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  2. sorry to say I'm not a 3.0 anymore, I went to 6.6. My 3.0 was not liking my camper and I went with the safe towing option.
  3. Grover67


    All I've used so far, no issues yet -Grover67
  4. Hey first time diesel owner here with a 2020 gmc slt. I was wondering if there is anyway to make the turbo louder or if that is even possible on the 3.0l?
  5. Dave45


    I'm new to the diesel world. wondering if any one has had problems with the Walmart supertech DEF? I've read more good than bad but don't want to walk home!
  6. Guys these trucks run really warm under certain conditions. The cooling system is no a conventional system we are all used to. With the Active cooling system. These trucks normally do run 210+ Max Ive seen is 226. Why run it that hot you ask. only time I have seen it that warm is to increase the oil temps to the 230-240 range. As other's have noted the truck tends to by the gauge run cooler when towing. Yes they do. Lowest I've seen is 189f. But this time to lower high engine oil temps(268F). If you do monitor coolant/oil temps with an App or gauge assembly. Its rather neat to watch.
  7. Mine did the same thing one time after climbing a hill on the interstate. Then it went back down to slightly above 210 and hasn’t done it since.
  8. If you’re using the ac it won’t shut off I believe.
  9. I took my truck in about 3 weeks ago to get the exhaust sensor replaced, and a couple of other issues. Since I got the truck back, I can't remember the truck shutting off. It used to do it at a couple of redlights on the way to work or when sitting in the drive thru. Don't know if I need to take the truck back or just let it go.
  10. Picked this up end of May, have 3,400 miles on it now. Had check engine light come on around 800 miles and it was for the DEF issue and had recall done around 2,700 miles for the update. Upper 20's for mpg. Towes great.
  11. Auto Vent Shade #322168 in smoke, paid $47 off e-bay.
  12. Didn't notice any loss in mpg, but with the mod you can turn it back on, the default setting is off.
  13. I've been thinking of doing this mod too, did you notice any appreciable drop in MPG around town?
  14. Good looking truck! which bug deflector is that? I've been meaning to research and get one myself...
  15. Hey all! 2020 LTZ Crew Cab Standard bed. Ordered in April, just got her two weeks ago, July 24th. I love this truck! I ordered pretty much every option available for the LTZ and opted for the 3.0L for several reasons; - durability: diesel engines by design are known for the simplicity and longevity of the engine - range: I make alot of trips from coastal Virginia to the mountains of West Virginia and up to New England, can't beat the mpg and range of the 3.0L with the 10 spd. - economy: Diesel is currently $2.05 while premium 93 that the high performance turbo gas engines need for top performance is $2.25 by me, and even then I'm still getting better mileage - I'm a professional mariner and licensed to operate and repair massive diesel engines, with pistons and cylinders literally as big as the truck is long, might as well have one in my daily driver - I will occasionally use it to pull a boat, Jeep, or horse trailer, but probably tow less than once a month. My towing will be all long haul highway towing. I knew I wanted a diesel for my next engine, when Ram came out with their eco-diesel I was underwhelmed during several different test drives. Ford delayed releasing theirs, so I traded in my 2010 F150 for my LTZ.
  16. Just joined , hoping to join you with a 3.0 in next 90 days or so. Im thinking RST trim. Is the Z71 package include lift or is that all the Z71 is? Hope to join soon,looking to see if some better deals upcoming this fall.
  17. I have not had the opportunity to tow with it yet but so far yes. I have owned several 5.3's and have driven a 6.6 Duramax for work. The 5.3's are great engines but even the latest generation feels a little sluggish pulling off the line unless you really mash on the gas. The 3.0 you can really tell the difference. I thought there might be some issues when passing but have been well pleased.
  18. I've wanted a truck for past six years. Still own my 09 Yukon Denali 180k miles and still going strong. But the interior is wearing badly so had been looking at 2500s but really didn't need to tow at the moment so dove in to 1500. Loved the TB but really wanted a diesel because the 6.2L on my Yukon can't do better than 14 mpg. So during covid I was having a hard time looking for an AT4 and after watching lots of YouTube I realized that Silverado RST was for me. I'm afraid of all the bugs I might run into since this is a Gen1 engine but love the torque and off-the-line launch. Just ordered the GM 2" "trail boss" lift and going to get that installed so essentially I get a TB w Diesel! Will post before/after.....
  19. I went from 2018 6.2 L to the "Baby Duramax" and I'm impressed at the power the 3.0 will dish out when asked. Not to mention the mpg. Wind is an issue though. Heading into it, mpg drops to around 22 at 70 mph. With a tail wind, I get close to 30. Still, not bad for a truck. Not missing the 6.2 at all. (Except, the sound. I just loved that sound with a Borla Sport exhaust swap.)
  20. I own a 7000lb RV and tow 2-4 snowmobiles all winter long (3000lbs max). Ive owned LLY, 2 LBZ, and multiple Ram Hemis. My commuter car for years was a jetta TDI with a chip. Loved that car. Ive wanted a 1/2 ton diesel for as long as I can remember. The 2500 were overkill for my needs and never got good mileage. They rode rough and never fit anywhere easily. So I wanted a hybrid of a 3/4 ton truck and my jetta TDI forever. The ecodiesel came out and was a great first step. GM had the small diesel in the colorado, but couple of my friends got it and had all sorts of issues with it, they traded in for the V6 gas version. Enter the 3.0. Inline 6. And everything else I wanted forever. I jumped on it for 2020 after waiting 1/2 year to see of anything really bad came up. So far its filling that dream ive had forever.
  21. Any issues with the truck so far? Are you satisfied with the power?
  22. I had this happen once about 2-300 miles ago. Was moving a bed and saw the temp creep up close to the 230 mark. Then after a mile or so, it went back down to it's normal just a tick over 210. I have been watching the gauge to see if it would do it again but so far so good.
  23. I have been wanting a diesel for years. Since I only occasionally tow a motorcycle trailer with 2 Harley's it was a hard to justify a 2500. When the 3.0 finally came out in the 1500's I went and test drove one and really liked it. More power than my previous 5.3's and better MPG's. I went truck hunting and had found a Chevy RST with a 3.0. Before I pulled the trigger, I went to a couple of other dealerships to see what I could get. I settled on a GMC SLT with the premium 2 package. It had everything that I wanted. 3.0, 4wd, heated/cooled seats, nav, and front and rear parking sensors and factory running boards. I have put about 1600 miles on the truck so far and like the truck better each day. Back and forth to work I average about 21 MPG, on the highway is a little over 30. I know it won't last but in my area, diesel is .30 to .40 cents cheaper than regular gas.
  24. My truck does the exact same thing. Usually stays above 210. 2020 3.0 RST.
  25. Yes I have this happen, it is usually when I first get on the highway and it will shoot up to that temp for about a minute then back down to 210

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