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    Just got her Saturday! Leveling kit, tires and wheels all done on this fine President’s day! Next up, black bow tie, tinted windows.
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    I can understand how a bad experience can sour people on a particular brand. This is exactly why these manufacturers should really step up when folks have problems with their new $50K+ trucks. I don't believe for a second that 'they all have issues'. My 2017 K2 has been excellent. 20 months, 30K miles and not a single issue. Not even a recall. I'm very happy with it.
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    I had my ‘16 Sierra for about 3 years, 25k miles. I got over 75% of what I paid for it when I traded it in. If I sold private party it would have been probably 80% or more of the new cost. It is now listed on their site for 5k less than I paid brand new, which is staggering to me. I know I’m not an outlier here either. I hear a lot of other people on this forum doing very well when it’s time to upgrade. I would put GM trucks up against anything as far as depreciation.
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    Found this interesting article. Ford, cheating..... sounds like the NE Patriots to me! https://www.autoblog.com/2019/02/12/ford-f-150-engine-tech-stolen-from-mit-professors-lawsuit/
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    This Site and these forums are not for political arguments. Apparently I have started this snowball rolling downhill without really intending to. Long before the media became involved in reporting on the tax overhaul pros and cons, my trusted Tax person advised my wife and I this time last year to prepare. My facts came from this person and not the television, radio or anyone else.
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    chrispassas - tell them you will take it back to them every single time it shudders - and, then do it ... force them to go for a drive WITH you and record the RPM gauge ... they are slowing rolling you. The fluid change in mine appears to have completely fixed the problem. TXgreek - could possibly be oil on MAF - they are incredibly sensitive ... not trying to start another war, but my understanding is that air filter mods result in performance improvement in a VERY small range - like at the max HP. Never made sense to spend the bucks to do it to me.
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    Just WOW... To all the lefty's that have a hard time understanding our tax concept as i see the media has now turned to this new narrative since the fake hate crime hoax can't be bleed dry anymore, is to tell americans that they will get a lesser tax return. You see and i know it's a concept that might seem hard to grasp to the left, but when you pay less in income taxes you will get less back come tax time. If you like the government keeping your income interest free to them, you have the option to have your salary deducted at a higher tax rate and guess what will happen at tax time, you get a higher return of course minus the interest you would've received having it sit in your own bank.
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    Extended warranties offer peace of mind to many. If you have a little risk tolerance, not purchasing an extended warranty is the better choice, imo. The cost of your insurance combined with your deductible adds up to an amount that provides good odds for your warranty provider to make a profit. The ideal way to protect yourself (as suggested by aseibel) is to donate the premium equivalent monthly to an auto repair savings account. Odds are in your favour that you will have money in the account when the coverage period has expired. I know there is a risk of a deficit and hence the term "risk tolerance".
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    ^^^ Yeah, whatever they do, they can't afford to get it wrong.
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    With the two credit unions I belong to, I only had to open a savings account and put 5 bucks into it to be a member. They make it sound a lot harder than it is to become a member at most of them. See what the requirements are and try to join. It’ll usually be worth your while.
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    I think you wasted $700 but that is just my opinion. Biggest waste of money other than magic was and scotch guard at dealer prices.
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    Cinder Blocks would ride better than Ranchos. 5100's change the whole truck for the better.
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    I am happy to say that today I replaced my Rough Country 6” lift with this. She definitely needs a wash! BDS 6” lift Fox full-length coilovers with reservoir BDS rear leaf springs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you ask me that gate won't last 5 years . Too many moving parts.
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    I do wish I had seen this when it was posted. Question. What is the opposite of 'loose'? How about tight. Are your nuts loose or tight? Not are your nuts loose or stiff. Loose or tight are opposites. Tolerances are looser in the driveline of a truck. Yokes splines etc. Stiffer was an adjective describing the chassis, springing and dampening. Here's the funny part and I don't mean ha-ha funny either. You knew this when you drafted it. You didn't need me to step on. You have your own soapbox. So what's the point?
