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  1. I lived in my town for over 40 years. I had more than enough time to have knowledge about business around me. I use to be a Ford buyer trucks and cars. Most of my vehicles during that time were under warranty and were serviced at the dealership. Problems with their service sent me across the street to a GMC-Hyundai dealer. Chevy was just down the road. I’m a creature of habit and tend to stay with a brand. Unless they piss me off. I will pay more for good service. Out of warranty vehicles went to my independent exhaust and service garage. I would be cautious about independent shops on some engine related problems. I would shop brake jobs and the more common repairs. Even brake jobs on later models communicate with the computer. Problems can arise if not properly done. A quote way cheaper than a dealer would be concerning to me. I recently had a multitude of service done to a 12 year old car my wife drives. A first other than normal maintenance. A 2900$ bill a the dealer. Using genuine parts by a professional gave us piece of mind. Well worth the extra money over a independent shop that works on many different brands. All this makes buying extended warranty while buying a new vehicle worth considering.
  2. It’s amusing to me reading some of the complaints about off roading. I spent my working life off road on pipelines and transmission electrical ROWs. And land clearing job sites. My first car a Mazda RX3 would go off road on land clearing jobs. Many years later I used my trailblazer ss off road when training new land clearing equipment owners. I wanted it bad enough I made it work. Even with my Z-71s or any other 4WD I didn’t pick the worst way to go. I’ve taken regular 4WDs up mountain roads you couldn’t walk up easily. I stuck one truck in over 40 years getting caught way off road in a flash flood. A 91 Ram diesel 2WD non posi. It just wouldn’t climb a hill. Heavy Engine. The rest of my diesels were 4WD only to go where 2WD gas will go. Funny thing I noticed the people I met in the field with their trucks jacked up with big tires. Would try things they shouldn’t and get stuck. While I drove around them to get them out. If I did anything to a truck was to lower it. You can only raise the center section so much. That’s usually where the problem lies. Keeping that clear is the trick to off roading.
  3. It’s amazing the improvements in HP and TQ.
  4. My 74 nova custom had 165 hp with a 4bbl and factory duals. My CRV is quicker. Of course I modified the hell out of it. Come to think of it my Avalanche is probably quicker than it was. The 4 in your truck would lay waste to that 74 nova.
  5. Got and installed the caliper. You can get with or without brackets. It was easer with the brackets. I even lubed the sliders a first for me. A little over 100$ after returning the old caliber. They probably would have charged me 500$ or more at the dealer. And yes I only did the one side. It was premature wear because of a faulty caliber. Plenty of meat on the other with a resent brake job.
  6. Their answer would be they’re sacrificing longevity for fuel mileage and emissions. Same reason they’re pushing electric vehicles. Man made GLOBAL WARMING. Personal inconvenience is a price we must pay for survival.
  7. I have mine set at next new thread that covers all threads. Let’s face it there’s not going to be much just for 22 models especially with all that’s going on.
  8. Well hell. I had a brake hanging rear driver’s side. Thought I fixed it with lubricant. Nope metal noise. So I called to make an appointment, then decided idiot do it yourself. It’s amazing how many different brakes could be on that truck. The auto zone guy had some snap gave me the right one. My make do attitude was fine in my younger days. When you’re older it bites you in the a$$. First off the little floor jack was a pain. Took an hour on that. Should have bought a big one. The next I’m saving big bucks doing it myself so buy the caliper it was sticking you stupid…….. what genius at GM decided that bolts instead of Allen heads that went all the through the calipers? They were a nightmare to loosen. Finally got them on. It appears it’s sticking just a little. I have no one to blame but me. I’ll give it a bit. If I do it again. I’ll spring for a better jack.
  9. Sometimes your at hoot. Everyone has a budget. You wouldn’t buy a 500K house on a 50K salary. Of course as you get older it’s gets ingrained. So as far as a written down budget that usually goes away. So does wasteful spending.
  10. Ifs it’s a warranty concern buy it at the dealership asking those questions and save the receipt. I’ve gotten in the habit of using the dealer while under warranty.
  11. Ok, for people from Rio Linda. Don’t use the old oil in the new filter or change your oil during a sand storm. In other words new oil out of the bottle. Right after you retrieve your filter from its environmental sealed vault. Oh I forgot make sure you pressure wash the underneath around the oil pan especially. If you really want to be sure paper and tape the entire area the filter may pass on the way to be installed. Don’t forget the hairnet.
  12. If you have more than one vehicle I would stick with it until they quit giving you warranty. Or they get decent with the trade in. I’m surprised they’re not blaming your mods, it’s been done. With today’s vehicles I’d buy from a dealer that sells modified trucks. Being you like the truck and it has mods you like I’d factor that in.
