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  1. Until I get that fuel problem under control my only workable defense is very short OCI's. Solution to pollution is dilution. At 1,735 miles this OCI and it looks really REALLY good diyer2 would still be running it Still I'll test on the next OCI.
  2. EVAP System Complete 5/26/2022 I suspect my vacuum pump is leaking. So retested the purge valve with a bubbler....no leak. Well that wasn't fun You're taking the canister out, want to or not. Thing is built like Leggo toys and the purge valve is between the canister and truck floor. No real way to "test the vent valve' seal individually, you can only cycle it hearing it click so that got replaced as well. Broke the harness lock in the process. Valve, filter and canister in that order daisy chained together. Filter was not restricted. Canister was not plugged and had zero gasoline in it. Didn't even have a smell while doing a purge air regeneration. That got reused as did all the hoses. Other than MAYBE the gas cap, this was a waste of time and money.
  3. You may have noticed I did not state an oil nor an oil change interval? A motor does not run on opinions and you are right as rain. There are as many as there are operators. Wicked number and most can say as you. "Never had a mechanical failure on my motor". I'm sure you meant oil related mechanical failure I've had two and both the result of an OCI that was to long for the state of motor tune for the selected oil. I sold the first to a guy who was aware of what he was buying. The second has made a recovery from stuck rings and now is on a much shorter OCI.
  4. EVAP System 5/25/2022 171,650 miles 1,650 this OCI . No adds, color is good. Really good. Removed the purge valve and tested it. Small and I mean really small leak so replaced it. Took 15 minutes to loose seal. No, no codes tripped but it started randomly blowing back on fill up. Replaced gas cap as well as it was no longer snug when closed. As weather allows will be testing the canister, purge valve and changing the purge filter. (Ramps and rain)
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    My 500 Enfield gets 92 mpg and the Sporty 60 mpg and Glide 50 mpg. Wife's Vespa near 100 mpg. It's how I got through the embargo during the 70's. But currently just cutting back on the driving is working. I don't need to drive 30K miles a year. I just like to.
  6. For the most part oil has but a few functions. 1.) Keep one part from rubbing on another part. 2.) Reduce friction. 3.) Cool. Point #1 is covered by viscosity and all oils have viscosity. Use the correct one for the build and conditions. Point #2 is covered if point one is covered....pretty much. Point #3 follows point #2.....pretty much. Petty much means? Yes there are some small mole hill like differences that marketing makes mountain like in appearance. If you have enough knowledge and experience you can leverage some of these differences into tangible advantages. Most do not. Fact is most don't even care. But there will never be a shortage of debate on the topic. Mostly ignorant debates.
  7. No sir. Just didn't see it. So what oil for the 6.2 is the question? How about something thick enough, slick enough and clean enough. When it isn't one of those three...change it. Not picking on you but questions such as this don't provide enough information to give a detailed answer. Much like the OEM I have no idea what or how this unit will be used or under what circumstance. The suggestions in your manual make some assumptions about those things that may or may not be true. Given that, they are close most of the time about most things but the length of the oil change interval. That is spectacularly unique to each unit and each operator in each region of the world. The OEM suggestion is one that gets them past their responsibility to the warranty. Period. That OCI has more to do with unit life than the brand by multiples of life, and brand has influence on that. Might as well ask, If I throw this rock will I hit that barn? I'd don't know. How far is the barn. How hard do you throw and how big is the rock? Oh! What is the best rock for hitting that barn? There ya go. Same questions would need to be answered, eh?
  8. Thick, Slick and Clean! That's the shortest phrase I can think of to describe what oil needs to be. And when should one change it? When it's not. I've had a total rethink on OCI's length. Manufacture recommendations. Industry standards. AAA guidelines. What "Dad use to do". What's worked for me for _________years. Guided by UOA. It's not just a matter of the shear volume of garbage "science" and marketing misinformation. It's also a total lack of agreement between labs. It's about the same as when THEY said that those that were fully vaccinated could enter Walmart without a mask and you knowing that less than half of your county was vaccinated, observing EVERYONE in the store but you was without a mask. Now what do you do? For me....I treat them ALL as liars. Unfair? Perhaps. But it is safe(r). The Truth does not have an agenda. Facts used to promote an agenda do. Ever hear of Entropy? After you watch this video I want you to take note that in the first example he works with there is an 8% probability that 2 units of mass at room temperature could heat up on it's own. That friends is a FACT and yet is never EVER does. Why? Because there is never that few a number of units in anyplace outside the world of theory. That's the TRUTH. Yet because that FACT exist at all, the argument can be made that it IS probable and someone will try to monetize it and attempt to convince you it is not just a fact but the truth. Do you need protection from something that has a .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000003% chance of happening?
