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  1. Anyone ever get muffler only part numbers? I'd like to get the ATAK muffler for my 21 AT4 w/5.3. Assume it's single in dual out?
  2. One thing about the steering issue that I found was on another forum, for Cadillac's, IIRC. I can't find it now but it said something about if the wheel was locked to one side or the other. Maybe I misunderstood but I took that as having the steering wheel cranked to one side or the other. Oddly enough, when this happened to my brand new truck I went to a kids birthday party on some land and when I pulled in I left my wheels cranked hard to the left. When I came out was when I had the problem. Anyone that happens to look at this thread and had the power steering issues, can you recall if you had you wheels cranked to one side or the other?
  3. This thread is frustrating, tons of people have had these same issues for several years, they report them but very few ever follow up. My '21 with 189 miles had the steering issue a week in, did anyone ever get a solution????
  4. Just had the power steering issue happen to me in my 2021 AT4 with 198 miles.... I'm absolutely disgusted this has been going on so long. What really disgusts me is the fact they clearly have ZERO idea of WHY this is happening or how to fix it. How has nobody wrecked because of it yet, especially the braking issue? The power steering going out isn't like the old days of driving a car without power steering, if you didn't have it it was engineered to be driven without it. I shut the truck off and back on several times and finally got out and locked it and walked away for a few minutes. Came back and tried it and everything was fine like has happened to everyone else. Has anyone had a real solution to it other than slinging random parts at it?
  5. Might be blasphemy to put on a GMC but I'm thinking about putting replica 22x9's of the Trail Boss wheel seen here https://www.customwheeloffset.com/buy-wheel-offset/94290156502/factory-reproductions-fr94-22x9-15 Anyone think there would be an issue with these fitting a stock AT4? The example truck (if you looked at the link) has 33x12.50R22LT on the wheels
  6. Looking at getting an Elevation Edition truck but have to have power folding mirrors. Anyone have a set for sale?
  7. I'm looking at a 21 EE but HAVE to have power folding mirrors. I've added them to a couple of trucks before but need to make sure it's possible to swap them out on the 19+ trucks and if anyone knows of a good place to buy take offs. Before you had to get the mirrors and the inside switch module. Hoping it's still just that easy.
  8. They give you a TSB number about the issue? About to schedule my first oil change and plan to get them to look at it then
  9. As the title states, looking for a set of OEM CK156 wheels with all the fixin's. Prefer new take-offs with Bridgestone tires. I'm in the KCMO area.
  10. Definitely have this issue too but mine is an 18 and the TSB doesn't seem to cover it. Anyone else with the night issue on a 18?
  11. I'm not even trying to compare my truck to people haulers or even other brands. I've owned a 14, 16 and now 18 Sierra and each one has gotten worse. Trucks have different needs than a car but I wouldn't expect an identical truck to get worse. Maybe I'll try to find a camera out of a 14 and replace it, assuming it's the camera itself.
  12. Recently bought a 18 SLT and the backup camera sucks, bad. It's way worse that my 16 which was way worse than my 14... Anyone else notice this? Maybe if I hadn't had one before it wouldn't be a big deal but especially on the same model of truck, just different years. I can't see at all when I'm getting really close to something and backing out of my garage is horrendous at night, it's so washed out I can't see anything.
  13. Your dealer is probably selling them on eBay! Good call on the take-offs, every time I've approached my surrounding dealers about "take-off" anything that seem very irritated by even being asked about such a thing.
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