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  1. For the pictures in the garage I just turned them on with the light switch knob. At night they should stay on automatically along with the headlights.
  2. It is 29 ft long X 7.5' wide and 6.5' tall. I was able to fit 5 full size sleds and 1 Mini-Z sled in it a few weeks ago. This is with a spare sled, 1200cc Grand Touring, sitting in the nose of the trailer.
  3. I wasn't sure so I crawled under the truck to check. Front is plastic and middle is metal skid plate. I think that came with the Z71 package.
  4. https://www.autozone.com/shop-and-garage-tools/oil-filter-wrench/performance-tool-3-leg-adjustable-oil-filter-wrench/114009_0_0?spps.s=6891&cmpid=LIA:US:EN:AD:NL:1000000:OIL:71700000060668398&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtZH7BRDzARIsAGjbK2ZcNZ39uFmiwh7WPHxP3lVV4WMA7_kEGSzTbcnVewaDfKhUV1OVq5caAtcpEALw_wcB If you search 3 prong oil filter wrench you can find them on Amazon too. I've had that since my 2005 1500HD and needed one to fit where that oil filter was tucked up in.
  5. I just saw the new Weathertech mud flaps on Facebook and will be ordering them soon. I had to power wash that wheel liner "carpet" material over and over to get all of the mud out of it.
  6. I bought a cheap funnel already to cut and mold an angled neck on it, but will get that special one if I can't make mine work. Haha the outside of the truck is washed and power washed quite often. Engine bay... like never as I don't worry about that. The truck definitely gets dirty often too. This was after one trip to our hunting property in the rain.
  7. Yeah I've been hoping for a decent replacement plug and play horn for almost a year now.... forget about it until I use it.... shameful!
  8. Did my second oil change on the truck last night and first one I did myself. 11,760 miles and 10% OLM after having it changed at 5,000 miles at the dealer for the 1st free oil change and service. Underneath the truck it was nice and wide open and the oil plug points down better than my last Silverado. 15 mm socket for the oil drain plug. Oil filter was also easy to change with my 3 prong oil filter wrench. Reaching into the engine bay was a stretch to hold my funnel and pour in the oil. I need a different funnel and it will be easier. 8 quarts of Mobil1 full synthetic Dexos 5W-30 and AC Delco PF63E oil filter. Tire rotation this weekend. This will be the first of many oil changes at home for this truck. In 3 days will be a year from when I took it for my first test drive and bought it a week later.
  9. Add me to the list of occasionally seeing that error message.
  10. They checked alignment on my truck and said it was good. They just swapped the front tires left to right and said the tires would wear in..... Instead of a bad pull to the right, there was a slight pull to the left. Did an oil change and free 1st service with tire rotation. Still pulls slightly... I am pretty sure it is the tires. Over 10,000 miles on the truck now.
  11. I have a 10" drop Weigh Safe hitch that I use with my inline snowmobile trailer and with 5 snowmobiles and 800 lbs of tongue went, it is level. I just took the trailer on a trip with a 2 person quad, 1 seater RZR and 2 seater RZR and had 1000 lbs of tongue weight. The truck and trailer also had enough gear for our week long vacation, so I raised the hitch up 2 inches to level out the trailer. I use a non-adjustable 8" drop hitch with my bass boat and landscape trailers. Info and pics here:
  12. Nice!! I have gambled when towing a trailer with my old 2005 3/4 ton and ran out of gas about 1/2 mile from the gas station I was planning to stop at. I think that was the only time I have ever run out of gas and it was because the trailer lowered my MPG more than I was estimating. We just got back from a vacation with my 29' inline trailer hauling my FIL's UTV's and I carried 10 gallons of gas with me. We were spending a week on an island and I just wanted to be prepared. Well on the way home we got off the highway and the gas station and restaurants were a zoo, so we decided to hit the next exit for gas. Pulled in and they didn't have power! haha I was under a 1/4 of a tank and could have made it to the next major exit where we were going to eat, but I was already in an empty parking lot so I dumped in my gas cans. I've put in over 32 gallons quit a few times, but was just city driving at that point and had a plan to fill up at the cheapest gas station!
  13. What model did you get for your high beams? I screwed up and bought the H11 low beam / 9005 high beam kit which is wrong! Changed from the 2019 Silverado 2500HD. I could not find the bulb size/model in the owner's manual, but just saw an Amazon review that said the 2020 2500HD high beam is a H9. But from what I'm seeing advertised the H11/H9/H8 are all the same and are for low beams... ? I guess one product description does say the H11/H9/H8 can be used for either high/low/fog as long as the bulb type matches. I might try the H11 bulbs I was going to send back for high beams. I installed the 60W LED H11 for the high beam and they aren't really any brighter, just have a wide pattern as the high beam. Edit: Actually the Amazon vehicle fit helper and a seller both say the 9005 will fit the high beams, but it does not. Edit again, because I don't even remember that it was posted earlier that the high beams are H9.
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