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  1. Actually the bill wasn’t bad for the work done if it was all done. The only thing there’re really on the hook for besides the AC working is the install being right. You supplied the engine. Not to be a stick in the mud. I would never buy a used engine at one place to be installed at another. Unless they were they were referred by the engine seller. The head gasket change is very questionable. If you have the instructions in writing you may have claim in court there. I would see what they do first. AC can be tricky. It could domino, especially from sitting.
  2. That’s why I said I didn’t realize it was a 99. Cylinder deactivation started around 06-07.
  3. Cylinder deactivation engine I wouldn’t go near it. I just realized it’s a 99. It’s still high in my opinion. These days who knows, it depends on what’s out there.
  4. Growing up our going out for a Sunday ride was a big deal. And pretty rare event usually with a stop to Geno’s, KFC here. Being in the site prep business the summer time was peek business, winter time we were in school. When I got married to an army brat that was a penny pincher. The first time I said let’s go for a ride was met with, to where? I said to see the sites pick a road. That’s a waste of money she would say. Ultimately we usually would end up going to my parents farm. About 15 minutes away. She would help my mother with the Sunday dinner and watching the animals was her favorite thing. I grew up around that so it wasn’t a big deal. I drove a lot for work anyway. Just going for a ride became a thing of the past. I got roads right around me I’ve never been on.
  5. It’s amusing that when the elites make their millions on movies, speaking engagements etc. about ice caps melting. Including presidents and Vice Presidents. We’re going to lose our coastal cities they say. The first thing they do is buy their mansion on the waterfront.
  6. My last stick truck was a 99 Ford XLT sport 4.6 5 speed. It was color match from the factory. It was extended cab. I put a vortec SC on it. It was a blast. At that time we had put up the Impala ss the wife drove a Z-28. My toys were a 85 GT mustang and a 65 retro GMC step side truck. I got the 80K mile mustang from the insurance company the just handed my nephew a check. Totaled hail damage. I couldn’t believe it they wrote him a check I asked the guy if I could buy it. 2500$. The trunk, top, hood was dimpled. I was hoping my son would be interested in drag racing, no dice, it just sat there. It was the slowest of the bunch. After all this rambling I originally was going to reply. If GM offered a 2 door work truck with a 6 speed stick I’d be tempted.
  7. You left 2 words out, man made. Climate change happens. We have no control. Polluting yes. Green energy is about control. Follow the money.
  8. I think we should be learning with the events of the last 18 months the following. Things that are critical to our health, mobility, and financial well-being should be produced here. There’re just a few exceptions like Canada and Mexico. We can’t use its cheaper to import anymore. All the rapid push for green is sure making life miserable for a lot of people.
  9. I don’t think GM cares really. There’re hell bent on electric. We’re already hearing rolling blackouts. We’re going to have to have backup generators to keep our lights on. It’s seems the more (advanced) we get, the more we’re inconvenience.
  10. From what I’m reading the blazer ss is going to be electric. Being the wife gets the next pick it ain’t going to be that.
  11. The highest outlet on the inverter generator is a 4 prong twist lock 120/240 30 amp. It’s going to a interlocking plug to be installed by the breaker. I’m hoping to put the generator in my detached garage about 30ft from the house. I’m going to modify the exhaust to the outside. This is so during tropical weather I can service the generator during a storm. A 50 ft cord will be perfect. I’m hoping the breaker Is wired so I can turn on and off the ones I want to use. That will be my request anyway. My priorities are refrigerator, chest freezer and a 5000 window unit. My generator is a 8750 predator with 7000 watt running. I stay away from electricity. I leave it to the pros. Also I planning for my older age. The generator will be in a semi permanent location. I don’t want to pull around 165LBs.
  12. KARNUT


    Seeing some 4.39s in my area.
  13. Lessons learned so far. If you buy a generator with a carbon monoxide detector your exhaust needs to be outside whatever enclosure you use. The only place you can buy the exhaust pieces are on line. I bought my generator from harbor freight hoping for some help. Not with exhaust. Even if you buy a go cart engine no exhaust. Probably a green energy thing, even in Texas. Can’t get a straight answer on how long the cord can be. Waiting on a call back from the electrician. He going to hook up the interlock. So far I haven’t started the thing yet. I’m waiting for the exhaust pieces. I don’t want to go through heat cycles until that’s done.
  14. I listen to a podcast on Saturday called Carpro USA while walking. I listen to the prior week. The host is an ex dealer owner and has been doing this 20 years. He test drives a couple vehicles a week. A retired diesel truck owner from California called asking his advice on electric trucks. He’s only had his hands on the lightning amusingly it was during the big freeze and he hooked it to his house. His advice was a hybrid truck. He says electric is still too new. Adding the many electric vehicles he’s tested not one from any brand went the distance advertised. He did add he like all he tested. He would subtract at least a third advertised distance to eliminate range worries.
  15. KARNUT


    Pretty soon they’ll realize, damn we need more electric plants. They don’t like nukes so it’ll be fossil fuel powered plants. There’re starting to realize that renewables aren’t up to the task. I’m outfitting a generator as we speak. Getting ready for rolling blackouts.
  16. KARNUT


    I’ve read recently that since the pipeline got stopped it singled the oil executives to pull back on major investments. One of the those was refinery’s. Retrofits and maintenance is expensive. It like the whip and buggy’s makers when the automobile became popular. Electric vehicles are the answer, right? Who needs refinery’s? This is by design.
  17. They grew out of popularity because they became family limousines. I always preferred extended cabs myself. The competition still offers a unique assortment of engines to their two doors. Of course the chip restrictions will require wait time. I did a brief scan of Ram and Ford V-8s are offered in theirs.
  18. Interesting take on the filter. Probably before you were born I put a few of those on my trucks for the noise mostly. I started driving during the flip the air cleaner days. If you notice there’s rubber around the top that’s supposed to seal to the hood. In front of the filter should be the fender hole. It may not be perfect, it’s better than flipping the lid.
  19. KARNUT


    I just put 65$ worth of gas in the wife’s Genesis. That used to fill the Avalanche. I’m old enough and retired and prepared for these type of events. The gas card is still going to sting. As will the electric bill, grocery bill and so on. I don’t even look at my IRA. At my age I don’t like to hurry up the passage of time. November of 22,24 can’t come fast enough.
  20. KARNUT


    Cancer is dreadful. Sometimes nothing can be done. This was totally preventable and is by design. That’s why people are complaining.
  21. I almost forgot I learned the hard way. Whenever possible do one mod at a time. That way if there’s a problem you know what it is.
  22. Unless things have changed wildly since my last new truck the muffler and the intake shouldn’t be an issue. Unless that’s an oiled element and over oiled. The first thing I’d tackle is the module then the TB. Don’t go to the dealer unless you go back to stock. With the exception of the muffler. There’s really no reason to mess with the throttle body unless you go wild with mods.
  23. KARNUT


    The government doesn’t have control? Maybe a little research is advisable. Either for the administration or people who think they don’t.
  24. I would think that looking for an electric vehicle during your spare time would qualify. As well as the opinions associated with. I’m very interested in your experience with the topic. If it doesn’t qualify please start one.
  25. I hear you if you said that a year ago. Sure we were warned that the current administration is anti oil. In case you haven’t noticed it’s doubled along with just about everything else. So that statement today doesn’t hold up. I personally use my truck as personal pleasure vehicle and can adjust my usage. When the prices drop on the mighty 6.2 or a 5.0 and maybe a hemi 2 door I may scoop one up. I’m starting to see 10K off plus discounted interest rates already. I’m starting to see some housing slow downs. Struggling to buy premium gas, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
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