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  1. I have a set of rough country pocket style flares for sale. I put them on in Feb ‘21 decided to go a different route. In great condition. Live in Madison Wi area. $200 obo. Rather not ship due to size. I will post pics soon or by request.
  2. Anybody got Lund aero skin installed a 2020/21 Gmc 2500 yet? Just trying to get pics on what it looks like.
  3. Does anyone know who makes these oem assist steps for gm? Most gm accessories are made by different manufacturer so just trying to save some money...
  4. I’ve been averaging around 15 empty daily driving and the I/hwy I’ve seen as high as 18.2 but mostly around 17-17.5 on the 400 mi range
  5. Looking for a set of oem take-offs side steps chrome or polished that fit 2020 GMC 2500 HD crew cab.
  6. Anybody know the part numbers for metal skid plates for a 2020 2500HD. Also the hardware to mount them?
  7. Here she is... couldn’t be more happy
  8. Does anybody know the part number for the console lid for the flip up jump seat? Mine makes all kind of noises when you rest your arm on it or lean on it. I would like to purchase a new lid and try that. It is for a Gmc SLE black interior non-leather.
  9. I can ship it. what is your address? I can get a quote on monday.
  10. Selling a couple items for 2014-2018 GM Double Cab - a set of husky weather beater floor liners (front and rear) for a 2014-2018 Double Cab $100 - Genuine GM part rear under seat storage bin with all hardware $100
  11. Anybody have the part number for the wheel hub/bearing assembly bolts. I'm talking the 3 bolts that hold the assembly to the knuckle. Also could use the part number for the front caliper mounting bracket as well. Thanks for the help. Its for a 2014 gmc sierra 1500 4wd V8.
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