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  1. I just had to disconnect bluetooth and apple carplay from my truck and phone. I was having similar issues and had apple cay play music from front speakers only. The reason was due to updating my phone. As simple as it seems apparently you're suppose to remove your device and reconnect after updates to the truck or phone.
  2. My truck does the exact same thing. Usually stays above 210. 2020 3.0 RST.
  3. I had an awful experience with my previous vehicle. 2018 GMC SLT 5.3 6 Speed. I purchased it CPO and had all of the transmission issues which everyone here experienced. Many times having to pull over on the side of the Interstate and restart the truck so it would go past 2nd gear. After all most being rear ended by another vehicle with my wife in the car I traded it in for a loss of 4k. 2020 RST 3.0, so far this truck has a superior transmission (10 speed) and engine combination. I love GM so I hope to avoid further issues and went new so if it does happen I can file lemon law. Due to buying the GMC CPO I could not file for lemon law. BE WARNED.
  4. I got front end ppf and full ceramic coat for $1,475. 2020 RST 3.0 Black
  5. I have noticed the past two days that my water temp sits slightly higher than 210F as well as my battery level not reaching 14 volts. Is this normal? See image for reference. I could just be hypersentive from my 2018 SLT leaving me stranded a few times. 2020 3.0L Silverado RST.
  6. I purchased a 2020 RST 3.0 about a month ago. So far I love the truck, as my 2018 GMC SLT transmission went out. The 10 speed has been more enjoyable than the six speed. 1,300mi on the truck. NOTE: Truck did leave my wife and I stranded on I-75 due to turbo. Apparently a clamp was never " Installed " from the factory. That was at 400 miles on the clock. * No issues sense then.
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