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  1. Had a bad engine shutter then check engine light and stabilitrack light came on.
  2. Truck was just in to replace 4 lifters. Service said this was a known issue and the lifters are redesigned. Wanted to share the info.
  3. We have purchased warranties on the last 3 cars we have bought from dealerships. First was a Nissan Maxima where both front struts went out that cost more than we paid for the warranty. Two weeks ago the wife's 2013 Durango 50k Miles, started dripping trans fluid. Trans cooler was leaking and cost a little over $1,000 to fix.(Labor Intensive) We paid right around $1200 for that warranty. On my 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain We paid around $1400 for that warranty. All were bought at the dealership and were paid for up front and not financed in. You will always get people that say not to buy and you get people that say they always buy no matter what the purchase is. It's just an insurance policy to me. MOOKDOC6 makes a good point about how long you plan on keeping a vehicle. I keep all mine until 95-100k then I dump them..... If I was buying a new one every 60k than I'd be more likely to gamble.
  4. Nice!!! Thank you both!!! Looks like it will be Dynomat and a little griping to the dealership to log the issue.....
  5. Sorry I meant to type Auto and not AWD. I understand how they all work. I'm more concerned about the annoying sound.
  6. So this took me awhile to pinpoint when the noise was happening. Driving in 2wd mode you hear nothing at all. The minute you switch to AWD there is a very high-pitch electronic noise coming form around the 4wd-AWD knob/dash area(My Best guess). You can be parked and the noise is still there. It doesn't change when you drive. Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard this. I am going in for an oil change and will have them look at it. Any ideas?
  7. I have a black AT and was thinking about doing carbon fiber stripes like this. Did someone do this for you? Wasn't sure what kind of cost I'd be looking at. Looks great!!
  8. Lol. It's an HTC M8. It doesn't charge as fast when plugged into the USB.
  9. The other day I noticed my outlet stopped working. Only thing I usually plug into it is my phone charger. I popped the passanger panel off and pulled the fuse. It was blown. I knew there was a spare in the drivers side so I took it and attempted to replace it. The second it made contact a there was a big spark and it blew that fuse. Nothing was plugged into it and the vehicle was off. Any ideas what in the world could cause this? When I get time I'll take it in but wanted to know if anyone else has ran into this.
  10. If you pull the headrest towards you and let it go it will reset to the "normal" position. I believe this is how you do it. Mine was off and the wife complained about. Didn't know they adjusted that way until I read on here about them.
  11. Has anyone added turn signals to the front of the side mirrors? Wasn't sure if they make a cap a direct replacement or if anyone has modified their mirror cover to add turn signals.
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