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    Been a while since posting here since I barely get any time to myself these days - Picked up an embossed grille and stole the upper trim off of it. Retrofitted it into my grille. - Got my headlights back on. Got the corners cleared with Klearz (courtesy of Crisp GM Customs). - Testing out these aftermarket DL3 Mirrors. They support power fold and memory (just like the factory DL3s) - Handles are now switchbacks (courtesy of Crisp GM Customs) - Truck got a bath (LOL) - so neglected. UPR Catch Can, Borla Catback Exhaust, and new NavTV - GM650, and Redline Emblems are next on the list to be installed - IF I can get a free day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having just passed 10k miles this week, I thought I would offer my opinion on how I feel about the truck so far. Background: I special ordered my LT Trail Boss back in May 2018 and picked it up in September 2018. I have almost every option that you can order on it except the sunroof (would have delayed my production at the time). My truck was built the very first week of production (7/09/2018) and is one of only a small handful of Red Silverados, if not the only one, to receive the Gideon/Dark Atmosphere leather interior as that color was changed to not an option for Red Silverados on the second week of production. Within the first week or two of receiving it, I installed a custom Electronic Cutout System for my exhaust, Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 33.5x12.5R20 mud tires, an Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau cover, and vinyl wrapped the scoop portion of my hood. Review: Honestly, I can't believe its been 10k miles already and those miles have flown by without any major issues. I will start with the few issues I have experienced. For the first two months, I had Bluetooth connectivity issues where my phone would randomly disconnect and reconnect multiple times a day. This was fixed in November by software update V507 and has not reoccurred, knock on wood. I also have had Service ESC and Service Parking Brake lights (not at the same time) come up randomly a couple of times but they went away on their own the next time I started the car. Other than these two issues, the truck has been great. It has 110% met and exceeded my expectations. It drives great, its quiet (when the exhaust cutout is closed), its smoother than my K2 was, and it turns a lot of heads. The interior is beautiful and well laid-out, with tons of room in the back seat (Crew Cab) and very comfortable seats for long trips. The Bose surround sound with subwoofer kicks butt and delivers crystal clear, crisp sound. The Blind Spot monitors and Rear Traffic Alert (Safety Package I) work great and have saved my butt many times already. The 5.3 is much quicker and more agile than my K2 was and the 8 speed is a definite improvement. The new Dynamic Fuel Management is seamless and unnoticeable. I am averaging 14-16 mpg city and 16-18 mpg highway, with an all-time high of 21 mpg on a specific highway trip I took and that's pretty good in my book for a lifted brick with mud tires. This past weekend I went on a ski trip in Up North Michigan (Harbor Spring, MI) and we received 10-12 inches of snow in the 3 days I was there on top of the 2 ft that was already there. The Trail Boss handled it with no issue and made it up the steep, winding, snow-covered road to our hill-side cabin like it was driving on straight, dry pavement. I have yet to do any major offroading but during the light offroading that I have done here and there, it performed excellently. I did punch the gas on one little hill and got some air (about 1-2 ft off the ground) and the suspension absorbed the landing nicely. I look forward to testing its capabilities more this summer. The short bed is much bigger in this generation and I honestly haven't noticed any reduced space issues when loading my truck (my K2 had the standard 6.4 ft bed). Also, the oil is much easier to change since they freed up the space around the filter and plug, making oil changes a breeze. Overall, I am very blessed to have this great truck and couldn't be happier. No one pressured me to write this review, nor did GM have any contact with me about it. This is my honest opinion on how I feel about the truck and I hope this review helps anyone thinking about buying one to make the right decision for them. If anyone has any specific questions at all, please feel free to ask.
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    Her she is after a long wait to get what I wanted. 2019 Trailboss LT Cajun Red Sunroof Catback Exhaust Cold Air Induction Kit Convenience Package II Chevy Sprayed Bed Liner Upgraded Full Coverage Floor Mats Underseat Storage (enroute) Installed Console safe already I have a bed cover to install, but just picked her up and it is raining ice here in Chicago so will have to wait. Eventually going to tint out the windows and install more lights in the grill like I had on my 2016. Included pics of the 2016 LT I traded in for it for reference. I love this truck. Was worth the wait....
