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  1. I just see the pattern that was shining on my garage door while inside. I couldn't really check outside because my driveway slopes down from the door. I just wanted to see if they are still working good and also if any cars have flashed you with that LED model. The Sealight seems to have a good customer service presence on Amazon and they have a 2 year warranty from one comment. I am going to order the Laxmas L2 set of 4 now. Thanks for the update!
  2. Can you give an update to your review of the Sealight Laxmas L2 LEDs? I bought the newest set of Sealight LEDs and I think they are too bright for how tall the headlights are on the 2020 HD.... and the driver's side seems like it is more focused than the passenger side for some reason. I'm think about returning them and getting the full 4 bulb set of Laxmas L2. Installation was much easier than I expected and I will have to post the pictures I took. Thanks!
  3. You bring up a really good point that I haven't thought of yet. I think my steel ramps are rated for 6500 lbs. Granted I haven't even been underneath the new truck yet, but will be pretty soon. I might just jack it up and use the big jack stands that I have.
  4. My 2020 6.6L Gasser was up to 180 when I was keeping track of it for this other thread. And I'd definitely ask the dealer about an extended warranty or extended OnStar plan at least for your troubles. Or they might cut you a big discount on some truck accessories.
  5. WOW! Definitely a scary situation but glad you guys didn't get hurt. It has definitely been windy lately. Had another windy thunderstorm roll though and someone posted on Facebook they needed a tree service because a tree had fallen on her car in her driveway! No pics though....
  6. I'm really surprised that swapping the front tires from left to right didn't change anything. They did for my truck, with the alignment being correct, which means there was/is something wrong with those LT 275/65R20 AT tires.... Here's more info on my situation:
  7. I checked my transmission temps the past few days and one day it was 167 degrees when I got home after a 15 minute drive and 90 degrees ambient temp, the next day a few degrees cooler with cooler ambient temp. Yesterday I drove it farther and it got up to 180 degrees when I got home.
  8. I just checked a video of mine running 70 mph on the highway and the oil pressure needle is right in the middle between 30 and 60 psi. At idle mine is around 35 psi. Both times at normal engine temp of 210 degrees F. I'd have to check the trans temp.
  9. My gas gauge has been pretty accurate. I have over 8000 miles on the truck and have been tracking my MPG with aCar phone app. I'd at least call and let your dealer know you are having issues with it just to make a record of the issue.
  10. Has anyone had this recall performed on their truck yet? I got a letter saying my truck is part of this recall, but I wasn't driving it much while I was working from home recently and have been putting it off.
  11. My HD Silverado LT has been doing that for awhile now too. I couldn't get the SiriusXM to even play so I was listening to local radio for awhile. Seems to be working okay now, but for awhile it was like the SiriusXM stations were all on Pause.
  12. hey bro....how did you put LED in your truck?, I saw one guy bought HC aseembly, harness and bulbs which is way more than I wanna spend or hassle with.....seen few just replace bulb and assuming you did maybe....I just want better cleaner light I am not too picky and if the just sticking a bulb works fine I am good with that as long as it doesn't mess up DIC or start flashing warnings and what not....


    also did you do high beams and lows.....I believe they are H11/H9 from I can see


    anyway any info be great

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    2. Dunn


      oh yeah I thought you already did it.....I hear ya, I just do bulbs or maybe even a better halogen if LED don't work.....thanks for your time

    3. SkidooSteve12


      No problem. I was really planning to do the swap right away but just never got around to ordering LED bulbs, kept changing my mind on which ones to buy. But my opinion on a better halogen bulb is that I had a couple burn out fairly quickly on my 2013 Silverado, much faster than the stock bulb lasted and didn't really notice much of an improvement. So I'd get LED's instead of a better halogen.

    4. Dunn


      that's good to know, I wont do the halogens then....seems the guys with good bulbs haven't had any issues, maybe the blinding of on coming traffic, idk....unbelievable these trucks don't come with em, almost bought a GMC because of this....am not usually picky about lights and only care about headlamps....oh well, I already have them coming so well see

  13. Just as weird that the center console doesn't open on certain trim levels, I saw a youtube video of a similar 2020 2500HD LT trim level crew cab where the cloth back seat didn't have the center arm rest and cup holders, nor the little cubby spaces in the 2 outside seat backs. I thought those were standard?
  14. I don't have these yet, but they are made to fit the 2020 2500HD. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07KVKN9PZ/?coliid=I1YKHJXV7PHWIC&colid=1OFF548H1MIZL&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
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