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    I know, it's getting old, but something just doesn't feel right. I know I'm not going to get the 9.5psi that you're getting because the 6.2L always has a lower boost number than a 5.3L since it has more cylinder displacement to fill, but it just seems like I shouldn't have to have as small as a 78mm pulley to get the 6psi. The whole problem, and why this is still going on, is that I haven't gotten to compare apples with apples. I haven't heard from anyone with my same setup. I want to compare like for like before I get a dyno tune. And yes, I saw your new tune numbers. VERY NICE! I'm actually going to be in NH end of July / beginning of Aug if you want to take me for a spin =) I'll be in the Durham area.
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    Just a little Easter gift to myself! A coat of wax and some blackout badges! Happy Easter all!! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    100% agree, What would happen if we went back to the early vehicles where there were no power pedals, power windows, cruise control, electric locks, power seats, AC was a option, there were 2 speed transmissions sealed beam headlights bias tires were standard radial tires were a option and a AM radio, FM radio was a upgrade and the list goes on. People cry and complain about missing options that most of the time are never used or needed.
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    I agree. I would much rather have a new rear window than a resealed defective window. So the GM customer care representative called me Friday afternoon. They denied my buy back as expected, stating that they've spoke with the dealership and are attempting to fix my truck. Laughable to me. I told her this is clearly not the end of the situation, and I'll play their games, but I'll get a buy back in the end, or it will be declared a lemon. My case stays open for now. In the meantime, I'm driving the general manager's demo Silverado. They can keep my truck as long as they want. The longer, the better for my case. Regardless of all the damage they've done to my truck, it's still not right. The original problem was a water leak, which caused an odor in my truck (mildew). They then performed a chemical treatment which resulted in a different odor. So no matter how you look at it, I have a permanently damaged truck with an odor that they can't fix. Sounds like a lemon to me. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Been using BG products strictly since mid 2000's and GM's foray into DI's.....absolutely excellent products!
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    The obvious solution for some folks...rather than complain in literally every other thread about missing power pedals...just buy a new 2018 while you still can. You save the 15k and get all your missing content...and save the rest of us the trouble of reading the same list of “missing” features for the hundredth time.
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    Not sure if anyone has added LED headlight bulbs to their truck. I just added a set and now the dlr strip of LEDs are not lit up anymore instead the headlights are on. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I'm new here just came from driving a AWD Toyota Sienna. We added a 4th kid so we need all the room we can get. Thanks
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    Happy Easter from the CEO of the Catholic Church. CEO.... {C}hristmas and {E}aster {O}nly. Anyway is that plati-dip or paint?
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    Alright here's an update on my truck. I noticed the leaking Wednesday. Called my dealer and they said no earlier than May 2nd with a loaner. I called GM and opened up a case. The representative worked with me and got me into another local dealer Friday and they provided me with a loaner RST. I pulled up the TSB and gave them the TSB number. They assured me the tech they were going to have fix it is very good. Let's hope!
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    With proper maintenance anything is possible, with extra added higher quality care it’s much more likely to achieve extended life out of any manufacturers drivetrain. Those days in the past are in the past, adapting with newer model drivetrains especially everything being run by computers is what’s here and going to get much more technical. Sent from above
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    Always start with the basics.. spark, fuel, compression.. I suspect you might have a lifter issue.. You can also pull off the valve cover and turn it over to inspect the lifter movement.