  9. Knocking Heads Neighbor walks into the garage where I'm on the floor rubbing a warped head from my mower on my concrete floor and laughs. "Shouldn't you take it to the shop and have it milled", he squeezes out between waves of laughter grabbing a beer from my fridge. Oh he's going to be here awhile. Good! "Why"? I reply flatly continuing to work away checking my work as I go. "So the thing will seal", he rebuffs taking a long draw. "Or just buy a new one". I've moved on to a sheet of fine paper between head and floor now that the blue is gone not looking up. He's enjoying this. Good! "Well", he inquires, "Didn't you hear me". "Yep", grabbing a rattle can of aluminum paint and spraying a nice coat on the gasket. In a few minutes I have the head bolted back on, plug in, motor primed and in one pull she fires right up. Leak free I might add. GOOD! During the 60's horsepower wars there was 'new tech' almost monthly. Enough of it to keep multiple magazines in black ink for the decade and with each new slice of tech came the growing idea that only the latest, greatest, most precise technology was even worth your while. This sold allot of parts and services and in time the old was forgotten. Thing is, something new does not make the old useless or even obsolete. Doesn't even make it less desirable. It makes it.......uncomfortable. That is if what someone else things of you matters to you. Does it? Why? It worked and it still works. Granted there is always new technology that makes a desirable difference. Cylinder prep comes to mind. Yes the old way still works but the new adds measurable improvements even to a daily driver. In the opening example on hand lapping vs machining it made zero difference. Sealed is sealed period. There are also cases where a more precise method gives more information but does not alter the end result or become more useful in a practical sense. Once upon a time a lifetime ago I spent some time as a Maintenance Manager in a small factory whose maintenance budget was out of control and I was hired to end that. The guys knew their jobs. So I started with parts vendors and having dropped that tree moved on to tech sales. There is always a new kid in town with a latest and greatest tech your company can not do without out and this outfit was buying it all. These guys come in all flavors but the one that suits this post are the guys that are selling the idea that everything that is not their thing is wrong. The entire world is WRONG and they are there to make your world RIGHT. Yea, I don't need that head to be flat to one millionth of a light band, that is, optically quarts joy block flat. I need that head to seal and stay sealed in use. Laugh and ridicule all you like.....
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    How did that happen?
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    Ah come on explain it. Makes a better joke.
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    Learned to drive in the 60's and worked in a filling station at the time. Saw gas as low as 19 cents a gallon for brief periods during the "gas wars' of the time. Also saw $5 gas in the early 70's in places like the middle of the Nevada desert. Gouge and greed isn't new. When I graduated I could have filled my current trucks tank for $7, $32 and change in 2015 dollars. As of this minute at the local average this fill is now $98 in current dollars and it look like headed for $120 a tank by summer end. June 14, 2020 I was paying $1.96/gallon or $39 a tank. (12 tank average price local). So gas has TRIPLED since mid summer 2020 just two years ago. This isn't supply an demand. This isn't about Poly-Ticks. This isn't about a war in Europe. This is about human GREED. https://www.titlemax.com/discovery-center/planes-trains-and-automobiles/average-gas-prices-through-history/ My pat answer to this in decades past has been to stop buying gas by the amount greed dictates. That would mean currently cutting my driving by 66%. Looks like thy got me this time.
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    Ah come on boys. Where is that "It's a truck, who cares!" attitude? Ya all will be driving like me before it's over.
  14. Petty high bar there Roger Drake Equation indeed. On gasoline the motor is pulling timing on hills, into stiff headwinds and when it is really hot which reduces fuel economy below what would otherwise be optimal. And no running 93 octane did not remove it all. Curious indeed. Here is that chart you were referring to. One I constructed from the oxidation of gasoline with various percentages of grain alcohol. 30% when mentioned in writings is a 'round figure' estimate. In Peppers case E-50 would result in a 17% loss. Three tank average on E-50 was 26.4 mpg. 26.4 is 83% of 31.8 mpg. While she has done this in the past during the summer three years ago is was also with 0W20 in her belly during a hot and windless 5 month period. More recently, last summer she hit a high of 29.6 mpg for a 12 tank moving average (10W30). That would be equal to a 10.8% loss. Call it 11% so there is a 6% discrepancy. I attribute all of that gain to the octane allowing full advance no matter the ambient conditions. Maybe a small part to a more accurate factory alcohol fuel/timing table?? I expect it can be even better on less viscous oil. Perhaps after the Restore Cleaning is done we can investigate that. Not Drake but my best educated guess.
