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    Finally can say I'm an Owner now. Have had my eyes on a 2020 for a long time now. It felt like foreverrr. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Rolling down an old farm road here in Fredericksburg, perfect day to get out and about in the TrailBoss. Very pleased with the amount of ground clearance these have...
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    Maybe I'm old school, but my Custom has enough modern conveniences to survive. Crap, the steering wheel audio controls are the thing I seem to miss the most but then I just have to reach another 6 inches to adjust the stereo. Oh the horror! $34k is what I paid and I get to drive around a killer vehicle with plenty of room vs. some Hyundai with leather seats and steering wheel controls.
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    Fresh out the hand wash. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    I got my tires installed yesterday. Ridge Grapplers 35 x 11.5 R20
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    I agree What makes them(UAW) so special? They get awesome insurance, make way more than the average American worker, for an assembly line job any (trained monkey) (maybe not but you get the idea)could do. Get back to work nobody feels sorry you. I feel sorry for the guys that ordered a 2020 HD $70,000+ truck and now they got to wait. That new Dodge HD don't look so bad now. Oh well back to work for me now, nobody going to give me a raise. Or give a rats ass for that matter.
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    I just picked my new LT Trail Boss last week! Had the off-road running boards and sports bar added as part of the deal.
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    It wasn't amsoil so you know.....it the oil committed suicide....[emoji38][emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    So had to do the dad thing and go move some things for my son who is a sophomore in college. Drive was 90% at 67 to 72 mph. Last 15 miles or so was a 55 mph zone (when pic was taken) entering Raleigh. I always take it easy there as lots of blue potential blue lights are always near. Tough to beat these GM V8's on mpg in the real world; she's not even broken in with less than 400 miles.
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    Had my exhaust tips Hydro -dipped in carbon fiber! Turned out awesome, now just need to get them installed!
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    this morning i picked the wife's dry cleaning and glory hallelujah there was a hook in my Custom TB. i was pleasantly surprised since they basically took every simple convenience out of this model. it's a miracle there were seats included with the package.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally was able to get my exahaust tips installed after having them hydro dipped in black carbon fiber.
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    Great reason to update my profile. '20 AT4 5.3L
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    Not official yet, but stoked to join u guys tomorrow, 20 AT4 6.2 better pics to follow
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    No offense but a Custom isn’t meant to have all the pleasantries... you get what you pay for
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    My 2019 Sierra Elevation Edition
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    You know you have your truck pretty much how you like it when all that’s left is silly little things to improve like adding these XPEL door sill guards. Comes in a roll, I cut it at 16” for the front doors, rounded off the corners, and stuck it on in a manner that covers the two edges of the door sill that were taking some small shoe scratches and scuffs.
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    You go on strike, you now work for the union, not the company. You want company benefits, go back to work.
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    Finally here. My 2020 AT4 Carbonpro Edition, isn't she beautiful.
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    This is purely a political move. The UAW is closely tied to the Democrat party and they desperately need something to move the needle on the economy. UAW contributes to Dems and Dems gave billions in bailouts to the UAW. Never was there a whiff of a strike during the previous administration. curious isn't it.
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    Washed it finally! What a beating. lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Birthday to me, recently turned 70 and after owning over 3 dozen Chevys during the past 50 years this RST is the first one colored red. Options and appearance was always more important than the color itself. Only rule was to never have more than one in the the same color at the same time. Wasn't really crazy about red, but felt sorry for it at 4 miles on the odo, having sat for over 5 months on the lot without a single test drive. Likely due to the $56K+ sticker which was higher than some LTZs. The $14K+ off the Maroney including all taxes and tags sealed the deal despite the color. Offical GM color for the '19 Silverado is "Red Hot", but same color code is also called "Pull Me Over Red" on some other GM models. Must be a popular color for '19s.....there were 6 red out of about 20 Silverados on the main lot in this color when I purchased and not a single red one left 3 months later. Actually looks great once dechromed using black accents, would have gone with black side moldings too, but the wife insisted they would look better matching body color. Chrome grille bowtie surround has got to go also; I have to decide whether a dark maroon or black chrome like used on Traverse redlines to blend in.
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    GM Logic: The look of our new trucks has been almost universally panned as hideous, what do we do? Double down and make all of other products just as ugly.
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    I'm all in for the rights of workers, including a strike. At the end it's just a show off how's got the longest breath. My bets are on GM. If I was "GM", I'd drag this thing out until the strike fund is getting thin and then I'd offer a personal deal to any worker willing to return to work.. I don't think that the workers in the US facilities are under-paid or anything like that. I think that most of them just see the profit that the company makes and are getting jealous. My boss makes a shitload of money. But when the topic comes up within my co-workers, I say "You live in a society where you have all the chances to do the same. Just quit drinking beer with your buddy's after work and keep working. Leave your family alone on the weekend and keep working. Stop looking at your watch at 3pm and keep working. Leave your phone on at night and answer the call and keep working. ... " ...and so on. You live in a free country and you don't leave out anything to show it to the world. You despise socialism and communism. Fair enough. But don't start to cry when the system is falling down on you. so long j-ten-ner
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    Put some new tires on it. Its starting to look like a truck.
