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  1. First oil change

    99.9% of the buying public didn't buy my truck and unlike the leasing or trade when the warranty is out public I drive them till they drop. My world isn't use and toss. My world is buy and maintain. What proof could be offered to prove early changes extend life if 99.9% of the buying public neither maintains nor holds on to them long enough to find out? Compared to most people I actually know I have bought about 1/3 the transportation and drive them 3 times longer in five decades plus of driving. It's proof enough for me. I change early, change often and buy the best I can afford. The periods of time when I have had less ability to buy better I change more often. Feel free to argue in print but life happens in reality.
  2. Nope, have two. 2009 Lacrosse with a rock solid 3800 Series III. 30 mpg at 70 mph. Best HVAC system GM ever made. Has less than 50K on the clock. 2014 Verano 2.4 with 14K logged. Still smells new. (wife's car). Both keepers. There are three more in the family. Dad has two, my sister and bother-in-law one. They have had several. Put 500K on them and trade for another. Would not give you a plugged nickel for any of their SUV's. It's a luxury car company trying real hard to become extinct. I might feel differently if they had produced something like a Suburban instead of Euro Clones.
  3. Did you remove the factory 192 F thermostat? The factory thermostat hasn't a minimum flow bypass so no matter how large the cooler the trans can't get cooler than it's set point. Improved racing has lower trigger stats. Also what davester said.
  4. School me on transmissions and "learning"

    Best explanation I've ever seen in print. Thank you HondaHawkGT! I can't reinforce consistency enough. It never stops learning. I have nearly 100K on my 6L80E and drive like a robot but every once in awhile some traffic situation arises that takes me out of machine mode and she will give a different but not unpleasant response than usual. Seems the longer I drive her the more forgiving of these things she gets. He speaks of the coast down to teach it to downshift. Tis my habit from the beginning to glide into a stop sign and it is very smoot at the stop. Wasn't when I got her and it did take several thousand miles to correct it. Previous guy only had it 1K miles. Now it has the very familiar feel of the Honda Grade Logic downshift of my Civics. Just a mild tug and only down hill and a bit of an uptick of the tachometer. Perfect execution. TC clutch releases on time and in sync. Just be patient and consistent.
  5. Top speed

    Perhaps he meant, Why on a public road?
  6. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Grammar isn't an assumption. It's the means that makes speech intelligible. Appling it isn't a grasp at anything. It's a firm hold on reason. Failure to apply it properly is indeed failing miserably. I failed at nothing.
  7. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Hum says "LAST USED" which indicates previous use thus 'routine', but granted, not interval. Routine is open ended sport. I RUN a catch can; while being present tense follows a paragraph which is CLEARLY meant to show results from that use. He added the comments about the cleaner and can as an after thought realizing his post was without reference. He gives detail about his cylinder by cylinder observations. That's where his focus was so the oversight is reasonable. THINK about EVER WORD not just the ones you like. The question was rhetorical. My eye sight and reason are in tact. Thank you for your unbias concern. Now could this be a troll just looking to deceive everyone? Sure! He put the can on yesterday, pulled the heads today and leads you to believe it is showing forever. Really? He might have even lied about the can and grabbed a photo from Google. He might be an English Major and good with words. Anything is possible these days. First we have, "IF you don't have a photo it didn't happen" and now we have "IF you have a photo it doesn't show what it shows". People say, "I'll believe it when I see it". I think in your case Mister, its gong to be: "I'll see it when I believe it"!
  8. Temps getting high while at idle

    Different radiator. Did you retain the fan shroud?
  9. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    This is with a catch can and routine CRC cleaning. Did I read that right? 80,000 miles....hum.....Isn't this exactly6 what it is to prevent?
  10. Nitrogen ???