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    They used to be kind of a waste of money with the C/K trucks, with today's trucks all the control modules, computers, sensors, hundreds of miles more pin sized wires etc. it probably isn't a bad idea if you plan to keep your truck after warranty. I know they outsource all these modules to third party countries ranging from Germany to China so I have little faith in these trucks lasting 10+ years like the 90's and early 2000's trucks did without major systems failing. With boxed frames and paper thin body steel they will rot in winter climates before 10 years. It all comes down to how long you want to keep the vehicle. I trade mine in every 5 years to recycle my down payment + some, but with the way MSRP's keep skyrocketing, I wont be able to afford to do that anymore or I will have to downgrade in trims and it would be hard to give away my 6.2L SLT for a 5.3L WT as a personal vehicle, even though the WT's are still pretty nice.
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    TX, Copy - however, from my limited reading the issues sound a bit different ... 6 speeds appear to clunk badly and not shift smoothly, whereas the 8 speeds are much more likely to shudder and rattle AND clunk badly on down and upshifts at certain points ... Perhaps the new fluid will help the 6 speeds as well? I am still amazed this sort of thing can even happen - given the development costs and opportunities to beat the shxx out of them during testing ... "Life is a beta test ..."
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    Yes all of the them. Todays synthetics API-SN or better are designed to be used with Ethanol fuels (they even say that on the bottle, I wonder why???) But they'll still break down faster than if you were running gasoline exclusively. Straight from Mobil1 website when asked if compatible with Ethanol "Mobil 1™ oils are compatible with most fuels; however, excess fuel dilution may require more frequent changes and used oil analysis for quality monitoring." If you plan to run E85 full time I'd stick to 3000 mile oil changes even with a top tier synthetic oil. No more than 5000 miles for sure. A Blackstone analysis is always a good thing to get periodically just to know how things are going. With that said though Id bet money that if you did an oil analysis running gas for 3000 miles then ran E85 for 3k miles on fresh oil the wear metals would come back higher.
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    Great TX, squash my dreams will ya! LOL At this point my kids are my life. I do enjoy helping coach their baseball and basketball teams. Keeps me young
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    We bought a 88 Ford one ton diesel new. We put 285K miles on it mostly pulling a large prowler. At 100K the C-6 transmission needed rebuild. Shortly after we put a banks kit on and mechanical overdrive. At trade in 185K miles later the transmission was still going strong. The only thing we did at the 100k rebuild was add amsoil synthetic trans fluid, nothing else. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    It’s basically the same as the X4 myself and a few others here have. The only difference is the X4 is a matte finish and the X2 a more glossy vinyl. Personally I think the X4 looks a lot better and isn’t that much more money. It’s been working great for me. Very very low profile, much lighter weight than the folding ones, and still secure.
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    Just added my steps as well. It makes it much easier getting in and out with 6.5 inch lift, especially for us older folks and looks much better too..
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    Are those the painted factory hooks? Mine came with new hardware, so I just used a sawzall and cut the bolt on the drivers side, then used the new one with the hooks, pretty simple.
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    Good looking truck! What color Is that?
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    hey, I'm the one who make them. you can look me up on FB Block8head Custom vent pods. Ben
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    My 2018 Sierra with the 5.3 and extra tow does perfectly fine pulling our 35’ 8-9k camper. We towed across several state lines and up in some hills without a single “wish we had more truck.” I would strongly suggest looking at the higher end weight distribution hitches. I have a Hensley Arrow that I picked up used and sway is nonexistent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don't get so bent up on the interior. If you ask me the GM interoirs are pretty nice. For a truck. You didn't buy a Cadillac. Sure the Dodge is nice but the truck itself is a piece of junk. They will be falling apart after a few years. All the electronic crap won't work either. Ford's are okay too. But it's a Ford. Sure I'm a Chevy guy but I call them like I see them. If you really want a nice interior get a Bentley with a trailer hitch.😛
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    So many times, I was on the fence between SUV & Pickup. I could never get past the price difference. I love the idea of the passenger room and shorter wheelbase the SUV offers but I also found the crew cab short bed to be more practical for my needs. Looking back, I've hauled couches, refrigerators and appliances on on spontaneous purchases. I wouldn't have been able to haul that in a Tahoe. My new rig just barely fits in my garage so I am lucky there. Then again, this is based on my experiences. Good luck with the decision!
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    I think that the four-banger is more suitable for shorter trips, city driving and even more real world-ish various speeds. And, I have to find the highway in North America where I could drive 75mph continuously. The four-banger will find it's place. Owners who don't need bragging rights but enjoy having a big car to get the kids to soccer, the groceries on the way back and pick up the new couch from IKEA on the weekend. so long j-ten-ner
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    Leveled 2015 on Nitto Trail Grapplers 295/70R18 (34.5") o
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    Just added the amp power steps this past weekend man they look awesome and work great! Will post pics when I get a chance. It's nice how big the step is vs a narrower tube step.
