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  1. This week I installed a new set of steps and color matched a used go rhino bumper I picked up on the cheap. I’m happy with the results.
  2. So I started at rock auto and neither they nor anyone else has the drivers side caliper. It actually appears that a new part number is out for the calipers. I wonder what may have changed.
  3. Hello. You should be more specific about the travel trailer size but For reference I pull a 21’ boat and a 20’ pop up trailer with zero issues. I do see a decrease in gas mileage but don’t feel them behind the truck when towing.
  4. SLJ2008 I found the grille. I actually bought it off of Amazon its an EAG.
  5. Thanks. The grill was purchased off of fleabay about a year ago. I looked but cannot find another. The headlights are not tinted yet and the fog lights are yellow fog lights also off of FleaBay.
  6. Yesterday I changed my D8 mirrors to D3, installed fender flares, changed my reflector headlights to Ltz projectors, color matched the frame on my after market grille, and installed color matched headlight covers! It was a good day.
  7. I had a chance to ride in one and see a few at the Jeep Beach event in Daytona a few weeks back. My wife has a Jeep jk and I am her mechanic. They are a lot of fun and I like the way they are put together with the modular design. Just like I feel a stock Jeep with standard tires looks strange the Gladiator is an ugly duckling in stock form but will really shine when modified. Here is one that Jeep has modified on display along with a few in oem form that I did not photograph. They definitely need a decent lift and 35” or larger tires. I’m very curious about the diesel option and will check it out when it comes out but it will take a lot for me to give up my Chevy or her 2 door Jeep.
  8. Looks great. I’m pleased to see it does not greatly reduce the intensity of the light. What product did you use?
  9. Snowcamo no they are not padded. The photo was taken right after installation that wrinkle has since disappeared. I’m also selling my wet okole Neoprene seat covers if anyone is interested.
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