  13. Update on the supposed water in oil. I’ve driven the Avalanche a lot more since the last oil change. No sign of water in the oil, I never saw any. Oil is still very clean. Maybe the bars leak worked. I’ll do the next oil change just to be sure. Otherwise it’s just been a great truck. If the market loosens up I may start looking for something different. I’m thinking smaller. It’ll have to be special to replace this one.
  14. Well I’m ready to hit my favorite seasons in Texas. Which is anything but summer. First cool front is approaching. Finally getting out of the seventies in the AM to the eighties in the afternoon. There’s talk of the fifties in the AM. Cool enough to do some maintenance on the old Avalanche. Yahoo!
  15. I’ll believe in man made global warming when our leaders past and present sell their million dollar real estate's next to the bay’s and oceans. Or instead of installing super sized propane tanks to power their backup generator. They have windmills and solar panels doing the job. Parking the private jets or at least jet pooling at the least to lower their carbon ft print. The good for thee not for me doesn’t sit well with me. I’m a simple man. The hysteria they profess doesn’t fit the optics they project. Man made global warming, please.
  16. In my working years I shopped deals. The out the door price only mattered on the turn around the next time. We always had spare trucks so extended repairs wouldn’t matter as much for warranty work. If the 6.2 is available at a reasonable price the trade in should be at a premium still. The key in this case is a spare available.
  17. I’ve noticed in my life time anytime we disregard history or reasonable laws we’re usually worse off. From what I’m able to see she brought joy during her time. If only more people could be as honorable as she was.
  18. There seems to be two narratives in regards to the deactivation saga. Some have bad parts, and the need for more frequent oil changes. Generally the deactivation process doesn’t give much individually for mileage. I would buy extended warranty and decide keeping at that point. As far as deactivation I’d have to be convinced of warranty implications before proceeding.
  19. My brother in law drives only GM trucks and GM large SUV. His daughters first vehicles were used GMs of the same. Both through college same vehicles. 200K plus is the rule. At 64 years old he hasn’t had many. He traded in the family’s first p/u with 250K plus miles for his daughters second car for her graduation present. She picked a VW. His second full size reg cab truck has 200K plus miles he drives to work. The second daughter drives the ex family Tahoe with close to 300K miles. She’s waiting for her graduation present from college a new bronco to come in. Then my brother in law is going to drive her Tahoe park the truck. He wants to refresh the reg cab truck after restoring his firebird. His first car. Retirement is approaching. The wife’s Tahoe, the newest 2013 just passed 100K. The only problem he ever had with any was a blown rear end in a earlier suburban. It was a common problem in the model. That one went over 300K. He donated that one. He’s the reason I went back to GM trucks after our problems with GM trucks in the 90s. He latest is the first cylinder deactivation model. Thanks to the OP I recommend frequent oil changes on his newest Tahoe. He usually went by the maintenance manual. Shockingly he leaning Explorer for his next SUV. After I recovered from fainting I asked why. He wife wants smaller. He’s not doing front wheel drive. So the Traverse is out.
  20. It’s a measuring tool to show improvements over the competition. One of the many that determines bragging rights. It matters enough that all reviews include them.
  21. My first 1/2 ton was a 70 Ford pickup it was bare bones but did the job. In contrast my father had a 70 CST 402 with a tac dash. Hugger Orange with a black top. It was pretty sporty. At the same time my mother drove a Electra 225. When they went somewhere together they took the truck. So my memory is trucks could be pretty sporty. Until fairly recently 3/4 tons were rated at what 1/2 tons are rated now. Chevys problem is you have to go up model to get the 6.2. The competition last time I checked you could get their bigger engine in a work truck. GM does hand cuff your choices more than the competition. Medium duty work can easily be accomplished in a half ton. So can the best of both worlds.
  22. KARNUT

    Head On!

    In the double nickel days I had all the devices to go ten over to keep an eye on smoky. Even a CB. I’m the slower guy now I did the math the elapsed time over all isn’t much more. Now the southern interstates are 75-80 mph. You have to stand out to get a ticket. I’m definitely being past more than passing
  23. My wife and I liked to drive slow fast. We have curvy roads that are fun in sporty vehicles. Her car is a sports sedan. You can lean in a little without drawing attention. Vehicles have been a sport to us with budget in mind. Her overall expense has been more efficient even though I get the better mileage. I anticipate and idle less. She’s had one car going on 12 years and one going on 23. I’ve had many more. As a hobby it’s been a cheap endeavor. I’m always looking. We’ve saved in other areas. We enjoy our rides, within reason.
  24. My brother in law is retiring in two years. The first project is restoring his first car a 69 firebird convertible. We’re been back and forth on making it driver worthy. I suggested throttle body fuel injection and electronic ignition. He’s definitely changing the front brakes to disk brakes. The rest will be factory original. Over the years it went from stroking the engine to leaving everything stock. If I ever go back that far in a truck. Those are the type of mods I would make for drivability.
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