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  1. Get the refreshed truck, you'll be glad you did.
  2. Finally managed to get photos of my 22 Sierra SLT today when I stopped by my dads house. I bought this as a temporary truck until my AT4 is finally built. Mods: Painted mirror caps painted wheels arches 22" trail boss replica wheels w/chrome centers and lugs Extang Trifecta tonneau Various badges removed
  3. Thanks mafd2, I ended up ordered the same wheel in black last night. I even got them from the same seller, bare wheel only. What lugs did you go with (link preferred)? Confused a bit on the length/depth of the ones I need.
  4. Thanks for the wheel info, can you send me a link to where you bought the wheels from and P/N? Several people make them, need to make sure I get ones that'll clear the calipers.
  5. Are those factory 22" wheels or replicas? I ask with not knowing for sure if they even offer a factory 22" version of that wheel. If replicas, do you know the backspacing, maker, tire size, etc? I've had such a hard time even finding anyone with a 19+ truck with these it's incredible. Good looking Chebby
  6. That's one of the best looking AT4's I've seen. Clean and sleek. What do you think you have invested in the aftermarket stuff (wheels, tires, lift, flares+paint, ?)?
  7. About to get a refreshed 22 Sierra SLT with factory 20's. I want to change the wheels with the trail boss replica's in 22x9 which is the same size of wheel of the factory option wheels. I want to make certain I get the correct offset but can't really find any solid info ensuring I get something that matches stock, which is all I want. I've been to customwheeloffset.com and after plugging in the make/model and 22x9 wheel size, the wheels it offers have offsets all over the place. These are the wheels I'm looking at https://www.ebay.com/itm/165041940935 I would have posted in the wheels/tires forum but it appears dead.
  8. Can anyone confirm these are in fact the correct part numbers? All the parts sites have a very generic description and even more generic photos.
  9. I had both a 2012 and 2013 Silverado. My 2012 was just fine but when I got the 2013 it was like sitting on concrete. The only difference in them? The 2013 had 'cooled' seats. I always suspected they had to make them like that to keep the micro vents in the seats from collapsing under the weight of the driver. My 18 Denali was the same way. Now that all the leather trimmed season are 'ventilated' I still suspect that's the case. I haven't really sat in cloth seats to get a good comparison.
  10. Good catch, the 'custom' is basically a W/T prettied up a bit externally.
  11. The small credit is for stuff that'll be retrofitted later like the heated wheel, seats. If they are deleted entirely you'll get a larger credit. I've noticed on many of the Sierra's that are in flight are starting to delete the rear wheel well liners entirely, it's a $140 credit for those and they won't be retrofitted. Nothing to do with "chips" but appears to be affecting non tech stuff now too. FJB
  12. My '21 had Bridgestone Dueler's on it. It was a gasser but suspect it'd be the same or equivalent tires
  13. The magic is the AT vs MT tires. On the AT4 the standard 18's only come with MT tires. The 20's default to MT's but have a AT option
  14. Yeah, clearly the tires are huge factor. I changed my order to the 20's with the AT option. I just hope it comes with the Bridgestones that were on my '21. The lift doesn't seem to make a difference, the AT4 with AT tires is rated the exact same as the Denali and SLT with identical drivetrains but could fall within that grouping you spoke of. I don't see why the lift would make a difference unless it severely altered the aerodynamics
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