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  1. Mine does that. Iv bought 4 Hyundai’s and several GMC trucks. The local Lexus dealer will do that with 1 buy.
  2. My white 17 Camry paint isn’t the best I’ve seen. I did get a letter from Toyota if the clear coat fails they’ll repaint. I’d check with the dealer to see if that one is included.
  3. Selling at this time brings good money as long as you’re not buying. Should be paid for so bank the payment towards repairs and new ride. Once the inventory improves. What could go wrong everything or nothing. At your yearly mileage leasing could be an option especially if you pick a vehicle with good resale. I’m usually cruising the lots, I’m always looking. At the current prices, no way.
  4. On my 91 Ram diesel I ran twin 2 1/4 pipes with 4 inch megaphones. It sounded like a big rig. On gas I preferred twin 2 1/4 straight duals with glass packs. I liked the crackly fire cracker sound. Big pipes on gas with big tips sound deep. I’d give up a few horses for the crackle, pop. Pulling down a gear slowing down priceless.
  5. We’ve been having super bowl football gatherings for 20 years at my house, mostly family. My wife makes a mean NJ style hoagies. I stopped watching football regularly a few years ago, I wouldn’t go into why. But I watch the play offs just to get familiar. So I’ll watch today unless there’s a blow out.
  6. My vehicles usually go 4-5 years for the in town use vehicles. My collector vehicles with aftermarket alarms usually went about 3 years even with a trickle charge every two weeks. My long distance driving work trucks that usually went 150K miles 2-3 years never needed replacement. Long distance driving vehicles that fully charge battery tend to last longer. I had one replaced at the dealership during an oil change under warranty. I didn’t know it was bad.

    Joke Thread

    I know this a joke thread especially to the younger invincible group. I live in the country in unincorporated acreage subdivision. On the same property through the woods via a long winding gravel driveway is my retirement house. A rental now. A younger person would say plenty of walking could be had. I use to use a self propelled walking mower to exercise mowing an half hour a day after work. In comes my late 50s and retirement. For a steady walking track, some fellow walkers, no chasing barking dogs and a chance to drive my equally aging Avalanche 8 miles to a purpose built walking track. I can go inside if desired to use a stationary bike or a treadmill. So I get it. It’s still funny, but I get it.
  8. My wife uses seat cushions. I’ve found being 225Lbs they compress to nothing for me. You might try a salvage yard to get seats to your liking. Or even after market.
  9. The car pro radio show was pushing Car bingo on today’s show. He claims his car pro dealerships don’t go over MSRP. I never bought a vehicle using the service. I usually buy a leftover or CPO. I do belong and show my card for service. Dealers are protective of the rating.
  10. Our first experience with fuel injected trucks was with our first new truck for our business. A 1985 Ford extended cab 2WD. It gave new meaning to wading through a puddle. The way the intake was you hit water wrong it’s going in the engine. We found out the hard way on a pipeline. Of course I wanted to pull it through with my tractor. My father’s favorite line was always let’s see what she’ll do. It was until it wasn’t. After pulling the plugs and letting the water out we drove it home. At least after my brother rebuilt it with additional goodies it was more fun to drive. You could tease my father about to a point. Then you’d better stop. Some of the joys of a family business.
  11. If selling is the desire. Check out CARPROUSA. Car pro USA. And ex car dealer turned radio help buyers, buy vehicles. Very popular and has dealers that he works with. He also likes give me the vin as an alternative to the others.
  12. There’s car dealers that will offer perks for repeat buyers. Pick up your vehicle, bring it back. Loaners during repairs. Some like Lexus will do that as part of the customer experience. Of course these are considered upscale car companies and offer services considered upscale. Strangely truck buyers are paying Lexus type of money and getting none of the perks. I’ve always been amazed by this.
  13. In your case of an obvious low mileage driver. 22K miles in 3 years. I would check out extended warranty if it’s reasonable and you like the truck, buy it. Your situation seems unique and position well for a buy out. At the end of the the warranty period truck prices will be back to normal. Once the chip shortage resolves there could be up to 3 model years of ( new) trucks dump on the market. A buyers market.
  14. KARNUT