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    Just got her Saturday! Leveling kit, tires and wheels all done on this fine President’s day! Next up, black bow tie, tinted windows.
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    So as many of you know we completed most of our initial K2XX development on one of the very first production salable Yukon Denali's at launch of the K2XX SUV's. This continued with each minor iteration including another 2016 Yukon Denali for new feature integration and into other platforms with shared architecture from there on out. That said it was time to return to our roots back to K2XX but this time with something different ;) Say hello to our new 2018 Sierra Denali development vehicle! (and no we did not park it like this lol) We will be using this vehicle relatively short term to finish some of the specific functions/features that have been requested but we were unable to fully test (we do not release anything we have not fully vetted in a long term test vehicle) so this should allow for some hopefully exciting new offerings. Heres what we've done so far that may interest you guys (not listing the cosmetic stuff :)) -HMI Full Unlock, Video in Motion from USB, Nav Entry in motion, Vehicle config in motion, Rear Camera in motion -Rear camera in motion thank to @pgamboa's fantastic super easy plug and play harness (and the above programming) -Remote start run time extended to 20 Minutes per Cycle (40 minutes total). -Fogs with High beams WITH Auto High Beams - Fogs work in BOTH modes. Those of you with Intellibeam know that simply pressing the fog lamp button kills the auto high beam function completely on a factory truck. We have other things we are working on as well that are Truck specific as well such as cargo lamps available at all times (in motion etc). Some of this will directly translate to T1XX Trucks as well and we have done quite a bit on those as well, we will likely grab a T1XX SUV for development in 2020 as well. Stay tuned as we are going to have a lot of fun with this thing!!
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    Picked it up over the weekend.
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    My new Trailboss in Satin Steel.
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    Got back into a full size after a couple years in a Colorado. What a difference. I tried to get only the most important options to me since they are so expensive with no rebates. TrailBoss Northsky Blue Bucket Seats Bose Bedliner
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    Replaced the receiver lock with the BOLT system, it keys itself to your vehicle key by simply inserting and turning clockwise until it stops...done. Let’s you lose at least one key off your key fob/ring...down to just two...house and truck/lock keys!
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    Not the best pic..will get more later Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Got the title after paying the remainder of the loan off. Such a good feeling for just a piece of paper.
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    Picked up a trail boss on Saturday, I drove a Ram rebel before I drove the Chevy and it was a very nice truck but didn't have the truck feel I was looking for. The quietness and simplicity of the interior did it for me with the chevy, plus the exterior styling of the Ram was bland IMO. We all know what these look like so here's a shitty pic till I have time to wash it. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Finally decided to buy a new truck after having my 2002 Silverado 1500 2 wheel drive since new, bought in April of 2002. I hope this new one is as reliable as my 2002 is which I still have and is used as a daily driver. If anyone is interested, here are the repairs performed to the 2002 and what is still original and has not needed repair. Currently have 155K miles and I do all the work myself and keep all records. Other than normal maintenance items like filters, the following have been replaced, Both front wheel bearings Only had 1 alignment performed Brake Pads front/rear-Twice A/C Mode Control Damper Actuator A/C Recirc Control Damper Actuator failed and I wired it to stay closed about 12 years ago. Driver Side Door Lock Switch Spark Plugs/Fuel Filter Serpentine Belt and A/C Compressor Belt A few fog light bulbs Worst issue was I had my transmission go out at 90K miles. Sun shell failure inside trans. I had a shop remove/rebuild trans and has been fine since. I believe some 02 models had issues with sun shell failures. Knock on wood, still have original alternator, fuel pump, water pump, power window/lock motors and the A/C has never needed Freon and has never been touched. Still have original plug wires and coil packs. The 02 models and others around this age had many complaints of cold start piston slap. Mine did have this but it basically has gone away after all this time and runs great. I do all my oil changes at 3K miles using Castrol 5w-30 GTX and AC Delco filter. Uses about 1 quart per 3K miles. For the new truck, I bought a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500, Z71, 5.3, 8 Speed, SLT Premium Plus package. Nice to have steering wheel controls, blue tooth, heated/cooled seats and other nice features that didn't exist in 2002. Other than obvious improvements between these trucks, I wish the new one had a few items that I know they quit installing on these over the years such has glove box lighting, under hood lighting and lighting around the floor board. My 02 you can still rev the engine under the hood with the throttle cable. RyanBab, I remember you having a truck similar to my 02 that was blue back then. I believe yours was a 4x4. Anyways again I hope this one performs as well as my old one has.
