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  1. That's mostly what it comes down to. Same reason CD players disappeared from vehicles. USBs, iPods, phones, streaming.
  2. Manual mode (or L as GM indicates it) is the only way to disable AFM/DFM without a defeat device/tune. You have to set it to L5 on 6 speeds, L7 on 8 speeds and L9 on 10 speeds, so lock out the highest gear. If you set it to L6/L8/L10 it will run AFM/DFM as if it was in Drive.
  3. 6L80s get expensive depending on what's damaged internally. Just priced one at work that had the typical pump failure and converter failure. Converter, pump parts, all valve bodies, 1-2-3-4/3-5-R clutch, all necessary parts it was more than a new GM reman was. Less labor for replacing as well so if its cost comparisoned rebuild vs. reman, the reman can beat the rebuild quite often. GM trans gets you a 3yr/100k warranty as well. Hard to beat that. The problem with the GM ones? 4-6 weeks backorder. No matter which route you go, make sure they put a new trans thermostat on p/n 86774933.
  4. AFM/DFM function at anything over 8mph, and in the case of DFM, from 700-2675rpm. So on a flat road doing 80mph, DFM could totally shut down a couple cylinders if the parameters are met. DFM can shut anything from 0 to up to 6 cylinders off, 17 different total operational schedules. 80mph could be achieved on 5 or 6 cylinders. AFM which was 4 cylinders only, at 80mph yea, probably wouldn't deactivate.
  5. The ECM p/n's for 2021 and 2022 LTD are the same, both the ECM for functioning DFM and the ECM for YK9 DFM disabled. No reason the Pulsar LT shouldn't work. 2022 refresh are all new ECM #s and they are on the VIP (Global B) electrical platform with all its new encryption bits.
  6. Could be faulty coil, plug or injector. Or. Could be that 87 you put in the tank that triggered the issue.
  7. 1 - 1999-2018 trucks, GM has listed 1000lbs tailgate capacity when evenly loaded/spread on the gate (no loading ramps as it doesn't spread the load evenly). No # has been published for the 2019+up trucks yet. 2 - Legally, no. Truck is rated for what its rated. 2021 GM re-certified the 2.7T using SAEJ2807 towing rules and increased its towing weight to 9000lbs. So legally, you'd have to trade for a 2021+newer 2.7T (or other engine). 3 - Mostly looks. Get new UCAs if you level. 4 - Not sure what you mean? There's loads of stuff out there for these trucks. Tonneaus, window visors, hood deflectors, wheels, mud flaps, steps, etc. If you are talking performance wise, cat back exhausts and intakes are available for the 2.7T, but the ECM is still locked up so no tuning. 5 - 2.7T likes to fail EVAP purge pumps for some reason. 8 speed can shift funny sometimes. Leaf springs may be noisy.
  8. LTD is the same as 2019-2021. All of the Chevy Performance and the GM/Borla exhaust are the same P/Ns, even for the 2022 refresh trucks. The refresh trucks is new front clips, new interior on LT and new vehicle electronics platform. Everything underneath is un-changed.
  9. Without a doubt, the two best colors GM added to the lineup on Silverado. Sweet trucks!
  10. Not a new body, but in my old body 2019 5.3 with AFM off, I lost no more than 1mpg going off my average mpg per tank.
  11. Yes, different tips for different engines. 84722771 shows as being for the 4.3 and 5.3 which are 2.75" exhaust. Won't fit a 2.7. 2.7 would use 84722774 (with the bowtie in it), 84722777 (without the bowtie) or 84521821 (black with bowtie).
  12. Yep, as Cam said, full mechanical DOD delete you need it tuned. If you are talking leaving the mechanicals alone and just turning off DOD, a shop can do it tune style where they go in and just turn off DOD, or you can use an OBD device like a Range. The only problem with the Range is, if NJ does an OBD emissions inspection, you will need to drive around for a week with the Range removed so the truck can run the readiness monitors, otherwise you won't pass. The tune the ECM method would make it so that didn't happen.
  13. Eh. Sound mostly, if there are any power gains, its almost always at an RPM you don't see on the daily at lik 5500-6000rpm. Butt dyno, I had zero difference in power or MPGs after adding my Corsa and the GM CAI to my 2019 old body. I have before and after dyno #s from when I had it tuned, those bits made near zero impact. Long tube headers with high flow cats and a tune? Yes, you'd see gains.
  14. Did they replace the VLOM? GM wants this replaced for a lifter failure. Did they inspect the camshaft for damage? Has one of the new lifters failed? Top of the piston OK, no holes? IMO, I'd take it back and have him tear it down again. Something is broke or wrong somewhere.
  15. Only if your truck were to somehow have a special policy/special coverage. This would have to be verified by a dealer and your VIN #. That said, looking through all the special coverages for 2017, there is no special coverages on the condenser. So GM will offer you $0 reimbursment.
  16. newdude


    E85. My truck is tuned with flex fuel added, 93 or E85 in my case. E85 is only 10 cents cheaper than 87, $4.59 vs $4.69. I'm in NY. I took a screenshot back when the pandemic hit, was like $45 bucks for 24 gallons of E85. That same amount cost me $102 the other day.
  17. Spare is correct. If you needed to use it, put the spare on the front because of the slight size difference. If you wanted, you could switch the tire to a 275/70R17 which would bring the diameter difference to 0.3" smaller.
  18. OE will be the best. 22853029 and 22853030. They retail for $340 each. You can probably find them for less.
  19. Would be a part of the fuel pump in the tank. That said, are you SURE that code is what you found? Because it's not in the GM service manual at all. Also, 5.3 this generation truck uses a fuel pump flow control module and those are notorious for failing.
  20. If its just another bad lifter, the engine isn't really "blown". That can be replaced. You have to look at it from a resale point of view, if you are trying to unload the truck. Its worth much more with a fixed engine than it is the way it is, rust aside. I'd toss a couple lifters in it, so long as the cam isn't bad, then if you want it gone, sell it. Also, greetings from the other side of the Genesee (Webster/Penfield area).
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