    I have a few of his in my album collection. I remember a friend from high school coming over to play me the dashboard lights song. We sat in his 74 duster listening to the 8 track. It was considered edgy in those days. I ended up getting the 8 track and album.
  15. The first one a 4 cylinder was the iron duke. I remember them being pretty tough. The second was I believe a 2.8 V-6. I remember seeing V-8 conversion for those. We had the GT for awhile. They both were trouble free. A remember reading articles about GM finally got it right with the GT but too little, too late. I was pretty hands on back then so I was always checking it out. My wife’s main ride back then was a 74 impala I modified with a 454, 700R4, 373. So we didn’t think of those as fast. I guess anything can be a fire hazard if not taken care of. A little oil leak in that small space, I can see it. I ended giving the GT to my daughter for college. She drove it through college, getting married until the little one came along. A 94 impala ss took its spot.
  16. I was surprised the Fiero didn’t stay around. My wife had two. And 84 and 86GT V-6. Her first toys. The 86 was actually quite fun.
  17. I’ve seen testing trucks at service stations. I can’t imagine someone passing off 87 as 91 and getting away with it long.
  18. I would imagine they would have to sell what they advertised. From what’s said here the difference is the additives, gas is gas. When I’ve used other brands the fuel mileage is the same. Lately the store brands have sometimes been a few cents higher. Gas prices have been fluctuating so much sometimes the name brands have been cheaper. I pass the stations I buy from going for my morning walk at the rec center track. On the way home stop at the cheapest when gas is needed. It’s a mix bag these days. Sometimes a 10 cent difference.
  19. I only have experience with one beltech on 92 Chevy 2-4. It worked and was uneventful. I believe it was installed when new. In my 12 years of ownership they’re we’re no problems. It rode well and handled well. The ad when I bought it said lowering springs. That’s all I know on that.
  20. I hear you. All my work trucks had KOs on them because they were quite. My latest trip car a CRV on certain gravel blacktops is very annoying. Turn off the radio annoying. There’re getting replaced before the next trip. Every Honda I ever test drove was loud. No I didn’t buy this one. The mother in law quit driving and gave it to my wife. A 2015 with 6K miles. It’s ok except the road noise.
  21. Hummm I don’t. Exhaust yes, not loud anymore but in the background.
  22. Yup, we driven those that’s why we got the Genesis years ago. Then the stinger was added as the Chevy of Hyundai and Genesis went up market. The popularity of Hyundai is undeniable. Especially the SUVs. Performance is up too with the N line options. It’s coming across all models. Got to keep minds open to the new and improved models. Or people miss out.
  23. Jeeps are very popular. Almost cult like. I suggest a long road test for handling and road noise. Most jeep fans that’s part of the experience. Colorado for the fun factor, taco for longevity, so they say.
  24. I was going to add Titan forgot. My wife drove a few Impalas. That’s why she loves the Genesis. The next one will be stinger or g-70 Genesis according to her. She gets next pick. She’s had hers since 2011. I’ve had a few since that time. Her turn.
  25. It’s amusing when people drink the cool aid just put down a vehicle. I always have preferred GM. I feel they left me. They’re not the performance leader in my opinion. I’ve owned all the brands. I have 4 different brands right now with different things I like about each. I’ve owned Rams in there’re bad days when they had the best diesel. I pulled my equipment so I put up with less comfort to get the job done. I quit Ford because of the local dealership, they’re crooks. My nephew has a raptor, there’s no GM comparison. With my experience with Ram they’d come a long way. GMs is going the other. I personally feel I own one of the best year GM with my Avalanche. If I was to buy a new truck today it would probably be a Toyota. As the car pro radio host recently said. Toyota doesn’t do anything with out thoroughly testing it. He owned a few ford dealerships years ago before his radio program. He test vehicles weekly. His number one favorite over all is Toyota. After my Camry I can’t disagree. Mine is the Genesis. After having 4 Hyundai’s. So it’s personal preference. Not the best. We’d all be driving Toyota or Honda if it was.
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