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    The back window, tailgate band, and steering wheel from my first truck, a 1981 GMC Sierra Classic. I had changed the steering wheel out, so I made a plaque for it and mounted it on my wall. After I wrecked it , I took the back window out because it was hanging and about to fall out. After one night in the junkyard, someone went and stole things out of it and off of it, so I took off pretty much everything that I could unbolt. I had the window and tailgate band stored in an old shed at my parents' house, pretty much forgotten about. My dad was tearing down the shed a while back and asked if I remembered that they were in there. Told him I wasn't sure what I would do with them, and he suggested this. I love it.
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    Some more. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Using up some more carbon vinyl... Goes well with the b-pillars and mirror caps also wrapped. Without the lettering cut out. All done. Those letters took a significant amount of time to cut out... And some pictures without the plate since I haven't seen anyone post it before.
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    Yesterday on Squaw Pass, Colorado...
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    Picking up my brand new, illusion cherry powder-coated 2014 Sierra frame from Quality Powdercoat and Sandblasting in Highland, Michigan. These guys did an absolutely stunning job with the frame and it wasn’t easy. The frame wax was a nightmare to get off. It had to be sand blasted, baked in the oven to melt, spot heat applied in the areas the wax was hiding, then sandblasted again. They then applied the base cherry color, baked it and had to apply the clear coat after the cherry glazed over in the oven but before it cured per the application spec. They then baked it all together to cure, let it sit overnight, and baked it again. Mad props to Brian and Jake at QPC, their attention to detail was impeccable and the result is nothing short of stunning.
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    Colored front bumpers and grilles get rock chips and look like crap after a year or two. Chrome don't have that problem. Chrome looks better anyways. But most guys on here don't like chrome. They like black wheels too. Ish. It's all a matter of what you like though.
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    My grandfather died in 1991. He was the town mechanic in my hometown of Yutan Nebraska. He was one of the most honest, hardworking, and trusted men I'll ever know. He was also a life-long GM man! This simple glass faced back-lighted clock hung in his shop for years. Then it hung in my father's man cave/garage along with his restored 1953 chevy and 51 John Deere "B". Now both these men are gone and it is proudly mine. It is about to be picked up from a sign shop that is repairing the back light, cracked glass, and clock works at a cost of $300. That may seem high but some things you can't put a price on.
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    I blew up the motor in my Dad’s 69 Camaro at the drag strip. He jb welded the rod that was broke into three pieces to a plaque and gave it to me for Christmas that year. He’s gone but I still have the Camaro and the plaque.
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    My winch. Was Will's idea on here not mine. So clean with the plate on, you'd never know it was there.
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    Looks like I'm not the only one that had the idea to vinyl the hood! Really makes the lines pop. I was going for the ZR1/ZL1 look with the carbon fiber wrap and emblems. Who can spot my F-up with those? Realized it about an hour after I stuck them on after looking at some paperwork..
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    1.5” Leveling Kit installed.
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    Good lord, you're gonna take your truck apart over an email? Just block the emails. Leave it alone. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
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    15 Camera views See through trailer See in trailer Operate AC and Water Heater
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    It won’t let me add more than 1 at a time not sure why.
