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  1. There’s a difference. Much like our passion for the 70s muscle cars. Ricer drivers produced factory hot rod ricers just missing the loud exhaust. Much like the 70s factory muscle cars. 20 years later there’re up there with the factory lettered and numbered cars of the past in value.
  2. I hope you have an in home Covid test after all your effort’s to stay clear. My overweight brother just came home from a family Florida trip experiencing allergy like symptoms. Testing positive. As well as one daughter. They rented a beach front house and all stayed there. A yearly event for them. They naturally stay to themselves. With the exception of my mother and mother in law that’s all my family members getting Covid. All but my oldest daughter had flu like or less symptoms. Good luck.
  3. I’m surprised they don’t add the V-8 sound effects. Or a choice of sounds. I’ll pick the old playing card in the bicycle spoke.
  4. Wait a minute! These trucks are so full of electronics it’s going to notice new brakes? Like the owner wouldn’t know? Well then. How about something useful like? Like hey dude! Your hanging too long in the left lane get the…. over. Your impending traffic. Next you’ll be getting tickets in the mail. Your truck will rat you out. Could be useful if you let your teenager use the truck. Get out of the back seat!!!!
  5. Probably not related. Basically just to show how weird the electrics can be on these trucks and how they effect the transmission. A year ago for about a week sometimes when I started my truck the tow haul light would randomly be on. And so would be the tow haul function. Couldn’t turn it off. At the end of that week the truck wouldn’t start. Replaced the battery, problem was gone. Nothing weird since.
  6. Sharing thoughts are fine if’s it’s one and done. It never is with you. It’s why I rarely engage. You remind me of my little brother he’s never wrong, never. Some of your threads are very informative. As long as no one disagrees.
  7. I’ve never left (well enough) alone. I’ve always wanted to have it available but rarely used it type of guy. My last 383 whipple blown 92 Chevy truck was around 12 years with me. Just general maintenance. If I was inclined to get a 2 door 4cylinder GM truck I wouldn’t be able to resist modifying. Doesn’t mean I’m racing at every chance. I like whiskey a lot, I don’t drink it every day.
  8. I use to pull heavy. Only now 1 ton trucks are rated to pull what I was pulling in the 80s-2000s. In 1995 I bought a V-10 instead of the 5.9 Cummins. I wanted the horsepower as well as the TQ. The difference in price paid for the first 40K in fuel. Right at 40K pulling a hill in third at about twice the RPM the diesel would be. The mighty V-10 gave up. My brother brought me my old 91 Cummins dodge with 150K trouble free miles to finish my demos. Diesels are still king of the steady diet of pulling. Mainly because of the down low power.
  9. Being I grew up in the so called muscle car area the bigger the V-8 the better. Was the rule. My wife insistence on smaller cars slowly change my mind. Her Acura intagra type r and her Genesis cemented my change over. I spent some time in the seat of GNX too. By the time things settle down and inventory gets back to normal. I’m sure they’ll be tunes available for those 4 cylinders. With cheap plug in horsepower. Any advantage the V-8s have will easily be overcome. Trucks have become very versatile by demand. High performance sports vehicle statice has already been reached. For 20 years I laughed at my wife’s insistence on keeping her Acura. I slowly quit collecting muscle cars as hers and other non V-8 collector cars ascend in value. Fast and potent isn’t reserved for V-8s any longer. Hell if you really want to go fast. It’s hybrid and electric now.
  10. Most vehicles of all brands when you hit the start button you’re going through the computer for everything. Your pretty much requesting to start. If everything is hunky dory you’re request will be granted. Gone are the days of grinding the starter. My vote is it’s the starter.
  11. It’s everywhere GMs having problems with their cylinder deactivation engines. All manufacturers have problems. 2014-2018 are the worst years it’s been reported. How they handle the problems is all that matters. Then there’s the 8 speed transmission. Well documented. I still would buy one if I wasn’t retired and trade before the warranty was up. In 40 years I only had one truck leave me stranded. Most of my trucks had at least 1K Lbs in the bed. And had some type of performance improvements. Denying GM has had problems recently is silly they all have their problems.
  12. KARNUT

    Gas Prices

    Paid 4.12 today. Seeing that at a few stations. One had a 4.09 cash price.
  13. Right after buying my tank Avalanche with the 373 rear end I took my brother in law to get his camper. At 72 MPH I got 17 mpg. Following him at 65 I got 19. At a major expense to the buyers going in and for repairs. The cylinder deactivation 8-10 speed transmission only helps GM. Ultimately does very little for the consumer.
  14. Being an older person I lived through times like this before. This is nothing but a blip in time for most of my family. I don’t want to relive the past as overall blissful it has been. I’m confident that lesson are being learned by our current events. Adjustments will be made hopefully in November and again in two years.
  15. While I’ll admit I’ve never had a vehicle past 180K. That only 1. I never replaced wheel bearings. Rarely brakes or shocks. Even though I drove lots of HWY miles. Most of my trucks spent equal time on pipelines and electric transmission lines. I never drove over hubs in water. I wonder sometimes what people do to their trucks. Most of my trucks had fuel tanks, full tool boxes, parts and air compressor. I always stayed with stock tire size, maybe that’s the difference. Don’t even mention the dust in some areas.
  16. We all had in school drivers Ed. And you get refresher courses if you get a ticket. For our 25th my wife treated me to the Richard Petty driving experience in Vegas. What a treat that was.
  17. Houston, Conroe area. Go online with carpro they are very helpful. The ads I speak of are on the TV nightly in the Houston market.
  18. I’ll take it a step further. CARPROUSA.com a website and radio program on iHeartRadio.
  19. Being condescending? It’s called a tv. Or just go online. Or is that too hard for you?
  20. I’m starting to see deals advertised here in Texas. Discounts off MSRP some along with 0 percent. High fuel prices and inflation are probably the reason.
  21. My wife taught our kids (3) and 4 of our grandkids to drive so far, I taught her. Yes we got married that young. They all started out in school parking lots with the basics. The toughest so far of course the middle child. She didn’t get her license until just before college at 18. My son the easiest at 16. He got his mother’s Z-28. My oldest got our Fiero GT. The second child got a mid 80s LTD. After her younger brother got his before she did. We didn’t just turn them loose. She went to college in a small town. She still managed to dent every corner. She is now a very good driver. Having a child made the difference.
  22. KARNUT

    Gas Prices

    I went to the other side of town to my walking park and to gas for the CRV. Got a 300 miles round trip on Friday. Love the drive Montgomery to Waco through college station. Gas is now 4.27 mostly. Usually I get more off from shopping there. 40 cents off this time. Our credit card we used gives us an additional discount.
  23. KARNUT

    Gas Prices

    Took the beast to get washed. Then to the store to get treatment for the panels. It was (only) 77 degrees in the morning and 88 percent humidity. So a little attention could be paid to those panels. The gas station at that Walmart was selling gas at 4.29 cheapest I saw in a few weeks. Traffic is lighter. School is out so the spoiled ones aren’t getting their ride to school from mommy. That has lessened traffic quite a bit.
  24. I’ve bought products with the off road use only label from major manufacturers. It’s been a few years laws do change. Usually an installer with a smile can say off road use only. And clearly have it stated on the invoice. Use to be good enough. I’m fan of performance improvement. Rolling coal not so much.
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