payment, insurance, and maintenance and went from a small truck to a big truck. The interior space, the tow rating, the overal "robust-ness" of the vehicle all improved with the larger platform, with an almost unobservable increase in total cost of ownership. I've never found parking a fullsize to be any more difficult than parking a midsize. I can't remember a single instance of "man I wish I got a smaller truck", but I know of several times I've said "Man I'm glad I got the big one".
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    March 18, 2019 - Monarch Pass Colorado, US Hwy 50.
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    Sounds like a bad thing, not a good thing.
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    Drove it to work, not sure whats next... Maybe shocks?
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    I can see how you get 10mpg in your AT4. Take a Xanax.
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    Hi! New to this forum, but not new to Chevy. Used to be on the Avalanche forum board a few years ago. Recently bought this 2017 Silverado Midnight. Cant wait to start tinkering with it!!!!! Only thing added are the tints and tonneau cover.
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    Diablo tuner and Diablew tune. There's more expensive options that you won't be able to notice a difference. I don't understand how people are getting butthurt about the build quality of a tuner. You use it once and throw it in the closet, it's just the vehicle to get the programming into the truck. Has no bearing on the performance of the tune once its in there.
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    New AT4 owner here... had my heart and mind set on a Trail Boss... After looking and driving both I came home with this beauty! I was able to find some TB takeoffs... love the look!
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    Hey stujameson, Yes they can. There's no need to remove the driveshaft. My '19 Silverado is a Z71 which gives me the two speed transfer case you need to flat tow. Having the two speed transfer case with HI & LOW range you will just need to do the following steps to put the transfer case into neutral so all 4 wheels can free wheels. First: Activate the parking brake, then apply the brake and shift the transmission in neutral, then you will need to push the 2H button five times within 10 seconds. You will then notice in the center digital display the 2H change to N. This will then let the truck be flat towed on all 4 wheels down the road. There's a few additional steps that have to be done but nothing out of the ordinary from flat towing my '14 Silverado. To answer your other question I use the "AVAIL Blue Ox Motorhome Mounted Tow Bar" rated at towing 10,000 lbs. There are two (2 inch or 2 1/2 inch) depending on the size of your receiver. I also use the Blue Ox Patriot II Breaking System that sits on the floor of the truck in front of the driver's seat and clips to the brake pedal. It's a very slick set-up, the 12V brake controller is wireless back to the Patriot II and has worked flawlessly so far. Any other questions feel free.. 🙂
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    Some members here seem to like the two-door version of the GMC Sierra. I'm back home in Tijuana right now and checked to see if there were any. Seems the Cheyenne (Silverado in the U.S.) does not come with four doors and the people here don't think it's coming, but Sierra has some. Here are the pictures..
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    Added some new wheels to the AT4. Fuel Nitro 20x9 +1
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    Loaded up a couple of the toys to take to get washed
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    The connector wasn't broken by the looking at the pictures. Only the mounting point on the side of the connector where it is fastened to the fuse block.. I would have zip tied it back in place and forgot about it and found a different dealer to do business with. Yeah they broke the mount.. But look at mess you have now.. I hope they get it fixed right for you!
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    6.2, Performance Pack, Color Matched wheel arches, Tint, Tonneau, Black Badges, Ceramic Coated, K02s on Gloss Back GM Wheels...waiting on readylift kit for AT4 Readylift BMC · a month ago No sir, we do not recommend stacking an aftermarket leveling kit with the factory Trail Boss/AT4 2" leveling/lift kit as you will eventually experience ball joint issues. We will have a AT4/TB version kit with new control arms with proper cup and pivot angles available shortly.
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    I had my own made...fits right inside the factory box under seat. Just factory BOSE with a little extra 12in kick in the back.
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    Your comparison to national averages means nothing, as personal averages are a local thing. If you lived in the LA area where traffic is always heavy, you'd be quite a bit below the averages, no matter what you do. Same as in the GTA. It's all fine and dandy to put all the effort into doing what you do, but I can guarantee that you are 'that guy' pissing everyone else off on the roads on a daily basis. You really belong in a Prius, not a pickup truck. At least it would be honest then. Now, since you admittedly don't like the new 2.7 & given that this topic is 2.7 turbo fan club, perhaps your energy would be better spent elsewhere........Jus sayin'
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    You can always buy more gas, but you can’t buy more time. If he were still around, I’d take the 30 extra minutes with my dad over a couple MPGs any day. Squeezing the best mileage out of a pickup in general makes little sense to me...but save for the Duramax, the 2.7 seems to be the only engine in this lineup than can get good economy in city driving. I’d really like to get one as a loaner next time I need service, as I’m sure the difference is tremendous compared to the 6.2. This engine really intrigues me and I would certainly consider down the road, especially if it becomes tunable and would gain the 10 speed.
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