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  1. I’ve always have a Chevy around. I’ll probably never have a new one again. Love my Avalanche. I’m always looking for a clean old one. I could do a 2 door Tahoe or truck again. Even a trailblazer ss again. There’s a possibility I’d do a single cab 4cylinder if the right one comes around and you can tune them. Lowered, tuned, geared.
  2. One of the keys to my family business success was service that was unmatched. More than a few times a customer would call at night for a part. The only way to get it next day was for me to drive it there. I’m still amazed a person would work somewhere they hate and be miserable all day. It would show. The internet has separated the players from the pretenders. Same with camera phones. Bad service should be a rarity today.

    Gas Prices

    The only time I do the fast food is on our trips east. I look forward to them. I use to live on them. We have apps so we can order ahead. Usually Chick-fil-A. There’s others that have 5$ menus we split. I’m hitting weight watchers hard now preparing for our next trip. We also hit two buck-ees an amazing experience. I love driving so I’m looking forward.
  4. I guess I should have clarified. Less lifters.
  5. Not hate. You said yea it’s the fuel pump. You don’t say there’s more to the story. I just pointed that out. Now you did.
  6. I would start at the beginning of this thread. Not to be a stick in the mud. There’s been many I found the problem considering this vehicle. It’s not unusual I’ve been there. This particular engine is known to have problems at around 100K miles.

    Gas Prices

    Well you wouldn’t see difference in the crowds just what they buy. That’s why Walmart is changing their inventory. I saw 3.42 gas in my neck of the woods today.

    Gas Prices

    Yea really, mail order groceries not me. I check myself out though. I just can’t take the stupidity.

    Gas Prices

    In reality if there’s a small percentage driving less it would be hardly noticeable. Probably the poors have to drive there’re in the service industry where you can’t carpool or work from home. Where you’ll find the poors cutting back as made evident recently is the grocery store. As reported by Walmart and others recently. There’re adjusting their inventory to reflect the decreasing buying power.
  10. If memory serves 3rd is drive where your RPMS settle will tell the gear ratio. If you’re not jumping back and forth between 3rd and 4th your fine. I suspect you’ll probably need to run in 3rd. Unless you have a 410 gear.
  11. That’s only because they pulled back on natural gas for solar. On my trips to Waco I pass a solar field. It’s in the middle of nowhere and butt ugly. Probably on top of a natural gas field a clean source of energy. That can be transported through a pipeline unseen ready anytime. Enjoy your solar especially under two foot of snow. Go ahead have the last word.
  12. I’m not alone it’s amazing the California plates I see daily. I relate to the Jonny Cash song. I've been everywhere man, this is where I live. Next question. If solar is the way. With the amount of out in the open subdivisions seems the panels are in the wrong place. They should be on the majority of houses. That would take care of the need for more major future power generation. Begs the question of Obama recent propane tank purchase. He has plenty of room for panels. WHATS THE DEAL. I was never much for do as I say not as I do.
  13. Living through several dreamers that wrecked our economy we are prepared. A little common sense and happing across David Ramsey on the radio was the nudge we needed years ago. Not falling for the latest got to have trends. Like making your own coffee instead of Starbucks goes a long way. Being lucky enough to find the right partner for life. Saving, paying off your first house quickly is the key for the average wage earner. By the time I was in my mid fifties I paid off 4 homes and a condo. Now living in one and renting out the other. All while building a family business. It’s a lot easier when there’s two. The first step in a rewarding life.
  14. When we first arrived in Texas we were amazed how quickly clothes would dry outside. We were also amazed on how many critters hitch to hanging clothes. Forget about it if a flock of birds fly by. Then you add the amount of sweat you accumulate while outside. Once done you need a shower and change of clothes. The extra time in the basket plus the worry about spiders you end up putting them in the dryer anyway. At least here in Texas.
  15. I’ve had several vehicles with their product. Never had a problem. My highest mileage was 180K. Those vehicles usually spent lots of time off road in the dust. All were on extended oil changes with Amsoil.
  16. I agree waiting on the market. There is help though and I post about it almost weekly. It is CARPROUSA.com. An ex car dealership owner who been on the radio for 20 years. It’s free and worth the a look.
  17. You know I admit I may have had a unique bender and may be spoiled. I’ll put him up against any mail order. The only way you can make a fart unnoticeable is to silence it. I’ve had factory tuned 4 and 6 cylinders. They still didn’t sound like V-8s. If they could I’d have one on the Honda.
  18. I’ve been using the same exhaust shop for 40 years. Until I joined this forum I thought that was the way to go. The custom exhaust I’ve had done must have been unusual, seems there’re hard to find. In saying that exhaust flows pretty unrestricted these days. So if you’re looking for more sound changing your muffler will do the trick for a lot less money.
  19. I’ve used a can tunes on almost all my trucks. I liked the adjustability of the transmission firmness, shift points. With the premium tune you do unlock a little horsepower. I don’t believe it’ll help that much in what you’re looking for.
  20. I followed all the diet fads for 30 years. All cancel butter, salt, low cholesterol etc. I was over weight but had very good blood work. Finally my wife started going to weight watchers. I lost 30lbs and mostly keep it off for 15 years. I like things simple. It’s simple. I eat everything now just not all the time. I am still over weight by their numbers but I found my set point. I’m a food junky like most people. The yo yo lifestyle is gone. Diabetes runs in my family. I’m enjoying my freedom until the inevitable, possibly. My point ultimately is I found what works for me. While young eat what you want reasonably, go to the doctor yearly. Especially for blood work. When you get older you may be forced to make changes.
  21. KARNUT

    Gas Prices

    3.50 here
  22. KARNUT

    Gas Prices

    The problem with new shiny things it falls under the greener grass theory. The only problem now is people instead of going oops this ain’t gonna work. They don’t like admitting their failure. They invent problems or failures of the past to try to persuade you this better. You really like soup you know. We just needed to raise the price of steak enough to get you to try it. That’s where we are now. There’re still eating steak.
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