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  1. Its awesome in my crew cab short box. A RCSB has to be a hoot with that 2.7HO. I'm sure its no F150 RCSB 5.0 10 speed, but still has to be fun.
  2. The BCM and the Body Relay Block (behind your left foot under the dash) share a common ground it appears, ground G203. G203 is located under the top of the instrument panel, near where the A pillar meets the firewall. The relay block also contains a ground bus. Check your ground, check the ground wires out of the BCM if possible as well. Pin B6 in connectors C2 and C3 at the BCM are the ground wires., black wire white stripe. Ground wire from the relay block is pin C5 connector C1 and is the same ground circuit that the BCM uses, both going to G203. If indeed the BCM is bad, my guess is the remanufacturer wants to see some sort of documented diagnosis from a repair shop to support replacing the BCM.
  3. Hmm. Well that spring is new. It is real too. Came out on refresh 22s actually. Looks like crew cab short box 4x4 but no idea if its with a specific engine or not. 2019-2023, Silverado Trim with 5.3L V8 (L84) Engine, LT Trim, 2WD, Crew Cab, Short Bed with 3.0L Turbo Diesel Engine and Z85 Suspension have a carbon composite lower spring and has been in use since these T1 trucks came out in 2019. Gives them a 24lbs weight reduction in the rear (12lbs per spring). They are a 3 leaf setup, not a mono spring, so yea, this mono spring is new.
  4. Dealer needs to take a look. Something is either unplugged or damaged from doing the evaporator. Could be a broken wire, the BCM might have a loose plug, if they took the doors off (which does have to be done on certain vehicles to get the dash out) they could have a bad connection at the door jambs as well. If they worked when you dropped it off and don't after picking it up, its on them.
  5. No circles in a lot, just drive it on an open road for a few miles so the antenna can pick up signal and do its thing. Otherwise, gotta scan for codes and see if there's something set prohibiting GPS signal.
  6. Factory integrated brake controller? Aftermarket controller? If its the factory one, it will set codes that you should have scanned.
  7. Likely the radio one for the intermittent static caused by a "software anomaly" as well as other fixes. After the update you should see this I would think: Go to Setting->About->Build Number to see this page
  8. Many of the quad folds like BakFlip have you run the hoses in that hole so yes, acceptable point.
  9. The one thing that comes to mind is lifter filling. GM has a known bulletin on this in where during a cold start these engines may have an intermittent knock/tick comming from the lifters. If the noise goes away within 5-7 minutes, there is no issue. See below:
  10. PF-2232 stays for 01-19. Its the 2020+up L5P with the PF-26 that the new interchange applies to. All 2023+forward trucks off the assembly line will have a PF-63 on them.
  11. That isn't listed as an issue it tackles, however, its possible the update may resolve such an issue.
  12. GM just dropped the E designation on it but its still the same filter as the PF-63E, 22psi.
  13. If the noise was there from the start, its normal. These oil pumps have made some different noises since they started using these dual stage ones in 2014. Also, stop changing your filter every other especially since you go 5-6K on the oil. Filters are cheap, engines are not. Guarantee its bypassing the filter which means contaminates are running through every oil passage and bearing since it won't be hitting the filter anymore.
  14. How often do you change the oil vs. the filter in terms of mileage?
  15. All the holes are there. Z71 gets you oil pan and transfer case. GM has a kit 84962765 which gets you the ZR2 style skids for the oil pan and transfer case (bigger than the Z71 plate). It works out cheaper by a bit vs. buying the regular Z71 spec ones and all the hardware as its all individual. Being you have a High Country you should already have the 2 speed transfer case, so the only other things you would be missing from Z71 is the Ranchos (big deal) and the Hill Descent Control (can't be added).
  16. These both sound like a restricted cooler or a pump issue. Dealer needs to try and flow test the trans cooler lines, and also check transmission pressure.
  17. Ah, but you can. At the dealer. The box likely came with a sheet that says "See GM Service Information for instructions" or something like that. Instructions for refresh illuminated sills: 2022 denali refresh illuminated sills.pdf
  18. Yes. Those reps look awesome with that machined face. I almost bought a set of those for when I had my K2 but went with the GM ZR2 Colorado style wheels they have in the T1 truck accessories catalog. Had an itch for gold accent lol.
  19. Why not an RV with a small car to tow as a town runabout since you plan on full time living?
  20. This is all going to depend on where you are getting your weather data from. The truck is probably more accurate than you think unless you've got a weather station at your house or are pulling local weather data from someone who has one running on weatherbug or weatherunderground, etc. If I look at weather.gov for example, they pull their temperature data from our local airport even if I search for my zipcode. There is a temperature discrepancy right there from the airport to where I live.
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