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  1. Normal. During the day the ambient light sensor adjusts the dash lights on its own. If its sunny the cluster goes full bright. If its cloudy it might dim it slightly. Those buttons will adjust only if the headlights are turned on so at night in AUTO or ON, and I "think" if you turn it "ON" during the day but there will still be some auto control of it during the day with the headlights on.
  2. Put 200lbs in the bed. Its a truck. Empty ride is never as soft as a ride with a load.
  3. OBD would be reading from live data from the ECM. This would be live and current data. The gauge is a just a representation with some leeway in it.
  4. Normal. GM has been transitioning to paperless manuals. 2023 MY and forward the only ones that are going to get paper books are for the base radio option cars. Owners manual will be accessed in the vehicle radio screen or the brand websites or the My Chevrolet/My GMC/My Buick/My Cadillac apps. The only ones they will provide as paper if requested by the customer is the warranty booklet.
  5. 35? 40? This is turning into Ford vs. Firestone here. 35-40 psi in a 7000-8000lbs truck is unsafe.
  6. 5.3 didn't get max trailer until 2014 new body came out. Previously 2010-2013 it was 6.2 only.
  7. Temperature fluctuates tire pressure. Every 10 degrees F plus or minus is 1psi plus or minus. Try 55psi cold on them and see what it does. Do it without moving the truck if possible so if you have an air pump at home do it then before you drive it and heat gets in the tires. As for re-setting the threshold, it can be done but good luck getting it done. Most dealers won't touch it for liabilities.
  8. 86820473 (left) $756 and 86820474 (right) $687.97 retail are the lamps. Right is on backorder. Both have a $50 core deposit as well. They come with the wiring harnesses no need to order those separately. The lighting control module is 13540274 $120.92 and is also on backorder. That's $1664.89 + tax for the parts. About 1.5hr total labor for the work. Not sure how much they dinged you for diag but I would assume the diag was baked into that quote?
  9. Are you talking about Burger Motorsports? The dyno chart clearly has the truck listed as a 2021 in which case the power represented would agree with the non HO. The torque curve is the giveaway in the chart that they used a non HO for the baseline. I don't buy that chart being tied to a 2022 HO if that's the claim they are making. I own an HO and have driven non HO. My butt dyno says there's no way at all that chart is from an HO baseline.
  10. Should be interesting to see what they change. We have a local construction company that has one or two of these, both are 4500s. They don't care for them. Seems to mostly be a matter of they've been using Ford F450-550 and now they bought two Ram 5500s. They much prefer the size of them.
  11. You will need door harnesses if they haven't been changed or modified, and then the "RZY" harness. Both are linked below from Boost: 2014 - 2019 GM Plug and Play Tow Mirror Wiring Harness – Boost Auto Parts RZY Harness for Plug and Play Tow Mirrors - Silverado & Sierra (2014 & – Boost Auto Parts
  12. TBH, I don't know much about this topic? However I just crash coursed 20 minutes about it. Consensus during that 20 minutes seems to point to if there is overcooling of the pistons that can then lead to, over time, the carboning and sticking of oil control rings. To me, that speaks that if you paw-paw drive around in a vehicle all day long that has these and its over cooling, that it can lead to stuck rings. Many of the oil consumption vehicles we see appear to be "babied" when driven. I've heard customers use the "it never goes past 2500rpm" as if that is somehow going to protect their engine from any sort of problems. Get out and WOT!
  13. Needs new door harnesses and depending on the build date of your 2015, the "RZY" harness. Boost Auto Parts makes modification kits for all 3 of those. Year? Make? Model?
  14. From the factory using factory wheels, the stock 4 piston brakes (see above picture) accept a 17 inch wheel as the smallest. The GM Big brake kit is a 6 piston kit and 20 inch wheel is the smallest. Older OEM wheels won't fit without spacers. See the above post from Seamus. Aftermarket wheels you have to keep an eye out on the offsets.