  15. No idea. They are a noisy motor even when they are running well. IMHO of course.
  16. Grumpy Bear


    Pepper is flex fuel and I've been blending to E-50. It only saves me 1 cent a mile so my results say over 800 ish miles. But, all trace of knock r e t a r d is gone as long as I stay over 45% alky. Tested on 5% grades in low speed running on hot days. 90 F. Not pulling timing has resulted in a smaller drop than the blend would otherwise deliver.
  17. Shopping, E-50 and Transmission Update 5/19/2022 Shopping Full day. Supplies trip to Hoerr Racing in Peoria Illinois. About a 360 mile day and Dan has $358 more of my money. Fuel for the day was wash for shipping cost almost to the penny and Rex and I had a really nice day. Few cases of Red Line and some tools. Transmission update Got up early knowing as the day wore on the winds would pick up out of the south and right on cue as we started the return trip they did. We ran a 7 mph head wind going to and 15 mph tailwind coming home. Love it when that happens. About 200 miles of this loop run north and south the remainder east and west through the Illinois River basin. 5% grades up and down. Day started 53 F and ending just under 90 F. So I got to see allot of data, took allot of snaps and updated the charts. Bottom line is, further radiator cleaning netted good results shown in the graph below. It tired to regulate quite well until it ran out of cooling. Staying under 160 F and recovery was very impressive....until it ran out of cooling. But FINALLY no worse than running without the TVB. There is a 3 degree delta between a head wind and a tail wind. About the same between even ground and 5% grades. Hot soak it and it will get over 170 F and resist coming down until you get into clean air again. Then she cools right back down. Does not like slogging along under 50 mph or following truck traffic. Hoerr Racing hadn't the cooler I was hoping for. Infinite backorder. I can't get better control without one. Fuel. Getting this blend thing down and the instruments calibrated. Targeting E-50 and within 1% of the 49% target three tanks running. Now logged 806 miles using 30.536 gallons for 26.40 MPG RESULT. EPA labeling says 24 MPG Highway on gasoline. Getting 8% better than EPA numbers on E-50. Cost per mile is only about a cent lower than gasoline and volatile. About 14 cents a mile but fuel is for the moment 40 cents a gallon cheaper. Just uses more of it. That is upside down at any other station within 100 miles of me. This may not be sustainable with a savings BUT I'll stick with it anyway for the cleaner burn and full advance. ZERO Knock induced r e t a r d. ZERO
  18. Just before lock down I chomped down on a bone and did the same thing. Bottom left second from back. split front to back. I did the crown. So far, so good. Crown holding it together. Both parents had bad teeth. I've got a mouth full of metal. That was my first crown. 4 grand if I remember right. Hurt for months. I feel your pain.
  19. 155,000 Mile Services 5/18/2022 Pepper (Unit 391) 2015 Silverado 2WD - 262 V6 6 Speed - 3.23 Open 154,953 actual miles 5,096 miles this OCI 3,673.2 Engine hours. 224 days since last oil change. 8 ounces makeup oil. First ever add. 6 Quarts Valvoline Premium Blue Restore 10W30 1 Purolator PLB22500 filter
  20. A Second Lifetime 155,000 Mile Services 5/18/2022 154,953 actual miles 5,096 miles this OCI 3,673.2 engine hours 41.18 mph. 224 days since last oil change! 32 weeks! 7.36 months! 61.5% of a year. That was a long nap. 8 ounces makeup oil. First ever add. 6 Quarts Valvoline Premium Blue Restore 10W30 Purolator PLB22500 filter Clean on the outside and now cleaning the inside Dizzy was never going to use this stuff anyway. Detroit believes the lifetime of a vehicle to be 150K miles. Pepper made that standing on her head. Total non routine maintenance: Pinion Seal -Weeping-Replaced Plastic Starter Cover-Warped making noise-Replaced. Puncture repair-nail in tire-Plugged and Booted.
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