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    Amsoil Signature Series all the way! I was a solid Mobil1 annual protection guy until I found out that “Full Synthetic IS NOT 100% Synthetic, it’s a misleading BS marketing ploy to get you to buy their products. Amsoil is 100% Synthetic and that’s why it’s been rated to X4 surpass the highest protection “Annual Protection” Mobil1. Mobil1 oil filters may filter out 99% of the dirt in oils but only 30 Microns where as Napa Platinum oil filters filter out 20 Microns. So much lying with misleading marketing and this is why I recommend everyone to take the time to look into just how much bang they’re getting out of their dollar. I’ve recently replaced front and rear Diff fluids and transfer case with Amsoil Signature Series, Yesterday, I was set 85 mph on a road trip, 86 degrees outside and transmission temperature read 175 which is at least 10 degrees lower than before I did the fluid change. You get what you pay for. Sent from above
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    So I finally got around to installing the cab marker lights on my 2017 GMC 1500 Sierra SLE. I had spent some time researching and buying the necessary parts. I didn’t want to use aftermarket parts so I bought only GM parts. I have to first mention that in a lot of other posts I’ve read either on here or other forums that people would buy a harness and only use the two wires associated for powering the cab marker lights. It is too difficult a job to try and integrate the bought harness with the harness in your truck. All the posts that I have read the harness that people bought was a harness that has wiring for the cab marker lights as well as othe circuits. It seems like a waste to spend over $100 for the harness and just use two wires from it. I found a part number for a harness that only has the cab marker light circuit. Its GM part number: 23170765. The price of the harness was approx. $57. So the first thing I had to do for the actual install was to figure out where the lights get mounted on the roof. I found a drawing from another forum showing the dimensions of how the lights get mounted on the roof. The odd thing about these lights from GM is they mount through 3/4” square holes. So I made a template for each light. Laid out some tape on the roof and traced out where each light should get mounted and the located of each hole the needs to be cut out. That old saying measure twice cut once applies here !! I must have spent close to an hour measuring and re-measuring the position of the templates. After I figured the location of where the holes were to be cut the next step was to go inside and drop the front of the headliner. The first step was to remove the sun visors. They’re secured with three Torx T20 screws. There’s also a T20 screw holding down the catch for the sun visor. Next I removed the overhead console. To remove it first flip down the sunglasses holder and grab the center of the overhead console and pull it down. Once that is down there are two Torx T10 screws holding the rest of the overhead console up. Once those two screws were removed grab the overhead console at the rear and pull it down. There are two clips at the rear holding it up. Undo the connector for the overhead console. The next step was to remove the A-pillar grab handles. Pop two covers to reveal the two 10mm bolts. Remove the bolts and the panel should just pull out. The next items to remove are the assist handles on the roof. Pop open to two plastic covers to reveal two 8mm bolts. Remove the bolts and the handles should just pull out. Now the most frightning part - making the first cut in the roof !!! I was so nervous about cutting open my one year old truck. But I did it. I took my Dremel tool with a small cutoff wheel and started to make the cuts. I kinda felt sick; like my nads just went up into my body. At this point I was committed. No turing back. After making the first cut the rest of them wasn’t too bad. I had to file out the holes to get them looking decent and measuring 3/4”. It’s better to cut smaller than to cut too big. I couldn’t believe I just cut four holes on the roof of my truck. After cutting each hole I took some colour match touch up paint to the edge of each cut. As the paint dried I routed the harness from the passenger side fuse panel up along the passenger A-pillar and along the forward of the roof. As the first coat of touch up paint dried I applied a second coat. The harness got zip tied to the truck’s original harness. After the paint had dried I put a bead of marine grade silicon around the perimeter of the opening of each cutout just to make sure I won’t get any water leakage into the interior. I tightened each cab marker light with a 10mm deep socket and connected the light connectors to the harness. Next the interior was put back together in reverse of how it was taken apart. I haven’t yet connected power to the lights. In a previous post I made it was discovered that the connector in the fuse panel where the harness gets connected to doesn’t have power at the pins (pin 3). My next step is to tap the power for the cab marker lights from the clearance marker lights from my tow mirrors. Thats going to be part 2. I’ve had enough today. I was working out in the hot sun and am now burnt behind my neck, and it’s dinner time soon. To be continued......
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    You forgot to add that most everything has been worked out being the last year model too. I LOVE my 18! Sent from above
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    The Sierra's with projector lights like mine don't have a separate high and low beam. When you turn on the highs a solenoid opens a shutter to create the high beam pattern. Flashing the highs won't affect the HIDs at all.
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    So I guess you just hate the sound of this. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=cammed+v8+chevys&&view=detail&mid=F80BC2B1F6080381B296F80BC2B1F6080381B296&&FORM=VRDGAR
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    I litterally put the kit on my truck the way it came out of the box and got a dyno tune. It's all in the tune. The guy I use specializes in LS and LT motors, that's basically all he works on. I even used the stock air box and not the cold air intake that came with the SLP kit. Not sure if I would have made more with the CAI or not. I would definitely get the blower for your daily driver. And get a proper dyno tune for the trailblazer, will make a huge difference.
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    Yukon xl has way more cargo space behind the 3rd row and is more roomy. Riding a slt Yukon xl is like riding in a limo. Its a far more advanced vehicle than the sequoia. Better on gas as well. Toyota has the reliability edge. However yukons have been known to the be far more reliable gm vehicles. Also toyota has been cutting corners in their late models i know from owning one. Id go for Yukon xl slt they are easy to drive after 3 drives. Also check the suburban lt with lux pac which is same as a yukon slt minus the cool seats and perforated leather but has standard leather. And maybe a few more accents along interior and chrome accent on the side steps. I went through same process as you but seqouia was out of the question due to lack of space outdated no android auto poor gas. The toss up for me was between a suburban lt and an expedition max and i went for a suburban lt. The sequoia is not worth its price unless your looking for a smaller 4 by 4. Don't trust Toyota they are not same as they used to be , they have issues with failing to recall and using cheap stuff their transmissions slip and dont shift as smooth as the tried and true 6 speed auto in the yukon xl slt . Drive both and youll see.
