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  1. I just got a 2020 2500HD and I can't get my Pixel 2XL to connect to it either. The truck screen says Checking for phone messages but then it won't connect and says to Retry or Cancel. I need to dig into it some more. Did you have any luck finding a solution?
  2. Ouch! I watched someone loading a skidsteer onto an equipment trailer and the trailer was hooked up to a 2" ball instead of a 2 5/16" ball and the trailer tongue jumped up and scraped the bumper and tailgate! Luckily it was an older farm truck but still... He thought the receiver for the 2 5/16" ball was still in but someone else had changed it to a 2" ball! I had a small dent in my rear bumper from some lumber I had on a trailer that overhung the front and back. I turned a corner too sharp and dented the bumper. I was going to replace it but never did. Just fill the dent with bondo and then put a big bumper sticker over it.
  3. @gearheadesw I just posted here because I agreed with another post on the mileage of a 2013 1500 5.3L I have a little over 450 miles on my new 2500 6.6L and put most of those miles on the truck. It had 37 miles when I took it for a weekend test drive and put most of the miles on it before buying it with 177 miles. I came from a '13 1500 5.3L that I put 93K miles on from new. Before that I had a '05 1500HD with 6.0L and 3.73 gears that I put around 60,000 miles on if I remember right. I think the 6 speed fits just fine. I haven't hooked up any of my trailers yet, but I can feel the low end torque when taking off from a stop and can keep the RPM's down compared to my 5.3L. I don't expect to be towing very heavy loads very often, occasionally moving some tractors around and our travel trailer. A lot of my decision to go to a 3/4 ton was for pulling my new 7.5'X29' snowmobile trailer on winter roads. My old '13 1500 had enough power to pull it and got decent MPG, but it wasn't a very stable ride during a winter storm and it wasn't even fully loaded. The safety factor of pulling with the 2500 had me searching for a nice used 3/4 and I didn't even have a new 2020 HD on my radar haha. But it just worked out getting this truck off my dealer's lot for the price deal that fit. If the 2020 didn't have the new 6.6L I would have kept searching for a used 6.0L. I normally don't like being the guinea pig with new models but I took a leap of faith on this truck and really like it so far!
  4. Exactly my reasoning to get back into a HD truck from my 2013 1500 CC 5.3L which averaged 14 mpg with everyday driving over 93K miles that I owned it. I needed the 3/4 ton and figured that if it gets the same mpg as my '13 1500 I wouldn't complain a bit. I have 450 miles on my 6.6L gasser and it has felt great. My first fill up at 265 miles (only because gas prices were jumping up) had the computer reading 15.0 mpg but I hand calculated 13.8 mpg. This truck with a 36 gallon tank has a pretty big range compared to what I was used to! At 200 miles on the tripmeter it was only down a 1/4 of a tank on the gauge LOL This was a mix of work commute, about 120 miles of highway between 70-79 mph and 2 lane roads.
  5. haha yeah, but it would take over 10 years to offset the additional cost of the Duramax vs Gas motor. Trust me, I tried to justify a diesel every way possible before I bought my new 6.6L Gasser.
  6. My Dad had his 2011 1500 out last night when I stopped by and snapped these comparison pictures. And backed it into his garage with a 7' tall door to load up my son's buck that he shot to take to the processor. The truck definitely sits up tall as the top of the tailgate is right around my shoulder height! And I agree that it does ride really smooth for a 2500HD.
  7. I was wondering if you pieced it together. I'm on the lookout for some used conveyor belt too.
  8. Where did you get the rubber belting from? I bought some from Tractor Supply but it is only 4" X 60" long and I need a longer piece to cover the entire width.
  9. Where did you get the rubber belting from? I bought some from Tractor Supply but it is only 4" X 60" long and I need a longer piece to cover the entire width.
  10. These pictures are from when I test drove it last weekend. I'm picking it up in a few hours and it will have the chrome running boards. It was the first 2020 my dealer got on the lot and it sat for a bit before I decided to buy it after trying to buy several other used 2018-2019 2500HD's. I think I'm going to be glad that I went with the newest technology!
  11. I asked my dealer the same question and he said he is pretty sure it is the outside air temp sensor. He said that the HD trucks can't have it under the hood in the fresh air vent to the air box because the diesel trucks run the grill bra in the winter and that screws the temp sensor into reading about 40*+ higher than it should.
  12. Right after I got the truck to test drive it I had to parallel park it on the street and made it 1st attempt. Yeah I could have got the front tires a little closer to the curb if I wanted to but we were in a hurry. LOL But this beauty will be my daily driver after I pick it up tonight. Luckily most of the time I can park at the far end of a parking lot that isn't crowded. My kids call it a monster truck compared to our current 2013 1500 crew cab HAHA! Running boards on the 2020 2500HD are almost necessary!
  13. Thanks! I didn't drive around with the trailers for the test drive, mainly because I didn't have a low enough drop hitch! LOL I actually bought a used 8" drop hitch rated for 5000# just to test the height differences. I'll be able to use it for my bass boat and need to order a 10" drop hitch for my inline snowmobile trailer. The bass boat gets backed into my barn with a couple of curves so I wanted to make sure the big truck would do it haha and I measured the squat with the 29' snowmobile trailer. That was 1" at the rear fender and 2" under the hitch ball. I'm going to order a Weigh Safe 10" drop hitch with a scale to know my tongue weight as the snowmobile trailer gets loaded differently often. My 2013 Silverado 1500 CC receiver height is 16.75" and the 2020 2500HD CC receiver height is 23.75"! I had a '05 1500HD for about 6 years and that had a 6.0 with 3.73 gears and the mileages posted match up to that truck too. I would have bought a '17-'19 2500HD 6.0 with 3.73 if I wasn't getting this 2020 as a lot of the ones I was looking at were rentals and the Fleet ordered trucks came with 3.73's. I too was worried about daily driving a 6.0 with 4.10's but would have done it. Oh well, someone has to be the 1st model year guinea pig! LOL I just downloaded the Acar app which is tied to the www.fuelly.com website that I used before to track my gas mileage with the new truck.
  14. Thank you. I should have searched haha. I eventually found newdude's Quick Reference Guide.
  15. Thanks for your info. I contacted Weigh Safe about winter use and also warranty because I saw a nice used hitch for sale, but the lifetime warranty on the gauge doesn't transfer and I would have to spend $86 for a new slider with scale, then that would be covered under warranty. So the deal on the used one had to factor in that price and shipping. That was all looking good until I saw that www.etrailer.com is offering a nice instant rebate on the one I needed, 2.5" with 10" drop and free shipping. I will be ordering that one soon.
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