    I will add that the TPMS needs a few miles to 'wake up' after each key cycle. Refresh rate. But yea, what he said.
  11. 1500 MPG highway

    By statistical averaging. A 36 tank average will give you your seasonal shift and a cumulative average your life time number. 12 tanks will cancel fill variations and supply a 'spot average' good for the season and location. Do this frequently enough and you can spot the pumps cheating you. My truck is roughly 8% optimistic at the DIC. I have nearly 100K miles of fuel records on this truck. I've done this sort of record keeping for millions of miles over decades of time and have the formal education in its use. So yes even hand calculation on a single tank or even six is going to be less than perfectly accurate the more inclusive the data set the more accurate it becomes. Long term averages if the truth is important to you.
  12. The factory fill is a Group III fluid but it is still a mineral oil. Any of the major transmission builders would tell you 180 F is that fluids practical sustained heat limit. I found it curious that GM installed the 192 F thermostat and removed mine after observations that ever while I don't tow my transmission fluid temperatures would reach over 225 F on a hot day at Interstate speeds. Maybe I had a faulty stat but chances like that I will not take. With mineral oil varnish forms at 220F and by 240 F it is no longer about the fluid...it's about the seals. They will start to harden. Neither of these things happens with one punch but it is the repeated trip to that zone the kills both the fluid and the seals. By 260 F the clutches will start to slip. Yes even first time. Maybe the Group III fluid will take a few more degrees, like 10 - 12 F or so, but no fluid will protect the seals and clutches beyond that 240 F point so taking action before that seems prudent, don't you think? As mentioned by dyier2 more frequent changes are in order and that will limit damage to the box from 'cooked' fluid but it will not do squat for the seals. I can't say that enough. His advise for an external cooler in addition to is sound as is the remainder of reply. He tows allot in a pretty tough place for it. He's done well with his. I changed mine at 50K with very light service and it had already begun to turn dark. It does have a 'limp' mode and that trigger is pretty high and I don't recall but maybe 1SLOW1500 will visit this thread and weight in. He has eyes inside the TCM (tuner). It's like the old idiot lights. Comes to the party after it's game over. There are some other things a guy can do to provide some insurance and to ease maintenance like a transmission pan with a bit more capacity (slows heat build up and aids in temperature recovery) and a drain plug (PML pans can do both) and using a better fluid like AMSOIL or Red Line D6. Neither is a mineral oil. They are PAO/Ester blends that have a practical sustained heat point just about the same as seal failure if the fluid fill is completely this group. Whatever you decide enjoy you truck, your trailer and the experience.
  13. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Rex and I did a 300 mile loop yesterday that included the Illinois side of the Mississippi Lock and Dam 13 complex and the back water slough that creates. Now there's some fish' n! We saw a rather rare white Pelican in a graceful soar over the river. One of the few really pretty days we've had recently. Low to mid 80's and 40% humidity. Light winds of about 5 mph mainly from the west south west. A real windows down trolling the Illinois River Roads sort of day. The day included the Mississippi, Kishwaukee, the Rock and the Illinois River watersheds and their tributaries. Traveling Ill 72 west about 50 mph we cut across the Rock and Kish 90 miles to the upper Mississippi and ambled down Ill 84. Pretty drive. Stopped in Cordova home of the World Series of Drag Racing. One of the track I use to race at in my youth finally intersecting I-80 we took that east to US Rt 6. Once a main artery of the US highway system it is now littered with the dead and dying towns IKE's Interstate system left behind in history. Their well kept appearance a testament to those that live in those towns. Headed south along Ill 26 at Princeton to I-180 following the Hennepin Canal Parkway to Illinois River Road Ill 71 east to nearly Oglesby were I-39 took us north stopping for gas before crossing back over the Illinois river. That segment netted a nice 31.6 mpg and now with a wind shift to a more southerly origin we floated on that 5 mph breeze home, roughly 80 miles at nearly 33 mpg with air now on at 55 mph. 173 water, 195 oil and 155 transmission. Purrrrrrrrrrfect. The winters slump is fully in the rearview mirror now never dropping below her lifetime average. The 36 point moving average early in the year now standing at last years late season peak which was boosted by a crazy good September run in 2018. What was last years anomaly has become a pretty much turnkey event this summer. The error bars on this chart stand at two standard deviations. This entire summer is running north of the one sigma mark signaling a major centerline shift upward. It will take a long time to reflect that in her life time average in consideration of the nearly 100,000 miles of history. Big service coming up at the next interval. Time to start making that list, eh?
  14. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    I had been looking for a new truck for nearly two years and I was not looking for the right truck as much as I was looking for the right deal. I’d never owned a truck and I’ve had brand loyalty pistol whipped out of me. You see, at 62 I’ve finally become aware that you don’t know what you don’t know and what you don’t’ know can and will hurt you; right in the wallet. Maybe it’s my age but I think trucks have two doors and are two wheel drive; have manual transmissions and AM pushbutton radios. I get a lather on when I see finely restored 30’s or 40’s prewar half tons that are so vanilla it says Borden’s in the door sill. Studebakers and Internationals are some favorites although I love a good mid 30’s Chevy or Ford. Point is, I like durable and I like reliable and easy to work on and with which in my thinking means keep it simple and keep it up. That said time has softened my base needs to include air conditioning and cruise control. Roll up windows are fine. I don’t need a theater grade sound system. I have some hearing loss from that in the house. No need for in dash navigation. I like maps and a compass. Too old and too broke to start a restoration I decided I’d buy as close to new as possible and do my best to keep it from falling apart or rusting out before the payment book coupons were all used up. Besides, have you seen the “ask” for anything worth restoring? More than I paid for this one. Yikes! I was exploring options from GM, Ford and Dodge and shy as a Coydog when I ran across this 2015 Silverado WT1 Regular cab short bed. I know, the build sheet calls the six foot six a “standard” bed and the eight footer a long bed. It’s part of the experience of aging. Those younger than us at some point decided to redefine “words” for us without our permission but that’s small potatoes. The general lack of overall caring about what one builds is quite another and not so small a deal. Not sure when it happened but at one time engineers built to improve the product. Now it’s the profit margin and the marketing gurus have made an art out of selling the illusion of quality instead of delivering it. You hear the spin on why a factory steel wheel MSRP is twice that of many good aftermarket alloy rims? $245! Really? Maybe someday we will return to pricing “worth” instead of what we think we can “steal”. So…what that means is…this trucks “build” isn’t going to be centered around “speeding money I don’t have to impress people I don’t know and maybe wouldn’t like anyway” on eye candy they value but who have no vested interest in the end product. Rather it will be to improve safety, reliability, longevity, economy, utility, and if anything is left over…then maybe some old school tastefully done curb appeal. Lord knows there isn’t much to work with. The previous owner of this very clean (and cheap) 4.3 liter flex fuel V6 six speed automatic Borden’s truck has done me the honor of taking very nice care of it for the year he owned it and the 1300 miles he drove it. The Lund soft roll up is nice and a choice I would have made. He added the Go-Rhino stainless step bars to ease entry and egress for his 80 year plus frame and a Bed-Rug bed mat. We will take it from there then. ​Thanks for dropping in. Marty P.S. Yes. I enjoy editorializing (writing). Don't take it personal. Just me being me.
  15. Seafoam