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    Not in the glass. This is how they were wired up out of the box. Since my door handles are white running lights, I didn’t want to have amber running lights on the mirrors, so I made them all behave as a turn signal and flash amber like the handles and front headlight. Keeping the same lighting profile. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Method 606 20x10 with general grabbers x3 33x12.50/20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its funny all the bashing of the 6.0!! This engine has to be the most reliable HD gas engine in the market. It out pulled and out performed its competition with less Power. On paper at least. Gets just as good of mileage as any other HD gas engine. Now lets bash its replacement before we have even get to drive one?? Some more power, Probably a little better mileage and it will still be the Most reliable engine in its class!! Will Ford put out more power?? Well they sure as F should with a 7.3litres. And if they dont get over 500ftlbs they are going to be laughed at. Fuel mileage?? Not likely!! Will it outlast a 6.6?? Time will tell. Will it outpull one? Yet to be determined? Does a gas engine need a 10speed? Not really to much shifting. People say fleets dont buy the 6.0 gas engine because of Fuel Mileage?? LMAO. Look at how many are in Delivery trucks/vans/ busses/ etc etc etc. Heavy Duty trucks are not built to get fuel mileage. At least not yet. The gas engines are meant to last at WOT all day long. Should GM have made some more Power with the 6.6? Yes i think so. But its a good revision for little $$ and has potential for more in the future. If you want a 7000lb truck to get good mileage? You are in the wrong market/. And Sorry but Diesels dont get great mileage either for the money they cost.
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    Didn’t know where to post this, my buddy's son picked up a 53 Suburban so I wanted to share!
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    My best buddy just passed away before Christmas. He was single and only 59 years old. We went and cleaned out his house a couple weeks ago so his Sister could sell it. He caught this 9 lb Walleye on a fishing trip we went on about 20 years ago. I hung it up today in my garage and will always think of my Pal when I look up at it.
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    Got a liner installed this morning Came home and Took the Sierra off my tailgate was bored so I painted the pc of wood in my bed black and reused the Sierra emblem lol
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    Here’s my contribution. Got a few pics. Got a few shell casings from all the aircraft I worked on and an old command patch that was going to be thrown out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Installed and wired the amp (JL Audio xd700/5v2) in the lower compartment of the jump seat.
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    I picked up a GM accessory illuminated front bowtie ($275 list price) from the dealer and installed it today. Looks awesome at night! Here is a step by step to show anyone else that wants to install their own. Open the hood and remove the hood safety latch handle, it uses 2 torx bit screws. It needs to be removed to get the upper radiator cover off. Take out the push-pins holding the radiator cover on and then remove it. Then take out the 10mm bolts that hold the top of the grill in. Next pull the top of the grill out, it has a little catch on all the top parts. You have to lift it up then pull it out. Then grab the grill above and below the main bar next to a light and pull the grill away from the light. It is tight and you will probably think you are going to break it but it will come loose. Do the same with the other one. Once the grill is pulled back you can get to the backside of the emblem. Now you can get the old bowtie out, reach in there and 4 tabs hold it in. Just push the tabs and it will pop out. Once it is out put your wiring through the hole, hook up the new bowtie and snap it into place. Now run your wiring along the upper radiator support and in behind the left headlight. Then disconnect the truck headlight connector and connect your illuminted bowtie wiring harness to it, then connect the bowtie harness into the headlight. Secure all the wires and turn on your lights and test it. It should be fully functional. Ok, now you just put everything back together in reverse order. Getting the grill all snapped back in is easier with 2 people to line everything up. Make sure you have all the tabs and pins lined up before you push it in or you could snap them off. The grill is sort of at an angle and you have to lift, line up all pins and tabs and then push it in.
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    Swapping my stock SLT cluster for the Denali cluster...
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    I've had her less than a week and now just picked her up from getting the windows tinted. Every.Single.Window.
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    Bittersweet but I traded her in today. Old is the sanoma red on the left and new is the dark slate metallic on the right.
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    The lack of reading comprehension in this thread is painful. lol.
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    Blizzard coming this afternoon, probably the last time the truck will be this clean until spring...
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