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  1. Now that winter has hit, and I've used the Autotrac on my 2020 2500HD, I was curious how many others ordered their trucks with the Autotrac? Or it can standard on your trim package and really like it too? I have seen some trucks for sale without the Autotrac and was surprised that option wasn't picked, but I didn't realize that Autotrac option wasn't available on the Custom or WT trims until I read this thread. My '05 1500HD had Autotrac and my '13 1500 had Autotrac, so I'm really glad that it was an option again in 2020 on certain HD's!
  2. I raised the seat up more so I could see over the mirrors better. The previous generation of mirrors I would have to look to the passenger side for traffic and move forward and back a little to make sure nothing was coming in that mirror/pillar blind spot. I also had the window vent shades which made it even worse. I want the window vent shades on the 2020, but like the better visibility right now....
  3. My Silverado LT 6.6 Gas turns on the heated steering wheel with the remote start and I can feel that much faster than the heated seats, even though I only let it run with the remote start for about a minute or less. My steering wheel heater does turn on with the button as well, which I've done several times after getting in the truck and "starting" it. I know there is a setting in the options menu to have the heated seats turn on with the remote, do you have the option turned on? Even though it should turn on and off with the button anytime. https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2020/chevrolet/silverado-2500-3500/2020-chevrolet-silverado-owners-manual.pdf
  4. This pic is at my parent's garage with a 7' door, but not sure the exact height. I have the 20" wheels which have 34.1" tall tires. The 18" wheels have 33.2" tall tires. The 265/70R17 tire is only 31.6" tall. So the smaller tires would definitely help lower the truck height.
  5. Yeah the 2020 HD's have the 2.5" square hitch receiver, and I'm not sure what year the HD's started coming that way. Good point that the "standard" 2" hitch receiver locks don't fit. I ordered the Weigh Safe hitch lock with my new hitch as it fits the wider hitch receivers.
  6. My Google Pixle 2XL was paired for awhile and then it wouldn't connect. It said some error message like the Bluetooth system was busy or something. I eventually paired it again and it has been working... *knock on wood*
  7. This pic is when I was test driving the truck and only had about a 5"/6" adjustable drop hitch. I have a standard 8" drop hitch I will be using with my bass boat.
  8. I had to go with a 10" drop hitch for my inline snowmobile trailer because it had a custom underslung frame for the hitch as it is a wider 7.5' trailer. With the 10" drop I was able to level out my trailer fully loaded. But if your trailer coupler height is over 13" high, you can use an 8" drop hitch. The top of the hitch was just under 21" above the ground with 800 lbs tongue weight on my 2500. More pics here:
  9. I got 8.5% off my Silverado LT 6.6L Gasser and was pretty happy with that a month and a half ago. And a good trade-in value which didn't change when I originally was shopping for a used 2017-2018 2500 6.0L.
  10. Yeah I was surprised they went with the 85 octane... I wonder if they put 85 octane in the other HD gas engine trucks they tested?
  11. Yes the tow/haul icon is the trailer next to the D.
  12. Posted the newest TFL Truck video on the 2020 6.6L Gasser highway towing and highway empty MPGs in the 6.6L Forum section.
  13. Another new TFL Truck video for the Silverado 2500HD 6.6L Gasser with towing highway and empty highway loop to figure out MPG.
  14. Chevy Silverado LT, Custom, Work Truck trim packages do not have LED headlights and tail lights. All GMC trim packages have LED headlights, and probably tail lights, from what I have found. The LED headlights are around $2200 if you want to buy them from Chevy. Some trim package details in my thread here:
  15. Very cool! Sounds a lot like mine, but yours is the 3500.
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