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    Thank you Jim! Also for all the kind words from everyone Yes it’s the 2004 ZZ502 with 502 hp and 567 lb-ft torque. I believe the newer ones have 508/580. Upgraded roller rockers, Edelbrock 800 4 barrel, custom headers (drivers side had to clear steering shaft), MSD electronic ignition and distributor, Holley fuel pump, 4 row aluminum radiator. Moser 9 inch (Ford designed...but made better ) rear end and axles. Wilwood disc brakes. Magnaflow exhaust with electric cutouts just behind the headers. Turbo 400 from BME so not sure who actually did the build. Some appearance stuff like chrome valve covers/breathers, powder coated hood hinges and hood release, chrome radiator cover and custom aluminum panel to cover that dead spot between the radiator and nose. Pontiac red with subtle pearl white stripes. Damn just posting this tells me why I don’t yet understand these “tunes” everyone talks about LOL. Now I’ll stop...I’ve been politely reminded this is a truck forum. Sent from my iPhone
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    Looks great, the 19 ram looks old out of the box. Chevy looks great. Good luck with it. What tires and wheels are on it, looks great
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    I finally upgraded... picked up a 2018 2500HD with 11,000 miles.
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    I think the OP has an issue with the system automatically shutting down, as described in the owners manual. The service department is going to tell him that it's working properly...which it is. He feels this is a terrible feature in that it has no way to over-ride the system which would allow the vehicle to sit running for multiple hours. If the concern is that people are leaving it running and thus putting their lives in jeopardy from deadly exhaust fumes then a MANUAL over-ride should be available to stop the vehicle from shutting itself off and display a message in the DIC that requires an acknowledgement to clear the message. If it was a function of the user to manually over-ride the system, then the fault for any exhaust related death should fall on the user who chose to over-ride the system. This over-ride feature could be programmed to require a manual over-ride after each engine start, in other words it would revert back to the auto shutdown feature once the user turned off the vehicle.
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    Sweet!!! You will love the coilovers...
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    The suggestion was to put the truck's transmission in neutral (take it out of park and let it roll a little) not the transfer case. This will take the pressure off the drive line and may let it shift easier.
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    I just had my trailer Rhino Lined this week. Picked it up today. Looks good and tough. Truck had GM spray liner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exactly.. white is a perfect blank canvas for mods that doesn’t show the dirt and paint damage that black or other dark colors do. If you’re leaving at bone stock I guess I could see somebody thinking it could possibly be a work truck. I guess most of the guys on here just eliminate that from being an option by creating their own version. But come to think of it my truck is technically a work truck so maybe he is on to something lol Here’s a video my buddy did after the original build. Some other mods have been made since and I didn’t choose the music nor understand half of what they are saying but it’s a white “work truck”
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    ANYTHING with a GM label on it automatically fetches about 50% more.... LOL
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    When you put the truck into 4hi, the front wheels and the back wheels are locked together. So when you turn, especially a tight turn, the fronts and backs need to rotate at a different speed. This is why you are never supposed to use 4x4 on a dry surface. In 4auto the front and back are not locked, they are seperated by a clutch. This is why 4auto is ideal for patchy situations. It’s also why you don’t want to use 4auto in conditions that are 100% snow, because there is no need to work the clutches when you can just lock them together in 4hi.
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    I just saw this thread and really dig that you guys are interested in this as well! Because when I was building my truck most of my friends were like it’s a truck why the hell are you touching the engine bay nobody cares unless it’s a turbo or supercharger. Haha I know this is not as cool as the the aftermarket covers but I also wanted to add a little something under the hood so that I had just done a little something custom to every part of the truck. So a little sanding to remove the texture and then just painted to color match and powder coated a couple pieces when I did everything else for the truck. I think it gives the engine bay a little pop (If you’re tall enough to see it lol) The only change since this picture is I rerouted the overflow hoses underneath the intake instead of on top .
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    They don't share that secret with us. It may be the manufacturing tolerances, it may be the compound mix in the converter clutch that day...do not have an answer for why.
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    Its doable... PITA but doable... 6 inch channel locks help for those with large hands... and about 10 minutes.
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