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  1. I took a short video of a cold start today and you can hear the buzz after the engine is running. Also, does it take other 6.6L gas engines that extra cranking to start up? It doesn't seem to fire up right away like my 5.3L would.
  2. This thread shows a new Fab Fours Vengeance bumper and pre-runner guard. Doesn't look like they have a winch mount available yet. Best to contact them and ask. https://fabfours.com/product/chevy-2500-3500-vengeance-front-bumper/
  3. New TFL Truck video: Ford vs Chevy MPG Verdict! Here’s How the F-250 7.3L V8 Compares to the Silverado V8 Towing & Not! This F250 7.3L has 3.55 rear end gears. They have another option for 4.30 rear end gears too. Most likely another video with that truck will follow. They did a video with the 4.30 rear end F250 on a 800 mile road trip unloaded and got 14.58 MPG average.
  4. Wow! I can understand that you want to keep the faith in that truck and that the dealer will fix it right for you.... but man, I don't know if I could trust it to pull a trailer hours away on vacations for years to come. I was going to say that you should negotiate a longer extended warranty with zero or very low deductible.... but what good is a warranty when you are hours away and it takes days/weeks for repairs? I'd take the hit and trade it off on a brand new truck. And just curious if you have looked at the new 6.6L Gas motor trucks?
  5. Yeah I don't like that Amazon says it won't fit the 2020 HD, but even the SeaLight website isn't updated correctly. For the most part, the H11 bulb size is widely universal from what I have found, but some of the LED cooling fins or fans can be bulky so it can be a gamble. But it is nice that those fit the 1500 Silverados and should fit the 2500 too. Check out this site as they provide more info, correct fitment and lifetime warranty at a little more cost though. https://www.xenonpro.com/chevrolet/2020/silverado-2500-hd
  6. I think the Engine Grade Braking only works when the Tow/Haul mode is turned on? I would imagine that's a standard feature with the Tow/Haul option. And from what I've been told when riding in a diesel truck a few times in the winter, you have to be careful when to use the Exhaust Brake because it can make the rear end basically act like you are hitting the brakes too hard and too fast and make you loose traction and control. Do some research on Exhaust brakes on winter roads, as I'm no diesel truck expert but thought that's what I was told and this will be your first diesel.
  7. I searched the 2019-2020 Silverado 1500 forum and thought I had posted the link to their big LED Headlight swap thread, but I don't see where I did. Their trucks come with halogen bulbs too and on the first page is a link to some SeaLight LED replacements that have gotten a lot of good reviews. Amazon sells the 4 LED light package for $136 or just the low beams for $70. Even has an installation video showing how they fit under the dust cap. https://www.amazon.com/Headlight-SEALIGHT-Design-Upgraded-Warranty/dp/B07HCZ7RZ6/ref=pd_cp_263_1/131-4230253-6673240?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07HCZ7RZ6&pd_rd_r=38b3c803-a1ff-4323-a539-06a26f4f865b&pd_rd_w=vqOh8&pd_rd_wg=rHVyv&pf_rd_p=8b7a1fd1-136c-4b2c-8fd7-681e38610ce2&pf_rd_r=H1G5R96FGMYFRYF0WS2Y&psc=1&refRID=H1G5R96FGMYFRYF0WS2Y
  8. Yesterday after work I started my truck while sitting in the cab and I could hear that short buzzing noise too, very briefly. Normally I remote start the truck as I'm walking to it so that it warms up sooner, so I never noticed it before. I should try and listen for it after it is warmed up.
  9. I have not changed out my stock headlights yet on my LT after creating that other LED headlight post. I have occasionally gotten flashed by oncoming cars when my low beams are on and most likely my fog lights too. The LED fog lights are bright when I walk in front of the truck and look at it. But when I turn them on while driving, they barely add any extra visibility. I am pretty sure the low beams are so high on the new 2020 HD front end that they are head level with oncoming traffic even though the headlights are pointed down. I should check there my fog lights are aimed and possibly adjust them. Sylvania SilverStar replacement halogen bulbs get good reviews. I tried the Philips high performance replacement halogen bulbs in my 2013 Silverado after one of the stock bulbs burned out and the "whiter" shade of light was nice. I don't think I could really see farther as they claim, but it was an improvement. Those did burn out fairly fast, even though it was always on the same headlight. I did put some LED replacements in before I traded in the truck for my 2020 and really liked the replacement LED's. I don't think I ever got flashed with those LED's on low beam. Doing a quick Google search for top replacement halogen bulbs, the Philips and Sylvania options are near the top of the lists, but the cons for the "brighter" bulbs is that they cost more and don't last as long... Basically the reasons that I bought the LED replacements after trying the "brighter" halogen bulbs.
  10. Reading a little about the Hill Descent mode, it says it uses the anti-lock brake system to control your descent.... but the driver can do the exact same thing? I would want to control the brakes myself as sometimes you want to slow down faster before a bump or drop off. Not a lot that I've found for Z71 specs except this and the GM Build Specs. This is an old article anyways and odd it says the Z71 option is only for LT trim trucks? It does mention the Z71 gets a 33.6mm front stabilizer bar, which I can only assume is larger than what the other trucks get. https://www.theengineblock.com/2020-silverado-hd-z71-an-off-road-chevy-for-heavyweights/ Another thing I forgot about, and didn't read about yet, is the Off-road transmission mode selection. It is on the same knob as the Trailer Tow/Haul mode. I accidentally selected that before when trying to turn off the Tow/Haul mode the first time I used it. I've never tried that feature yet either. But should. The shock package description just says "specially-tuned off-road suspension and off-road tuned twin tube shocks". I just know that my previous truck was the standard 4X4 version and my dad's similar truck was the Z71 package and I liked how his truck rode just a little bit better.
  11. Funny that this topic came up as I was just thinking about that Hill Decent control option Saturday as we were out on some snow covered two-tracks and went down a couple of hills and I almost tried it out, but just used the brakes instead. I'm not really sure when I would use it. On a side note, I wanted the Z71 package because of the skid plates and off-road suspension. I had to add the full all weather rubber floor liners myself and keep the floor mats on top of that as they contain melting snow and mud. And then I removed the rear under seat storage organizer because it was too small to hold everything I transferred over from my previous truck.
  12. That is an interesting situation but a valid request to get a high quality camera installled in the truck cap since they do offer a camera option. Which bed cap are you getting? I researched them when I bought my truck but might just stick with my tonneau cover.
  13. You are very welcome. Here is the website I used. https://tiresize.com/calculator/
  14. artie2908 had a very valid question, just worded it incorrectly saying tire instead of wheel size. You guys should have checked what actually comes on the trucks instead of saying the tire diameters are the same with different wheel sizes, because that is not correct. There is a 2.5" difference between the tire diameter sizes available on these 2020 2500HD trucks stock. I have the 20" wheels with 34.1" diameter tires and I know that they are the reason I can't get as good of MPG as other guys with the smaller diameter tires and wheels. All stuff I learned after buying the truck, so oh well. But let's give out correct information when answering questions. Screen shots from the GM specification web page and tire comparison web page.
  15. Right now on a 6.6L Gasser, that is a pretty good deal. My neighbor was shopping for a 6.6L Gasser at the end of last month and was not finding very much for discounts. I think that is a pretty loaded LT for the price. I got about 7.5% off my LT's MSRP back in September. And most of that was mainly being a long term repeat buyer from my dealer and taking what he had on his lot at the time.
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