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  1. 6.2L in custom trailboss and rst models.... https://is.gd/3ZdepD
  2. https://www.tfltruck.com/2019/03/finally-the-2019-chevy-silverado-3-0l-diesel-specs-are-here/ Looks like trail boss gets the shaft again... man GM needs to get their heads out of there asses....
  3. Has anyone heard if the 2020 Silverado's will still have the 5.3 AFM motor as a choice or will it all be 5.3 DFM system only? I think they only put the AFM motor in the 19 to use up inventory but can't see them still running two different 5.3L motors.
  4. Do you think the dealership would replace a steel painted wheel that is starting to rust under warranty?
  5. Found this on Facebook 282 hp 450 lbs torque Click on link https://is.gd/sEZbE6
  6. Its a unicorn motor.....Gm wants to say they have the most powerful V8 in its segment but doesn't allow anyone to own one who doesn't have deeeeep pockets.....
  7. Im a long time GM owner and its just getting sicking that gm comes up with all these cool options (ex. 6.2L, multi-pro tailgate) but then puts it on the highest trim level possible. Take the new tailgate on the gmc's... Gm says its so great for the "working man", people who uses their truck for a mobile office and fleets but then makes it only available on AT4, SLT and denali models....what company is going to have a fleet of these $55,000+ trucks... Thats why ford does out sell gm is mostly because of their fleet orders and the ability to option the wt models with some of these upgrades. Heck you can even get an ecoboost engine in a work truck trim. You can't even get the max trailering package on a WT gm product..WTF.
  8. Any rubbing with that tire size? I have rancho quicklifts on mine and thinking of going from 275/70/r18 to 295/70/r17 with new wheels.
  9. Tenneco is the parent company that makes rancho's...FYI
  10. after watching a video on youtube of an LT interior they do have 2 speed transfer cases as they have auto/4high/4low buttons..... it may be an option like it is on tahoes and suburbans now...
  11. That sucks man. When I had an accident with a modified truck which was aftermarket fender flares my insurance said just buy new flares and that will be your $500 deductible which I only had to buy the front pair. By the way what wheels do you have.
  12. How can we order when we don't even know how much power the new motors make?................
  13. What AR style 308/7.62x51mm rifle would you buy and why? I own a HK VP9 and absolutely love it and really really really want the HK mr7.62a1 but at almost $4000 its a hard pill to swallow. What would you get instead and Why?
  14. looks good what are the spec's and wheel and tire size?
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