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  1. I'm trying to find out if these trucks have the thermal restrictions as prior years? I do notice that the trans runs about 205 Degrees "without towing" here in Florida which seems a bit hot. I'm looking at two options if so, this https://lincodieselperformance.com/shop/ols/products/ldp-l5p-trans-cooler-bypass-valve OR This https://revmaxconverters.com/product/allison-1000-l5p-transmission-cooler-thermostatic-bypass-upgrade/
  2. I replaced the idler with a SuperSteer one and I took apart the original. Zero Grease! I decided to check the ball joints and tie rods, guess what.. Zero Grease. I don't know if this was just my truck or if the standards of building things here in America have just ceased to exist. I highly recommend you all check to see if you truck is greased in the front end. There should be a total of 9 zerk fittings. This should be at least done by the dealer before sale is my thoughts. I purchased my truck from "Dale Earnhardt Chevy" in Tallahassee. I realize after a ton of issues with that dealer that they are all crooks!
  3. Well I thought the leaf springs were ok, but I stopped at the dealer and looked at the other trucks and they all look good. Mine are definitely bent downward the dealer wont touch the truck now since I put air bags on. I can't believe these criminal organizations getting away with this.
  4. That's what i'm going to do, I heard these rancho shocks are pretty much junk. I did put the air lift on today and it looks good. I'm pulling a 37ft bumper pull camper that weighs 8500# dry, which I failed to mention. I bounced to kingdom come on those Alabama interstate 10 bridges and was concerned. I still think the springs look bent upward in the center which is not normal in my book. I will schedule to have a tech look at it and let you guys know what the diagnosis is. Oh and the tires it came with are the Firestone Transforce AT with the 17 inch wheel. I got nice aftermarket wheels and toyo tires of the same size.
  5. I noticed this from when I first purchased the truck and was told it was the tires and it would go away with first 1000 miles. Well i'm 3600 miles in and its still just as bad as the first day. When changing lanes or passing someone it feels like the trucks rear end is catching up to the front with a side to side boat feeling. I crawled under the truck and noticed that there is a front sway bar but no rear sway control. Would this be the problem, or is it just possible that it is the tires. I ran lower pressure and higher pressure on the tires and it is the same either way. I also put a new set of the Toyo A/T's and the issue persists. I do plan on the airlift 7500 on today in hopes it will help some. Does anyone else know what the issue is? Greatly appreciate any help! Update. I found it was impossible to get the air bags installed in between so I inspected the leaf springs and this is what I found. Do they look bent to any of you or is this normal? Possible defect of springs?
  6. This was the first thing we did after doing a test drive. No change at all.
  7. 2020 Chevy 2500 HD WT Duramax 6.6 Has anyone else had alignment issues. I've had a headache now since day one when I let the dealer know the truck pulls to the right. They actually told me "This is done from the factory so in case you fall asleep it will pull you to the shoulder instead of oncoming traffic". What a load of bull if you ask me. Now I took it to a local shop and it's been in 3 times already and they still can't figure out how to get it to drive straight. Does anyone have numbers for camber and caster they could share?
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