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    No, Very easy. Remove the cup holder rubber, then using some trim tools it pulls up pretty easy (about 10 hook / loop tabs) I used Cerakote (Firearm paint) as I use that for my business. It resists scratches well. Biggest pain is getting the cup holder rubber back in. Working on making a video of the process of the whole thing
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    Just showing one mod I did (Might change the color to black). I was having issues in the Florida sun reflecting right into my eyes on the chrome cupholder trim. Took off that trim and then cerakoted the cupholder burnt bronze. I Was going to do the other chrome pieces but decided against it.
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    Gotcha, I wanted to make sure. The GM lift should work with all 1/2 ton Models, the suspension is the same for all if them. If you have the max tow it will still work but the shocks won't be tuned for "maximum towing" If you have the option and can afford the icon then that's what I would go for, you could probably buy the extended CV's separately and get the best of both worlds. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    This kit has roughly 25k miles on it and includes the installation manual and a 3.5" and 3.25" pulley. On my 6.2 they made 6 psi and 9 psi respectively. I understand the apprehension of buying something like this used and wanted be completely transparent so I went through the installation manual to do a kick and count to see if any parts were missing. As you can see from the pictures of the marked up manual the following items are missing: -1 M8 x 1.25x25mm hex head bolt. -1 M8 washer -1 10mm QD, can be purchased from superchargersonline or directly from Edelbrock -1 PCV hose from valley to intake, can replaced with a rubber hose from napa, autozone, etceddlebrock -1 PCV hose from intake to heads, can replaced with a rubber hose from napa, autozone, etc I'm asking $3800obo shipped . If any one has any questions please let me know.
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    Looking at same kit, but like the billet upper control arms instead of tubular. Pretty sure they both function the same tho. I agree that the coilovers make a lot of sense for a lift. Having shocks lift the vehicle instead of blocks/spacers sounds way more secure. Hope someone that has done it comments. Hope I'm not missing something about going this route.
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    This website has the ability to upload photos you take. It can be quite useful. Pictures are worth a thousand words after all.
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    Fox 2.5 Non resi with Cognito balljoint UCA's installed last night along with 2.0 Fox rears.
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    I'm sure this has been asked before, but is anyone with a leveled Trail Boss running 35x12.5s with an aftermarket rim that has at least 0 mm offset. Please post pictures. I'm positive it will fit but I want to see how it looks in this configuration. Im thinking about selling my 33.5x12.5s and lifting the truck up another 1.5 inches to fit 35x12.5s. Also, if anyone in Michigan is interested in purchasing my 33.5x12.5R20 tires let me know, they have a lot of tread left on them. Thanks.
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    I’ve never used the products. I understand there’s warranty involved in using their products, so it’s worth a look. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don’t know what kind of off-roading you’re lookin at doin but this is leveled with 33s and 20x10s. Did just fine and is my daily. Haven’t replaced anything after that trip, all still tight as can be. 2.5” eBay kit with 33x12.5 Yokohama g003s MTs and 5100s all around.
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    Yeah....I keep forgetting the Premium gas thing LOL otherwise ALL of US WOULD HAVE THE 6.2L Haha
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    Traded in my 2016 Sierra Denali 6.2 on this 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Duramax Midnight edition. Love the power!!
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    All this change and refreshing comes at a price. Trucks are already pricey enough. If the 2020 or 2021 GM truck receive a RAM like interior..... you might as well prepare for a second mortgage. Because this will likely boost the price up over 70K. Escalades have exceeded 100K. 2020 Tahoe, Yukon and Suburban will likely be in the 80's When is enough enough?
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    This is probably the stupidest thread I’ve ever seen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They all have dbags. Common sense and the odds say that.
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    Been awhile since I posted. I added a temporary leveling kit with dirt today. I then washed it.
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    I fail to see what’s unprofessional those lights.....
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    I have to admit I didnt make it through all 90 pages! I love that this blue seems to be different colours in different light
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    Getting her work ready! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I did get a set of Escalade running boards to work on my 16 HD double cab.
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