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    Got it home last night, this 6.2 is amazing,
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    Maybe we just hate because you talk too much about it? I've watched many video's with Tom Brown (Certified Lubrication Specialist) on the Powerstrokehelp youtube channel. I have no doubts that Amsoils is good oil but with that said many other oils do what is needed and you don't hear those people complaining about anything. I mean GM, Ford or whoever do spend millions of dollars and years of testing with "normal" synthetic oils and they say it meets or exceeds what is required. Also if that stuff is the best ever, why doesn't Nascar or top fuel drag cars run it?
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    I redeemed some of my reward points to purchase a GM bed mat. Bought a tailgate liner from weathertech, and installed a retractable Pace Edwards hard tonneau cover from etrailer.
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    So I finally got my tint and flag decal on the back. Ceramic tint. 5%
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    If you don’t start using Amsoil your truck will explode. Seriously If you keep changing your every 5k with any full syn, fake or not, you won’t have a problem for as long as you’ll own the truck. No, your oil wasn’t black. It looked fine. If it came out looking like week old coffee, then I’d be concerned.
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    On the topic of interior - what can they do to it which would make it “nicer”? I’m so dumbfounded why people don’t like it or think it’s cheap. People wanted softer materials, GM gave them that, then they bitch it scratches too easily. Just curious what your definition of nicer or higher end would be.
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    Bought in Late July. 2019 Trail Boss LT
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    Nice first post... People always trying to blame the manufacturers/others and people are quick to label a "design flaw" for something that isn't. Ever think it is a flaw of the trailer having the jack so close to the hitch? It is well know how long/tall the tailgate is, those specs are openly published. The new trucks tailgate are less than 1 inch longer (or deeper depending on how you read the specs) than the last gen. So if the trailer is now hitting not much has changed as the trailer company should allow more room. Trucks have been slowly getting bigger each generation, trailer companies should accommodate this. There is no design flaw, and everything can't be planned for when two different manufacturers build things separately. Maybe the owners should take a little responsibility for their own actions instead of trying to lay blame on others and just come up with a solution or maybe execute a little sensibility when operating or using something instead? Tyler
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    Cool video. Thought I would share it. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    They went on strike - they can pay for COBRA...
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    Who said lowered trucks on 24" can't do work 12 bags 16 blocks and still no rub and that is on lowest air bag pressure. Full air lifted it 2" more. Air bags on all my trucks from now on. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    I’m not anti union everything had- has its place. I remember an amusing but true story. In the seventies we were working a project next to a union one. I was site super parts runner. 8:00 in the morning I saw an operator standing next to his D-3 dozer on a pad. I walked over and ask if I could help. He says he thinks he needs fuel. I saw their fuel truck and ask if he needed a lift to it. He says he can’t he’s an operator he’s not allowed. I drive by later there’s the truck they’re both standing. I say what’s wrong. They need a laborer to handle a fire extinguisher. A little later there’s now three. Ok what’s wrong now. Well there’s 3 people we can’t do anything without a supervisor, union rules. I go back by at 10. It’s just him drinking coffee and a bunch of guys with shovels. Evidently they expected him to be done so they could set forms, but it coffee break. Union rules. Now it’s eleven he’s still standing, what’s wrong now? I don’t have an check list. For what!? It may be low on oil! The dip stick is right there. His answer, I’m not an oiler, I’m not allowed, I’m an operator. This is a true story. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    To me it sounds like they took your truck out to see how it drove, and if it pulled left or right when accelerating or braking hard.
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    Owners manual? Whats that?
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    I went to LS Fest in Bowling Green at the first of the month and was looking at all the swaps. Most of those swaps had oil filler necks on the valve covers. Why does our trucks not have the oil filler neck on them? So, I searched and found a thread and ordered a GM filler neck. The problem with it was it aimed the cap at the firewall or toward the grill. No good. I ordered a Dorman filler neck and modified it. I think it turned out good. Now I have a little time before I get to use it but I am pleased with how it turned out. I wish I had done this when I first got the truck. It may have helped prevent a spill or two over the 110k miles. EDIT: It does take some modification to make it fit our trucks. It is made for a valve cover with one tab to lock it in place. Our valve cover/rocker cover has two tabs. I used a dremel and modified it to fit the two tabs.
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    .. don't sweat it.. you got it right.. see mine below
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    Took the AT4 for a little rip into the mountains to take the dog for a walk (any excuse to get out of town)
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    will when I get it back together, working on installing the fog light kit
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    I’ll be honest I wanted to keep my smug Denali grill but hated all the chrome. So I took it apart and painted the grill sections black. I think it came out great.
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