    Personal observations. Seafoam is great for removing soft soot, gum and varnish. Good at extending fuel life as well. I use it like dyier2, in the tank at concentration every 5,000 miles. But for removing hard carbon...yea...that takes more aggressive measures than Seafoam. IMHO of course.
  16. The Peckish Synapse

    The Peckish Synapse The truth is a hard thing to find and why, I suppose, it intrigues me. Often confused with facts. Considered opinion by some. Rarely defended and often criticized. But truth, it has power. I find truth in three areas fairly easy to find; God, math and physics. That is if you go to the source and not the person manipulating them. As the last two are the result of the first….I find ‘it’ reliable. Who can question God? Isaac Newton is sitting under a tree one day and an apple falls to the ground. He ponders this event and today we see the result of the meditation as the three laws of motion. Does that mean Newton invented Motion Law? No. It had always existed. Isaac was just the first to understand it well enough to explain it. How? Was God ignorant of that law? Hardly. He created it. So the source is faithful. Albert Einstein is contemplating a train and the perspectives of various observers. That meditation produced several Theories of Relativity. Theories solid enough to be used to send men to the moon. How? Galilei Galileo drops two dissimilar balls off a famous leaning tower. Gravity calculations results from his meditation. Did he invent gravity? We still use those equations. Your ECU/PCM can’t operate without them. How? The thing that connects God’s physical laws to the study of Physics is Math. That is how! That is in explaining the workings of the natural world. Data is our friend. But only if you understand its significance and, and it’s a big AND, you don’t bend the math to suit your will. Back to Galileo and scientific method. This the case the first thing people who hate the truth attack is the math. More precisely the measurement. Then the method and then….they just don’t want an answer. Well I do and am quite content not to use the abstract to muddy the definite to irrelevance. That said I’m not oblivious to it either. What does that mean? Means I’m not going to apply a rule of measurement intended for measurements in the field of quantum mechanics to cast a doubt about the accuracy of a GPS measured mile in calibrating my odometer. But I also see the need for a large enough sample size to relegate any unintended error in measurement to a decimal so small that it matters not. All I’m looking for is a ‘process capable’ value that can be used to compare one apple to another. Data will tell the story, not the story teller.
  17. The Peckish Synapse