  15. Best place to find payload now is the tow label in the door jamb. That way you can see payload for an actual optioned truck. As far as the base payload for 2023 so no added options other than RST with 6.2 engine are as follows: Crew Cab Short Box 4x4 - 1980lbs Crew Cab Standard Box 4x4 - 1920lbs Double Cab Standard Box 4x4 - 1900lbs. So again, this is base no options so probably using an RST with 6.2 and only NHT added. The more content added to the truck, the lower this # will get. Bucket seats, sunroof, Bose, anything that adds weight.
  16. Yea VLOM backorder is pretty poo right now. Seen a few GM parts people in the parts department Facebook groups asking around for one and getting shot down.
  17. Alright 2.7 fanboys/fan gals. The kind folks and Chevrolet have blessed us with a new video on the 2.7 HO. The 1:27 mark offers up some much desired information. A torque chart! Which is in comparison to the 2.7 EcoBoost I might add. The engineer in the video, Kevin Luchansky also states that at 1500rpm the HO makes 350 torque, as evident by the chart above. So the HO still gets that 1500rpm nice hit but then doesn't stop. From 2000rpm to 3500rpm the HO provides 400 or more torque across that band. Seeing this chart finally solidifies the thoughts I've gathered over the almost 11,000 miles I've put on mine, in that it hits a high number quick, climbs beyond that and then eventually drops back off. Its all meat from 1500rpm and probably to 4000rpm just like the non HO but offers up that extra sauce in the middle.
  18. With the diesel there should be a second owners manual, the Diesel Supplement Manual. Oil weight can be either 15w40 or 5w40 if you have really cold winters. Shell Rotella is a popular choice, Amsoil, Chevron, Mobil Delvac, etc.
  19. The thing would be finding 4.10 gears. The axle is the 8.625" axle. 4.10 and pulled from a 5.3 would be 2007.5-2008. Those were the only two years the 4.10 gears were an option. If you got an 09-13 axle you'd have to re-gear it. You don't have JL4 Stabilitrak but you could still probably swap an axle with that option in if that's all you can find, just if there are any wheel speed senors on it cut the wiring off and leave the sensors in.
  20. If it has the digital steering assist, when tow/haul is turned on it changes the assist that the power steering assist module provides. If I were to guess as to why you notice this "bump" and then don't, in tow/haul at faster speeds it gives less assist than if tow/haul is off, so the steering feel is more true unassisted as if it was a regular truck without that digital assist. I bet the wheel "bumps" more noticeably because of the assist. Being yours is a Custom(?) I don't think it has the assist unless GM added it at some point, so I find it interesting that it changes for you. "The TOW/HAUL feature will change the amount of assist provided. The power steering system will still provide more assist at lower speeds and less assist at higher speeds with TOW/HAUL enabled. However, with TOW/HAUL enabled, the amount of assist provided at higher speeds will be less than what it provided with TOW/HAUL disabled. This is to account for the front axle mass being lower during towing."
  21. Likely normal. I recall this happening on my 04, 06 and 15 HD. Has to do with the fact that the brake assist is hydroboost. Its a little feedback through the system. Hydroboost assist is provided by the power steering pump so the two are fed off the same hydraulic system.
  22. I've used the Terrain Mode once to try it on my 2.7T with the single speed transfer case. Boy do the brakes grab that thing. It's as if you were two foot driving but the ABS is being used to clamp the brakes instead of your foot. You have to push the gas pedal pretty good to overcome the resistance. Anyone looking for a Silverado with the 2.7T and the two speed transfer case, the only way is to step to a Custom Trail Boss or LT Trail Boss. Those both have the 2 speed transfer case as standard equipment. At camp GMC, the 2.7T is with the single speed case only.
  23. Technically, the 1st gen can handle more to a point. The L3B is used in the Cadillac CT4-V model (not the Blackwing) and makes 325hp and 380tq. Factory tuning is set for 91 octane or higher. Whether they've gotten the reinforced block for the 2022-current model years, no idea.
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