    A book, The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant: The Lives and Opinions of the World’s Greatest Philosophers. Durant’s astute summation on Aristotle. Quoting a phrase from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics which reads; “these virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions”, Durant’s offers in summation, “…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.”Oddly Aristotle gets credit for something said millenniums after his death, eh? I smile when I read this and lingered on the phrase, “is not an act”. Why did that bring a smile to my face? Because a single act is exactly what the majority of humanity calls ‘proof’ of anything. Then this is extrapolated into something like, “I’m not speeding $100 dollars on an alignment to get $20 more use out of my tires. How often I wondered about the people that show photographs of their DIC’s with some really great mpg numbers over very small distances and their ability to give the impression that this snapshot is a fair representation of the landscape of their driving habits. Even more so when willing to go to blows is vain attempts to fain proof in support of such an obvious deceit. That be as it may it isn’t the intent of this post to nail liars to stakes. It is, in fact, directed at the misconception itself and to offer the truth. A single act cannot offer proof thus knowledge to anything that requires a habit to establish. Guy gets called up from AAA and at his first at bat hits a Grand Slam. Good at bat! If he never bats again his record could read: Batting average 1,000. Hit a Grand Slam at every at bat. While true it is useless in establishing what sort of player, hitter he was. Just a quirk in the ripple of time. WIKI reports on the MLB rule for Batting Title: Under current rules, a player must have 3.1 plate appearances (PA) per team game (for a total of 502 over the current 162-game season) to qualify for the batting title. His habit is the rule of excellence not a single at bat. Seems everyone but forum people know this. When a fella says he won’t align his truck to save near worn out tires he isn’t commenting on his frugality and insight. That alignment has a profound effect on the next set as well does it not? What he is commenting on is his nature of habit. He sees the movie of his life in single frames divorced one from the other. Long life for a vehicle or good fuel efficiency isn’t the result of a single act but the sum of the owners habits over the life of that truck. In fact the habits required to affect excellence at anything both precede and exceed the object. Improvement is an ongoing process that is never complete.
  18. Five year recall and that wasn't enough time to engineer a proper solution? Problem just started yesterday? Hint: the fire possibility issue is a tattle tail, not the real problem. FIX the REAL problem.
  19. G80 is a mechanical locker not a clutched limited slip so LSA additive not required.
  20. Might help if they were actually wagons instead of hatchback wolves in sheep's clothing.
  21. Anyone sit in the seats of a current Lincoln Continental? NAV and Audio like an executive jet and yes a heated wheel. Odd they missed this comparison. Oh....and it's still a CAR. I'm still drawn the Buck but not SUV's and while the wagon does have some appeal to me the PLASTIC FENDER LIPS look more 'tinker toy' than Bugatti. One step forward, one step back.
  22. Recycle? Fan %? Length of time you expect it to turn you into ice-cream? Have you dropped a thermometer in the vent yet and measured the air temperature? Might be instructive to see how reality (actual vent temperature) and your expectations line up, eh? Take note of 1SLOW1500's comment of fan speed vs vent temp. His guy is on the money.
  23. Air conditioner too weak?

    Or you can open the windows for two minutes with the recirculation on, fan 50% and do the same thing.
  24. In Huston yesterday? Recycle closed? Windows solar tinted? You mean lowest percentage of cooling or lowest cooling setting? This a four door pickup? (large cabin). Deck stacked against you? Close the air recirculation and drop the fan speed to 50% with the AC set to the coldest setting. Open the windows a few minutes to rid the cabin of the 'hot soak'. Give it a chance.

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